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Recently finished Yume Nikki despite knowing about it for a long time.

I'd like to hear what other people thought about the game when they first played it, and when they first finished it.

For me, I thought it was immensely relatable. I spend almost all of my time escaping online or in games, then going to bed to hope I might have a fun dream, almost never leaving this small space. The ending was perfect, it was predictable but in a strange way it wasn't. I feel like in my own life I predict suicide as the likely outcome, but I still repress it, and I did the same in Yume Nikki. Even as Madotsuki stepped up, I didn't know where she was going until it was too late.

I'm sorry if this has been posted a million times before, but I'd still like to hear your first impressions of the game or about my reaction.


I started to play without knowing anything about what actually game was about.
At the end, it touched me too much. Some of these dreams are bringing bach to life my childhood's memories. You must know that, when you were sick whith hihg temperature or something.
My love to this game goes through the years.

Sorry, my english is terrible.


Is that your drawing OP? It's good. Polite sage for off topic, even though this is literally the top thread in recent so why.


It's not my drawing, I got it from 4chan so I couldn't point to who did it. I do draw though so I can appreciate that you like it too.


That's interesting. I never felt any particular moment as memorable, but more the entire concept as relatable. I wish I could just dream into a world as vivid as Yume Nikki's, though my own dreams aren't too bad.

Your english is fine btw.


Well, my first impression is not about the dreams, nor about how I relate to what's happening.

Yume Nikki was among my earliest games, and when I played it all I could think was "so games can be like that, too?!".

That was the first time I played something like that, and I couldn't believe that a game doesn't need pretty graphics, touching dialogues, interesting plot and a detailed world to be entertaining.

There is something about Yume Nikki that made me keep playing it. I was toying around, trying to make sense of what's going on, thinking up theories and looking up stuff online, and I genuinely had fun. I remember when I found someone's .doc with lots of the game's symbolism deciphered I was astonished at how much sense the game actually has. Thanks to Yume Nikki I don't judge games for their appearances and instead try to play them to see whether I'd like them or not. Thanks to it I've discovered my beloved Thief Gold and its amazing sequel, while everyone else I know laugh at its outdated graphics.

Sometimes I launch the game and just wander around, or try ro gather all the effects as fast as I can, or go specifically to trigger an event or two, just to relive that feeling when Yume Nikki "opened my eyes".


You raise a very good point there. I've had similar experiences with other good low budget indie games with bad graphics and small teams (or solo teams).
Yume Nikki was a tier above them all however in one dimension, considering how unique I found it to be.
It seemed really strange to me to find a game made so long ago, by 1 person, be so intensely engaging for reasons most games don't even began to develop.
Games are usually fun or the story is interesting, but rather than that Yume Nikki captured me mostly because I wanted to figure out what the hell was going on not just with the game but with what the kikiyama had to say and show.

It inspired me intensely for this reason, in that it was this creative and unique in ways I've never seen even with it being made 15 years ago.

If you do still have that .doc I'd like to see it please.


I first found out about Yume Nikki through the comment section on one of Peanut Butter Gamer's Youtube videos (it was about weird video games). I looked it up and watched part 1 of Loudman's LP of it and I was kind of incapable of grasping just what the fuck I was watching. So naturally I downloaded it and played all the way to the end. By then I was both horrified and amazed at the same time at what I just witnessed. Love it to this day. It's one of the most creative and engaging games ever made, worth playing if for no other reason than you'll never experience anything like it otherwise.

Ironically I later stopped watching Peanut Butter Gamer when he ranked Uboa lower than the fucking Mario 64 piano in a top 10 video about scary video game moments lol.


Unfortunately, I do not, and can't find it in the place I think I got it from. But it was in Russian, so I don't think you could do much with it.


Очень жаль. Мне бы тоже было интересно.


You'd be right in that assumption, thanks anyway.


I think I came in too late to find it a mind blowing revelation. Yume Nikki's had a massive affect on modern games, particularly indie games, so I'd come across most of the ideas in it before. That's not to say my first experience with it was underwhelming, it's value isn't just in ingenuity and it's still one of my favorite games.


i was shocked he mentioned uboa at all lol, thought it was sick but had stopped watching pbg at that point


I discover the game in 2011 and it was my first time playing a RPG Maker game.

First, some thoughts like "what is that image in background?" "why is the sound so unsettling?" "what is the story behind this?" came in my mind. I didn't see any reason to beat or enjoy the game, but then, moments later… i started to really enjoy and like everything of the game. The atmosphere, the idea, the design, the sound… it's like something that i never seen before, and it's so damn good. And when i arrive the final, i feel like a part of me had gone with Madotsuki. I became so immersive in the game and very addicted to anything related about.

