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File: 1335320818052.jpg (84.39 KB, 800x512, 4458566042_63fd4be92b_o.jpg)


i love the path
does the path count?
it's sort of more anticipation-horror
kinda yumeesque


File: 1335321281633.jpg (15.46 KB, 400x300, johnpema.jpg)

What the heck is it?
I'm, like, creeped out already.


File: 1335324464182.jpg (587.36 KB, 1024x640, 3043480412_a9f561b876_b.jpg)

based loosely on little red riding hood. 6 sisters, each with their own "story", travel along a path to their grandmother's house surrounded by this bigass forest. either A, obviously you go in the forest. then you collect certain thoughts/items in your basket and confront your wolf.<br/><br/>it's graphically and atmospherically a very beautiful game if you can stand the tedium of wandering (given you're on a Yume Nikki board, you probably are well acquainted)<br/><br/>i think it was on that one of those top 100 horror game macros at some point, idk


Looks and sounds pretty interesting. I usually stick to console games (I mostly use PC for freeware), but I'll have to check it out sometime, if I get the chance.
Thanks for that.


The Path and everything else Tale of Tales makes needs far more love.<br/>They create truly unique experiences, and you should all definitely check it out since you like Yume Nikki.<br/>Big, open woods&hellip; lots of things to find&hellip; creepiness abounds&hellip; Sounds about right.

File: 1335317888229.jpg (27.42 KB, 284x407, sweet home t.jpg)


So what's YOUR favorite horror game?


File: 1335324506734.jpg (87.67 KB, 640x480, HNI_0078_MPO.JPG)

Ah, it's kind of hard to tell. I think I actually haven't played very many horror games (or I at least don't <em>have</em> many).<br/>Either that, or I just like them all.<br/><br/>I'll go with Silent Hill 3, since it's probably the best one I actually have (and not just a rental or something). Everyone loves Silent Hill, right? Plus, look at the badass package I got it in (I have no idea who had it before).


Fatal frame 1 and 2.<br/>Sweet home was fun though.


Amnesia and the SCP series.


File: 1335405324151.png (365.5 KB, 640x480, fmv955-30.png)

Surprisingly I don't think I've played many horror games. My favorite though is probably Parasite Eve. I have fond memories of it. Been playing it since I was a young-un and still love the shit outta it. I even wrote a book about it when I was in 3rd grade featuring one of the most adorable fictional creatures ever [see pic] (the book sucked I was a kid so give me a break)

File: 1335114829089.jpg (442.99 KB, 894x683, be12546771e0f1be3d8f7d2894….jpg)


Moooorniiing Reeescuuue
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It's a orange drink that tastes like orange juice and has certain nutrients to help you wake up in the morning. It's similar to the hangover protection drinks.


File: 1335272614725.jpg (154 KB, 1024x768, MorningLescue.jpg)

We are here, do not despair


File: 1335272910742.jpg (187.72 KB, 284x423, thirsty_man.jpg)

Thanks for the info, guys.

Guess I'll drink it if I see it…
Not that I expect to see it here.


This is more of a 4chan's /a/ thing than a Madoka thing, though.


Yes! Perfect!

Ah, didn't know, Uboachan is the only chan I go to ^^;;

File: 1334723673621.png (296.61 KB, 477x348, videogame-tv-adverts.png)


They are the best; although I feel that videogame commercials aren't as outlandish (i.e. very entertaining) as they were in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Anyways, talk about your most favorite, or most hated, videogame commercials here.
I find most of the commercials at this link by the way:

The best videogame ad of all time has got to be the "PlayStation 9" commercial (a commercial advertising for the PlayStation 2).
I mean, it's electronic spores tap strait into your adrenal gland!
I am always ready for 2078.

Seriously though, I always thought this commercial was pretty cool.
I also remember one of my friends at school telling me that they teleported one. (-_-)
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Hmm, I don't remember seeing that one, even though I got both Seasons and Ages when they first came out. It is a pretty neat commercial, though. But yeah, you should really get those two sometime, since they're probably on par with Link's Awakening.

One commercial I remember being pretty cool (and forgot to post before) is the Secret of Evermore commercial. Has a slightly dark atmosphere to it, just like the game.

Also, here're some more NES ones:






Man, that Secret of Evermore commercial is crazy; and they make it look so intense (which it may be, I wouldn't know). It's entertaining, that's for sure.

NES commercials, I wonder what it would've been like to see them when they first showed; something tells me I would've spent a ton of money, both on games and useless peripherals.



