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File: 1488571625911.png (28.77 KB, 986x702, wTF.PNG)


Has this ever happened to anyone else?


There's only one explanation: kikiyama is youtube


could be some kikyama poser or youtube added kikiyama to their database of copyrighted songs (lol)


But Yume Nikki is freeware, this makes no sense.


File: 1489450065786.jpg (253.99 KB, 722x481, hulkster.jpg)





I really like the music in YN, and have also been supremely inspired by avant garde minimalist and ambient music in the past.

Two albums which I highly recommend to anyone interested in what might be able to be described as "Dark Ambient"

Naked City's "Absinthe"
Toby Driver's "In the L..L..Library Loft"

As with YN compared to most other games, these albums require patience for immersion.

File: 1485410340661.jpg (8.44 KB, 225x225, ur2slow!.jpg)


I often see the common complaint that Yume Nikki is "so slow" but right when you get the bike it cuts down on like half the walking speed. To me it makes me feel like they didn't want to get to know the game because its boring or they don't like the concept or it makes them uncomfortable or whatever. Sort of like evangelion's "2deep4u" bull. Do you think that people would actually play it if your walking speed was increased or had a bike from the beginning or do you agree with me?
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Or maybe even the bike is too slow, some people like it, some people don't. The game is still enjoyable with that, YN has its pros and cons like any other game, you know you can delete your posts right?


File: 1485451598901.jpg (32.81 KB, 470x350, mc.jpg)

Just because you double the speed of your character, doesn't mean the game will be much faster if your game is already riddled with mazes and endless scrolling maps. Anyone who plays ym knows about the bike.

I really like Yume Nikki but I'd never enjoy it as much without a map.

I have ADD so I can understand how this game would be unappealing to anyone "impatient".


File: 1485470174512.jpg (32.88 KB, 500x500, 1485205899310.jpg)

What do you mean i can delete my posts? Do you think i should so it doesnt overflow the board?


>Anyone who plays ym knows about the bike.
Anyone who completes YN knows about the bike. I only found it on my second go at the game, and it was I believe the last effect I found in one of the door rooms. I had explored a lot of the game up to that point, and was somewhat frustrated to find out that I had missed such a helpful effect in my first pass of Graffiti World. Not that it was the game's fault, mind you. I'm not saying game should have put big signs telling me "hey, there's something important here," I just wished I had found it sooner is all.


I just found the bike on my first playthrough of the game, with a few worlds and many Effects left to go - when entering new worlds or areas for the first time I will not use it. Much like IRL, walking gives you time to spend more time focusing on your senses and surroundings, when with a bicycle, you have to be focused on what's in front of you and pretty much nothing else…

File: 1483278363647.png (112.74 KB, 261x258, Screenshot_1.png)


Is Yume Nikki supposed to be scary? Because I am getting heavy bouts of paranoia
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I dare to say it's neither, I don't even understand why people associate it with scary things at all. There are like a very few areas that are legit "unnerving" (at most), the rest are just weird or silly or even (very few) happy.


Because it's fashion, it's trendy to say you like a horror game.


I know. I've seen this before as well but it really isn't horror at all.
It's as much a horror as LCD Dream Emulator. Which obviously also is not a horror.


File: 1489148103195.gif (630.04 KB, 950x950, 1468911161859.gif)



In the same way that sensory isolation chambers are sometimes the most unnerving experiences that people have, I think the game is more of an interactive rorschach test for ourselves.

Not that it was necessarily intended that way, but maybe moreso that many people drawn to it conceptually can empathize at a deep level with the creator and his abstract way of expressing things. How would you describe imageboards to somebody - a place where everyone is no-one, on purpose?

File: 1486706626047.jpg (5.2 KB, 300x224, yume nikki start screen.jpg)


What do you think is the best music or "single loop" really? I honestly love the opening music for yume nikki. It captures that sense of mystery for me and is relaxing and gentle. I sort of wish there was more of the song to enjoy though.
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Flute room theme and Toriningen theme. The first time I heard the latter it freaked me the fuck out.


Dark Water and Dense Woods B are my top favorites. I also really like Mars (surface), Shield-Folk World, Mural World/Footprint Path, Number World, Kalimba, and Guillotine Room/Uboa.

Honestly most of the loops are pretty good, this game has some of the best short music I've ever heard.


I love every single track of the game. Yume nikki's soundtrack is one of the things that made me love the game so much. If I really had to chose, I'd go for the one that feels as one of the most iconic, the ending tune. It brings me chills each time I hear it.


File: 1489145711726.png (2.89 KB, 320x240, darkWorld.png)

I'm a big fan of Dark World.


File: 1488787117856.png (1.13 KB, 296x290, Buyobig.png)



Jk, on a more serious note, which effect was the hardest, or at least took you the longest, to find? Buyo Buyo wasn't really hard for me to find, it just took me forever to find it.
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File: 1488835192809.gif (1.76 MB, 400x206, nigga.gif)

>navigational skills


Oh, I get it. You must have used a tutorial.


It's not necessary, neither is skill, dude, it can be passed through brute force, if you just walk without paying attention to things you can pass the game, that's why it is a long game, and one about exploration.

For some things, there are no clues of what you have to do, it's pure brute force, and guessing at most, for example to trigger the ending.

Since skill is not required, using a guide or not changes nothing except the player missing the merit of passing it without one. Such honor.


If you walk by everything without even paying attention to the npcs, scenery, music or anything, why even bother playing the game? It's supposed to be an experience, not a chore.


