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How old do you think Madotsuki is?

I always pictured her being around 11, whereas I picture Sabitsuki around 16, Urotsuki around 15, and Chie around 8.


hmmm… haven't given this one too much thought before. However, I would say that she might be around 14. Then again as I think about it she definitely could be younger as you said, I would say somewhere in the 11-14 age range. Although it's somewhat odd because she seemingly lives alone.



I think maybe she killed her parents, hence the knife effect (and the suicide from guilt).



I've always pictured her somewhere between age 18 to 20.


jap love little girls
she is surely a loli





I agree. I think she is somewhere around 18.


with those red shoes?


If it's good enough for Dorothy


Dorothy was a little girl


You're a little girl.


Madotsuki has some pretty f'd up dreams and I usually don't see any anime like stuff or whatever with people that aren't in high school, so I figured she's in high school honestly. o.O

At the very least, if she's in middle school or high school, I always figured that she would be in the first year in that school for sure, and that's why all the asshole upper classmen pick on her.

Well that's how it seems to be here in America anyway. :p

I always imagined Poniko as being a cheerleader or something but at the very least she's a year older than her and she's one of the popular kids in school.

The game Gensou was an awesome parody on this game. <3

I think I heard there's a theory that Madotsuki might actually be a lesbian and have a thing for Poniko. :O I have mixed feelings about that. :( But I think that would be beautiful in it's own way too. ^^; I at least like the idea of them being friends. :)

But… Whether she's mean, has emotional issues, health issues, or what… Poniko seems to have some kind of dark secret herself. :O

But yeah… Madotsuki…

I don't care about her age. I just plain like her. ^^;

I bet she's a really nice person, she's just on the edge of madness and if this game had multiple endings, her personality would depend on your actions like some kind of Fable.

Most of what she does is just morbid curiousity from exploring her own mind and because everything is just a dream, she stabs things to vent off her anger and see if she'll even pay the consequences. Or maybe it comes without knowing what will happen.

Sorry if I said a lot like usual. >_<

But that's how I feel. :3


File: 1347271652200.jpeg (151.45 KB, 850x1201, 7683_9958_850.jpeg)

Slippers. You wear them at home, i should think.

But still, i think the age is slightly important at most, ultimately trivial. My guess is somewhere between 10 and 16.

A few of those things are quite palpable, why not start a thread in /t/?


Well, seeing how everyone in Lucky Star looks like a loli, she's probably in high school.


The Age of Madotsuki is around of 15 or 16


I've always thought she's somewhere between 16 and 22. That's the youngest age I can imagine someone really going full hikikomori as Madotsuki has, and I like to think she's around the same age as I am, because it helps me think I can understand her.


i like to think she's very young, younger than 13 maybe
however, that makes the raperape/abortion/whatever theories a little worse, but i can't help that


Anywhere from 10-18.


File: 1356090477466.png (20.02 KB, 441x495, Madotsuki_360_Kid_by_Artis….png)

About five or so.


>I always pictured her being around 11, whereas I picture Sabitsuki around 16, Urotsuki around 15, and Chie around 8.

This, but Mado has 9 instead 11. When I played the game I felt as her older brother, so that's why I think as her as that young. But is strange, since she's alone, hikiko, and don't forget those fucked up dreams. Strange for someone so young. But that's why I think they are so fucked up; whatever happened to her, it left very deep wounds on her, and the mind of a child can be very afraid of its own fears, making them worse.


File: 1356465859062.png (530.21 KB, 479x468, awww that face.PNG)

i find it disturbing people think shes so young (i myself think shes a teen that just has a child-like appearence, people told me i looked 12 when i was about 16 due to my baby face and short stature, so it's not impossible). it really changes the whole leaping off the balcony thing a lot. as if it makes it out to not be suicide, but some sort of warped childish logic that she can get out of her apartment that way instead but she kills herself in the process or something like that. and that's just really depressing.

so she's in the 15-18 range for me. sabitsuki is about the same age, leaning towards more being a young adult. urotsuki is probably in her mid-twenties(old enough to have anxiety over becoming old ala the castle event in the newest version and wishing she had her childhood back kid effect), and chie is really really young (say, 7 to 12? probably 10 or 11 years old) because of the innocence of her dreams and thinking that when she found the bloody body of what appeared to be her mother she just tried to wake up…



I personally think it because what I said before. I felt like his older broter, and that she somehow was 9.
But what you say is pretty good too; maybe she's older than what she seems.




Personally, I see her as about fourteen at the end of the game, although at the beginning of the game she's thirteen and a half. I believe that the game took about a half a year for all of the events to occur.


I imagined Madotsuki being around 15-16, but her height on the light novel cover and in the manga put her in the range of 8-12.


File: 1381083802405.jpg (176.71 KB, 800x792, G_humour1378486937302.jpg)


>implying the manga is not cannon

Watch out, shitstorm coming.


File: 1381085619178.jpg (109.67 KB, 1280x1499, tumblr_mu5cjjbYWV1rahhezo1….jpg)

I imagine she'd be around 13-14.



Birthday parties and the like seem important to her. She plays videogames, presumably in the late 80s/early 90s when games were marketed to a younger audience. (This is related to my theory that the events of the game take place circa 1990.) If there's any sexual things going on in the imagery she has a dim and fearful understanding of it at best.

If she were more past puberty I'd expect more romantic things to be found in her dreams. Pretty boys, perhaps. And no Corpse-san doesn't count, he's just a face down dead guy.

I will admit being biased by the fact that Vomit Girl was the first image I saw of Mado, but I do feel that the game supports an age of roughly 10 for the character.


File: 1381967496581.png (836.62 KB, 800x639, Yume_Nikki___In_the_Closet….png)

>Pretty boys, perhaps.

Why not pretty girls?


I personally think around 18-19 or so.


anywhere from 11-18 but i'd probably go with 13 or 14
sabitsuki around 16 or 17


I would say that she's more likely to be in the 12-15 age range. Things like birthday parties and video games still matter to her, but the amount of despair her dreams relay about the violent things she's seen, as well as the possibly sexual nature of some of the objects she encounters make it difficult for me to believe she could be any younger.

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