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Uboachan's scanlation group Patchy Illusion Team has just released two new Yume Nikki Doujins: In the Shallows and Refrain. You can see all of our previous releases here.

File: 1515858011172.jpg (154.7 KB, 960x1200, tumblr_p1ax9rPINR1r5kws5o1….jpg)


Is YN still good? Was it ever?

All of this hoopla surrounding the steam release and the countdown and spin offs and what has got me thinking. Can anyone enjoy this game anymore? It was really enjoyable when we first played it, finding all the neat little hidden events, the discovery of Steve 'Leif' Kareha and Mars Junior, and many other little things, and the copious amounts of theories and theorizing that we went over and over.

But it's such an old game, and one that might not of aged really well in my opinion. It's so old, I feel like we've discussed everything about it. Absolutely everything that could be said has already been said and there's nothing more to say. Everything has been talked to death, even the smallest of details has been scrutinized and amounted to nothing in the end. As always, we're still left in the dark about the game's story. According to a dubious interview with Kikiyama there WAS no story. All it was was an experiment in RPG Maker and nothing more. Even if there's no proof that the game's author said this, I feel inclined to believe it at this point. Even if it does have some sort of hidden meaning, we've undoubtedly talked it over and over at some point in the past. Now the only reason we cling to it is because of nostalgia, to try and remember all the feelings it envoked when we first played it.

Will a new audience enjoy it? I'd say, probably not. Like I said, there's no more discussion. There's nothing new we can talk about. And all sorts of games have been released since then, which greatly surpass YN in terms of just about everything. Even it's own fangames are better, whether it's .flow and it's more complex story, or Yume 2kki and it's hugeness and beauty. We created them for our nostalgia as well, to, again, try and evoke those same feelings. This cannot be done by simply playing the game again. Once is the only time you get. Once you see everything, there's nothing else left.

Those nostalgic feelings are being preyed upon, as most games are doing nowadays, by Kikiyama or Kadokawa or whoever. To sell crappy merch for a 20 year old game. A game with no story. A tabula rasa. It's so fucking easy for them to bribe people with a keychain of their favorite 'character', who never talks nor does anything really, or a paid for explanation in the form of a shitty manga (and was that ever actually finished?), and an album of Vocaloid songs. This time will likely be no different. It's a publiciPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the game has an isolating atmosphere for a reason. i don't understand the spite filled fixation on other people's perceptions and opinions about it. is it that difficult to enjoy something?


Yeeesss The Path is good. Dear Esther is boring as hell. I'm thinking it's more a "show, don't tell" thing. Even going back to games the Myst and Labyrinth of Time, or heck even to ye olde text adventures… the thrill of exploration and discovery greatly surpasses that of simply being told a story.


>the game has an isolating atmosphere for a reason. i don't understand the spite filled fixation on other people's perceptions and opinions about it. is it that difficult to enjoy something?
This, Somehow the latest years have shown a cancerous trend of just using newly released games as just an excuse to shitpost and metatalk (devs, youtubers, etc). The game being the least important part, acting just as a theme hub for the shitposting. It's like social media and normies have engulfed anything and everything, turning it into a churning mass of replies between posters, ignoring the actual content discussed. I don't know why I even bother going to imageboards now. Interest went from everything to certain threads to niche threads to nothing. It's not even being burned out or "grown up from gaming", some games are interesting still, but I'm getting tired of the endless bickering fests and ironic trash


I think the whole reason is that social media has completely decimated quality posting on imageboards. Just 8 years ago there was still failed crusades against normalfags using memes, now people don't give a fuck anymore because the newfags won and it's just a lost cause. Social media is probably the biggest mistake humanity has made in recent history.


> Social media is probably the biggest mistake humanity has made in recent history.
This all the way and back again. I don't think that imageboards have totally gone to shit. That's a very pessimistic and mean-spirited way of looking at things.

