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File: 1395163029201.jpg (40.91 KB, 353x438, Praesul Time.jpg)


seisatsu wtf
>no snow


File: 1395184347865.jpg (3.31 MB, 2736x3648, 9-bundled-up-shrek.jpg)

shrek snow

File: 1395143194795.jpg (131.65 KB, 500x483, tumblr_mubfnsZcSo1spejylo1….jpg)



even on ubuu, shrek is love, shrek is life :^)

File: 1394782906005.jpg (83.21 KB, 457x462, 136384622313.jpg)


aw yeah

File: 1394771675907.png (87.6 KB, 265x414, shrek.png)


>be 14
>new girl comes to school and introduces herself to class
>she sits down and I realize how gay I am for her
>follow her after class
>pretty sure she called me a dyke
>next day
>shopping with best friend
>hear something down an alley
>it's shrek
>we follow shrek in hope for layers, or possibly a whole onion
>find shrek, he says "What are you starin' at?"
>before I can speak new girl tells me to get away from shrek
>start tripping balls
>a magical ogre takes me to her apartment
>I wake up, she is there. So is my friend. So is Shrek.
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File: 1394782751859.jpg (65.81 KB, 354x361, 134952113216.jpg)

I'd tell you to kill yourself for entertaining the idea of choosing hate and death over Shrek for even a second, but you're already dead m8

File: 1393039014173.jpg (521.63 KB, 900x900, 1307319217211.jpg)


Give a physical and psychological description of your ideal mate. And if you could also make note of how important each element of your description is if you like.
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Probably. I don't really believe in ideal mates, and I think the idea of an ideal mate actually cheapens the diversity of positive traits that you can find in people, but I'm just going to describe what I've been looking for more or less years.

Someone I can relate to but still find interesting and unique in their own fashion, someone who's understanding of my occasional bitterness and seemingly cruel/silly sense of humor, someone whose view of the world and emotions I can understand and sympathize with, someone who likes me. Someone who isn't a total burnt-out hunk of shit or spacy fuck who I could experiment with drugs with would be nice.

Physically I tend toward wanting someone either about as tall or shorter than me and somewhat feminine, though I don't seem to deal well with most people of particularly "girly" temperament. It seems like most of the girls I've found really attractive have been boyish-looking, so I guess I just fall into preferring the middle variety. Also, a big butt would be nice, though not grossly big; just plush, y'know? And green eyes are nice. Oh, and people much fatter than me just tend to gross me out
Also, asian or white preferably (eh, maybe Indian).

And my idea of mate is kinda fucked anyway; I don't really feel that romantic love that people talk about, though I do tend to idealize and obsess over certain people; in my own way, I love those I care about, and there isn't too much of a distinction between friends and people who I've dated the one or two of people in that last category that have existed. Come to think of it, it's probably pretty fortunate I don't get along with my family for that reason. Or maybe that's partly the reason why my sense of affection is fucked. Huh.


File: 1393737800017.png (1.67 MB, 1043x1412, 39979770.png)

Man, in terms of physical attractiveness I don't know what I like. I guess long hair is a plus, glasses too. Height/weight don't matter too much.

Personality-wise I tend to get pulled in by people that are really honest, straight-forward and that are passionate about stuff, but are also playful and fun to be around. Basically, someone that will take control, lead me along and get me excited about the stuff they're excited about. I don't have a waifu but if I did it would be like Yui from K-On!, Shizune from Katawa Shoujo or Alpha from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, which all sort of fit that description. I'm too entrenched in the 2d world to know if people like that actually exist


File: 1394230696505.png (205.49 KB, 1600x1200, 1369184023664.png)

Rest assured, you are not alone. Everybody in this thread is vapid as can be with souls composed of concentrated depravity.


I wanna find a girl with mad brains and a bombastic attitude. A dude can work too but looks are more important with dudes in this case.


File: 1394488514405.jpg (214.46 KB, 894x894, firstblood.jpg)

>Disproportionate limbs
>sharp claws, long fingers
>huge sharp teeth
>long tongue
>Protective of me maybe, or caring or so
>Something that I can speak freely with and it won't judge me for anything
>humanoid in shape, but not having qualities of distinctly animal like a centaur or something, I'm not an animal-fucker
>tendrils or tentacles

Alternatively, if I had to stick with humans, uh…
Someone who is relatively on the colder side of things. Same kind of protectfullness or and someone I can speak freely with and won't judge me. Someone that can tolerate my insanity but still keep me here. Appearance of humans, uh… I see humans more as sensation and texture than a whole human. So… I like soft skin, soft hair… Uh… Yeah I'm not very good at this.

