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File: 1328699938593.jpg (21.08 KB, 500x348, mochi-japanese-traditional….jpg)


So, yeah, name some of the worst foods you have tried ever. One of the worst deserts I've ever tried was daifuku/mochi. It was this disgusting, slimy, squishy ball full of red bean paste.
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File: 1328942524711.png (330.58 KB, 387x580, EUGH.png)

This…this cheap can of Bird's Nest drink. It cost less than a dollar, and, tragically, I found out why. I managed to erase the exact taste from my memory, but it had an awful chemical taste, and there were some small, round, hard and prickly things floating in the drink.

There was a period of time in which my mom cooked miso soup for us at least 2-3 times per week, and she always added too much paste. I could bear with drinking overly-strong miso soup, but then she started cooking in frozen scallops. I found it unpleasant. One night, though, we ran out of green onions to add to the soup, so she improvised with chives…it turned out to be a thick, green and salty goop. Nobody wanted to eat it.


A disappointing food was karaage. Honestly, I thought it was going to be super good, but it was really plain. Maybe the people who made it were bad at making it, but still.


Agreed, mochi is disgusting.


Finally, someone who agress :"D



File: 1328680028991.jpg (5.13 KB, 275x183, tomatoes.jpg)



I like this cooking show. Too bad it's the only episode.


I've seen her stuff before, so lovely. I love the one on eggs the most though



Oh yeah, I forgot about that one! It's pretty good as well.

Scratch what I said about the video in the OP being the only episode, then.


Cooking tomabos is a hassle.

File: 1328621399397.jpg (29.5 KB, 336x400, GlassShardCC.jpg)


Food you suddenly want to eat due to Yumi Nikki or one of its fangames

I want to make these so bad

I blame Doodle


Broken glass candy is pretty fun to make, I made it for halloween..
You can actually get splinters frmo it though, it hurts like hell..



There are some cool ornament cookies that include that glass-look as part of the cookie. I really want to make some for Christmas this year. This kinda stuff looks easy enough for a moron like me to accomplish.

I'd like to do some cool Yume Nikki and fangame food related things in the future. I almost did the Kyu-kyu treat in >>177 but because of time issues I ended up making a cake instead >>405

If I do make the cupcakes above I'll make sure they have blue frosting and red sprinkles xD


I can't think of any food that I want to eat because of Yume Nikki/fangames right now.
But, whenever I see a rusty pipe, I kind of feel like biting it. XD
.flow pipe cake needs to be made!


I keep seeing pictures of Tokuto-kun popsicles and I really want to make some badly.

File: 1328605149241.jpg (491.46 KB, 729x768, 1303189285489.jpg)


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Who said you have to mix them all together?

Boiled eggs make great ramen toppings, plus you can use them with the thing that looks like canned soup. Then, you can fry the vegetables on olive oil, and voila, you have a kind of low-cost lunch. (I have no idea what to do with the hot sauce, though.)


No one did, but that's what I visualized right away.


Me too. (-_-)

That's some practical thinking there, >>31

>what to do with the hot sauce
A prank. =3
Just kidding.
I'd say "eat it", but I'm pretty sure even people who do eat the hot sauce by itself would get a stomachache pretty quickly. Most people anyways.



I'd be more concerned about setting my ass ablaze after eating it.


this actually sounds very pic related

File: 1328589563884.jpg (1.28 MB, 1422x800, 4ebc1748c108f3168fb8eb4e89….jpg)


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Sour cream is not salty, it just has a slight sour taste to it.



It doesn't taste sour at all with all the other stuff in there! You can make cakes with sour cream as well, it makes them moist and rich. Plain yogurt also works but I think sour cream is better.

Plus then I have sour cream left over to mix with rice and beans.


Wow. I'll have to get someone who bakes to try using sour cream in somethings (cus I don't bake, unfortunately x_x).
I'll start with the banana cake, just to be safe. xD


brb gonna go freeze some bananas


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