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File: 1412155772743.jpg (194.95 KB, 640x480, DSCN0724.JPG)


Anyone else into handmade / DIY / surreal / abstract toys? this is part of a project I'm working on, a repurposing of an old anatomical dummy I found in a friend's attic.


I don't think it's really ever occurred to anyone else to do this, but the idea of creating Frankenstein monsters out of old plastic seems interesting. Got any more specimens on hand?


When I was younger I used to make spaceships and stuff out of plastic scraps. I don't know where those got stored away though, so no pictures.

File: 1412016186155.jpg (508.4 KB, 1224x1632, WP_001710.jpg)


My current collection, as you can tell, I spend more money on figures than I do a decent camera.


File: 1412021867926.jpg (17.83 KB, 400x362, BRS-thumbs-up-approve.jpg)

Sweet figures dawg.


Could been a stellar collection, but you added SAO shit and oreiturd too.


hush you buttmad weeb


File: 1412034519975.jpg (57.42 KB, 520x359, 1340362616377.jpg)

Shit tastes detected.


>Buttmad Intensifies
round 3 fight

File: 1411299634708.jpg (22.99 KB, 500x334, 12.jpg)


Let's talk teddy bears.

Did anybody else have a security object – preferably something fluffy – that they carted around as a child? I had a plush doll with a tassle nightcap that I carried constantly. There was also a mutilated, eyeless, patchy rabbit made of soft cotton, and a fuzzy blanket embroidered with circus bears.

Does anybody still enjoy stuffed animals? I have a musical seahorse now that I cuddle when insomnia sets in. It just seems like there's something special about having a soft object near.
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When I was very little my great-grandmother made me a quilt sewn together out of many different pieces of fabric, when it was cold I would wear it around the house like a cloak or a robe and I'm pretty sure it was used in the construction of many many pillow fortresses. It's still large enough for a full size bed but there are many tiny holes in it now so I don't use it anymore.


File: 1412148060212.jpg (24.35 KB, 640x480, Picture 001.jpg)

This is Mousey.
I was given Mousey by someone from the fire department when I got stuck in a tree. I slept with him every night for most of my childhood, and used him to calm my fear of the dark.
I keep him under the bed with other things I don't know what to do with.


Do touhou plushies count cause that's the only one I got.
Also I remember a bear in a yellow-red stripe pajamas I used to love back when I was a kid. I think I already gave that bear away though.


I used to have a glow in the dark white bear that I called Polaris because his nose was gold, and in his early days, was as bright as a star to me.


File: 1413442137742.jpg (38.73 KB, 827x713, Picture 282.jpg)

Just went and dug this feller out of storage for this thread. I hadn't touched him in years. I remember never really imagining him as alive even when I was really little, and the one memory I have of playing with him back then is sort of a melancholy one where I was more pretending to play with him, wishing he was alive than actually playing with him. Still, the smell and texture of him is really nostalgic and is making me kind of happy.

I for the life of me can't remember what my name for him was.

File: 1410857478774.jpg (46.95 KB, 500x500, clawdeen.jpg)


Is it just me or is there something satisfying about collecting Dolls and figurines. I mean they're pretty useless, beyond modeling miniature clothes for pattern practice. Still I just have to have as many as I can get.
Porcelain, vinyl, cheap plastic, you name it, if i have more than three chances are i'm going to grab the complete set. Any one else like this?
pic related:werewolf is best doll


File: 1410859775128.png (160 KB, 244x292, ryuushika12-4.PNG)

I could never look at that style of doll for very long. There are some figures I do like though. Those buckets of little green soldiers are pretty cool.

>"This is my diary. If you want your life to last longer than it takes to read it, you wont."
Okay. O-kay.


i feel that way about bratz, thou my lack of money makes me unable to get anymore and when i moved the first time i didn't think i'd ever want them so i gave them away. i miss them ;_;

File: 1410831094288.jpg (1.38 MB, 1836x3264, IMG_20140915_212253_657.jpg)


Post em
I'll go first

I don't actually own any plushes or figurines but I do have this, I used to have one when I was little but that was ages ago and it's long gone, I bought this at a con I went to recently.
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File: 1413187071045.png (9.43 MB, 2322x4128, gokaichange.png)

Mobirate in use.


File: 1413187134372.jpg (2.92 MB, 4128x2322, 2014-05-29 23.28.40.jpg)

A collection of red


File: 1413187158387.jpg (3.01 MB, 4128x2322, 2014-05-29 20.21.23.jpg)

Yusei Fudo from Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds, deluxe limited edition figure from Toys-R-Us and Kamen Rider Ryuki soft vinyl figure.


