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What do you love?
What makes you happy?
How do you feel you could spend the rest of your life; with who or what? Doing what?


It's been hard to figure that out as of late. I really don't have a lot of hope for the world and its future. But I'd like to get married eventually and head to the country. Away from the hustle bustle and all that. Maybe move overseas.



I'll hustle your bustle.


File: 1392889136167.jpg (234.98 KB, 1018x1500, 127907475546.jpg)

I wish the world "love" in english wasn't so overused/a blanket term for "like", "admire", etc, it takes away any significance that would otherwise be there. Either way.

I love nature, learning and large, quiet, empty spaces. I also love my grandmother, my cats, and my SO.

I also wish to move out of the city at some point. Even though it means entertainment will be more sparse and I will have to work harder to take care of the land I live on, I'm willing to make that trade.

The place I'm currently living in is going to shit. The population is growing increasingly old, therefore increasingly more gullible/out of touch with current happening. Emigration rates, as well as suicides, are sky high. I'm pretty sure someone higher up will fuck up pretty soon and we will no longer be part of EU as well. I probably won't have anything to do with it when it happens, as I have plans to move to a different place in a year or two. That makes me happy.

Having some sort of outlook, a "future" in general makes me happy. I didn't really have one until recently. Now I have hope that I might not end up dead when I'm in my early 20s after all.

I'd probably be the happiest spending the rest of my life in a small town, living with Neku and running a small pub or a coffee shop with him.


>>2589 I like the fact that the Greek language has at least four different words for 'love' for different relationships. If I remember off the top of my head (correct me if I'm wrong);

'eros' is purely sexual love, i.e. your typical fuck buddy. Usually referred to as the lowest kind of love

'philia' is love among friends and besties

'stroge' is love among the family and spouses

'agape' is unconditional love, i.e. someone you would take a bullet for

They can be mixed and matched depending on the dynamic or how close two persons are. But the fact that there is terms for 'I love you' that don't mean 'I want to fuck you' makes me feel a little better.


I feel like English could have a similar case with words such as "like", "affection", and "love", but "love", since it's commercialization, has conquered the rest, while leaving it little meaning on it's own.


File: 1393024782118.jpg (45.93 KB, 680x684, feel4.jpg)

I like greek words for it as well. Most old languages have many different words for positive feelings that are bunched up with "love", among other things. Much more depth, emotion and exclusivity, much harder to learn….Even so it's really cool.

As for commercialization, I don't really think that's really it. The language just got simplified; the same fate happened to many other words and expressions in english. It's more "cool" and simple to say "I love x" rather than actually comprehensively describe your interest or attraction in other words. Sometimes, people get offended unless they get the highest tier of appreciation [love instead of like] too. Shit sucks.


File: 1394306496138.jpg (51.55 KB, 300x300, 1391536110331.jpg)

to like
to love, love
feel affection for, affection
>usually platonic, usually in a downward direction e.g. parent to child, teacher to student
adore, adorement
>either direction
to dig
>casual, cool, often of concepts as well as people and objects ("I dig it!")
to treasure
>a more special sort of love, typically to one thing of it's kind, not something common, often tied to memory e.g. you don't treasure ice-cream, you treasure the parlor you had it in that one time. You can't treasure people (unless you're some kind of human-loving philanthropist), but you can treasure a person.
to cherish, cherishment
>basically adore but more for mature people, who "understand" and can "appreciate" what they cherish
to delight in, delight
>like with extra happy
be stuck on
>like/love with a bit of obsessiveness
be sweet on
>like/love with a bit of leniency, letting them have their way, being extra kind, etc.
be wild or crazy or nuts about/for
>like/love but less controlled, of course
to dote on, to dote, dotage
>like a super refined affection
to go for
>like like, but more short-term, more tentative, as if you'll try it
to crush on, to have a crush on, a crush
>terribly painful young love
be enamored of
>less like, more love
to feel fond for, to be fond of, fondness
>similar to adore
to be devoted to, devotion
>in a like/love sense, long-term, dedicated, serious
to be attracted to, attraction
>more physical, general sort of like
to have the hots for
>like lust, but not so deep
to be attached to, attachment
>needy like/love, in addition to any platonic meanings
to lust for/after, lust
>pretty much just sexual. I dunno about eros, but lust is also probably short-lived, e.g. it lasts up until the sexual encounter, and may not reappear after
to long for/after, longing
>love/like tinged with sadness; what one feels when the object of affection is not present

I love you.
I like you.
I adore you.
I'm crazy about you.
I want you. (rather than "I lust for you.", lol.)
I long for you.
I'm attracted to you.
I etc. you.

And there's more but I'm tired of typing.
There's more. We have MORE words for this shit.

When is Newspeak coming? We don't need the thesaurus, fucking nobody is using it anyways. Let's all like and love. English is too good for this world. Nobody wants to think they have the means to express themselves in it. When did it become fashionable to cry about other languages? This is fucking English we're talking about, take those words! We can accommodate! (You think accommodate is fucking native English??) Borrowing is your linguistic birthright!

>tfw I will never meet anyone IRL who takes language as seriously as I do


File: 1394490029727.png (343.11 KB, 375x500, morgan.png)

>What do you love?
Idunno. Whatever makes me feel safe and comforted I guess. It's hard to discern, since to some extent reality itself is filled with things that are hurtful to me, the few things that I can be content with I attach strong emotions to.
>What makes you happy?
See above.
>How do you feel you could spend the rest of your life; with who or what? Doing what?
I could spend the rest of my life with monsters, that would be great. I'd like to sleep, and write.

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