Today i still enjoy and love the game. It's one of my very favorite games of all time, aside of major companies games like Chrono Trigger or Super Mario. I really love this game!


I fully played the game for the first time last week and it was a amazing, I remember playing the game for like 10 minutes many years ago and dropping it because I got bored, probably because the first room I entered was the graffiti room which is probably one of the worst rooms to start with because of how "aggressive" and "empty" it is, last week I saw the game on steam and decided to give it a chance again, I believe the first room I entered was the shield-folk room and once I stumbled upon that invisible maze and climbed up to the FC House world I immediately got sucked into the game, unlike the graffiti room the FC House's basement was super fun to explore and really comfy, getting my first effect (Oni) made me want to get all the others.

After finishing it almost fully blind (looked up how to find the last 3 effects I needed because I was getting frustrated) I can safely say this game is one of my favorites, finding KyuuKyuu-kun's room without any prior knowledge about it was great, figuring out you need to use the Yuki-Onna effect to stop the fire and enter the spaceship was great, many other small moments just make this game really enjoyable for me, I didn't really relate to it or anything but it was still a fun ride.

However I feel like playing the steam version was a mistake, since once I got into the spaceship I got stuck and had to look up the wiki for the first time, breaking my immersion, to find out what was wrong, turns out the steam version's spaceship bed doesn't make the screen slowly black out, which makes it almost impossible to visit mars without knowing it exists beforehand, which is a shame since both mars and the spaceship are one of my favorite areas in the game.


I loved it
I'm a loser neet too, i love the lack of dialogue I love the visual motifs, I love the designs I love it all


Even if the game technically didn't have a story it has really fucking strong themes
The hands and eyes and sexual imagery are gonna stay with me
Part of me think I am overthinking every little detail but the fact so many images and themes appear so often means that thought was obviously put into this
I got lost a lot which I was fine with and I diiiiiid use a guide for the last few effects
I didn't see the ending coming at all and it felt abrupt but tbh in a dialogueless game what else ia there to do
I hated hell
The headless pregant women freaked me the fuck out too
Also I hate to admit this but I neber found the white dessert on my first playthrough
I felt a constant sense of dead but never like fear
I played the game at 8pm to calm down after a bad day on a whim and I beat it in 4 hours and then stayed up till 5 thinking and thinking and talking to my sister about it
I really really hope she didn't die
As a massive loser who saw herself too much in her I really wsnt the both of us to get a happy ending


I've just finished it, have been reading stuff about it now.
I think I actually found this game from this website
I was in a similar position to >>8797, I hadn't played anything that is fun for the same reasons as this before.
Anyway, at first I was very confused. I was somehow aware that it wasn't gonna be a "normal" game, but it took me a little bit to figure out what the game is about and how it works.
But then it was very nice, walking and exploring stuff. Finding deeper worlds. And I mean, the stop-light effects, that's pure genius!
The only thing that bothered me a little was the often returning feeling that I didn't figure something out, but luckily I didn't get obsessed over it. I say "luckily" because often this feeling was mistaken because some things in this game "just exist", like vending machines. Not a bad thing, just unusual to me. Another example of my wrong assumptions was that I thought the floating figures in the jungle were a puzzle, like I had to combine them in a special way to get somewhere/something or something like that.
I think this is a significant weakness of games with clever combos like this one partially (for me at least). It's very very cool when you figure something out on your own (for me it was the witch effect for example), but the possibilities of such mechanics are endless, so it's almost impossible to find all such things, plus it generates wrong expectations. Like me thinking the flute (which I found early on) would play some role at some point. It didn't. That didn't stop me from playing it to several npc's in hopes of something up until I read about it on the wiki.
Now of course, my personal stupidity, limited game experience and unfounded expectations are a big culprit in this. Just keep in mind that this is my subjective experience with the game
Once I finished looking through all the nexus worlds I had probably around 16 if not a few more effects, and I didn't know where to begin looking for the remaining bunch. I ended up using the wiki.
If I had made a map of every area I went to and kept track of the world-connections I could've probably found out many more autonomously, but to me this is not too fun. Following wiki instructions wasn't too bad but it does make it less immersive.
Finally, the ending. My first reaction was to laugh. I'm sorry. After gathering 24 effects, them appearing in pseudo-ritualistic circles I thought something grandiose was gonna happen, like a merging between the real and dream world (dumb and possibly unfitting with the reserved/quiet nature of the game, I know). I didn't even notice the pedestal at first. I'm an idiot, I'm sorry..
Overall I liked the game. It showed me a completely new approach to videogames, to game art and offered about 8+ hours of genuine fun. Sometimes my mind is too messy to focus on some story or difficult gameplay, and a dreamy loopy walk-sim is all I need.


Please don't kill yourself op


Same here, op. It's like gravity.

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