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Share your physical yume nikki goods.


i'm sad the new yume nikki project didn't introcude new merch and made them accessible for the western fans


All the stuff that was sold by the yume nikki project could easily be made at home. In fact it would probably be better because there's a sense of achievment rather than empty consumption. A while ago someone posted a uboa poster made from lots of seperate sheets of paper. I would make a thread for homemade Yume Nikki stuff if I thought anyone would use it.

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>its a fucking fan game wtf
This is now confirmed to be the new undertale.
Are they expecting me to pay for what essentially is a fan sequel? (even though they already exist! AND ARE FREE!!!

I'm sorry but I can't defend this. Its just shamelessly capitalizing on the fan-base at this point. wew to believe i wasted two weeks for this


I feel you man


this should be moved into /yndd/ but yeah i agree its pretty bullshit
I wonder if KADO's gonna bring down direct YNFG's like Yume Nikki Gensou and (what would have been) Dream vs Dream.
If YN:DD is just an edgier Yume Nikki in 3D than no way it has merit on it's own. It should bring something new.


>combines influences from (…) other recent indie juggernauts
Looks like it's time to jump off the balcony. See you next dream.


Nooo don't


Thread is duplicate of a thread on /yndd/

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What are your favorite Yume Nikki /yn/?


Somebody made this thread like yesterday.


a thread died for this

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Someone took a photo of a Yume Nikki poster for the upcoming Comic Market 93.
What the fuck is that?
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>the Steam version is 0.10a
To be fair, that "version" has existed since Playism first released their translation back on 2015.


>v0.10 will still be special.
Good post. I don't think anything can change the initial impact that discovering this game had on me. If anything, more fans and new discussion will only help me understand why I feel so personally connected to this god damn game.


An Anime kinda like Angel's Egg would be good.


File: 1516857384721.jpeg (6.29 KB, 234x215, download (9).jpeg)

madotsuki looks like the same as the one on the countdown website


File: 1516865233569.gif (3.57 KB, 320x240, Untitled3.gif)

hey ya'll i'm hungry for more content

File: 1515886939432.jpg (29.87 KB, 554x311, yndd.jpg)

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Hey, it's kinda strange there's no thread for the NEW YUME NIKKI GAME?! (or the Steam release of the original)

Here's a link to the countdown site for the new project:

I wonder if that's when the new game release? Or will we just get teased with another trailer or something? Also the name game is being published by Playism, cool! I hope the creator can make some money.

And here is the extended trailer for the new project! Crazy looking stuff, very excited. We're very lucky to get another game after so many years… hopefully this site can continue to live too.

I guess the new project is called "Yume Nikki: Dream Diary" which is obviously interesting because the subtitle is just the English title. I guess this could be in part to recognize the game's fan-base in English speaking countries, and makes it clear the new title will be marketed to us too.
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File: 1516861435907.png (332.83 KB, 815x675, mess.png)

So, which one is it?


File: 1516861450377.jpg (684.62 KB, 650x1118, kyuukyuukyuukyuu_by_zillyw….jpg)

I really enjoyed Kikiyama's seminal release
If you enjoyed Kikiyama's seminal release you got good taste
I loved playing around in Kikiyama's seminal release
I loved playing with Kikiyama's seminal release
I waited so long and hard for Kikiyama's seminal release
Kikiyama's seminal release was so refined and beautiful


File: 1516861464750.png (28.2 KB, 143x167, ClipboardImage.png)

tfw you cant play the new game bc your computer is a fuckin potato


omg I love kikiyimmys seminal release


Moved to >>>/yndd/1.

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Look, Kikiyama's website is a thing based on something physical.
Be it that someone is paying for it, or that it's hosted via someone's personal equipment, it is something that continually requires someone's attention/dedication.
Why in the world, would Kikiyama not have made (or simply not make, since time's not short) any changes to their active website?
They can say whatever they wish, the Steam developer(s), but we have no verification..
Their reply in the screenshot you've posted is literally at the credibility level of gossip, since they've just written what they have, without ANYONE verifying it(anyone who could verify it)..
It's the same as the supposed Kikiyama here, it's based on blind trust.
The copyright is all the new game has.
Kikiyama might have died a long time ago, or something.
That's just a crazy guess, but we don't know.



Check the "Some Details/Developer Info Tidbits" thread on /yndd/. We got an official confirmation that they're part of the project.

>Kikiyama is properly on board with the project, he worked as a designer on the project and personally signed off on everything he chose for them to move forward with on the project and contributed ideas and scrapped ideas for the original for things to be added to it. Everything has gone through and been approved by Kikiyama for this project.

>Apparently how Kikiyama got involved was not that extravagant. They used the public email on Kikiyama's site and got into contact with them. Kikiyama has received a LOT of emails over the years and is not very happy about it, they asked only for people to email them about project relevant stuff. Kikiyama will not be doing interviews or popping up online anytime soon though, they aren't getting involved with the public.


