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πŸŽ‰ I lost my laptop again so it's hard to work on things! Enjoy a very late news post and another month of snow! πŸŽ‰

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It's spooky-scary halloween once more, and I have a question for all you who still use this site.

Do you think that Yume Nikki is a horror game? and either way, I want to know what part of it really creeped you out, or at least unnerved you a bit.
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Yume Nikki is a horror game and every part of the gameplay is tense and horrifying.


I'd echo that it is at least extremely unnerving. I think that whether or not it's a horror game could be attributed to how much you relate with it. And even then, that still borders on just being psychological. Still, Uboa, the Toriningen, FACE, the Guillotine world, and a few others struck me as genuinely terrifying. If anything Yume Nikki is relatable, and that in itself is scary.


I think the question people should make is "Did you play YN before or after the rpgmaker 'horror' fade?", because I doubt you could think of YN as such if you've played it before misao, ib, the witch's house etc became popular.


Who would associate YN with such basic trash?


File: 1510081755464.jpg (186.54 KB, 576x800, 49282185_p0.jpg)

All the fags claiming this is a horror game. Believe it or not some people is that stupid and think YN is horror just because of that crap, reason as to why I think that question is more important.
I played Yume Nikki before any of that games became popular on the west/before knowing about them, and it never stroke me as horror or horror-ish or anything at all. It has very calm and isolated areas (sky garden, the cliff, flute room), one cheerful place here and there (pink sea for example), and some very odd and surreal events (mars, famicom world, takofuusen). In the whole game, only Face and Uboa stroke me as an element deliberately placed to cause fear, and even then it's still more in common with the whole "dream" theme than horror for the sake of horror. There are no eldritch monsters chasing you (the toriningen can be passive or aggressive, so it's more like it depends on whether or not they're mad at you), there are no supernatural forces trying to destroy you, scare you, hurt you. At most, it fits as a psychological game, but even then I'd have problems calling it "psychological horror" because it's not the main thing in the game.
You explore the psyche of a young girl who doesn't leave her room, that's all. The rest is pure speculation.

Now look at .flow for example. It did strike me more as a horror version of YN simply because there were actually some sort of scary monsters (literally, ζ€ͺ物 "kaibutsu") chasing you, the whole silent hill ambiance, the blood, the edgy drawings and pikes everywhere, and the corruption appearing in Sabitsuki's real room (some sort of external force affecting her life). And let's not forget the endings, it wasn't just a ".flow" (whatever that is) thing like in Mado's case where everything happened inside her head. A real maid appears in the real world and cuts Sabi's legs. One could argue it's not the real world and she just lost it or whatever but it is presented in that way.
Even though the mechanics are literally the same, .flow is actually horror-ish while YN isn't.

Google ryona and join the fun wagon.

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stereogram thread
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File: 1400179953619.jpg (85.07 KB, 680x709, Horo_mado_vomiting.jpg)

>If you weren't one of those plebs who can't do stereograms, you'd know.

Tough. I didn't know you learned how to use gimp yesterday and that that made you special and superior.
Oh wait, it's not even a image editor, but a pleb wizard you found on the internet


Yeah, so 1337. Please don't h4x me.




why so rude

i like these


Nobody cares about stereograms. They're like worse kaleidoscopes.


File: 1510023291006.jpg (73.68 KB, 960x955, Lenin.jpg)

You are replying to a post I made 3 years ago. It's also self evident why.

File: 1503011176820.png (9.32 MB, 2357x2110, Yume_Nikki_02.png)


If anybody is interested, there is a Yume Nikki Light Novel and it is fully translated to english now if anyone wants to read it.
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File: 1509570213853.jpg (91.58 KB, 500x1143, 64315121_p17.jpg)

It seems the translation was taken down.
Did any of you manage to make a back-up before that happened?


It was a terrible novel anyway.


Unless the publisher is really bored or really stupid, the only reason they'd do this if there is an official English release in the works. Though I can't imagine why there would be.


So they are fraudulent and now bitchy? Nothing lost.


File: 1509744737254.jpg (207.66 KB, 800x1000, 46424883_p0.jpg)

>the only reason they'd do this if there is an official English release in the works.
You were right on the money. J-Novel Club licensed it less than a week ago.

File: 1508800836990.png (18.67 KB, 320x240, Screenshot (17).png)


Im sharing some useless glitchess I found whle fucking about with the chair, you should join in.

Using the at and scarf effect on the chair while its snowing will allow you to go normal speed with the snowman. Sometimes on entering a room mado will be sitting down. Sometimes trying to torn back into hat and scarf mado will cause her to fall asleep on the floor.

Doing this with the midget lets big mado sit and pop little mados from her head. You can keep doing this indefinetly, but only p to five little mados will actually appear. You cant move little mado after pressing 1 the first time.

Using the severed head effect on the chair will actually make Madotsuki move slower.

If you use nopperabou on the chair and sit on the floor tou will stand up facing the opposite direction.The same will happen with the cat, but there wil be a frame where the cat effect is noticable.

Sitting after using the knife effect on the chair will make you sit for a second, then stand 90 degrees anticlockwise (you still have to press 1 to move again).

Lastly, equipping flute on the chair will make flute music play when mado sits and stands.


You know what I find funny? You can't do any of this in the Japanese version. In the Japanese version when you sit in the chair it says something like, "You can now sit in the chair" and then you do that. You can't use your menu. The reason why you can in the English version is because the translators removed that line of text, allowing you to do so, and letting you do all these glitches!