File: 1516106442680.jpg (146.89 KB, 800x600, 58866632_p3_master1200.jpg)


So if by any small chance kikiyama is involved in this new project, this may be the last chance to share some new theories, and even if not, it's still a good idea.

I will go with a few of my thoughts, without the typical theories that bore me because they're too obvious.

What's in common between things like ufos, ancient ruins, stories about ghosts and creatures in the sewers and dark places, urban legends, in Japan also Yuki-onna etc? Yep, those tv programs that always use the things, Madotsuki could possibly like those and enjoy watching them.

Lucid dreams
I used to write "yume nikki" on the title of my diary of lucid dreams (where I wrote the experience, technical mistakes I made during them, and plans for next time - the usual in the best method I use, can describe it in /yume/ if anyone's interested) so that nobody figures out what the notebook is, and then I find out there's a game with the name. Fiction with dream/lucid dream theme is rare so I started it, and was actually surprised it shows some lucid dream mechanics well - for example the room in the lucid dream is the same with minor changes, or it reflects the past state of the room (in which case Madotsuki bought the console recently). And a lot of Effects are things one actually tries in a lucid dream - dividing consciousness into more thanone body, flying, influencing reality/weather, changing appearance and the list can go on, including poop hair - making realistic smells appear (the reality of the perception really impresses and shocks beginners in lucid dreming). And lucid dream doesn't always mean full control of the space around you - Madotsuki can simply not know how to do it, and thinking it should be stable like it is, and using effects may be a new "rule" she came up to actually make some changes possible. And of course you can only pinch your cheek to wake up if you actually know it's a dream.

UBOA with the perspective of lucid dreaming
When Madotsuki with not perfect control of lucid dream space wants to see a concrete person - Poniko, while not being calm and believing it's possible, narurally gets an unserponsive to anything person. And if Madotsuki came all the way to Poniko's room to find out the answer to "how will you react if I actually come to your room and turn off the light there?" - which suggests that Madotsuki likes Poniko but is afraid to see her reaction (no matter positive or negative, will she be sad, laugh at hePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1516106485754.gif (573.83 KB, 800x657, UroRAVE.gif)

Another thought
I read a series of 10 books, and therir themes were dream worlds, lucid dreams, deserts in America with tall and dry-looking plants with a mysterious vibe enough to see creatures from other world, weird portals, unexpected perspectives and complete silence. Also ancient ruins and pyramids of America with their melancholic mysteries, colorful pattarns to which Yume Nikki images were compared to (not always directly though, but on various book edition covers more than I expected), the books also talked about journeys from the dream world to other existing worlds by noticing and touching/following creatures (which can be disguised as objects too) that are somewhat different or seem misplaced in the normal dream scenery, and you can wake up normally from these worlds. Also these creatures from other worlds you can get to help you. And in some special state of consciousness you see all living creatures in the form of eggs (seeing pure energy instead of the material world), color of egg depends on what kind of creature it is. Too much coincidences! And finally, the books had a thing that was called "a jump into the unknown", where someone actually jumps from some cliff in a state of higher consciousness and during the fall joins the "left and right parts of the consciousness" and does some thing to end in some other place of this or some other world, don't remember much of that part of the books. So Madotsuki could have tried to do the same and failed, with her body ending up dead and jellyfish being her left and right sides of consciousness since you can control the jellyfish at the ending screen. So there is a tiny chance parts of Yume Nikki were inspired by the books.
But all of the above is of course just a wild guess and the books are most likely unrelated to Yume Nikki, but they're at least a very fun read with Yume Nikki vibes sometimes, reads like a philosophical adventure. The books writer is Carlos Castaneda. List of titles:
1. The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
2. A Separate Reality
3. Journey to Ixtlan
4. Tales of Power
5. The Second Ring of Power
6. The Eagle's Gift
7. The Fire From Within
8. The Power of Silence
9. The Art of Dreaming
10. The Active Side of Infinity
People often recommend SKIPPING THE FIRST 2 BOOKS and starting from the THIRD: Journey to Ixtlan, I agree with this.


