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What MMOs would you recommend?


At the moment? Tera and Guild Wars 2.

I played the Tera beta….It's pretty fun. Game looks amazing, but when it comes to questing and stuff it adds nothing new. It's just "hey go do this, pick up this, etc etc."

The catch is, the combat is all action based. No RNG stuff where a rice roll decides whether you miss or not, and you have to manually aim all your abilities and attacks, and dodge out of the way in time. It's kind of like the Souls or Monster Hunter series.

Guild Wars 2 is really similar, emphasis on pvp and whatnot, and it's all action based. If it's going to be anything like the first Guild Wars, it's going to have classes and quests out the ass as the game gets older, so you'll be occupied for quite some time…Oh not to mention, it's not gonna have a subscription. :)

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Anyone playing Realm of the Mad God?

Wiki: http://forums.wildshadow.com/wiki/realm-mad-god
Price Check: http://forums.wildshadow.com/node/36820

The game:
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/200210/
Webpage: http://www.realmofthemadgod.com/

I'm at 13 Class quests atm, got every class free but Trickster, and for now roll a paladin.
I've got a couple of statpots and T7 - T9 stuff, but I didnt actually use any statpots on cahrs yet as im not sure what i actually want to max.


I tried playing the new version but it usually lags a ton for me. Any help with that?

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This game is amazing and I will grapple with anyone who says otherwise.
Though I gotta say it sucks that Webzen got the distribution rights to it. They're asshats.

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I'm not alone, am I? This game is fucking beautiful even on my piece of crap computer.


Oh man, I used to love this game.

The soundtrack is amazing, the art style is beautiful and I love the variety in characters (even being able to recruit NPCs in your team), and even though it has a built in AFK grind bot, the game is still grindy as fuck.

I don't think I ever got past level 63 or so…

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Despite Nexon North America being the shittiest gaming host to ever walk the face of the earth, Mabinogi's probably one of the best games I've ever played.

Thoughts? Comments? Serves and IGNs?
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Another thing about Mabinogi is that the fans are absolutely rabid. Even the ones that have "quit" (after having spent hundreds of dollars on extra content and insane amounts of gold just to play the damn game) come back to it later and talk about how "fun" it was.


Not to mention you stuck your neck out in a thread about it, its fair game. Not to mention you're anonymous, so why do you give a shit?


No, you're insulting me because I didn't like a game because the first quests it threw at me were so boring I quit.

Seriously, how is that not a valid argument? You're so full of shit.


Why so mad? Not my fault you didn't bother considering that the game might get better later. If I'm full of shit, you're so full of shit that its beginning to seep out of your ears and eye sockets, especially since you're getting so defensive about a post on the god damn internet that isn't even going to last because the wildcard theme changes every weak :V


*Week, bluh, where's the post editor when you need it? I'm going to bed and not bothering wasting any more time on some retard who thinks every MMO is the same.

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Gang Garrison 2 is technically an MMO. It's a little redundant since TF2 is free now, though.


Gang Garrison is not a free tf2, it plays completely different and is its own game.


I played it since the beginning, I know that. I say it's redundant because people often turned to that as a freeware alternative to the real game in the past.

Of course, since the devs have a problem with not being able to debloat the game people with weaker systems can't turn to it as a less resource-hungry alternative anymore.


File: 1331080352731.png (170.66 KB, 644x706, DOC SCRATCH IS MAAAAAAAD.png)

You all just want to see me come back. Don't you?


No; I wanted you to die, Mister Bond

File: 1330992010516.jpg (3.06 KB, 100x100, OH BOY HERE WE GO.jpg)


Inb4 a WoW thread.


Good job, asshat.


File: 1330998194668.jpg (68.21 KB, 368x250, 1324093520116.jpg)

File: 1330934829312.jpg (159.59 KB, 425x495, RO.jpg)


Ragnarok Online.
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File: 1330943637134.jpg (131.36 KB, 769x912, c101c9f3bd4acf59fd2150b276….jpg)

This is now a Ragnarok hentai thread. You're welcome.


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File: 1330967019751.jpg (479.32 KB, 1000x987, de8de9326e579a7dd2f602afa5….jpg)


File: 1330967078780.jpg (319.34 KB, 600x800, d121487ef16d5e2242630d5f7f….jpg)


RO2 is pretty cool if a bit more generic than 1.

File: 1330934712627.jpg (18.24 KB, 369x257, 369px-Breillat.jpg)


Anyone else play Wonderland Online?


I used to, but then I stopped.


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