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What kind of cuisine do you like, ubuu? Can you cook it?

I eat a lot of chinese (living in a chinese family) and can cook it decently, but I really love thai food, even though the ingredients are hard to get.


I can't get enough of Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi. I want to like Slavic food because my family is Slavs and won't cook much else, but alas - it's gross.



1) Japanese
2) Italian
3) Thai
4) Australian
5) Southern US


1) Thai
I have semi-made learning how to cook Thai food a project. I've made curries and other dishes. They general seem to be in the 'looks kinda funky but still tastes good' boat, with quality slowly improving over time. I have the same 'ingredients are hard to get' issue on several of the dishes.

2) Italian
I cook myself pasta dishes regularly (though the pasta comes from boxes and isn't hand-made). I've made pizzas a couple of times, but I order those more often than I cook 'em.

3) Japanese (particularly sushi)
I've rolled my own sushi a couple times and tried making a teriyaki beef recipe once. Haven't done much on it, though.

4) Chinese / American-Chinese
Never tried cooking it.

5) Cajun
Never tried cooking it.

Also a fan of soups and sweet deserts in general.

My family is British/German, and I want to find things in those cuisines that I like too, but beyond various German sausage-things and German cakes, I haven't found a ton so far.


When I lived at home and we ate food together (incredibly rare) we had a lot of different cuisines. Mediterranean, French, Italian, American, Thai, Chinese… Now I don't get as much but when I do It's amazing, and new that I haven't tried before. (Indian, Middle Eastern, African, Eastern European, Japanese(not sushi), Korean, Indian)
I'm very grateful to have such experiences with food, it really is enjoyable and a great introduction to learning about other places in the world.


1. Italian
I can cook Italian pasta, bread, and risotto dishes easily. An Italian-style continental breakfast is probably my favorite morning meal too.

2. Japanese
It's so colorful! And fishy! I love Japanese seafood, noodles, and grilled meat. I've tried my hand at yakitori-style skewers but the sauce came out sickeningly sweet. It was pretty good over the green onions, though.

3. Mediterranean
I can fry a mean falafel. Greek salads gross me out, though.

4. Eastern American

I come from a back-East American family with a seafood and comfort food legacy. Most delicious salmon cakes you'll ever eat.

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