You write like this guy.

File: 1431809436924.png (306.48 KB, 600x390, 5a45a85a6dd0f2cc1defb886c3….png)


Kikiyama deleted his website…
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File: 1433453334579.jpg (307.86 KB, 980x630, 1417638790282.jpg)

The dream never ends


Praise the lord


well damn!



File: 1514111043670.png (244.86 KB, 595x842, 1511991626621.png)


File: 1514327053110.jpg (213.47 KB, 1024x1024, 0-1472825471490.jpg)



I was wondering if anyone might have an idea where I can find information on exclusive YN goods which where originally bundled with CDs/Books/etc. as bonuses?

I found a postcard (image) and I also ordered a CD where a Poniko Card is attached; but I don't know anything about them.

Yumenikki.net was a rather good place to look some months ago (some sites where already down tho), but nearly the whole site is down now.
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Thanks Anonymous


I'm glad the fraud is over.


File: 1514898051855.jpg (113.61 KB, 1000x1000, 1513344671956.jpg)




Since Kikiyama has basically been silent for many years despite the popularity of Yume Nikki, it is very unlikely that this merch is being made with his permission.


File: 1514937740083.jpg (7.09 KB, 237x210, badtz_maru.jpg)

Yeah, I was already aware of that. To me it was refreshing regardless to see some news (albeit not from the direct source) about Yume Nikki.

File: 1512077283544-0.png (6.32 KB, 176x174, Mado's_Room.png)

File: 1512077283544-1.png (58.42 KB, 608x291, Poniko's_room.png)


Just noting that the furniture in Poniko's room is identical to Mado's dream room (Dream room has no famicom, sorry, couldn't take screenshots for some reason, had to use images from wiki, wiki only had the real world room, not dream room), except from one thing: Poniko's closet. Now, having a closet
is (obviously) significant, because of closet Madotsuki. Perhaps indicating that Poniko is also just as 'closeted' as Mado.
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No, I mean the fact that their rooms look so similar, yet are both so far apart and isolated from everything else. This, with the fact that Poniko's house is where you find Uboa when you turn off the lights, makes me wonder what it could mean.


Does everything need a meaning?


No. Everything in the game is isolated and their rooms aren't that similar. Kikiyama wanted to put a room there and he probably didn't feel like going out of his way to make the rooms look completely different, so there's a few similarities. Even if you are actually right, and the few things in common do mean something even though those similarities are very common place, there's literally no way of knowing for sure. It's a pointless exercise to look at every single little thing in the game and stretch all the way to moon and back to come up with some kind of convoluted connection between them.


I don't think it means anything. If you watch a lot of anime you'll notice how very similar the rooms are in different shows.


Did you notice too that each of their rooms have walls? Almost suggesting they're both "Walled" in or have "built walls around themselves?" Of course there are also doors, but doors open and close, much like mouths and eyes do, but Mado doesn't ever speak, nor does she open her eyes. Does that mean she never leaves her room?!

Yes this is a shitpost

File: 1511568945002.jpg (823.83 KB, 778x1010, yumenikki_sketch.jpg)


Hey there. I am an amateur cartoonist that makes cartoons and drawings and comic books and such, and I really love Yume Nikki. So, I decided I would make a comic about it! I've made a post about this before, so I might as well keep y'all updated. Here's some sketches of Madotsuki I'm working on. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know!(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING UNDERAGE)
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Why would sei want ubuu to be of interest to the law? Did you forget want we were arguing about? 8chan has clearly faced some consequences for it's lack of self-regulation. Most of the people who actually use it also don't care about this. There is no reason for sei to want ubuu to end up like 8chan or rule 34. There's clearly potential consequences, so it makes sense to enforce the rule.


File: 1512509727009.jpg (103.93 KB, 640x512, 1485780399937.jpg)

Pretty 4chan-ish rant for somebody on such an anti-4chan meme crusade, right up to the very ragequit. If he gets that worked up for a silly rule I don't want ro imagine how the family deals with the little kid.


