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One of my favourite threads was "Music that reminds you of Yume Nikki", so I thought I'd start a new one!


"Leave me on the tracks
To wait until the morning train arrives
Don't you dare look back
Walk away, catch up with the sunrise"
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File: 1358716329399.jpeg (281.68 KB, 500x627, 6934_2681_500.jpeg)

Dream Theater - The Glass Prison


Cunning, Baffling, Powerful
Been beaten to a pulp
Vigorous, Irresistable
Sick and tired and laid low
Dominating, Invincible
Black-out, loss of control
Overwhelming, Unquenchable
I'm powerless, have to let go

I can't escape it
It leaves me frail and worn
Can no longer take it
Senses tattered and torn

Hopeless surrender
Obsession's got me beat
Losing the will to live
Admitting complete defeat

Fatal Descent
Spinning around
I've gone too far
To turn back round

Desperate attempt
Stop the progression
At any length
Lift this obsession

Crawling to my glass prison
A place where no one knows
My secret lonely world begins

So much safer here
A place where I can go
To forget about my daily sins

Life here in my glass prison
A place I once called home
Fall in nocturnal bliss again

Chasing a long lost friend
I no longer can control
Just waiting for this hopelessness to end


Run - fast from the wreckage of the past
A shattered glass prison wall behind me
Fight - past walking through the ashes
A distant oasis before me

Cry - desperate crawling on my knees
Begging God to please stop the insanity
Help me - I'm trying to believe
Stop wallowing in my self pity

"We've been waiting for you my friend
The writing's been on the wall
All it takes is a little faith
You know you're the same as us all"

Help me - I can't break out this prison all alone
Save me - I'm drowning and I'm hopeless on my own
Heal me - I can't restore my sanity alone

Enter the door
Fighting no more
Help me restore
To my sanity
At this temple of hope

I need to learn
Teach me how
Sorrow to burn
Help me return
To humanity
I'll be fearless and thorough
To enter this temple of hope

Transcend the pain
Living the life
Opened my eyes
This new odyssey
Of rigorous honesty

That I never knew
Soundness of mind
Helped me to find
Courage to change
All the things that I can

"We'll help you perform this miracle
But you must set your past free
You dug the hole, but you can't bury your soul
Open your mind and you'll see"

Help me - I can't break out this prison all alone
Save me - I'm drowning and I'm hopeless on my own
Heal me - I can't restore my sanity alone


Way off in the distance I saw a door
I tried to open
I tried forcing with all of my will but still
The door wouldn't open

Unable to trust in my faith
I turned and walked away
I looked around, felt a chill in the air
Took my will and turned it over

The glass prison which once held me is gone
A long lost fortress
Armed only with liberty
And the key of my willingness

Fell down on my knees and prayed
"Thy will be done"
I turned around, saw a light shining through
The door was wide open




"There's a sweet little guy called Mars
Each night he cries, this ain't the place I'm meant to be
He hides his dreams deep within a wooden box
He hides his secrets deep within his woolen socks
Life will pass him by
Inside his troubled mind, troubled minds"


File: 1362771621921.jpg (46.18 KB, 400x741, Hand_Holding_Knife_by_FIRS….jpg)


Kwoon - I Lived On The Moon

The lyrics and the video are totally YN-like



Mostly the strange choice of chords (C6 and D6) that did it for me. That, and the altogether choppy oddness of the song.


File: 1441599352597.jpeg (442.47 KB, 1024x1024, 2014-08-25-669292.jpeg)



"Filled with pain
A bruised and darkened soul
Spare me from the
Life that's full of misery"


File: 1455246975356.bmp (301.05 KB, 640x480, guy.bmp)


Sounds almost exactly like the maze before the FC world.




I don't know.

Just how it sounds.




File: 1465741121404.webm (5.67 MB, 512x384, Yume mix.webm)

Anyone know where this track is from? Is it an original?


File: 1465755153709.jpg (440.55 KB, 600x600, 1235957985571.jpg)


I still wonder what the source of the music track is.


File: 1467850014004.jpg (180.26 KB, 620x792, 1460422029864-c.jpg)

This and pretty much any heavily depressing dark ambient song that gives me a feeling of emptyness but also intrigues me
Basically the exact same feelings i get from playing yume nikki


These songs remind me of the same feelings yume nikki does.


File: 1469700209751.png (664.87 KB, 900x900, 1469688702680.png)


This one. Especially the beginning gives me kinda YN vibes.
And this one, don't know why tho


Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd always gave me YN vibes for some reason.



File: 1476930848734.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.62 KB, 1200x1107, CqbH_VHW8AAEych.jpg)


The soundtrack has always been the most evocative part of Yume Nikki to me, so any music that reminds me of it appeals to me automatically.

"Siamesisk" - Under Byen
The one short melody in particular.

"Old Winter Ferris Wheel" - Wonderland Falling Yesterday (aka World's End Girlfriend)
Really WEG's whole body of work evokes YN's mood.

"Electro-Shock Blues" - Eels
If you looped the piano I imagine it would fit very well in Madotsuki's room. The lyrics are also heart-wrenching.

"Medicine Wheel" - Between the Buried and Me
First half calls to mind the dream world's alien strangeness and tribal elements, second half its emptiness and melancholy.

"Winter Now" - Broadcast
If you pay attention to the lyrics, it sounds to me like Madotsuki is describing going through Snow World on her way to Poniko. It's kind of uncanny imo.


File: 1479143388761.gif (178.77 KB, 540x460, 123890012.gif)


This song reminds me of 2kki more than it does of Yume Nikki, though.


File: 1481091555945.jpg (95.46 KB, 900x850, 4700355_p0.jpg)

The original BGM is Day by Jaga Jazzist.


File: 1490411939574.jpg (1.49 MB, 1123x1499, weaver_of_dreams__yume_nik….jpg)




I have, actually. It was what lead me to associate YN with Massive Attack



this reminds me of the green monster party rave thing from yume 2kki




File: 1494184165487.png (89.12 KB, 1291x711, Безымянный.png)


Sounds familiar…
American McGee's Alice (2000)
Yume Nikki (2005)


I agree with you anon, normal people are disgusting and shouldn't be here




kelly clerksons remomds me of yumy nick cause she stronk like maso


nah i can't write weeb runes yet, but have something eastern instead:


Anyone that uses normie instead of normalfag is a bit of a normalfag in my book. Anyway, this thread is ancient and most of the people who posted in it probably aren't even around anymore. That was the higher activity, tripfag era(they moved to discord). It doesn't represent the current state of the site. Focus on the present, learn moon runes, enjoy.


Also, you actually used, "btw", unironically.


Btw nice fucking thread yall are a bunch of normalfags and should be ashamed its a real disgrace for this website to host such normiecy


You think i give a shit about what kind of language you think sound cool? I don't even know what im doing here and fug this corner is kinda dissapointing


Except you cared enough to delete your first post. You also necrobumped this thread without any good reason. Entitled, whiny newfags are almost as bad as normalfags.


Yeah im a newfag, doesn't change the fact that this thread is filled with stinky normalshit, moreso can you stop me?
Would post smug anime gurl but my images do not get accepted in this image board



cronic love by Nakatani Miki always makes me think of YN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQRy3NKN4i8


Oh man, I have a treat for you then


File: 1549323943825.jpg (317.76 KB, 640x700, 1370355886179.jpg)


was on my playlist these days

kinda good i guess

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