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Well well well.
-> http://yumenisshi.web.fc2.com/

Guess who just released v0.04. I don't speak moonrunes so I don't know what the update entails but I thought it was an interesting enough event to post.



Well congratulations! You have almost ten minutes more of a life than I do.


File: 1417248334840.png (7.81 KB, 711x92, pwhint.png)

Fangame wiki updated and noticed this.


so it's back? holy shit


File: 1417271743107.jpg (31.24 KB, 437x437, 1387203032643.jpg)

I don't even give two shits about this fg anymore.


File: 1417271790072.png (125.13 KB, 638x480, nazinisshi.png)

Updated finally



not this shitstorm again.
seriously, stop shitposting. he's a xenophobe, everyone knows. you guys act like xenophobia isn't stereotypical of Japan.

>he doesn't like my country so I hate his game!

get over it.


It's not hate but you can't expect people to like a game when its author openly stated his hatred towards his more different audience. Can't blame them though and besides, the whole YN fangame scene has been stretched out pretty long by now.



I don't live in Japan. I seriously don't give a shit if he's prejudiced towards my nationality. Who cares? That's not going to bias my opinion of Yume Nisshi, it's an alright fangame.

I agree, the days of Yume Nikki /fg/ are pretty much over. The low traffic on this board pretty much reflects that. I remember traffic decreasing briefly one or two years ago but not like this. And realistically I can't see much of any new /fg/ being made and don't really want to.
But there are still some projects that are worth investing interest over, like Mishka for example makes good games, and there's a few more traditional /fg/ that I'd like to see updates in, but the community is pretty much dead now.

But, I mean, Yume Nisshi updated… that's kinda neat, r-right?


>I don't like your opinion so it's shitposting

I disagree, it's my opinion, it's not even hate, freedom of speech, you get over it.

I think it's overrated as many, for being japanese fashion. What is special about it?


File: 1417287304799.png (418.22 KB, 674x523, 1417028754301.png)

Because it's got moonrunes, it's instantly one of the best fangames out there.
But the truth is that it's just a generic copy of fangame like most of the copies we've seen so far.
The funniest part is that the dev is a racist pig who complains about stealing material when he's done the same. Or will anybody tell me he's the creator of Silent Hill and Pyramid Head? C'mon.
The game isn't even really that good, there are cooler things out there.



i assume you were >>9687

sorry that post was a bit grouped, i assumed you were saying this because of the whole "racist pig" shitstorm a few years ago. i apologize for the presumption.

>>9688 is blatant shitposting though

>What is special about it?

yume nisshi is the best. so fairy tale!

honestly not being as awful as some other fangames is the only thing that's special about it


> >>9688 is blatant shitposting though
The fact that you can't take a joke tells me you are more a Yume Nisshi taliban than a fan

>it's good because it's good




I'm really not. I'm pretty much indifferent to Yume Nisshi more than anything. It's not bad but it's not great.

I haven't played it since last year when I got bored after collecting like four effects and decided I didn't want to play through the whole thing.


">he doesn't like my country so I hate his game!

get over it."

So, people are discriminated against over the country they live in and they aren't supposed to get upset about it?

While I can somewhat see your point about people trashing the game just for not liking the creator, I think it's important to understand WHY:

Some people can separate a work and its creator, so if you have a person who, I dunno, hates all black people or whatever but made a masterpiece of a novel, some readers could still enjoy the novel and say "I enjoy this novel, though I do not share your personal view(s)." Others may have a more difficult time doing this, however, as they may hold the work and the creator as one. They may also just find it somewhat difficult to enjoy a work while knowing that the person who made it doesn't think very highly of them.


File: 1417291982567.jpg (12.21 KB, 275x206, 16 (1).jpg)

momotarou. whatever. someone get translating it already. there's enough race bullshit going on in the world right now to honestly give a shit about nationalistic implications of an RPG Maker game.


File: 1417292624562.jpg (8.89 KB, 259x194, fair.jpg)



I think that Zenmaigahara's going to just look at the board and change the password again, possibly remove it. Again.

Last time I was involved in having it run amok, so I'll just step back this time (not to mention I'm pretty much completely sick of fangames at this point).



I'm sure enough of us have it at this point that them changing the password won't do any good.


A patch folder containing some altered files was posted on their twitter. No password this time so you can just download and replace them.


Patches can be found here: http://ux.getuploader.com/yumenisshi01/

Pretty sure you only need to download the most recent (2014-11-30) one, though.


so does anybody actually know whats in the update, or is this just going to be the "nisshi's dev" thread instead of the nisshi's update thread

somebody on the fangame wiki claims there are endings, plural - three ending switches have been discovered in the database but as far as i know nobody knows how to activate them if they're there, mostly due to the lack of even attempted documentation


No, this is just going to be the "nisshi's dev" thread.


File: 1417840465458.png (Spoiler Image, 2.65 KB, 320x240, 小部屋.png)

Usotsuki confirmed for Christian-Satanist-Jew.