Yume Nikki -Dream Diary-
A [f]raud for fans


It is just what they say, because they can say it, because of "owning" the copyright now.


File: 1517023099770.png (118.82 KB, 225x227, 1488296737684.png)

>ITT: Uboachan gets trolled by a fake Kikiyama

File: 1516664015338.png (972 B, 225x225, images.png)


To us western fans it may seem strange to see YN returning after all this time.

But… was it really forgotten about in Japan?

As you may know, Yume Nikki is one of - if not the - most iconic RPG Maker Games ever created. And it lives on in fans' and artists' hearts. Fanworks have been created ever since. Not as many as there are those based on hyped shows and games, but quite a lot compared to other RPG Maker Games at least.

Speaking of other RPG Maker Games, there is quite a huge fanbase of them in Japan.
Events by and for fans and circles have been held; "Try&Re:save" in 2015 and "Try&Re:save2.0" in 2017; "Freedom Game" 1-7 with the first one in 2016. And a Yume Nikki-specific event called "Mars Picnic" in 2014. The only other game with an event dedicated to it solely is Ib with "Rose of Museum".

The dimensions of these events compared to Comiket and others are unknown to me, but there sure had to be quite a lot of people attending them so the organizers see it's safe to plan a next one.

Yume Nikki is definitely one of the best-known RPG Maker Games within Japan, along with Ib and Gokuto Jihen, and the newer games Satsuriku no Tenshi and Higyaku no Noel.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1515858011172.jpg (154.7 KB, 960x1200, tumblr_p1ax9rPINR1r5kws5o1….jpg)


Is YN still good? Was it ever?

All of this hoopla surrounding the steam release and the countdown and spin offs and what has got me thinking. Can anyone enjoy this game anymore? It was really enjoyable when we first played it, finding all the neat little hidden events, the discovery of Steve 'Leif' Kareha and Mars Junior, and many other little things, and the copious amounts of theories and theorizing that we went over and over.

But it's such an old game, and one that might not of aged really well in my opinion. It's so old, I feel like we've discussed everything about it. Absolutely everything that could be said has already been said and there's nothing more to say. Everything has been talked to death, even the smallest of details has been scrutinized and amounted to nothing in the end. As always, we're still left in the dark about the game's story. According to a dubious interview with Kikiyama there WAS no story. All it was was an experiment in RPG Maker and nothing more. Even if there's no proof that the game's author said this, I feel inclined to believe it at this point. Even if it does have some sort of hidden meaning, we've undoubtedly talked it over and over at some point in the past. Now the only reason we cling to it is because of nostalgia, to try and remember all the feelings it envoked when we first played it.

Will a new audience enjoy it? I'd say, probably not. Like I said, there's no more discussion. There's nothing new we can talk about. And all sorts of games have been released since then, which greatly surpass YN in terms of just about everything. Even it's own fangames are better, whether it's .flow and it's more complex story, or Yume 2kki and it's hugeness and beauty. We created them for our nostalgia as well, to, again, try and evoke those same feelings. This cannot be done by simply playing the game again. Once is the only time you get. Once you see everything, there's nothing else left.

Those nostalgic feelings are being preyed upon, as most games are doing nowadays, by Kikiyama or Kadokawa or whoever. To sell crappy merch for a 20 year old game. A game with no story. A tabula rasa. It's so fucking easy for them to bribe people with a keychain of their favorite 'character', who never talks nor does anything really, or a paid for explanation in the form of a shitty manga (and was that ever actually finished?), and an album of Vocaloid songs. This time will likely be no different. It's a publiciPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the game has an isolating atmosphere for a reason. i don't understand the spite filled fixation on other people's perceptions and opinions about it. is it that difficult to enjoy something?


Yeeesss The Path is good. Dear Esther is boring as hell. I'm thinking it's more a "show, don't tell" thing. Even going back to games the Myst and Labyrinth of Time, or heck even to ye olde text adventures… the thrill of exploration and discovery greatly surpasses that of simply being told a story.


>the game has an isolating atmosphere for a reason. i don't understand the spite filled fixation on other people's perceptions and opinions about it. is it that difficult to enjoy something?
This, Somehow the latest years have shown a cancerous trend of just using newly released games as just an excuse to shitpost and metatalk (devs, youtubers, etc). The game being the least important part, acting just as a theme hub for the shitposting. It's like social media and normies have engulfed anything and everything, turning it into a churning mass of replies between posters, ignoring the actual content discussed. I don't know why I even bother going to imageboards now. Interest went from everything to certain threads to niche threads to nothing. It's not even being burned out or "grown up from gaming", some games are interesting still, but I'm getting tired of the endless bickering fests and ironic trash


I think the whole reason is that social media has completely decimated quality posting on imageboards. Just 8 years ago there was still failed crusades against normalfags using memes, now people don't give a fuck anymore because the newfags won and it's just a lost cause. Social media is probably the biggest mistake humanity has made in recent history.