File: 1413187219712.png (7.48 MB, 2322x4128, deeznuts.png)

deez nutz


File: 1413187317590.jpg (2.65 MB, 4128x2322, 2014-05-29 23.30.43.jpg)

inevitable ponies for those who might have spotted my faggotry in the background,

File: 1408587805066.gif (917.46 KB, 500x281, 207119-anime-paradise-spil….gif)


What is your favorite hot, or heated and then cooled, drink?

I've been hooked on chai tea / tea with milk for a year now, trying every variety I can.


File: 1408589344004.jpg (15.44 KB, 250x250, hot_cocoa.jpg)

Hot cocoa! I'm also a fan of sweetened coffees (particularly in non-cold months, whereas the cocoa is more of a fall/winter thing).


File: 1408591482541.gif (865.61 KB, 500x375, asdfgdjflkaj;kvna.gif)

Chai is great when I don't have coffee. I like hot cocoa the best as far as taste, but I need loads of caffeine to even just barely function, and coffee has the most out of anything (except for energy drinks, but those taste gross and cost more). If I drink enough, it actually has a mild mood-lifting effect on me. It's probably an unhealthy amount, but if I don't stay on it, I get really sad and don't want to do anything.

R.I.P. my cardiovascular health


welcome to addiction

I really like cappuccinos/macchiatos, and iced lattes. I prefer to add 1/2 tbsp vanilla syrup for the iced drinks. I have my own espresso machine and it is 1000000% worth it, I recommend the Saeco Poemia, it self tamps and has a steaming/frothing wand. It's also very easy to use and maintain.


My gf makes a fantastic chocolate chai. Also tea and cream made by my Pakistani roomate - it's basically cream with some tea sprinkled on top. Fantastic.


I like flavored coffee and tea. I really like pumpkin spice or cinnamon flavored coffee and chai tea.

As for cooled drinks I only drink iced tea or plain water. Sodas and energy drinks are something I always avoid.

File: 1408122559526.jpg (318.65 KB, 1500x1136, Field trip bento me.jpg)


So after I left college my eating habits have changed drastically. Or at least the way i think about them has. I used to do little cute bento because they were delicous and made all my friends jealous of my cooking skills. No it's mostly whatever is in the house and sweet.

I've been trying to get myself back into the healthy eating habit but it's been kind of hard. Any one else doing anything similar?


File: 1409100357162.jpg (851.27 KB, 3264x2448, DINNER.jpg)


today I actually had motivation to cook instead of just pretending to bring a half-assed thing to work for lunch and then giving in to fast food.

Combine http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2012/06/miso-glazed-skirt-steak-there-is.html with a ramyun thing and this is what I ate. Pretty healthy, low sodium, low sugar content, VEGETABLEZZZZZZZZZ

10/10 would recommend.


Also watch Chef John's videos. He is a God.

File: 1406233392883.jpg (90.89 KB, 500x375, dumplings.jpg)


What kind of cuisine do you like, ubuu? Can you cook it?

I eat a lot of chinese (living in a chinese family) and can cook it decently, but I really love thai food, even though the ingredients are hard to get.


I can't get enough of Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi. I want to like Slavic food because my family is Slavs and won't cook much else, but alas - it's gross.



1) Japanese
2) Italian
3) Thai
4) Australian
5) Southern US


1) Thai
I have semi-made learning how to cook Thai food a project. I've made curries and other dishes. They general seem to be in the 'looks kinda funky but still tastes good' boat, with quality slowly improving over time. I have the same 'ingredients are hard to get' issue on several of the dishes.

2) Italian
I cook myself pasta dishes regularly (though the pasta comes from boxes and isn't hand-made). I've made pizzas a couple of times, but I order those more often than I cook 'em.

3) Japanese (particularly sushi)
I've rolled my own sushi a couple times and tried making a teriyaki beef recipe once. Haven't done much on it, though.

4) Chinese / American-Chinese
Never tried cooking it.

5) Cajun
Never tried cooking it.
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When I lived at home and we ate food together (incredibly rare) we had a lot of different cuisines. Mediterranean, French, Italian, American, Thai, Chinese… Now I don't get as much but when I do It's amazing, and new that I haven't tried before. (Indian, Middle Eastern, African, Eastern European, Japanese(not sushi), Korean, Indian)
I'm very grateful to have such experiences with food, it really is enjoyable and a great introduction to learning about other places in the world.