File: 1512510122752.jpg (152 KB, 850x602, __original_drawn_by_windfe….jpg)

I'd bet fifty bucks that he's the guy who's been posting pictures of Pepe as of late.


ITT: FBI trying to bait hard


Thread Locked.
Take it to sugg

File: 1507752898015.jpg (173.03 KB, 1000x1000, 1425537146616.jpg)


any headcannons yn?

I think mado sleeps with shoes because she sleep walks and doesn't want to step on anything sharp

also maybe poniko has nyctophobia and shes the one turning the lights back on and uboa is a personification of that
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madotsuki was raped


I think it's pretty obvious that something bad happened in Madotsuki's life. There are so many scary events and little hints that can point to a number of things. There are themes of rape (FACE, Bloody Touching Monster), traffic accidents (Shitai-San, Monoko), and just a lot of other stuff that doesn't seem normal. Why does she never leave her room? What is with all the Aztec imagery, even on her carpet in her room in the real world? Maybe she has some kind of illness or she's insane, which could explain why she acts the way that she does, and why she has such vivid dreams (as well as why she seems to be comfortable with all of it!). Or, another thing I've considered, is maybe this game is supposed to have a deeper meaning? Think about it. There are so many odd and surreal things in Yume Nikki that kind of feel out of place sometimes. Takofuusen. Uboa. Mars-San. The Torinigen Party. Maybe KIKIYAMA isn't trying to tell us something about Madotsuki's world, but ours? Maybe the reason why all these things exist is because it all has a deeper meaning. Yume Nikki is such a complex game, there probably is some sort of meaning, whether it be addressing the characters in the story, or about real life, but… what is it?


Madotsuki raped herself.


Rape Madotsuki'd itself


File: 1511772479964.png (171.93 KB, 800x800, iloominaty.png)

Madotsuki is a test subject sent in by sRAM999, a clandestine group with various connections in inter-galaxy business. She was sent in to spy on humanity, but she betrayed her employer by falling in love with Poniko, a human child who actually didn't give a fuck about Madotsuki so it was onesided who Mado used to hang out with in elementary school. Hearing of the betrayal, her former employers sent out drugs to her brain via nanobots to immobilize her and capture her for information.
Yume Nikki is set in the stage where she got drugged, hiding out in an abandoned apartment, scared for her life. The only thing she can do is wait it out before she's semi-paralyzed. Her dreams reflect her alien background and her drugged mental state, with the Tori's being Madotsuki's former comrades. Masada is one of her former comrades and her dear mentor, killed out by sRAM999 (a genius anagram of Mars666) because they found he was raping humans he captured as test subjects, rendering them unpure for research. Uboa is Poniko's imminent capture and alien transformation/experimentation. Kyuu-kyuu represents the various fun things Madotsuki got into when she came into the human world due to her naivety (even though she had a Earth tourist guide), which she regrets heavily.
Her getting kil is basically a way to end her suffering and die a proud "human" being before she gets paralyzed, insane and tortured to death.

File: 1511636557026.jpg (4 KB, 324x324, 2017_02_01_01_50_16464773_….jpg)


where i can download Yume Nikki portable version (without installer)?
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compress it → doko.moe


I tried to compress it but the files contain weird and Japanese characters so I couldn't. But, here is the English version of 0.10 on Google Drive:



compressing it with 7zip should work


Okay, I used 7-zip to compress it this time.
English version:
Japanese version (I may or may not have altered it a little with RPG Maker, can't remember):


thank you.

can i play this game in window? -w in shortcut don't work.

File: 1501338998278.png (45.72 KB, 640x606, 30_591.png)


after thinking about a possible way to find the creator. i had a thought about just setting up a buy for the domain name of the official site and seeing whether or not they'd bite to sell it.
or maybe breaching the site to find its public ip or just upload some photo on the site to see if it gets removed.
Do you guys think the creator knows about the amount of fans?
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I would really like to know who KIKIYAMA really is… I guess we'll never know.