> Social media is probably the biggest mistake humanity has made in recent history.
This all the way and back again. I don't think that imageboards have totally gone to shit. That's a very pessimistic and mean-spirited way of looking at things.

File: 1516106442680.jpg (146.89 KB, 800x600, 58866632_p3_master1200.jpg)


So if by any small chance kikiyama is involved in this new project, this may be the last chance to share some new theories, and even if not, it's still a good idea.

I will go with a few of my thoughts, without the typical theories that bore me because they're too obvious.

What's in common between things like ufos, ancient ruins, stories about ghosts and creatures in the sewers and dark places, urban legends, in Japan also Yuki-onna etc? Yep, those tv programs that always use the things, Madotsuki could possibly like those and enjoy watching them.

Lucid dreams
I used to write "yume nikki" on the title of my diary of lucid dreams (where I wrote the experience, technical mistakes I made during them, and plans for next time - the usual in the best method I use, can describe it in /yume/ if anyone's interested) so that nobody figures out what the notebook is, and then I find out there's a game with the name. Fiction with dream/lucid dream theme is rare so I started it, and was actually surprised it shows some lucid dream mechanics well - for example the room in the lucid dream is the same with minor changes, or it reflects the past state of the room (in which case Madotsuki bought the console recently). And a lot of Effects are things one actually tries in a lucid dream - dividing consciousness into more thanone body, flying, influencing reality/weather, changing appearance and the list can go on, including poop hair - making realistic smells appear (the reality of the perception really impresses and shocks beginners in lucid dreming). And lucid dream doesn't always mean full control of the space around you - Madotsuki can simply not know how to do it, and thinking it should be stable like it is, and using effects may be a new "rule" she came up to actually make some changes possible. And of course you can only pinch your cheek to wake up if you actually know it's a dream.

UBOA with the perspective of lucid dreaming
When Madotsuki with not perfect control of lucid dream space wants to see a concrete person - Poniko, while not being calm and believing it's possible, narurally gets an unserponsive to anything person. And if Madotsuki came all the way to Poniko's room to find out the answer to "how will you react if I actually come to your room and turn off the light there?" - which suggests that Madotsuki likes Poniko but is afraid to see her reaction (no matter positive or negative, will she be sad, laugh at hePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1516106485754.gif (573.83 KB, 800x657, UroRAVE.gif)

Another thought
I read a series of 10 books, and therir themes were dream worlds, lucid dreams, deserts in America with tall and dry-looking plants with a mysterious vibe enough to see creatures from other world, weird portals, unexpected perspectives and complete silence. Also ancient ruins and pyramids of America with their melancholic mysteries, colorful pattarns to which Yume Nikki images were compared to (not always directly though, but on various book edition covers more than I expected), the books also talked about journeys from the dream world to other existing worlds by noticing and touching/following creatures (which can be disguised as objects too) that are somewhat different or seem misplaced in the normal dream scenery, and you can wake up normally from these worlds. Also these creatures from other worlds you can get to help you. And in some special state of consciousness you see all living creatures in the form of eggs (seeing pure energy instead of the material world), color of egg depends on what kind of creature it is. Too much coincidences! And finally, the books had a thing that was called "a jump into the unknown", where someone actually jumps from some cliff in a state of higher consciousness and during the fall joins the "left and right parts of the consciousness" and does some thing to end in some other place of this or some other world, don't remember much of that part of the books. So Madotsuki could have tried to do the same and failed, with her body ending up dead and jellyfish being her left and right sides of consciousness since you can control the jellyfish at the ending screen. So there is a tiny chance parts of Yume Nikki were inspired by the books.
But all of the above is of course just a wild guess and the books are most likely unrelated to Yume Nikki, but they're at least a very fun read with Yume Nikki vibes sometimes, reads like a philosophical adventure. The books writer is Carlos Castaneda. List of titles:
1. The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
2. A Separate Reality
3. Journey to Ixtlan
4. Tales of Power
5. The Second Ring of Power
6. The Eagle's Gift
7. The Fire From Within
8. The Power of Silence
9. The Art of Dreaming
10. The Active Side of Infinity
People often recommend SKIPPING THE FIRST 2 BOOKS and starting from the THIRD: Journey to Ixtlan, I agree with this.


You write like this guy.

File: 1431809436924.png (306.48 KB, 600x390, 5a45a85a6dd0f2cc1defb886c3….png)


Kikiyama deleted his website…
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File: 1433453334579.jpg (307.86 KB, 980x630, 1417638790282.jpg)

The dream never ends


Praise the lord


well damn!



File: 1514111043670.png (244.86 KB, 595x842, 1511991626621.png)


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