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Madotsuki’s Room Ver_2019_0108_12:26
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Posting here because /t/ is locked.

Someone on /t/ linked to a Wikipedia article about Japanese-Peruvians.


Here's a sleep-med-fueled theory. What if Mado is a Japanese-Peruvian who grew up in Peru, returned to Japan (maybe as a teen with her parents, giving her no choice), couldn't handle the culture shock, and became a shut-in? She still dreams of Peru, which is all she knew grewing up, even though she failed to fit in there despite wearing a native hairstyle. Her parents would have told her stories of Japan, and maybe of the internment camps in Peru during WWII, and it all would have gotten jumbled in her unconscious. Now a young adult with agoraphobia who can't adjust to living in a highly urbanized country with over 10 times the population density of where she grew up, she feels very hemmed in and trapped, and also culturally unmoored - thanks to her parents' genes she looks too Japanese to be fully welcome in Peru, but she's too influenced by growing up in Peru to feel at home in Japan. She goes back through her memories in her dreams, collecting things that have meaning to her, trying to find her identity. When there's nothing left to collect and nowhere else to go, she ends her life.

Possible connections:

Barracks settlement, bedroom in Number World - internment camps

FC Dungeon - Peruvian ruins visited on class field trips or with family

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Don't think that the culture shock could have such an influence on a young child as long as she hadn't any mental diseases.


That's why I said a teen or young adult, not a young child. I probably wasn't very clear, sorry. I was envisioning someone spending all/most of their childhood in one place and then being uprooted to a different, vastly more crowded place that they feel like they should fit into but don't. I thought of it because of my experience moving from a rural area to a city across the country to go to college. The crowdedness and sheer differentness of it messed with my head pretty bad even though it was the exact part of the country my parents were from, and I grew up hearing all about it so it shouldn't have been a surprise. But yeah I was already half nuts, so there's that. I guess we all kind of insert ourselves into our theories to some degree.


Also consider that as detailed on the Japanese-Peruvians Wikipedia entry, in the 1980s there was a large wave of Japanese-Peruvians migrating back to Japan due to economic crises in Peru and the economic boom in Japan - and the fact Madotsuki has a Famicom in her room, a console from around the same time


This is a very cool thread, I think it's possible Mado is a japanese girl living abroad or a foreigner living in japan

File: 1602775461368.bmp (73.05 KB, 288x256, yFCz–ÚŠo‚߃Aƒjƒ_003.bmp)


Hello everyone, I'm trying to modify some stuff in Yume Nikki with a pirated copy of RPG Maker 2k3 for a personal project I'm working on and would like to ask anyone who has experience with the game files of Yume Nikki or RPG Maker where exactly the contents of the Instructions or NASU menus are scored, thanks




Nasu images are all stored in Picture and prefixed with "【G1】" except for the instructions which are called "ファミゲー「なす」説明.xyz"

File: 1459632627811.jpg (196.47 KB, 600x872, fall.jpg)


how long has it been since you actually played.

why did you abandon her.
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mado doesn't leave her home and nobody knows why and then she goes to sleep and has the weirdest dreams, assuming she wasn't already dreaming before, then she sees lots of weird landscapes and characters but is unable or unwilling to communicate with them and vice-versa, all the while eerie repetitive music plays on the background, in the end she kills herself and nobody can tell for sure what her dreams mean or if they even have any meaning at all, it's a very pleasant experience, maybe i should talk mora bout it later


I played Yume Nikki yesterday night.


Honestly it's been a few years. I did play Moga's Instead;Ghost Suburb yesterday though. I've got a friend I visited a couple weeks ago who sometimes plays Yume Nikki on their CRT television, and I was thinking that would be fun for a next visit.


Probably over a year now. I'm always in the mood to play it, but I just try not to burn myself out from playing too much


If there's one fan game that's definitely gotten better as it has gone on, it's 2kki. Well, besides wataru's worlds now being gone.

File: 1601845367657.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, Image42.png)


Madotsuki is at the beaach, she is having so much fun!


File: 1601873979912.jpg (119.55 KB, 1199x1043, EgRry7CU0AAV7IF.jpg)

Comfy Mado, would go for a beach walk with
Have a Mado in return




File: 1599369133657.png (690.14 KB, 1125x1125, image0.png)


will there ever be another game like yume nikki?







probably never, at best we're getting a remake a few years from now

File: 1596654829071.png (807 B, 96x96, Flute.png)


(Version: 0.10) Here's how I got it: I deposited all effects in Nexus except for triangle kerchief, went to sky garden (where u enter Ghost World) and everything turned red), everything also began to shake, NPC's blocked the entrance of the Ghost World and then saw Uboa in the sky for 5 seconds, Madotsuki then woke up (sadly have no image footage because of how surprised I was)


If you're referring to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb4Z7rnEMAU then it's fanmade and nothing else.

File: 1593307546307.png (349.7 KB, 700x900, 32632635367.png)


/yn/ forgot her birthday once again…


happy bday mado

File: 1584265747763.png (791.65 KB, 1920x941, madotsukisweater.PNG)


This one by Fangamer looks the best but it's always sold out. Know where I can buy something that looks similar? Plenty of tees and long sleeves that have Madotsuki's sweater decal but lacks the pink/maroon color of the rest of the sweater.
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Just make your own


Any good tips? I know I can get a sweater in a similar color, but how do I do the window decal? That's the issue.
Maybe a patch I guess? Hmm…


File: 1584473723841.png (1.07 MB, 1898x950, Screenshot_2020-03-17 Patc….png)

From what I’ve heard from people that occasionally get custom stuff done to clothes, embroidery is the best option, costly but worth it. But there are other interesting fabric printing techniques if you don’t like the look of embroidery.

I can’t see this very well on your image, but the shirt you shared does seem to be embroidered.
You can get in touch with any physical or online store that prints shirts and order this design. If you chose a physical store, you can buy the shirt and give them to work on it. If online, they usually require you chose a model of the shirts they sell, and sometimes their colour choices suck, or you can only order in bulk. You can also just ask a seamstress to do it if you chose embroidery or an embroidered patch, but some may refuse.

You can get an embroidered patch online like on etsy and get it stitched on a shirt. Maybe you’ll have to ask for a custom made one. I wasn’t able to find any with the window design for sale right now. Or try to embroider it yourself as the window isn’t an extremely hard design to do.


Sounds good to me, makes me wonder does it have to be a sweater? Seems too thick and hot in my area. I wonder if it would work for say, a normal long sleeve shirt?


the sweater restocked a few days ago, you should be able to buy it now

File: 1592171235761.jpg (92.88 KB, 901x551, fsdsd.jpg)


what do now?


got past it, but now internal error crash upon loading the game


You need the RTP for RPGmaker2000 anon

File: 1490859226349.jpg (3.74 KB, 199x204, help im stuck and i cant g….jpg)


so /yn/, what makes you keep coming back here? Is the comfy banter, your dedication to the game, or because you're bored?
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Aside from YNDD being fanfiction.net material, it takes place after Yume Nikki, so Madotsuki could have aged between that period.


I come here when Im bored, but I also love looking at the pictures people post here. Seriously theres some good eye candy here


Same here. The game really left a strong impression on me back in the day and it's become one of those things I keep going back to. I just want to keep experiencing the feelings and to help others experience all things Yume Nikki too.


File: 1578268302844.jpg (8.27 KB, 218x281, kaz.jpg)

bored, /fg/, occasionally checkin if we're dead yet


I like yume nikki and this site is comf af for when i get bored of using 4chan

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