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How many of you actually bother to eat foods that require any significant amount of preparation? And to the lazy eaters like me, what are your favorite ultra-quick meals?

Personally, food's not really interesting to me. I just get bags of frozen shrimp, boil some, drain them, and dump in some spice. Whole process takes about 10 minutes, then I promptly return to my bedroom.


>what are your favorite ultra-quick meals?
Scrambled eggs and toasts with ham and cheese. That's seriously all I cook. I don't hate cooking, the end results are usually really tasty, but I cannot be arsed to learn it. I'd rather grab some fruits or eat out.


Pasta w/ vegetables are pretty simple to make, I also like making egg-based things like omelets or quiche. I don't eat meat so that really simplifies what I cook for myself, but it wouldn't be too difficult to add meat to what I usually make.

Here's s few recipes I have bookmarked:





I'm most certainly a lazy eater. My staple foods comprise smooth peanut butter and grape jam sandwiches, lunch meat sandwiches (usually turkey, pepperoni, and bologna from the deli), eggs (scrambled, fried, and boiled), ramen (with egg, of course), and various prepackaged snacks including Pocky on occasion. I also boiled potatoes once, but cutting them up properly took a little bit.

Once in a while, I'll bake some cheesecake. It turns out pretty damn delicious, if I may say so.


Once in a while. Usually I don't make anything more complicated than a sandwich, but sometimes I make biscuits from scratch, or a grilled panini. My roommates usually cook more complicated dinners, like curry rice or pasta or stew. We're having marinated steak tonight.


File: 1406228160162.jpg (22.94 KB, 425x282, margarine.jpg)

anything + margarine + pan + 10~15 min. + med. heat = yes


I often make chinese dumplings from scratch, which requires hours of preparation. What I call "ultra quick" would probably be soups like hot and sour soup or miso soup.


File: 1406234716232.jpg (2.62 MB, 4128x2322, 2014-07-24 13.35.15.jpg)

> We're having marinated steak tonight.
Pic related
Covered it with spices, tossed it in bag, added some marinade that sei bought, added honey, let sit for a good day or so.
Probably going to cook it on the stove, and make a rum/mushroom sauce to go with it.



Looks yummy. Care to explain the base for the shroom sauce?


Sear steak until done, add butter and melt, add flour, rum, shrooms, stir until thickend, if too thick add a little water.
That's about it.



Which shrooms do you use? wanna try replicating.


I go through swings where food is amazing and an adventure to me, to something required to stay alive and I have almost no appetite for. Living by myself makes food prep really difficult, but oftentimes I don't have a choice (it's a lot cheaper to buy bulk and make cheap dinners than buy prepared food or frozen entrees, with the exception of RAMEN). On my days off is usually when I cook as much as I can for the week, from throwing meat in a marinade and in the oven to stir-frys and baked treats. Rice is a big part of my diet, and so are green beans and broccoli. They go with like, everything, and are decent sources of vitamins and fiber. I mix it up with other veggies like corn, carrots, spinach, etc.

ROFL, basically >>2841


oh, whatever I can find that's reduced for quick sale and under 10 dollars I get at the store. if it's like 11-15 dollars and really good ( just got some AWESOME marinated pork ribs today im so excited) I'll make an exception above 10$


I like baking which can take up a good chunk of time with more complicated recipes.

And I like good food in general, so I'll put effort into making good food.

The trick is to make freezer meals you can just pop into the oven for a while, like individual meat pies. You have to prep it, but then you get good food even when you're lazy.

When I am lazy though, I'll just cook some pasta or eggs or something like that.


My staple foods are the following:
Red onion
Spinach (fresh and prewashed)
Bean sprouts
precut salad
precut carrots
Various potted beans and lentils
Various soy products
Potted tomatoes in sauce
Potted corn kernels
White cheese
Pumpkin seeds
and I have a bunch of sauces (like soy sauce)
also blueberries that I eat as snack or dessert

I have it all pre-washed in my fridge. Also in my fridge I have a sharp knife and a cutting board. When I want food I usually just grab some stuff that goes well together, cut some off and toss it together in a pan, heat it up and then eat it. All the food I buy I select specifically that it doesn't taste bad even when it's a bit undercooked and doesn't go bad quickly. Sometimes I heat up water, use some flavouring and make a soup. I also have some precut salad for lunch and usually throw some stuff in there.

My fav combos:
Diced courgette+beans+paprika+corn+potted tomatoes in sauce
Lentils+spinach+bean spouts+pumpkin seeds
Onions+leek+white cheese+soy product+pumpkin seeds+soy sauce

In the morning I eat greek yoghurt, generally just eat it straight from the container it comes in with a spoon. I store all the food I eat in my fridge. I don't eat bread and I generally don't ever boil anything. Also once a week I boil a lot of eggs and then store then in my fridge. I eat and use those as well. Sometimes I buy steak and eat it because it's probably good for me.


I usually just slap Sabra hummus or cheese onto a pita pocket for lunch. I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle, so I rarely crave more than a fistful of food at a time, which leads to a bland and simple diet mostly composed of bread and a topping.

I have about four different varieties of bread on hand at the moment: sliced baguettes, Einstein Bros. bagels in several flavors (with their onion and chive shmear), pita pockets, tortillas, and sliced Wonderbread. I'm not a salami or cold cut person, so I usually just stack generic sliced cheese (swiss, provolone, cheddar, colby jack, etc.) or butter onto something and split. For breakfasts, snacks, and sweets I stick to greek yogurt and packaged wafer cookies.

Other than that, I actually put some effort into my dinner meals. A good spinach salad and garnished pasta usually takes thirty minutes to prepare, since I wash the hell out of the spinach first. Soup and bruschetta takes around fifteen minutes.

Scrambled eggs or quesadillas take no time at all.

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