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File: 1393039014173.jpg (521.63 KB, 900x900, 1307319217211.jpg)


Give a physical and psychological description of your ideal mate. And if you could also make note of how important each element of your description is if you like.


File: 1393093792803.gif (686.24 KB, 300x171, murdoc the fuck do i know.gif)

I'll kick it off then since everyone is shy. I tend to like men around my height since I fairly short. I tend to lean toward Caucasians, Asians, and Latinos for the most part, though that isn't exclusive. I'm a sucker for green eyes and blue eyes, but striking eyes in general are awesome.

I don't like thin and gangly guys, and actually I prefer chubbier men. And thick eyebrows. Yeah I know, but that shit's manly.

Not picky about hair color and I don't mind greys. Blonde to black hair is all good, though good personal hygiene is a must.

I can't really think of any more specifics off the top of my head at the moment.


File: 1393097393114.jpg (38.21 KB, 460x455, the world is pretty.jpg)

I haven't had "an ideal mate" since I was 12. I think having a checklist for people is a really silly thing to do. You're either attracted to them or you are not. There are too many people with too many good combinations of traits that wouldn't work alone or combined with others for it to be effective. It's all about the package.

I think asking "what puts you off" would be an easier thing to answer.


>>2597 I agree that there are more important factors than just physical attraction when searching for a mate. But if you plan to be sexual with them and you don't find them at least adequately attracted to them, there maybe some problems. I don't see a problem with people having attraction to certain physical traits or niches so long as that is not the ONLY thing they are looking for.

My tastes have definitely changed over the years and I'm definitely not as picky. But I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone I found unattractive, physically or emotionally. That's stupid and just asking for trouble.
((Correct me if I'm misinterpreting what your saying though.))

But it would be interesting if a thread were started about off puts and turn offs.


File: 1393100003905.jpg (129.88 KB, 665x990, tumblr_n0g22xKwg51qa1iiqo1….jpg)

I am asexually attracted to some people who exhibit some of the following characteristics:
>if female, not too feminine
>if male, not masculine at all
>(i.e. androgyny leaning towards the feminine)
>quiet, contemplative disposition
>long hair
>very styled or very unkempt and wild hair, if short
>well-dressed, in black or uncommon clothing
>sense of style
>mournful/rare/slight smile
>sense of humor, either a soft wit or a sharp >sarcasm
>slight or no makeup (I only see stuff like
lipstick, that black crap people put around their eyes, and nail polish - everything else is lost on me)
>the eyes must be doubly-striking, and work well combination with the eyebrows, brow shape, etc. to make up for the fact that I never look closely at them (I don't know anyone's eye color but my own)
>slight musculature at most
>small physical faults (conventionally attractive perfection is pretty off-putting)

An ideal "mate" would probably have a majority of the above traits. Most important would be their sense of humor and style. I guess I want someone I can look good and talk well with.


I'm not put-off by much other than a complete lack of hygiene and fatness.
I've seen plenty of conventionally ugly people who I thought were absolutely gorgeous, but fatness for some reason I just can not work with.


File: 1393100369917.jpg (155.32 KB, 701x1000, image.jpg)

i like fat guys. not like hambeast size where you cant see their neck but a big butt and muffin top is rad
i usually like guys that are darker skinned, too.
and i like my girls very tiny, skinny and cute.


What I was saying is, that having a really defined list of qualities a partner must have is beyond me. I kind of got used to the fact that people are very different, and attractiveness can manifest in many conventional as well as unusual ways.

Basically, I don't have a detailed and nitpicky list [like >>2740], and frankly think having one is unhealthy. Or at least I can't understand.

The only things that would really put me off sexually are fatness, dark skin tones and lack of hygiene. I could still love such a person in a platonic way but not physically.


I'm sorry for my bad grammar, I feel horrible today and my mind is floating somewhere else.


File: 1393109719280.jpg (382.57 KB, 700x845, 4a028ab94896e937fa49544ee9….jpg)

As far as physical features go I typically like girls there are about my height or shorter, with pale skin, long dark hair, and preferably with a curvy fleshy body.

Physical isn't quite as important as other things, although I did list those in the order of importance. The first prerequisite of course must be that she can accept Dormilia's existence and give her the respect of the human being. As far as psychological things go I'm a real sucker for girls that like violence, I can't resist it, it's my weakness. It would also need to be a girl that is capable of being kind, or even enjoying it, but is capable of cruelty and has a great appreciation for schadenfreude. I'd like a girl who is intelligent and has a good sense of humor but also sees the practicality in things and does not fall victim to hindsight.


>>2603 Hey it's no big deal. I can relate on having a bad day as well. But it could always be worse.


Well, I suppose answering that now would be biased as I am in love with someone right now, but I guess the only qualities I really must have are intelligence and tolerance. Absolutely no physical preferences [apart from the three things that put me off not being there] and no specific personality trait preferences.

I guess I do have a standard of some sort, but it's so broad that I just can't call it a "physical and psychological description of an ideal mate".


