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File: 1361470371585.jpg (44.49 KB, 703x680, 1335444705893.jpg)


Hi guys, can u give me some pictures in this style?


File: 1361515223581.jpg (408.75 KB, 680x680, 1326085060857.jpg)



This is the artist, by the way


So sick of this artist oh my god.
I miss seeing only unique non-animu Mado art on this board. Fuck.

2009 Uboachan>Today Uboachan


File: 1361859317294.jpg (402.74 KB, 730x800, annoyed-23.jpg)


File: 1361859387080.jpg (640.38 KB, 780x780, sad-6.jpg)


File: 1361859401842.png (302.04 KB, 429x600, sad-7.png)


File: 1361859444004.png (388.14 KB, 630x630, sad-9.png)


File: 1361859479709.png (388.98 KB, 700x620, sad-10.png)


File: 1361859498802.jpg (139.07 KB, 600x600, Vomit-1.jpg)


File: 1361859510579.jpg (219.54 KB, 600x600, vomit-3.jpg)


File: 1362347435991.png (913.54 KB, 467x600, 1325050576464.png)


File: 1362347484787.jpg (346.24 KB, 680x600, 1324777854811.jpg)


File: 1362347522602.jpg (319.52 KB, 1000x800, 1324104126408.jpg)


File: 1362348207565.png (553.99 KB, 700x830, 1323639985145.png)

I could be posting these all day.


File: 1362348359451.jpg (376.3 KB, 525x600, 1323847624561.jpg)

Not sure if done by same artist.


shit, her shirt window broke, is that why shes dying?



I think it's more of a result than a cause.


File: 1363873985621.png (71.04 KB, 222x253, Frollo shocked.PNG)

Oh, these images are so cute… WHAT THE HELL, >>1256.

>>1258 No, it wasn't. She have other color of the shirt than on the other ones.


File: 1363874647410.jpg (39.68 KB, 331x368, UBOACHANVOMITIVESHITHOLE.jpg)

This is the actualized ranking/end of eras:
2009 uboachan>2013 uboachan>future uboachan facebook migration due project YN


Is it me, or does that artist really seem to have it in for Mado?





Urgh… that pic kind of makes me remorseful for grinding money in that Number World room by killing all of those creatures in there a couple of times.
Farmed me a good 5k yen though.



Don't forget to retweet this post on twitter and reblog it to your tumblr!


But you can't use money in Yume Nikki for anything but Soda Cans which do nothing. Why? Why did you do such a thing?


File: 1387750918475.png (156.59 KB, 500x425, tumblr_ms56itlkpB1snwgamo1….png)

>I miss seeing only unique non-animu Mado art
it's a japanese game, a majority of the art is going to be kawaii animu


File: 1387752751898.png (1.1 KB, 96x128, mado.png)

Let's not forget how kawaii her sprite is. Look at dat oversized head and shoes


File: 1419192983485.png (269.93 KB, 450x606, 1408202465-mega-slowbro.png)

>that watermark
>tfw i fresh installed and lost all the glorious images


File: 1420518618562.jpg (99.77 KB, 800x680, 1333868427107.jpg)

Here you are


File: 1420518694251.jpeg (332.84 KB, 600x600, 1336733581548.jpeg)

This has always been a favorite, I like the expression


File: 1420519155270.jpeg (422.13 KB, 670x800, 1317344588934.jpeg)

Guess I can't stop there


File: 1420519214682.png (326.36 KB, 525x600, 1345395969341.png)

Still, it gives me the icky feeling that these are probably reposts, from more fragmented threads


File: 1420519364183.png (1.01 MB, 429x600, 1325387152661.png)

For example, madodrank.jpg was just posted apparently

I think I'll survive though


File: 1420519417142.png (735.67 KB, 970x888, 1336655133119.png)


File: 1420519468302.jpg (Spoiler Image, 356.1 KB, 585x600, 1348427948812.jpg)

Last but not least. A bit lewd, but only a bit


File: 1422632998781.png (470.4 KB, 555x630, Vomit-Chan2.png)


Never seen this one before.


Where do you find these? I haven't seen any on pixiv anymore


File: 1423798258452.png (29.25 KB, 200x200, 1339463470897.png)

Apparently, the author took those off her account.


File: 1424021575191.jpg (Spoiler Image, 376.27 KB, 700x680, 1304713905021.jpg)



File: 1424021809683.png (1.16 MB, 451x600, 1304797057518.png)


File: 1424021855906.png (109.17 KB, 361x534, 1304766253704.png)


File: 1424487132522.png (329.11 KB, 555x555, d8dft7u.png)


File: 1425997932897.png (375.86 KB, 600x600, bff8bc15535407cd14000f788a….png)


File: 1425998570118.jpeg (303.29 KB, 850x540, sample_9f778a9179d8e3d6e3….jpeg)


File: 1426273163864.jpg (383.72 KB, 600x600, 1304766282153.jpg)


File: 1426273373521.jpeg (397.4 KB, 622x640, bae643b2328e431b2da61ac4c….jpeg)


File: 1449533499940.jpg (99.46 KB, 680x777, cc5d9e6fc9126e426418707916….jpg)


File: 1449533813551.jpg (655.29 KB, 670x800, 1300566738526.jpg)


File: 1449533949417-0.jpg (466.64 KB, 1000x800, 1300744537166.jpg)

File: 1449533949417-1.jpg (151.34 KB, 370x600, 1301187112124.jpg)

File: 1449533949417-2.jpg (328.38 KB, 543x600, 1301358224619.jpg)

i have doubts on the authenticity of these but have some of aosora's vibe iono…


File: 1449534257017.jpg (321.74 KB, 870x970, 1439215161966.jpg)


File: 1449534353767.jpg (373.6 KB, 544x600, 1300669768956.jpg)


File: 1449539627850.jpg (174.6 KB, 444x444, tumblr_mpbqg2jQB81r2zjsho1….jpg)

this one is the same author. probably the oldest on his pixiv before deleting them


File: 1450626339673-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 398.44 KB, 600x800, e - 4205676.jpg)

File: 1450626339673-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 303.28 KB, 800x800, e - 4205677.jpg)

File: 1450626339673-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.07 KB, 900x800, e - 4205680.jpg)

nsfw. sankaku complex credits the author.


File: 1450626462218-0.png (Spoiler Image, 822.76 KB, 800x800, e - 1738409.png)

File: 1450626462218-1.jpg (298.82 KB, 600x500, q - 423735.jpg)

File: 1450626462218-2.png (586.96 KB, 700x600, s - 981526.png)


File: 1450626731976-0.jpg (299.01 KB, 800x700, s - 1633085.jpg)

File: 1450626731976-1.jpg (131.31 KB, 600x600, s - 4651595.jpg)

the monochromes


File: 1450626852964-0.jpg (307.26 KB, 504x600, s - 1637224.jpg)

File: 1450626852964-1.jpg (326.1 KB, 550x720, s - 1717685.jpg)

File: 1450626852964-2.jpg (195.91 KB, 620x500, s - 981527.jpg)

also, from sankaku complex


2nd one is not aosora's, m8.


indeed. probably not.


Moved to >>>/c/1537.

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