Also if you find this place you can open up another area.


File: 1417862745793.gif (56.13 KB, 361x365, 1351992277931.gif)



Cheapest cliche ever


literally hitler



Ooo. I shall play this with interest.

Disliking a work out of disapproval of the creator is certainly understandable, but that doesn't make it respectable. It's just being biased, which is typically regarded as a bad thing.



While bias may be bad, at least here it's bias that's due to "the creator of this game thinks of me and the people in my country as nothing more than thieves" rather than "the creator of this game gave my game a shitty review therefore I will say his game is shit and tell people not to play it" (just made that example up out of thin air, btw)

i.e. the reason for the bias is a bit more of a serious issue than that of normal gamer bias. That's not to say it's any better or worse, but that's just kinda my take on the whole thing

While we're on the subject, I decided to play through the entire game and give it an honest review: http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/104435800706/yume-nisshi-review-thing

I explored every area, collected every Effect, and viewed every event. I even went through the game in RPG Maker to see if I missed anything, and I didn't. tl;dr I thought it was okay. It's far from the worst I've played (specifically in terms of YN Fangames), but not quite best either. At the very least it's hooked me enough to make me curious about what kind of ending the game will have, meaning that I definitely plan on downloading any future updates.


I proudly do this bad thing


I find it very dubious that you list "multiple endings" and "unlockable wallpapers" as gameplay innovations. They are simply different sorts of rewards for completing tasks. The essential "explore and collect X" gameplay is common to most of the fangames, no? Also, it doesn't seem like a review of a YN fangame could be complete without a "Worlds" or "Style/Tone" section, but perhaps you were trying to be spoiler free.

I cooled off to Yume Nisshi (and fangames in general, after playing too many of them) for a while, but having played v0.04 a bit, I've been won over again. It all comes down to taste, and in discussing matters of taste I am quite ineloquent, but for what it's worth I do love the aesthetic and soundscape of the game (I agree the saving theme is a bit wonky though).

The two new areas I've discovered so far, where you get the bottle and halo effects, really charmed me. It reminded me of the fun I had exploring v0.03 and Dream Graffiti.

You should not confuse pride with positivity, my friend.


I just really like the atmosphere and scenery in this game. Yes the author is a xenophobic hypocrite, whatever.


Gameplay probably wasn't the best title for that part. I think "innovations" would've been better. Wondering if I should edit that post now to reflect this change of heart.

I also thought about including an "Atmosphere" section or something, but I just kinda lumped it in with "music" and "overall", since the only thing I had to say regarding the game's atmosphere was that some areas had nice atmosphere (like the Star World, the Dark World, the Neon Forest, the teleport maze place where you get the jar effect, and the GameBoy World's balcony) while others were just kinda meh (Snow World [the one you get to from the Nexus], Desert World, Garden World had promise, but felt like it was missing something, Mirrors World, etc.)

Of course, these are all my opinions; others have stated that they think the entire game has great atmosphere, so it all kinda depends on tastes. I know I agree with lolrust's Engrish-y statement that the game is very "fairy tale"; the game has an antiquated quality about it that almost feels a bit whimsical in some instances (again, Star World instantly springs to mind), though I still feel that some worlds could be fleshed out a bit more. Like, what if the doll world wasn't just a black void filled with random dolls, but an actual doll house you got to explore with all sorts of little antique doll things inside, like teacups and stuffed animals? There could even be one or more cool events that could occur inside involving dolls.


I do largely agree with your assessment. The nexus areas are certainly hit and miss. I do like Mirror World, though, if only for what it suggests about Usotsuki's personality. It and other areas in the game make me wonder how much of a coherent story there is behind it; I, too, am interested to see what sort of ending(s) it will have.


Why did he come back?

Didn't the creator threatened to quit Yume Nisshi forever if we kept figuring out his Japanese passwords?


He wanted attention, then made up all that story, so when he's back people would be anxious to play his game and start drama. It's a basic marketing tactic.


oh yeah racism my favorite 'marketing tactic'

I think the creator truly was upset, but obviously not enough for them to actually want to stop making the game after they'd had some time to calm down.


i suspect that the author has some severe paranoia issues. i don't want to assume but idk, i get the feeling they might be mentally ill.


okay, apparently there's a new effect in the bw area you find the horns effect, found in a tent. except when you get the effect, it doesn't actually get put into your inventory, so you can't actually use it. joy. (it was called "はと", meaning "dove", and you get it by interacting with a dove in one of the tents.)


it was for the Cage effect


There seems to be a bunch of missing sounds in the game, like the church bell gong and several other files I found out about in RPG Maker. Does anyone else have this problem?



English translation, anyone?


Well this is certainly a surprise. Hopefully it at least gets an ending now.


Why is this in recent? Sure no one here actually cares about this shit game anymore right?


Well it was almost an entire year of no replies before you posted


Well it showed up in recent page of ubuu even though the last post was like Jan of 2015.


Nope, we don't

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