File: 1392945887503.gif (669.85 KB, 250x155, plastic oh shit.gif)


So straight up, I'm a 24 year old straight female who's in the military… and has admittedly been on one date in my entire life. Never been kissed, had crushes and either they moved away, or got rejected, and overall I'm pretty stupid when it comes to people my age. I'm not getting younger, and frankly I'm tired of my brother asking me why I don't have a boyfriend yet.

Couple problems;

1) I'm an American stationed in a foreign country.

2) I'm not interested in sex before marriage (partially due to family history)

3) I'm not necessarily shy, but I have a real bad habit of dicking things up when I'm around a guy I'm attracted to.

I've considered trying dating sites, and I don't think I'm going to have much luck with the locals due to being dark-skinned and said military status. On top of that I'm not too big on the bar scene.

So tell me Ubuu, do you have any advice for a romantically retarded sonuvabitch like me?


Oh jeez, this is interesting. I'm basically the same as you, only two years younger and been strongly considering joining the military for forming friendships/relationships/staying generally active and busy… How's the military been working out for you?

As for relationship advice, obviously I can't speak from experience. But IMHO the bar scene probably wouldn't work out for you anyway if you're not interested in pre-martial sex (they've always seemed like a hookup thing to me)

I think dating sites could be worth a try, though, you could be surprised; my cousin got married to someone she met through eharmony. They were into the whole "sex after marriage" thing as well, more for religious reasons, but whatever. Basically had to date through skype for several months before actually meeting, eventually got married, it's been going on 2 years now I believe. They seem pretty fitted for each other and get along real well. I admit I thought it wouldn't work out, but it seems it was the right choice for them.

>anyone not being into you for having dark skin

They were never worth it in the first place.


>>2618 The military for the most part has been really good to me, but it feels like it's been losing its balls in the amount of time I've been in (>6yrs). I could go into greater detail if you wanted to make a thread about in off topic. I'd be more than happy to help you!

I've been thinking about using eharmony for a little bit, but I hesitate because I don't know anyone who had success with it. I might give it a shot considering the position I'm in. And the whole pre-marital sex thing is also due to religion too, but I guess I didn't want to seem haughty…

>They were never worth it in the first place.

Very true. Which is the damned shame since the locals are really attractive to me. :c


re: military; actually it's helpful enough to hear you've been doing well and got to go overseas. Thanks! I still have quite a bit of time to decide, will remember you when I make up my mind, ha.

In any case, not haughty at all, dude. Based on what's been told to me you have to fill out a profile, and I'm sure stuff like that is included. Then you're matched up with some people and just have normal talks with them until you narrow it down or something, eventually move on to phone/skype calls, etc, it's a process. Or at least that's what they did. Anyway, there's the gist of what I know. If it helps any, when my cousin started she was going to college out of state, and I think she communicated with people who were in her home state. G'luck if you decide to pursue it.

>those damned attractive locals!

File: 1392916415500.png (12.14 KB, 800x480, spider8reath_by_baximum_wo….png)


Are you really lovey dovey in relationships or are you more platonic? Somewhere in between? Discuss.


what would you describe as lovey-dovey?

I've only been in 2 relationships [only one of them irl] and in both cases me and my SO were best friends, and cuddly at the same time.

I really admire them for what they are, I enjoy talking to them, and we do a lot of things together, discuss stuff, learn about stuff. Then there's also a lot of hugs, holding hands and things like that, but it's not what the relationship is built on - rather something I do because of how much I like them and how happy they make me. Seems like a natural reaction.


in my one and only relationship we were completely platonic in public (we barely held hands) and alone we were pretty touchy feely



First 3-6 months of a relationship? Pretty lovey dovey, touchy feely, new love is kinda… like that, I guess.

Anytime after that I revert to my natural state of being which is generally "don't touch me."


I'm married but my parents have long described as "an old couple". We'd been dating for 6 years before we got married so we're at 7 now (will be 8 this October).

