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File: 1470598075099.jpg (34.96 KB, 736x552, 61b0c8494e06544f2b79f32dc0….jpg)


Yume Nikki is easily my favorite RPG Maker title of all time, I've decided to further my obsession by learning how to speed run it.

I've just achieved a new PB: 17:40.


This run was great, at least for my current skill level. Unfortunately the Darkness and The Wilderness costed me ridiculous amounts of time. I'll do better next run.

To those who are new to my runs, when I stop for a couple of seconds for no 'obvious' reason, it's because I'm taking a look at my notes. The video quality will also be improved for my next Speed Run recording.

My dream is to reach the top 9 in the leaderboards: http://www.speedrun.com/yumenikki#Any%25

As a Yume Nikki fan, I know it's painful to not get any new content to watch, so I thought it might be interesting for you guys here.
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Hey Sabiiii, could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Something that happens frequently during my runs is that Madotsuki randomly sits on the floor without me doing anything. It randomly happens while I'm moving.

My latest PB got heavily damaged for it:


An example of this can be seen at 7:24 in my run. Is there anything in particular that I'm doing that triggers this?


UPDATE: New PB! 14:42. My goal to reach a 14:XX PB has been achieved!



New PB! 13:14 with a few silly mistakes I've learned to avoid.

PB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4cmyGHVO38


I am inlove with the fact that you started speedrunning this game recently. I'm not sure who it was that said this, it mightve been in your video info but, In regard to your wanting more people in the community to speedrun this game. From my side, I have the whole route memorized and practiced, but I won't be speedrunning for two reasons. 1. at this moment in time I do not have the time to spend on speedrunning :( 2. I do not like racing to my death. In the original game I never reached the end but if I had reached the end I would not have jumped off you know what Otherwise, I wish you fun and luck in reaching your goals!


Hi there.. Glad to see people speedrunning.

That occurs as a side effect of the chair glitch. If you follow the route in the speedrun.com guides section for the game, it says how to "unglitch" out of this "glitched state" so that you never get stuck.

Happy running.

File: 1471480909922.png (2.6 MB, 1930x1811, Mall_Poster_4.png)



File: 1471497744211.png (279.25 KB, 1585x917, 657568.png)

I love benibame


EVERYBODY loves benibame

File: 1469873904085.png (1.47 KB, 170x85, Hat and Scarf hung up.PNG)


YO I found this in the files. Head and Scarf hung up somewhere? Was this unused?


Apparently, and it's not listed in the "Unused Contenct" page of the wiki. Nice find.


File: 1469905277487.png (16.22 KB, 480x256, ベランダ.png)

They have also failed to mention that Mado lives in a big city.


Well it *is* Japan. At least, I'd assume from other context clues. And it appears to be a room in some variety of high-rise apartment building. I like the reflection on the glass tho.


>mado landed in the middle of a busy street probably


File: 1470843603585.png (153.98 KB, 437x328, 1313021359524.png)


What is the longest time it has ever taken you to trigger the Uboa event?

Longest for OP is around 30 minutes.


I don't know about time but it took me like 40 tries.


Consider yourself lucky it's took me upwards of 200.

File: 1470555787710.jpg (65.62 KB, 528x792, 1468027483664.jpg)


Newfag (to YN) who just started the game and has zero idea of what the fuck is going on. I collected some vomiting neon ghosts and gained the ability to turn into an anthropomorphic frog, I deposited my frog transformation power into an egg in the hub and then found an umbrella which I can use to make it rain anywhere which is really comfy so I'm keeping it.

Is there any advice I should know or should I just keep wandering blindly


best part of this whole game spinning in the chair while a lullaby plays


File: 1470557352787.jpg (67.67 KB, 700x700, 1435982894473.jpg)



Wander aimlessly and interact with things that look unique or out of place. Eventually you will start finding effects and start getting a feel for the strange ways that all of the areas are connected together. It will take some time.

File: 1469928258398.jpg (266.26 KB, 1536x2048, 13652932_525603077641510_7….jpg)



Is uboa on the bleeding edge of a new layer of irony?


File: 1469929178659.jpg (106.42 KB, 900x500, c'mon bitch.jpg)



File: 1469930465343.gif (212.04 KB, 350x210, allisdaijobu.gif)

That's cute OP.

File: 1469603359480.jpg (93.96 KB, 800x625, joan_miro.jpg)


Artwork of Joan Miro. Looks familiar…

File: 1469548698773.png (60.61 KB, 847x503, meme_sabitsuki_y_madotsuki….png)


So I was thinking about making a video about why the Kikiyama interview is most likely fake. I already have a pretty good outline of what I am going to say but is there any good points I may have missed that would disprove it even more?


File: 1469555066274.jpg (101.03 KB, 960x524, psgbllsh.jpg)

It's the opposite. It would be hard to find any reasons to believe it.
Someone give me a reason of why this could be real.

>Anon posts interview with kikiyama with no sources

>belib pls
>Evron belibs

Just look at this, why on earth would anyone believe this could be real? http://archive.uboachan.net/yn/res/628.xhtml


File: 1469556365207.png (125.74 KB, 600x375, Partyvandesu_sm.png)

Literally, no japanese version anywhere. Why? This would be very juicy information for the nips, however they know jack shit about it. How come an interview with a japanese developer is only published in english, and the source isn't provided for the overseas fanbase?

Also, every time kiki replied a mail, he used pretty short sentences, with a really neutral tone. However in this interview, the writing is way too fluid and spontaneous, and it could hardly come from a real japanese text, unless the translator took such liberties it literally sounds like a natural english post (which is really hard to do without crippling some of the original meanings/sentences). Moreover, if he replied mails in such a "I am not writing more than necessary" way, then why did he reply to an interview? He showed he was a really reserved person, and yet he replied to this? Sounds like bullshit.


Kiki is dead and mado was raped plsdontban


File: 1463967927114.jpg (73.48 KB, 625x960, AGLFqav.jpg)


so has anyone figured out a way to decompile YN into a format we can open with RPGM2K3? what if there are absurdly well-hidden things that we still havent come across?
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File: 1465361173947.png (309.81 KB, 700x850, nomeanmiko.png)

Woah woah stop right there dear Anon! The S word is inappropriate language and it hurts new people's feelings!

Please don't make us look unfriendly!


uh guys this is my first post ever on this forum i am 12 and feel unsafe


File: 1469508622947.png (21.54 KB, 795x222, Sekaiju4.8_-_ゆめにっき.MID_201….png)

m8 those files have been checked five times over, there is nothing we don't know.

I even opened the one MIDI file from 2003 in a DAW to see if there was a name in the metadata. The song was copyrighted to a question mark. The fucker knew way back in 2003 we would try to find him out and even now he is laughing at us.


File: 1469508950716.jpg (23.32 KB, 289x292, 1462450690001.jpg)

good choice.


Fucking brits

File: 1469390142569.png (12.9 KB, 628x477, NASU HS.PNG)


How good are you all at NASU?


Did a 9k score once.


I don't mean to brag but I am super MLG at the NASUs. I get paid around 52$ an hour to play NASU. I'll try to be humble about this but I'm kinda a big deal.


I think my highscore was around 31 and then I started to ponder the meaning of life and stopped


Wow Anon that's deep. Nasu = Meaning of life

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