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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1625542202366.jpg (379.25 KB, 1536x2048, E5fB6a3WYAIkIRW.jpg)


Hello there uboa, i was surfing on twitter and found this dude that made a madotsuki plushie.
the mado plushie looks very cute.
anyone make more of this stuff?
heres the orginal account that posted the picture
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Why do these people always get the window pattern wrong? Christ.


File: 1625689075859.gif (Spoiler Image, 309.68 KB, 498x318, SPOILER_tenor.gif)

lol, i haven't noticed before but besides that is a good work !!
probably the dude made the window pattern apart from the pink top and at the he invert the pattern as an accident.


File: 1626802296930.jpg (2.53 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_5417.JPG)

I have the Fangamer plush


I thought the pics on fangamer looked pretty bad but this one actually looks fine. I might end up ordering one.



The line on the face really does suck, I don't understand why that couldn't be put lower, but I absolutely love my madotsuki plush. I wouldn't pass on her.

File: 1623334269550.png (226.94 KB, 1000x1000, 857_9f558322d2bccee8.png)


if anyone has yumenikki art archive folder, could you share it to pls.
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File: 1624731469574-0.png (1.87 KB, 146x150, tumblr_inline_o9rn49Aqsu1s….png)

There's one imageboard in "Community Services" on Uboachan's main page that you can use. *Hint, hint.*


File: 1624783432410.png (14.5 KB, 114x124, 1378486108228.png)

tnx friends


File: 1624814577425-0.jpg (10.83 KB, 300x225, 20100804211311a12.jpg)

You're welcome.


File: 1627344537230.jpg (155.77 KB, 1601x1250, madolenss.jpg)


just go to yumebooru lol

File: 1625512111683-0.jpg (11.24 KB, 230x230, about.jpg)

File: 1625512111683-1.jpg (124.16 KB, 900x1480, IMG_6643.JPG)


Now, instead of viewing the MediaFire folder, you can download the entire package so you won't have to download each file one by one. Both are .zip.

This file leads to the Project Yume Nikki website pictures/art: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vXAIGK8vtYOq7bxWc_JGy0OKsGli-nPN/view?usp=sharing

This file leads to the Mercari Yume Nikki merchandise results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VBVBKfpw_RD54zKi38LD17_EF3MG4aSn/view?usp=sharing

File: 1624512702053.jpg (142.96 KB, 1224x1632, chubby_monoe_and_monoko__y….jpg)


Do any of you guys have a picture of Monoko or Monoe using the Fat effect? I looked up on all boorus as well as Google and only found two or three images. Are there any more of it?


Why would you want more? What's wrong with you?


I don't recall any rules implying that you can't look up for images like this.


File: 1625272330846.png (299.28 KB, 360x355, IMG_0434.PNG)


File: 1624513643842-0.gif (16.95 KB, 573x274, countend_1-3.gif)

File: 1624513643842-1.gif (25.14 KB, 573x270, countend_4-10.gif)


'Ello, me again. I'm the same bloke that translated every Yume Nikki file name that was in Japanese 0to English and dug through over 50 pages of Mercari search results looking for Yume Nikki merch, and also a lot of digging on me phone too. This time I present you's with another collection, that is every picture that was used on the Project Yume Nikki website.

This folder dates back to February and I decided that I'd better share it rather than keep it to myself. Of course, using a wayback machine you can look at the website as it stood back than, so this collection is kind of redundant, but I thought it would be useful anyways. Enjoy!



your a god seriously.


you're a legend :,D

File: 1623832035657.png (3.93 MB, 2560x1284, upscaled1 0000000042.png)





you guys are a god for finding the's thangs

File: 1624768069165.jpg (2.92 MB, 2448x3264, 20210626_230948_HDR.jpg)


Dream on!


Any other developer dragging an unfinished game for so long while trying to cash in by selling merchandise and "endorsed side projects" would get shit on by the community.
Why do you think this is not the case?


File: 1624795248228.jpg (103.1 KB, 669x500, 17.jpg)

No bait in the birthday thread


Happy anniversary!

File: 1522015813810.jpg (106.08 KB, 1000x602, uboa bed.jpg)


Uboa laying in bed
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File: 1598403975607.jpg (885.06 KB, 1200x2468, uboa and friends.jpg)


cute thread


I love this thread


File: 1624250011025.png (5.54 MB, 1600x2398, reduboasquish.png)

Uboa in a cube


File: 1624253741844.png (19.08 KB, 220x220, 1499528745888.png)

WOAH He's so good at being in the cube…

File: 1623920636289.jpg (4.96 KB, 800x600, sketch (2).jpg)


What are the sounds Madotsuki makes when you try to use an effect but aren't able to? Are they actual Japanese words?


File: 1623993940226-0.png (906.82 KB, 750x1000, 36658953_p0.png)

Dame\Muri, mean something like "I can't/Impossible". But I was often wondering, is that hers or just in-game message.

Read there for more, if you wish https://archive.uboachan.net/mado/res/1399.xhtml



It's apparently dame/muri, but I honestly didn't realize until i actually started listening for those words. To me they sounded more like that noise clown noses make when you press them. Y'know, like squeaky toys.


If you open the game with the RPGmaker editor you can see that the sounds have been speed up.

File: 1623585033183.jpg (79.62 KB, 966x1600, 190efba6py141.jpg)


so I found hidden bored on this site.
Is there any other unlisted bored's on this site?


I forgot to add a lnike here it is https://uboachan.net/mado/


You can find a lot of old boards like that one at https://uboachan.net/annex.php . There are some actual hidden boards but whenever you remember one a child vomits, best not to think about it.


Those are all old and archived boards that are no longer active. At least someone cares enough to remember them.
Good for you I guess…


File: 1623603156233-0.jpg (157.81 KB, 494x880, congrats.jpg)

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