We're not big into PDA (holding hands and laying on each other on the couch is about it before one of us farts anyway) and I'm really really not the touchy feeling kind of person. I'm more a hang out and maybe cuddle sort of person but give me my space and let me play my video games.

I more enjoy the "I have someone I can talk to when I need it" part of the relationship any anything physical that encompasses a typical relationship my sex drive in practically non-existent but personally that's not what it's about to me.

Sometimes we stay up all night talking about things and I think that's when I feel the closest to him. He's the one person who I'm this open with and he helps me talk about things I'm still struggling to express. Also he makes me food without him I'd probably starve.


oh yeah, people who kiss and grope each other in public are disgusting.

File: 1392858140896.png (194.2 KB, 403x403, NGE_Disappointments.png)


>Love and Relationships (/wild/ request)
>(/wild/ request)
>not /snow/

I'm disappointed.

File: 1392857394044.jpg (488.58 KB, 800x728, 1281762242993.jpg)


What do you love?
What makes you happy?
How do you feel you could spend the rest of your life; with who or what? Doing what?
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>>2589 I like the fact that the Greek language has at least four different words for 'love' for different relationships. If I remember off the top of my head (correct me if I'm wrong);

'eros' is purely sexual love, i.e. your typical fuck buddy. Usually referred to as the lowest kind of love

'philia' is love among friends and besties

'stroge' is love among the family and spouses

'agape' is unconditional love, i.e. someone you would take a bullet for

They can be mixed and matched depending on the dynamic or how close two persons are. But the fact that there is terms for 'I love you' that don't mean 'I want to fuck you' makes me feel a little better.


I feel like English could have a similar case with words such as "like", "affection", and "love", but "love", since it's commercialization, has conquered the rest, while leaving it little meaning on it's own.


File: 1393024782118.jpg (45.93 KB, 680x684, feel4.jpg)

I like greek words for it as well. Most old languages have many different words for positive feelings that are bunched up with "love", among other things. Much more depth, emotion and exclusivity, much harder to learn….Even so it's really cool.

As for commercialization, I don't really think that's really it. The language just got simplified; the same fate happened to many other words and expressions in english. It's more "cool" and simple to say "I love x" rather than actually comprehensively describe your interest or attraction in other words. Sometimes, people get offended unless they get the highest tier of appreciation [love instead of like] too. Shit sucks.


File: 1394306496138.jpg (51.55 KB, 300x300, 1391536110331.jpg)

to like
to love, love
feel affection for, affection
>usually platonic, usually in a downward direction e.g. parent to child, teacher to student
adore, adorement
>either direction
to dig
>casual, cool, often of concepts as well as people and objects ("I dig it!")
to treasure
>a more special sort of love, typically to one thing of it's kind, not something common, often tied to memory e.g. you don't treasure ice-cream, you treasure the parlor you had it in that one time. You can't treasure people (unless you're some kind of human-loving philanthropist), but you can treasure a person.
to cherish, cherishment
>basically adore but more for mature people, who "understand" and can "appreciate" what they cherish
to delight in, delight
>like with extra happy
be stuck on
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File: 1394490029727.png (343.11 KB, 375x500, morgan.png)

>What do you love?
Idunno. Whatever makes me feel safe and comforted I guess. It's hard to discern, since to some extent reality itself is filled with things that are hurtful to me, the few things that I can be content with I attach strong emotions to.
>What makes you happy?
See above.
>How do you feel you could spend the rest of your life; with who or what? Doing what?
I could spend the rest of my life with monsters, that would be great. I'd like to sleep, and write.

File: 1392568117850.jpg (130.69 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


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>>2532 Actually that's a great idea. A board specifically for romance and relationship advice. Or waifus if you're in to that.


that board sounds really terrible tbh, very fitting to uboachan


File: 1392626140606.gif (398.85 KB, 259x214, dean coffee.gif)

>>2534 Now that I think of it, you're right. At least not for Ubuu considering a good chuck of the regulars either are or aspiring to be hikkis or NEETs. Usually those types of topics do get brought up in the Off Topic board anyway when they do come up.

But perhaps for the sake of comedy…



I largely meant for people who have contracted "I love you Ubuu" syndrome.

I do really love this place though…


oh jesus please no, 1 thread on that topic a month is more than enough

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