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File: 1484568141320-0.png (63.55 KB, 1170x863, Southern Lucia.png)

File: 1484568141320-1.gif (2.76 MB, 1047x772, Lucia - 2217 AD (Part 2 Tw….gif)


I found a new way to solve some puzzling, roundabout theories from all over the Yume Nikki universe by whipping up a map representing the southern half of Lucia after I done with the northern half. Since Northern Lucia is a bustling, urbanized half, I go with a southern, rural counterpart with least population density with familiar exotic climates only the most imaginative of dreamers can go there. The southern half is the more peaceful side of the planet than to the north with less monsters but also not too many inhabitants, making it a popular tourist attraction for new dreamers for testing their abilities and safe exploration. It is the only side of the planet with no cities, a bunch of small communities, and a few ghost towns.

Yep, my dream planet has its own White Desert, just seceded from the main continent to become its own country, but I have no name of what country they would call, so that spawns another obstacle. At least the Monochrome people are happy with their new given land from the matriarch of the same name from Rewrite series, because I accidentally chose the name of the planet after her, taking me back long before her series came out.

She is okay with the new short-term independence with their new kingdom, but once she gets the final word if the Lucians win against Chasers in the northern frontier, she will have to take it back by force, and that will spur a revolution. Further south, two new continents: Icira, bordering mainland Thycia to the north, and Ginera at the equator is the middle ground that is mostly desert with New Egypt and Pink Sea to the west. East of it, you end up in Red Sun Mountains with Drifting Sea to the east for a subtropical feel.

A new approach in getting to Pink Sea for anyone with a fear of teleportation is there is a subtle change in water temperature, color, and a change in the sky when sailing or flying over to make the planet look more alien-like down there than if you are living in the northern frontier. For the tropical-based protagonists, I added some islands around that might help.

If you are able to help further with more interpretations or dream experiences you have, feel free. This side of the planet is completely untranslated, because I did not yet have a chance to explore there myself.

Trivia: My planet just completed 85 orbits in exactly 17 Earth years to honor the release date of RPG Maker 2000.


File: 1484574302979.jpeg (106.38 KB, 469x600, 9187a03b34486429b5ccf2a88….jpeg)



File: 1484604457330.png (16.57 KB, 99x104, 246811408430268416.png)

So this… is the power… of autism… whoa.


Read the rules and guidelines. If you continue making duplicate threads you will be banned. You already have multiple threads discussing this concept here and on /yume/. All but the oldest thread have been locked.

File: 1484353042015.jpg (5.98 KB, 204x204, images.jpg)


How do we know that madotsuki herself isn't a dream?


File: 1484353859816.jpg (87.93 KB, 807x734, 052ac8f3862a4a6bfbc52086e1….jpg)

Does it matter?


File: 1484367441182.jpg (109.99 KB, 612x612, fnfHW.jpg)

File: 1483758930501.jpg (6.38 KB, 250x352, 250px-Uboa.jpg)


what is the significance of making ponito changing into uboa? Does uboa have any meaning or is it just another event that happens that the fans have decided to assign a lot meaning to even though it could have no meaning? Sort of like kyuukyuu-kun and masara? Because these npcs have no real personality, they are kind of just there.


Everything is "kind of just there" in Yume Nikki, that's the whole point of the game.

>Does uboa have any meaning or is it just another event that happens that the fans have decided to assign a lot meaning to even though it could have no meaning?

That's just human nature. If I show you two bags and I throw them into the water, you will naturally feel curious at why one sinks while the other floats. With time theories will appear, trying to explain the phenomena. It's the same with YN, if you see poniko turning into uboa when you turn the lights off, naturally you will think that whatever poniko did represent deliberatedly changed into something grimmer and with some deeper meaning. Does that mean that anything like that is there? No, yet that's the fun of the game. The moment you realize the magician never took the bunny out of his hat the spell is broken and there magic just fades away.


I feel like I'm in the minority in saying that Yume Nikki has no backstory or hidden plot whatsoever.
In my brief experience creating a Yume Nikki style game I understand that as you progress you tend to shoehorn in things that don't have to do with your original plan but you found would make a cool addition anyway.
So far as I see it, things like Madotsuki's suicide and Uboa are purely in the game shits and giggles. It's so easy to add extra events as you go so you think why not. A bit of a troll on Kikiyama's behalf.