Not saying it must be played like that, just saying it can be.

File: 1485045659499.gif (47.75 KB, 300x100, 🍀.gif)


Any experiences where you show people what Yume Nikki is all about?

I tried to show my friends the game, the only part they like about it was NASU. They said it was too slow and that uboachan was really underwhelming.
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my sisters friend saw me playing it and she tried to kill everything with the knife, and that was about it


>normie friend
>not enough bishies for her
what are you on about?


It's okay if you show them YN just pls dont show them ubuu


It's not a game that everyone will "get." I don't want to really call Yume Nikki something like an "ebin deep art game that only sophisticated people understand," but if you're the type of person that regularly consumes superficial media with colorful explosions and shit where the game holds your hand the whole way, you probably won't like it. I say that as someone who regularly enjoys colorful explosions and some games that hold your hand the whole way.

>and that uboachan was really underwhelming

Well yeah, if you know something is going to happen it sucks, but if you're really into the game and exploring and just happen upon it while you're in this really cutesy little area with comfy music, it'll make you shit yourself. It's just like the bathroom scene in Eternal Darkness. If you know even an inkling about it beforehand, it loses its impact.


File: 1488650279865.jpg (105.77 KB, 554x439, 5e216ccb72967fa7e7eb094987….jpg)

I have a friend I talk to sometimes. I showed him the game since I know he played a lot of old NES/SNES etc. games, but he never beat it himself. (I 'speedran' it for him just to show him the end.)

File: 1488225253512.png (65.11 KB, 856x422, IMG_0441.PNG)


Whenever I open a map in the game I'm working on, this happens. Not with Yume Nikki tho. I have windows 10 and RPG Maker 2003.


File: 1488225953971.jpg (313.1 KB, 1029x1373, main-dogs-eyebrows-image.jpg)

>Not with Yume Nikki tho
Then why did you post this in the Yume Nikki general board, you loaf bread?
We have /ig/ for this. Maybe someone can help you there.


File: 1488226077856.jpeg (211.86 KB, 1011x716, d0d8faa2d6e117518fb732cdf….jpeg)

Congratulations! You found the hidden error message! It means that you have to lurk more.


Moved to >>>/ig/623.

File: 1488057188739.jpg (102.61 KB, 520x377, OgAAANLMLShSMZrwyDwdTEcN4B….jpg)


Second time playing YN (the first was five years ago and I drop it for some reason) and now I understand all the fuss about. It's a really immersive game, but I'm thinking if it is needed to play until the end. I already understood that she is a Hikkikomori and suffered abuses in the past, what more can be added in the experience? Sadly, this is te bad point in these "art games": there's no real reason to keep playing. It's just a experience, like go to the expo and see paintings.


If you don't want to play until the end then don't, you're likely one of the fews that keep mado dreaming forever.


File: 1488113383124.jpg (120.45 KB, 900x1116, 1484797391837.jpg)

Have you finished it already? Do you already know the ending? If not then I don't really see a reason why you wouldn't want to keep playing it, unless you're bored with it of course.

File: 1486690237963.jpg (14.36 KB, 298x300, time.jpg)


What do you think the time span of yume nikki is? How much time does she spend awake and how much time does she spend asleep? Lets say that every time mado gets an egg, a night or so passes by. There are 25 eggs in YN so that means less than a month. There are also special events that happen that make her wake up or are significant, which all take up a night. So in total she would have only been a NEET a month. Also I'm assuming the time she spends awake is minimal besides recording her progress in the notebook and playing vidya or look at sky outside. Unless she did it all in one night not counting the special events.


Didn't the city bg change when you get out to the balcony? If it changes every time you wake up, then you may have a point on the 1 dream = 1 night thing. That doesn't assure you find an effect every night though.
And also, we don't know how long she's been in her room, the game could have started at day 0 just as much as it could be things happening after 2 years of that lifestyle, or just her last days before the ending.

I personally think it doesn't take that long. 1 month, 2 at most.


File: 1487211294944.jpg (182.78 KB, 620x635, 1930579d0c47aa4624dfd75419….jpg)

A question, or just thought, that I have always had about Mado is if she was in the room for quite long periods of time, days at least, then how was she not dehydrating/starving or having to use the bathroom? (Of course I like to pretend she does it when we leave, because then she is truly alone again…) But personally I believe that the time span is really based upon how many times you wake up in game and go through the day/night cycles.


I like the idea that it takes place over several weeks.
I'd feel kind of disappointed if the whole game was meant to take place all in one night.
>Of course I like to pretend she does it when we leave, because then she is truly alone again…
Yeah, that's what I think.
Maybe she lives with her parents (dropout, just graduated Japanese-equivalent of HS, vacation etc.), and just doesn't go out of her room during times in which she knows they'll cross paths. I.e. whenever the game is loaded.


File: 1487889801239.png (8.78 KB, 300x300, 8e2be48254740eda3a0252bdb1….png)

Nice theory, that is practically the same way I think of it too. I tend to think of her as a 15/16 year old dropout (if that is possible in Japan, I know it is here in Murica at least…) and that she lives with someone, but they either rarely check in on her due to buisseness or neglect. Of course there are probably reasons to why she killed herself, so to me the game ending in one night feels to short too.

File: 1469723041430.jpg (10.97 KB, 285x390, Uboa.jpg)


In three words, describe what you think Uboa would feel like to the touch.
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he's hairy by canon


>taking the manga as canon


Like a vacuum sucking you in.


Bags of sand


Squishy, Amorphous, and Unnerving.

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