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So straight up, I'm a 24 year old straight female who's in the military… and has admittedly been on one date in my entire life. Never been kissed, had crushes and either they moved away, or got rejected, and overall I'm pretty stupid when it comes to people my age. I'm not getting younger, and frankly I'm tired of my brother asking me why I don't have a boyfriend yet.

Couple problems;

1) I'm an American stationed in a foreign country.

2) I'm not interested in sex before marriage (partially due to family history)

3) I'm not necessarily shy, but I have a real bad habit of dicking things up when I'm around a guy I'm attracted to.

I've considered trying dating sites, and I don't think I'm going to have much luck with the locals due to being dark-skinned and said military status. On top of that I'm not too big on the bar scene.

So tell me Ubuu, do you have any advice for a romantically retarded sonuvabitch like me?


Oh jeez, this is interesting. I'm basically the same as you, only two years younger and been strongly considering joining the military for forming friendships/relationships/staying generally active and busy… How's the military been working out for you?

As for relationship advice, obviously I can't speak from experience. But IMHO the bar scene probably wouldn't work out for you anyway if you're not interested in pre-martial sex (they've always seemed like a hookup thing to me)

I think dating sites could be worth a try, though, you could be surprised; my cousin got married to someone she met through eharmony. They were into the whole "sex after marriage" thing as well, more for religious reasons, but whatever. Basically had to date through skype for several months before actually meeting, eventually got married, it's been going on 2 years now I believe. They seem pretty fitted for each other and get along real well. I admit I thought it wouldn't work out, but it seems it was the right choice for them.

>anyone not being into you for having dark skin

They were never worth it in the first place.


>>2618 The military for the most part has been really good to me, but it feels like it's been losing its balls in the amount of time I've been in (>6yrs). I could go into greater detail if you wanted to make a thread about in off topic. I'd be more than happy to help you!

I've been thinking about using eharmony for a little bit, but I hesitate because I don't know anyone who had success with it. I might give it a shot considering the position I'm in. And the whole pre-marital sex thing is also due to religion too, but I guess I didn't want to seem haughty…

>They were never worth it in the first place.

Very true. Which is the damned shame since the locals are really attractive to me. :c


re: military; actually it's helpful enough to hear you've been doing well and got to go overseas. Thanks! I still have quite a bit of time to decide, will remember you when I make up my mind, ha.

In any case, not haughty at all, dude. Based on what's been told to me you have to fill out a profile, and I'm sure stuff like that is included. Then you're matched up with some people and just have normal talks with them until you narrow it down or something, eventually move on to phone/skype calls, etc, it's a process. Or at least that's what they did. Anyway, there's the gist of what I know. If it helps any, when my cousin started she was going to college out of state, and I think she communicated with people who were in her home state. G'luck if you decide to pursue it.

>those damned attractive locals!

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