File: 1506859449853.png (15.95 KB, 500x654, yume-nikki-maniabig.png)


What would you like to see in a remixed Yume Nikki? New areas, updated graphics, 16:9 and unusused content actually being used. Also 0.10 was released 10 years ago.
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>Is making a mario 64 rom hack really that hard?
Don't know, can't answer.
>I don't know anything about developing, but surely all of the more, "difficult parts", like developing the physics could be avoided in some way, right?
Using a free engine. But name me 1 person in all the fandom who actually can produce a game in unity/unreal/whatever and I may start believing it's a possibility somebody actually is as nuts as to waste their time on a game 10 people will play. If somebody actually ever wants to do it, of course.


A more likely thing that would happen is a mod of a PC game. The closest game that is like Super Mario 64 on the PC is the newly release A Hat in Time, which features mod support.

Another game that could be fun to mod would be Skyrim or maybe even Doom. Hell, I would accept a Yume Nikki themed Sonic rom hack. Or maybe a Sonic Generations mod with normal Madotsuki and chibi Madotsuki but that all kinda goes against the general feel of YN.


Games like skyrim wouldn't work because a lot of the appeal of Yume Nikki is its surrealism. A realistic art style would totally shatter that. The sonic generations idea is terrible and you should feel bad for coming up with it. Mario 64 already has a kind of eerie vibe to it and it's cartoonish art style is a perfect fit for yn.


To start off, unless Skyrim is not super moddable, I'd imagine you could make it more cartoony if you wanted to. And the Sonic Generations idea might be silly, yes, but it was a plausible one as well. It's not like I said, "Let's put Madotsuki in Senran Kagura!!"

Nintendo games tend to be pretty hard to mod, even popular games are kinda hard to do. The general point is that PC games being able to be modded fairly easily and can reach a ton of people too. But I will grant it to you Mario 64 is kinda eerie as you said.


Another advantage of mario 64 over skyrim is that a lot of the assets, like the snow, piano and grass, are already perfect. Everything would have to be changed in skyrim. Mario 64 is also fits better because it's kind of, "primitive", in a simmilar way to Yume Nikki. They both feel like something from the past. I really don't know how the total workload would compare. Either way I don't think anybody is going to step up to the plate.

File: 1438487963423.jpg (858.78 KB, 1024x768, Chrysanthemum.jpg)


Yume Nikki will get an update.
After the game's reception and all the mystery and buzz around it, I'm sure that Kikiyama as a really smart and imaginative person decided to just shut up, and blast everyone's socks off with an update when the game is almost forgotten. He's an epic guy like that.
The update can come any day now. It could be tomorrow, it could be next christmas…
…but I'm sure it will happen. Soon, perhaps.
Mark my words. There's just as much confirmation that he's dead as there's confirmation that he's not dead.
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I feel stupid now…


Does a Japanese 0.9 version even exist anymore?


That post was in the wrong thread and it won't let me delete it -_-


File: 1508636330673.jpg (35.81 KB, 480x671, YUME NIKKII.jpg)




File: 1498505790814.png (11.8 KB, 320x240, IMG_0641.PNG)


Wow, guys guess what!! Today is Yume Nikki's 13th birthday!! To believe it has been that long is amazing!! We've done so much in a short time. All you guys are truly amazing. So yea, you guys can post whatevs about Yume Nikki here! When did you guys first discover Yume Nikki, and how?
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File: 1507749765816.jpg (123.03 KB, 800x600, 43973914ce2004ddd4ac67c612….jpg)

>Cave Story
Oh man, that reminds me of how when I was in middle school I would get hours to myself to play the game towards the end of the year. The library in my middle school was weirdly big and hardly anybody went there. Every assembly, every lunch, I would go there. During the last day we had nothing to do so I could literally spend the entire seven hours going at it. I managed to finish it right before I had to go home(I never did manage to actually go all the way through hell though).


File: 1507878432718.png (77.24 KB, 1309x742, 20170629121858364.png)

Happy birthday to the girls that changed my life


Did you make that anon?It looks great


Dis is a good post.


Wow, that is seriously some awesome art.

File: 1507229119648.jpg (44.65 KB, 640x360, l_59cb4b09db534.jpg)


Does anyone know what this is?


I saw it on lolrust's twitter


Yes, it means you don't know how to lurk. It's literally a thread in the first page.


i saw lolrust post about fraud too IIRC
i don't think nipnongs are aware of it or maybe KIKIYAMA is actually secretly alive and the secret is just behind the language barrier


>the language barrier
What language barrier?

File: 1505137799959.jpg (7.19 KB, 135x175, boo.jpg)


How do you feel playing Yume Nikki?
I mean, I only play when i have time to wonder off in the game, and I always feel strange about it.
Idk, how do you feel?


I feel bored you just walk and nothing happens and you're soooo slow what a garbage game huh?


Really? You have to have
patience to play the game, you are wondering off in someone dreams.
I really like the game, but i see why you would not like it, but can you expand on the idea?


Pretty sure they where joking.
PS: you don't need to enter your damn email, friend.


Pretty sure they where joking.


File: 1507054780984.jpg (52 KB, 850x424, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)

maybe a twinge of what might be apprehension once in a while, but… calm.
a lot of it has to do with how you play as well, y'know?

exceptions are numbers world and hell. fuck that shit. eyesores.

File: 1506504536289.jpg (28.96 KB, 671x378, DKtOSPUXoAAVD9m.jpg)


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File: 1506578752137.jpg (30.89 KB, 540x540, 1506573996961.jpg)

GBF x Yume Nikki event when


It's as 'official' as anything else


sorry for the off-topic bump, but what is this email service called?
i ended up losing my password and registrations were closed for a long time, i completely forgot about it until now.


openmailbox, but I don't recommend it anymore. I chose it because it had an non-autistic html interface and imap but they cancelled it unless you pay and redesigned the interface to look more smartphone-ish, and it sucks balls.
Still no reply from kiki, damn, I wanted him to authorize my official onaholes.


i see, thank you anyway.

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