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File: 1485656513860.png (585.84 KB, 550x844, yume_nikki_end_by_shattere….png)


Hello, emm…
Hello, Emm…
Probably, I not the first who asks this question, but I after all will ask. Whether there is in a game a good ending? It would be desirable to see that… If is, please, give aiming as to undergo it! Very much< please.


File: 1485656831154.jpg (239.26 KB, 1600x1315, 70bd2ab40a59dd8294fbece00b….jpg)

There is no good ending.
Go home.


>Implying the ending is not a good ending.


There's a mod out there with a, "good", ending. I think you mean happy ending. Happy endings are 4 fags.


you collect all effects and then uninstall the game

the end


File: 1485711298917.jpg (79.52 KB, 1000x667, Madotsuki.full.264297.jpg)

>uninstalling it
Why would you ever do that to her?


Yeah. There's a good ending.
It's the one where you fucking die


There's no good ending or bad ending because there's no story, so there's no context to say whether the ending is "good" or "bad". It's just the ending.


File: 1527574428760.png (551.29 KB, 640x480, 15335754_p0.png)

good ending weren't meant for angels in the mortal plane like mado, lest of all us.


Nope, only the one ending. there is a mod that adds a good ending tho. i wasnt too depressed at the ending, because I've already beaten Mother 3


I once found 2 alternate endings but they were fanmade, you should find them if you search on youtube.


the normal ending is good enough


Cmon, stop being such normies, people. YN is not some kind of visual novel with an """epic""" story and """"relatable"""" characters, it is what it is, and its ending flows naturally from the game itself.

Stop trying to force the game to conform to your narrow-minded expectations, there's more than enough of that already.


everyone knows mado was raped by masada sensei anon


Is this bait? Literally everyone in the thread agrees that the ending is good, except OP (if you ignore the context of the question and pretend "good ending" means a good way to end the story), who is clearly new.


Maybe I just suck at reading, sorry.


File: 1550975979546.png (Spoiler Image, 2.22 KB, 640x480, End_Screen.png)

Imagine ignoring the lack of a body in the blood splatter, which is itself surrounded by dream creatures, because you want to be a sad sack and wallow in the misery of death.


So that's Mado's period blood?


It could just be the last remnant of her in the dream world as she wakes up, like how dreams linger faintly in your memory and then fade away.

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