I think anybody who has worked in any project can see this happening.

I also believe kikiyama did a lot of things just for shit and giggles, but I still consider it fun to try piecing things together, made my own theories and I have more or less an idea of what I believe is happening. I think it's one of the cores that brought this community so close in the past, to share what one thought.

File: 1483545179379.png (34.25 KB, 533x700, Sans titre.png)


Is there a way to decrypt the files in the yume nikki folder? I want to get ALL the sprites and backgrounds for something.


File: 1483549506380.jpg (82.33 KB, 434x432, LURKMORE.jpg)

File: 1483083068917.jpg (15.67 KB, 641x479, Yume1.jpg)


I want to make a yume nikki fan game in game maker do you guys know how i should start and what should be the first step in creating something new?
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If they start, I say two weeks.


While I think projects like these are best done as a one man team. I don't see much harm in trying.
Controversy can be frustrating but it's better than silence.


I'm not sure how a project can last that long before being disbanded but its better than nothing

I can open up a skype call if anyone wants
maybe a kik group?


Nah, just post regular updates to this thread as you make them.


File: 1482777710507.png (5.26 KB, 592x580, slk.png)


steve ”””””””leif””””””” kareha


File: 1483106206797.jpg (2.98 KB, 100x231, taheur.jpg)

seccom ''masada''' sensei

File: 1483011242228.png (20.71 KB, 819x460, com.png)


anyways forget about it , it is the crick on the neck but searching head bug doesnt bring up anything xd but pls tell me about the theory

File: 1478901478867.png (17.83 KB, 128x114, 230168914330386433.png)


This game is actually pretty broken…

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File: 1478974519898.png (10.62 KB, 400x400, a9add225a85665b4ebf249d1b6….png)

Well the site is pretty hidden, I am actually a relatively new fan of the game, I found it and fell in love with it about half a year ago maybe. But I found the site quickly due to me enjoying to browse old forums and imageboards, and now I this is my most frequented imageboard. I try to reply to posters as often as possible so that people realise that the site isn't completly ded and don't lose hope in it.


File: 1478978075989.jpg (42.56 KB, 704x406, uboachan_assholes.jpg)

>Well the site is pretty hidden
I thought we were relatively well known… seems like we were now…


What a glowing review!


We must maintain this websites' activity level at all costs.


But ubuu is the imageboard of peace!

File: 1471599229027.jpg (252.41 KB, 1141x1117, q12232.jpg)


Hello, every nikki fans. I've seen your discussion about otonikki long time ago.And this time we release a new yumenikki doujin cd called [Reverberation Of Dreams]


And I can send ems to other countries, you could pay me by paypal. But the shipping fee maybe a little high(15dollars first500g). In my opinion, you can buy multiple cds in a time.

Of course, otonikki is still in stock.
If you buy otonikki and new cd at the same time(or just two pieces new cd),I'll give you cd as present containg 7tracks about instrument and special version.

My mail is 121690547@qq.com. Thanks for your supports!




Oh,I'm not japanese.If you live in japan,you can buy through toranoana.


Sorry I've made some mistake.

The shipping fee to US is (17dollars first 500g and 6dollars additional 500g)
to UK is (21dollars+6dollars)

And our new cd costs 12dollars,otonikki 7dollars.



Thanks for the news.


File: 1482027784158-0.jpg (41.77 KB, 720x461, 20161218101938.jpg)

File: 1482027784158-1.jpg (38.2 KB, 720x440, 20161218101930.jpg)

File: 1482027784158-2.jpg (39.62 KB, 720x442, 20161218101926.jpg)

File: 1482027784158-3.jpg (30.92 KB, 720x479, 20161218101941.jpg)

Hi there! Now the omake cd another dream is out of stock, and otonikki is nearly sold out.
Well, thanks a lot!

File: 1481681407985.jpg (34.51 KB, 600x568, 7a52da7aff73d410e78d9fdc04….jpg)


Yume Nikki discord last thread was deleted due to bad link. https://discord.gg/2K9d2aZ


I don't mind there being a Yume Nikki specific Discord linked here as long as everyone knows that there's already an official Discord for Uboachan the site, linked from the navbar and sidebar.

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