File: 1393124497245.jpg (63.8 KB, 500x723, tumblr_n0lzkszzwO1qzezj5o1….jpg)

It's a list of qualities that I like, not a list of what a person must have. (My best friend doesn't even have an eighth of them, for instance.)

My must-have list would be what I said here:
>Most important would be their sense of humor and style.

Is there really nothing you might especially like about a person?


If we ever make contact with an alien race and it turns out that they have no sense of humor I would have absolutely no regrets in seeing them wiped out or enslaved.


File: 1393128308851.jpg (34.37 KB, 475x384, tumblr_mo1k57VEbZ1rr1lz5o1….jpg)

Let's enslave them so we can spend our time telling jokes they will never comprehend.


I need a mighty warrior who will lead my armies for the glory of my Empire



File: 1393729654652.jpg (37.43 KB, 640x640, 1920260_810644505616439_12….jpg)

i'm 5'7 but i would love someone just a little taller than me. with a similar style / sense of fashion and makeup, and longish hair if possible. I really want that thing were you can put ur head underneath their neck and hug as an adorable couple <333 other things..

>can't be fat or gross

>not hairy
>cute face
>easy to talk to
>similar sense of fashion
>similar interests
>intricate personality (if you confuse me, I love you)
>able to laugh at self and me too
>kind, sweet, sensitive, but can also stand up for the people he loves
>has opinions, isn't afraid to share them but is open minded
>hot body, likes to cuddle, soft skin
>strong enough to lift me up and lay together
>gives me emotional support when i feel like giving up

my friend brenden (pic) is like that, so dreamy but we don't have that love connection. his personality is to die for but i can only think of him as a friend. still, some of my other guy friends are super cute too. like this one cute boy with long brown hair i see walking sometimes, he always looks like he's in a daze or thinking about something. i do love people who tend to care deeply about things rather than just brush them off, but if they have an especially weird reaction to something that just makes me interested even more!!


Probably. I don't really believe in ideal mates, and I think the idea of an ideal mate actually cheapens the diversity of positive traits that you can find in people, but I'm just going to describe what I've been looking for more or less years.

Someone I can relate to but still find interesting and unique in their own fashion, someone who's understanding of my occasional bitterness and seemingly cruel/silly sense of humor, someone whose view of the world and emotions I can understand and sympathize with, someone who likes me. Someone who isn't a total burnt-out hunk of shit or spacy fuck who I could experiment with drugs with would be nice.

Physically I tend toward wanting someone either about as tall or shorter than me and somewhat feminine, though I don't seem to deal well with most people of particularly "girly" temperament. It seems like most of the girls I've found really attractive have been boyish-looking, so I guess I just fall into preferring the middle variety. Also, a big butt would be nice, though not grossly big; just plush, y'know? And green eyes are nice. Oh, and people much fatter than me just tend to gross me out
Also, asian or white preferably (eh, maybe Indian).

And my idea of mate is kinda fucked anyway; I don't really feel that romantic love that people talk about, though I do tend to idealize and obsess over certain people; in my own way, I love those I care about, and there isn't too much of a distinction between friends and people who I've dated the one or two of people in that last category that have existed. Come to think of it, it's probably pretty fortunate I don't get along with my family for that reason. Or maybe that's partly the reason why my sense of affection is fucked. Huh.


File: 1393737800017.png (1.67 MB, 1043x1412, 39979770.png)

Man, in terms of physical attractiveness I don't know what I like. I guess long hair is a plus, glasses too. Height/weight don't matter too much.

Personality-wise I tend to get pulled in by people that are really honest, straight-forward and that are passionate about stuff, but are also playful and fun to be around. Basically, someone that will take control, lead me along and get me excited about the stuff they're excited about. I don't have a waifu but if I did it would be like Yui from K-On!, Shizune from Katawa Shoujo or Alpha from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, which all sort of fit that description. I'm too entrenched in the 2d world to know if people like that actually exist


File: 1394230696505.png (205.49 KB, 1600x1200, 1369184023664.png)

Rest assured, you are not alone. Everybody in this thread is vapid as can be with souls composed of concentrated depravity.


I wanna find a girl with mad brains and a bombastic attitude. A dude can work too but looks are more important with dudes in this case.


File: 1394488514405.jpg (214.46 KB, 894x894, firstblood.jpg)

>Disproportionate limbs
>sharp claws, long fingers
>huge sharp teeth
>long tongue
>Protective of me maybe, or caring or so
>Something that I can speak freely with and it won't judge me for anything
>humanoid in shape, but not having qualities of distinctly animal like a centaur or something, I'm not an animal-fucker
>tendrils or tentacles

Alternatively, if I had to stick with humans, uh…
Someone who is relatively on the colder side of things. Same kind of protectfullness or and someone I can speak freely with and won't judge me. Someone that can tolerate my insanity but still keep me here. Appearance of humans, uh… I see humans more as sensation and texture than a whole human. So… I like soft skin, soft hair… Uh… Yeah I'm not very good at this.

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