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File: 1320080745886.jpg (149.58 KB, 796x1221, mado.jpg)


Uhh, alright.

Usually, I'm not motivated enough to draw anything, since I dislike my own artwork a lot, but recently I had the idea of painting a Dream/Diary Girls project.
I'm planning to draw all girls from the Nikki related games, starting with Madotsuki.
Also, I plan to make each one resemble a manga cover… anyway, here is the Wip of Madotsuki. I'm not very good, and I suck in anotomy and composition stuff anotomy, so here we go. I would appreciate some comments related to what I should improve.


that is a big kitchen knife jesus christ what is she chopping with that


oh wow, that art with the hair (and the illusion of pointy ears) reminds me of a certain character, but i can't put my finger on who…. huh…..


wait wait wait you drew this?
perhaps this would have been better suited for /o/ though… we dont really have a drawing projects board like lit and fg are…

I really like the hair. it's … real. it's fluffy. it has body. it feels like if i went out and touched it i'd feel actual hair. very very good job on that.

the ears are a smidge high.the top of the lobe should be in line with the eyes, that's an easy visible marker for placement.
the nose is really small. noses are so hard to do well.
the hand is confusing perspective too. minimize the "wrinkle" marks on the thumb if it's straight up against the blade; alternatively, tuck it down.
the chin is pointy. round it off just a smidge, and give the jaw a tiny bit more body when you round it off. chins are like little balls. feel your face in the mirror and get a feel for it. speaking of rounding things off, her face looks kind of flat with that shading, round out her cheeks and she'll look either more alive or more dead, depending on how you want to make her look :3
the arm looks a little squished into the body, the one holding the knife, though. but the only way to fix that would be to shift the entire knife/etc toward the right or to angle the arm more sharply (more vertical) and have the wrist bent more extremely to keep it at the same level/position in the frame.


you did a really good job on the collar.
the expression is great, and again, that hair is wonderful. it looks so soft and full of BODY! i want to touch it.
the knife has some real good potential, it has some great-looking body, but the handle makes the impression that the blade's supposed to be thicker. right now it looks paper thin. I am not sure what you want out of the knife blade, but both sound pretty super. (generally though, knives have probably at least 1/16 in./2-3 mm thickness, guessing, but it is 100% your call, the greatness of dreams and art about dreams is you can really, make up your own rules, but if you want to be realistic, those are my observations. take them or leave them as you will!)

all in all it's a really well-flowing piece, save something like the thumb- if you fix that, everything will look just absolutely dandy. you did an absolutely FABULOUS job on this, and i would adore seeing your other works, because, really, this is seriously amazing. if you fix that thumb, hell, I'd publish this art as cover art. it looks, seriously, fabulous.

I hope to see you in /o/. (:


hell looking at it again if you didnt want to change the thumb i'd still publish it anyway.
i really really do hope to see you in /o/.

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