1. Italian
I can cook Italian pasta, bread, and risotto dishes easily. An Italian-style continental breakfast is probably my favorite morning meal too.

2. Japanese
It's so colorful! And fishy! I love Japanese seafood, noodles, and grilled meat. I've tried my hand at yakitori-style skewers but the sauce came out sickeningly sweet. It was pretty good over the green onions, though.

3. Mediterranean
I can fry a mean falafel. Greek salads gross me out, though.

4. Eastern American

I come from a back-East American family with a seafood and comfort food legacy. Most delicious salmon cakes you'll ever eat.

File: 1406229549662.jpg (6.03 KB, 259x194, imagesXVIEAVOP.jpg)


Anyone else enjoys bakery? I bake both salted and sweets. Any favorite recipe?
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File: 1406273813894.png (430.84 KB, 384x354, Hamzoudrawing.PNG)

I enjoy eating baked stuff, but I can't be bothered to make it. I'm fortunate enough to have a sister who bakes things all the time and loves to share, so it works out. As far as favorite recipes, pretty much anything from this book is awesome:



File: 1406297294962.jpg (232.15 KB, 730x548, pretzel.JPG)

I wanna get into hardcore baking but I pretty much just use boxes of cake and cookie mix, betty crocker and all that jazz.


my life is croissants, scones, muffins, cookies, bread, and anything else carb-and-fruit-laden. holy shit, i love bread.

jams are good too on all of these things.


I've made melonpan before, turned out pretty great.


I'm pretty good at baking cakes. I can't remember the recipe but there was a depression era chocolate cake recipe with vinegar in it. Second best cake I'd ever had.

File: 1406111686920.gif (1.96 MB, 225x185, summoningasuccubus.gif)


How many of you actually bother to eat foods that require any significant amount of preparation? And to the lazy eaters like me, what are your favorite ultra-quick meals?

Personally, food's not really interesting to me. I just get bags of frozen shrimp, boil some, drain them, and dump in some spice. Whole process takes about 10 minutes, then I promptly return to my bedroom.
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I go through swings where food is amazing and an adventure to me, to something required to stay alive and I have almost no appetite for. Living by myself makes food prep really difficult, but oftentimes I don't have a choice (it's a lot cheaper to buy bulk and make cheap dinners than buy prepared food or frozen entrees, with the exception of RAMEN). On my days off is usually when I cook as much as I can for the week, from throwing meat in a marinade and in the oven to stir-frys and baked treats. Rice is a big part of my diet, and so are green beans and broccoli. They go with like, everything, and are decent sources of vitamins and fiber. I mix it up with other veggies like corn, carrots, spinach, etc.

ROFL, basically >>2841


oh, whatever I can find that's reduced for quick sale and under 10 dollars I get at the store. if it's like 11-15 dollars and really good ( just got some AWESOME marinated pork ribs today im so excited) I'll make an exception above 10$


I like baking which can take up a good chunk of time with more complicated recipes.

And I like good food in general, so I'll put effort into making good food.

The trick is to make freezer meals you can just pop into the oven for a while, like individual meat pies. You have to prep it, but then you get good food even when you're lazy.

When I am lazy though, I'll just cook some pasta or eggs or something like that.


My staple foods are the following:
Red onion
Spinach (fresh and prewashed)
Bean sprouts
precut salad
precut carrots
Various potted beans and lentils
Various soy products
Potted tomatoes in sauce
Potted corn kernels
White cheese
Pumpkin seeds
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I usually just slap Sabra hummus or cheese onto a pita pocket for lunch. I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle, so I rarely crave more than a fistful of food at a time, which leads to a bland and simple diet mostly composed of bread and a topping.

I have about four different varieties of bread on hand at the moment: sliced baguettes, Einstein Bros. bagels in several flavors (with their onion and chive shmear), pita pockets, tortillas, and sliced Wonderbread. I'm not a salami or cold cut person, so I usually just stack generic sliced cheese (swiss, provolone, cheddar, colby jack, etc.) or butter onto something and split. For breakfasts, snacks, and sweets I stick to greek yogurt and packaged wafer cookies.

Other than that, I actually put some effort into my dinner meals. A good spinach salad and garnished pasta usually takes thirty minutes to prepare, since I wash the hell out of the spinach first. Soup and bruschetta takes around fifteen minutes.

Scrambled eggs or quesadillas take no time at all.

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