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File: 1357679384065.jpg (561.82 KB, 4288x2848, royal.jpg)


Ticonderoga class missile cruiser is my waifu.
Look at her in her kawaii uss port royal outfit uguu


Too flat

Also I think it's a trap, pretty sure I see a cannon on the forward part of the deck

1/73 would not torpedo


be careful it may have a cannon

File: 1357581045457.jpg (2.64 MB, 2130x1415, Tewkesbury_Medieval_Festiv….jpg)


Guns're for pussies who cannot fire with bows or load a crossbow.
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This shit; re-checked. Not arrow; bolt. I coudln't remember it until I played Mount & Blade again.


Yes the crossbow doesn't need much training to use. But thats the beauty of it. To pull a 120 pound war bow takes years of training to built up the strength in your muscles and bones. Training these guys takes a ton of time and resources. The crossbow is like the sten.



Trying archery takes time - but once you're used to bows, is one of the best weapons you will ever find.
Crossbow is more like to aim and shoot - but reload it, fuck, you had to be a strongman and lucky in battle.

Everyone could shoot a crossbow, because is not really a challenge; but wasn't really a good weapon in battle.

Plus, as an anon said up, it was a weapon for weaks who coudln't shoot a bow.
Lionheart died after he was shot by a crossbowman - under hands of a little guy that barely has ate in that day and possibly couldn't shoot a bow because he hadn't the strenght to.

>In the early evening of 25 March 1199, Richard was walking around the castle perimeter without his chainmail <-(this was stupid), investigating the progress of sappers on the castle walls. Missiles were occasionally shot from the castle walls, but these were given little attention. One defender in particular amused the king greatly — a man standing on the walls, crossbow in one hand, the other clutching a frying pan which he had been using all day as a shield to beat off missiles. He deliberately aimed at the king, which the king applauded; however, another crossbowman then struck the king in the left shoulder near the neck.


Its not just 'takes time', it takes YEARS. For English longbows you'd have to start as a little boy and as you grew up you'd move on to bigger and high poundage bows. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_longbow#Use_and_performance

On the shipwreck of the Mary Rose it was easy to tell which skeletons belonged to the archers: they were the ones where the spines were bent and their arms and shoulders had bone spurs to deal with the force of the bow.



Man I know that all (but thanks for posting the info).
Yeah, a ENGLISH LONGBOW take years (one or to tow/five, more or less and if my memory didn't fuck up). Another kind of bow only takes months.

Now tell me, how you build your own gun with wood? How much takes it to be finished?

And if you say 'Nah, I buy one', well, same shit with bows.

File: 1357575358837.jpg (440.59 KB, 900x752, ferris_wheel_fun_times_by_….jpg)


My favorite weapon is pokemon.
They are such good weapons, they do whatever you tell them.


File: 1357575683223.gif (1.73 MB, 350x185, pwned.gif)

I choose you, gun!


even hawt things?


But they can die, and if so, that would be so goddamn sad.

File: 1357572773352.jpg (46.45 KB, 602x399, magyar_ak47.jpg)



>The AK-47 will always respond, dust or sand will never be a problem

>If you have friends that use the SKS, you can share the same ammo.
>Half of the price
>Magazines are cheaper
>uses a 7.62 mm, more powerful
>it can hold drum magazines, with up to 75 rounds

>the m16 is more accuarate? Google AK-74

the ak74 IS better weapon. even Eugene stoner, the creator of the m16 found the ak74 the best assault rifle


The M-16 is a plastic toy; the AK is ugly. I don't like either.


File: 1357679704679.jpg (14.7 KB, 300x226, bfg.jpg)


so large it doesn't even look like a gun

File: 1357254210404.gif (1.04 MB, 448x252, 4937ec8b02d574b945d82d78cb….gif)


2013 is horrible already and it barely even started


I don't want to do this year, let's skip it


time skip 2 2014@!!!


File: 1357411444339.jpg (325.52 KB, 1024x434, Valerian_FifthElement2.jpg)

better go to 2015 and see if there are flying cars as back to the future


File: 1357411819225.jpg (20.11 KB, 600x586, 2016.jpg)



File: 1357229433225.jpg (307.81 KB, 1600x1069, 1691cfbe[1].jpg)



File: 1357090062396.png (45.13 KB, 306x220, 1356938844864.png)


Any New Year's resolutions, dearest ubuu?
My resolution is to finally become meguca. I also want to learn how to cook like a Real Adult™ so I can eat healthier instead of just stealing Cup Noodles from my school and occasionally making scrambled eggs.
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File: 1357180269343.jpg (24.21 KB, 490x400, 1355601429412.jpg)


You still have us to rant and 'hang out' here on the magical and wonderful world of the Internet!


File: 1357188809473.png (12.91 KB, 126x126, 4biUV.png)

I believe in you, Seagull-kun


File: 1357189207448.jpg (217.29 KB, 460x450, 1354097745231.jpg)

thank you Che and Bogr, you're both adorable, enjoy a beautiful picture of Richard Stallman


File: 1357225137020.jpg (44.57 KB, 500x628, constanza.jpg)

>new year's resolutions


learn to draw

File: 1356468482050.gif (172.02 KB, 160x120, liru.gif)


So, what did everyone get for Christmas?
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I got two motherfuckin blankets, a bitchin poster, comfy-ass slippers, and a shitload of candy

and an awful keyboard that I can't type on


File: 1356799552702.jpg (117.81 KB, 500x731, I love my hat.jpg)

Some paper, paint, a bunch of chocolate and a warm fluffy hat with cat ears on it.


I so jelly ;v;

I want all your Mamis


you can't touch my mammaries


File: 1357084230406.jpg (44.76 KB, 254x238, giuliodaivan4-2-2.jpg)


File: 1356214436927.jpg (65.02 KB, 720x960, A30oDfNCYAAMO7c.jpg)


I'm not dead yet.

File: 1356196854500.gif (154.64 KB, 241x182, tumblr_ma436sBiuz1r8ru56o4….gif)


We did it guys we survied the whole end of the world!!!

Now lets wait till 2015 guys!!!

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