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I always wanted to explore my dreams like madotsuki, but i cant do it the only time i did was while i was at a nightmare but i didn't knew about being lucid in dreams

And now im here asking tips and techniques for lucid dreaming


clock faces never show up right in lucid dreams. so make a habit of wearing a watch and constantly checking it and actually taking note of what the time is, then when you do that in a dream you will realise 'wait this watch face is nonsensical' and you will be able to lucid dream.

at least that basic technique worked for me in highschool.


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Lucid dreaming is hard. It requires a lot of brainpower to not wake up inmediately after taking control. Doesn't help that people in your dreams might sabotage you. Today for example I was forcefully put in a psych ward and didn't remember how I got there then my mom showed and I told her I didn't know if what I was seeing was a dream or if it was real and she said: "Don't worry about that, don't say stuff like that" and I remember thinking thar was a pretty weird thing to say.
I should have written down the whole dream but I'm too lazy.


Bro I don't think that was a dream


I have never lucid dreames before…
That's not even what Matdotsuki is doing…
What happened in Yume Nikki is real…


There are certain things that humans are equal, and things that humans are different. So, lucid dreaming is a journey of self-discovering. There are several techniques out there, but one that worked with me is the WILD technique. There is also MILD, WBTB and several others. Some lucid dream successfully in the first night and others take weeks. It's hard for me to wake up in the middle of the night, and I think it will be harsh for you as well. But, no other technique worked for me than WILD.

Another thing that helps a lot is exercises and vitamins. Exercises will make you fall asleep earlier, and have a better quality of sleep. And vitamins… Diet, or supplements. Since you will be exercising yourself, I think you will start eating better (that's the logical thing to do). But, if you really want to have lucid dreams faster… Buy Vitamin B6, Choline and Mugwort. There are others, but they have side effects. Good luck.


just writing down dreams and rereading them for a few days is enough to start seeing more dreams. if you note the inconsistencies with real life its easier to notice too.
then employing techniques like checking your watch through every door in real life so its more likely to be done in your dream and you catch those inconsistencies. or just do more things in real life that you want to do in a dream. i like to run around empty tf2 maps and take in details, so my dreams are a lot like that. i am very lucky to just be able to tell when things are dreams. i dont use the experience to fly or do things like that, but i do enjoy going really close to objects and taking in their detail. ill circle around objects and see their 3d shape. ill focus on the backgrounds and see weird structures. its always just an adventure to me

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