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File: 1357090062396.png (45.13 KB, 306x220, 1356938844864.png)


Any New Year's resolutions, dearest ubuu?
My resolution is to finally become meguca. I also want to learn how to cook like a Real Adult™ so I can eat healthier instead of just stealing Cup Noodles from my school and occasionally making scrambled eggs.


Haluan oppia vanhoja ja moderneja suomea, so I can fucking read the Kalevela for a fucking time.


File: 1357108026815.jpg (10.56 KB, 238x211, 1353227647643.jpg)

Good luck, man. Finnish is a nice language. I still need to finish learning Spanish so I'm slightly less useless as a Mexican.


File: 1357173743234.gif (19.2 KB, 320x240, tumblr_m9hszhcPre1r54cam.gif)


Thank you!
Good look with your resolutions too!


File: 1357175898182.png (8.09 KB, 161x135, metaphor for my life atm.PNG)

>find more friends
none of them like the same shit i do anymore, that being pokemon (namely dem subway mustards ingo and emmet). its not like i want to get rid of my friends, no, i just want more.

its the only new years resolution i have ever had in my life and even then i probably wont follow through with it because of this goddamn crippling social anxiety. that and the fanbase for the characters mentioned above is goddamn crazy and i stay 3897328473294 miles away from it now


File: 1357179573161.gif (20.84 KB, 125x125, Sg7Ab.gif)

My resolutions are sort of the same every year, alternating between "become more awesome" and "make more friends". I think with where I am right now, I should set aside those desires for the humble resolution of "be more successful"…better grades, make more money, ect.

Other small goals include cosplaying more, getting better at sewing, reading more books, getting better at touhou, beating that pile of un-beaten videogames, mummification, better bedroom organization, spending more time with my boyfriendo, and convincing my parents to let us get a cat/secretly acquiring a cat


File: 1357179910015.jpg (54.28 KB, 480x382, 1354702367720.jpg)

resolutions? being the same 22 years old virgin and the same cheap ass programmer, fail more… maybe dying alone, maybe


File: 1357180269343.jpg (24.21 KB, 490x400, 1355601429412.jpg)


You still have us to rant and 'hang out' here on the magical and wonderful world of the Internet!


File: 1357188809473.png (12.91 KB, 126x126, 4biUV.png)

I believe in you, Seagull-kun


File: 1357189207448.jpg (217.29 KB, 460x450, 1354097745231.jpg)

thank you Che and Bogr, you're both adorable, enjoy a beautiful picture of Richard Stallman


File: 1357225137020.jpg (44.57 KB, 500x628, constanza.jpg)

>new year's resolutions


learn to draw

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