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/mado/ - Madotsuki

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Madotsuki is a boy, right? I mean, he uses the boy's bathroom almost half the time! Also, she has very vivid dreams about his lovely penis.


You can't even pee in dreams

Can you?


If you pee in a dream, you pee in real life. Most unpleasant.



she just uses the boys bathroom because it the only in the dream world
And about the vivid dreams about her penis maybe its just a representation of her penis envy, you know, that term from Freudian psychoanalysis


Spoiler your porn, anon.


so not true ]:


Mado's not a guy, she's a dickgirl.


I always thought that Madotsuki got raped in a bathroom.


a dick girl is a man with tits


Holy shit it's happening again. And Snow isn't even around anymore


what is happening again?


I've been dreaming with vaginas and rooms for the last months and I'm a man.

Does that mean I'm a vaginaboy? Does that mean I was raped? No, and no.

Yesreday I dreamed I waqs flying, does that mean I feel from somewhere and broke my neck? No.

Madotsuki is just… dreaming. Fucktards.

She's a girl that dreams about weird stuffs, just like all dreams we have.



I concur. I have no idea how people come up with such off-the-wall shit.





Mods deleting images that aren't supposed to be deleted



Snow confessed to doing it, so there's not much doubt about that. But for some reason it's still going on


It's called spoilering nsfw images and OP failed to do that

Therefore image was deleted by a mod



And if you took a look at the rules and the suggestions page you'd know spoilering images is a courtesy, not an obligation, save for when the images are extreme in nature


>NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is allowed on all boards, but NSFW images should be spoilered.

OP failed to spoil his nsfw image
Thus the image was deleted



>implying should means obligation


OK then
If you're so smart tell us why the image posted was deleted



I dunno. Why don't you tell me why all those harmless images up until now were deleted?

Point is, this was the last post made on this matter by Seisatsu http://uboachan.net/sugg/res/162.html#273

Now tell me if the image on this thread's OP could be even remotely considered to fit that description


Because I'm not OP. Nicely done, going on the offensive when you see your point isn't valid


File: 1327931285920.jpg (115.13 KB, 679x460, 139857356398.jpg)

oh look, a troll got butthurt on the internet. what a common occurrence



Ignore him, he's just mad I handed his ass to him



If you wanted a frank discussion you shouldn't have started flinging "got your panties in a bunch"-type comments

I will answer your questions one at a time then

>Why does it bother you so much that pictures get deleted?
It doesn't bother me that the image itself got deleted; I can happily live the rest of my life without seeing that again. Having said that, my problem isn't that this picture in particular was deleted, but that it wasn't infringing on any rule and yet was STILL deleted; it's about the right to post

>Does the textual content of the post itself lose merit and weight if the accompanying picture is gone?
In this case, no. Hell no. But it's not just about this one thread. If you look at the other ones, case-in-point this http://uboachan.net/fg/res/197.html , you'll see the amazing timing of the poster, and hilariousness that ensued from said post. However, reading the thread now you'll see it lost, as you put it, all of its merit and weight. Which is why I'm making a big deal out of it. Perhaps by raising community awareness of this issue on a relatively worthless thread like this one, it can be stopped before more good threads are ruined for no reason

>If you know there have been issues in the past about pictures depicting sensitive content being deleted, why don't you just circumvent this by spoilering your image?
I'm not OP, but evenIt had been agreed upon that only extreme images should be censored. Now seriously, do you think that was extreme in any way? A cock? Worse, a cock censored with Uboa? I mean, I could obviously understand if it was on Disney's website, but this is a NSFW chan for crying out loud

>What I don't get … /sugg/, where complaints, suggestions and concerns will be dealth with appropriately.
I've done it already, and it's still happening. Considering at the end of that thread there was only me, N, Writer and Seisatsu posting, it's only fair to conclude not enough of the community is aware that this issue is/was being discussed. And the fact that after that thread this is still happening is proof the /sugg/ board is not enough

>It just weirds me out, man. I keep seeing the same discussion about images being baleeted over and over and over and over again -
I can understand that. But doesn't it bother you as well that this kind of thing is still happening?

>and then it keeps happening, despite the Snowman gone for good now -
Snow is the least of our troubles. Would probably be better if he came back now that he dropped the trollmod bullshit, since in the end he knew which rules were supposed to be a part of a NSFW chan

My fucking fingers are bleeding

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