This is the most likely theory IMO. I would bet Kikiyama was the pseudonym of a musician, and YN was an experiment in game-making for them that they eventually left. Perhaps they even joined the game industry and no longer had time to work on it.


A musician who makes very short tracks on a project where ambiance is the main thing and silence fills as much space as noise doesn't necessarily ring a bell of logic in my opinion. More so considering he didn't work little on it, non-music wise. More than a side project or experiment it feels like some sort of game he aimed to complete someday.


Pseudonyms used to be quite common in the japanese game industry because companies used to expressly forbid developers from using real names in the credits: the fear was that acknowledging their work would make their developers more likely to be poached by competitors. This isn't related to kikiyama's decision to use a pseudonym because that practice was largely abandoned by the early 90s, and also because he didn't have a publisher to pressure him into it to begin with. Or, perhaps he did have a publisher who was just not aware of his work.

Hypothetically, he may have had financial reasons to keep a low profile: supposing YN were a passion project of an established game industry developer, their contract might include an exclusivity/non-compete clause granting the employer copyright of work even outside company time. I wouldn't want my personal creation to fall into the hands of a company that did nothing to create it, and certainly not to one that I've fallen out with or gotten fired from.


I find it more likely that using a handle is just a doujin thing.

File: 1509507693263.jpg (39.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


It's spooky-scary halloween once more, and I have a question for all you who still use this site.

Do you think that Yume Nikki is a horror game? and either way, I want to know what part of it really creeped you out, or at least unnerved you a bit.
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Yume Nikki is a horror game and every part of the gameplay is tense and horrifying.


I'd echo that it is at least extremely unnerving. I think that whether or not it's a horror game could be attributed to how much you relate with it. And even then, that still borders on just being psychological. Still, Uboa, the Toriningen, FACE, the Guillotine world, and a few others struck me as genuinely terrifying. If anything Yume Nikki is relatable, and that in itself is scary.


I think the question people should make is "Did you play YN before or after the rpgmaker 'horror' fade?", because I doubt you could think of YN as such if you've played it before misao, ib, the witch's house etc became popular.


Who would associate YN with such basic trash?


File: 1510081755464.jpg (186.54 KB, 576x800, 49282185_p0.jpg)

All the fags claiming this is a horror game. Believe it or not some people is that stupid and think YN is horror just because of that crap, reason as to why I think that question is more important.
I played Yume Nikki before any of that games became popular on the west/before knowing about them, and it never stroke me as horror or horror-ish or anything at all. It has very calm and isolated areas (sky garden, the cliff, flute room), one cheerful place here and there (pink sea for example), and some very odd and surreal events (mars, famicom world, takofuusen). In the whole game, only Face and Uboa stroke me as an element deliberately placed to cause fear, and even then it's still more in common with the whole "dream" theme than horror for the sake of horror. There are no eldritch monsters chasing you (the toriningen can be passive or aggressive, so it's more like it depends on whether or not they're mad at you), there are no supernatural forces trying to destroy you, scare you, hurt you. At most, it fits as a psychological game, but even then I'd have problems calling it "psychological horror" because it's not the main thing in the game.
You explore the psyche of a young girl who doesn't leave her room, that's all. The rest is pure speculation.

Now look at .flow for example. It did strike me more as a horror version of YN simply because there were actually some sort of scary monsters (literally, 怪物 "kaibutsu") chasing you, the whole silent hill ambiance, the blood, the edgy drawings and pikes everywhere, and the corruption appearing in Sabitsuki's real room (some sort of external force affecting her life). And let's not forget the endings, it wasn't just a ".flow" (whatever that is) thing like in Mado's case where everything happened inside her head. A real maid appears in the real world and cuts Sabi's legs. One could argue it's not the real world and she just lost it or whatever but it is presented in that way.
Even though the mechanics are literally the same, .flow is actually horror-ish while YN isn't.

Google ryona and join the fun wagon.

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