I mainly remember commercials for first party Nintendo games (especially Zelda and Mario 2 and 3) and really shitty third party games. And the many weird input devices the NES had, like the Power Glove.

Commercials were badass when I was a kid. They were also shorter and there were usually fewer of them, and they weren't louder than the show you were watching.

Fuck tv these days anyhow


The Nintendo commercials were always good to me…at least until the Wii came along; I mean, who wants to see people playing the games, right?! Could just be me though.


File: 1335274101390.jpg (73.37 KB, 640x348, the-legend-of-dragoon-is-p….jpg)

Commercial for The Legend of Dragoon (PlayStation)

Gotta love those commercials that try to make a videogame look like a movie. Legend of Dragoon is probably the first RPG I played; but, I sort of like this commercial, and also kind of don't. I watched it all the time on one of those old Official PlayStation Magazine demo discs though.

File: 1334586497862.jpg (158.19 KB, 800x600, 1330146651098.jpg)


… does anyone know where I can go to replace my old, worn out spatula?


File: 1334587066869.png (188.76 KB, 462x340, spatula city.png)

There's just one place to go for all of your spatula needs:

Spatula City!

A giant warehouse of spatulas for every occasion.

Thousands to choose from in every shape, size, and color.

And because we eliminate the middle man, we can sell all our spatulas factory direct to you.

Where do you go if you want to buy name brand spatulas at a fraction of retail cost?

Spatula City

And this weekend only, take advantage of our special liquidation sale. Buy nine spatulas, get the tenth one for just one penny!
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File: 1334603207014.jpg (70.63 KB, 500x500, 22550393.jpg)


File: 1334569696221.png (369.34 KB, 671x401, Screen shot 2012-04-16 at ….png)





Needs Puddi. That song is as catchy as it is annoying.


File: 1334354449000.png (194.07 KB, 472x338, things that scared us as c….PNG)


with great nostalgia, comes great fear

things that scared us as children thread because it CAN be nostalgic

and not particularly SCARE us, pic related. this asshole… thing… still makes me uncomfortable but im not as creeped out by it anymore

spill it uboachan i know you were probably afraid of something ridiculous when you were just a wee tyke
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Jehovah's Witnesses were/are kind of the same way


ughhhhhhh same. in my old neighborhood it was a legitimate concern though, there were a lot of weird strung-out people in the area and sometimes they would hop the fence and walk right past my window. people tried to break into our house at least once each year

fuck that place anyway


I used to hide somewhere when I did something wrong in educational games, because usually you get scolded by some monster or an angry man.


i used to hold my breath whenever i put a shirt or sweater on because i thought breathing in the shirt air was bad for you

my fear of shirt air has been conquered, but i still hold my breath when i put tops on


One time I ate an entire package of bacon from the fridge (it was turkey bacon so it was pre-cooked and fine to eat without cooking) but my mom didn't want me just eating it out of the fridge. So she told me that eating raw bacon would give me worms and the only way to get rid of them was to eat raw potatoes.

I believed her of course because I didn't want worms in my belly.
I never ate raw bacon again but I love raw potatoes now

Also I was always afraid things under my bed would get me. So I always went to bed with my Guinevere and the Jewel Riders dolls and unicorns.


Hmm… I dunno, most things didn't scare me that badly as a kid.
Oh, except video rental stores.
Because the fuckers never thought that maybe it was a good idea to put all of the horror movies into a section where the covers wouldn't be scaring the shit out of little kids.
Once, I actually complained to a video rental worker, and she just said that they had to atleast put all the brand new horror movies out in the new rental section. It never really occurred to me why they couldn't just make a new horror movie section. Like, if that didn't come out right, they DID have a horror movie section, but they also put all of the new horror movies that had just been released outside of that section.

File: 1334313612586.jpg (5.57 KB, 480x360, face.jpg)




Hi kids, it's me, face!


File: 1334352084353.jpg (32.46 KB, 500x526, fuckinwelp.jpg)



File: 1334363934583.png (142.17 KB, 640x480, FACE.png)


File: 1334258565718.png (109.04 KB, 256x307, MystCover.png)




I have never played any games from the series, and yet it's still nostalgic.

File: 1334159732614.jpg (190.87 KB, 650x370, HNI_0070_JPG.JPG)


Nostalgic Wrestling Thread (despite the subject title).

I look at my 2004 Great American Bash dvd, and I think that looks nostalgic; I mean, I'm already nostalgic over 2009.
Going further back: I loved that segment where DX "invaded" WCW to "get their people back".

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