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File: 1485319663013.gif (386.07 KB, 373x373, Aztec_Rave_Monkey.gif)


What scene to you has the most "magic"? If that makes any sense.

To me I feel like its the monkey rave in the desert. I dont know why but it gave me a mixture of emotions the first time I saw it.


File: 1485335949048.jpg (80.66 KB, 640x480, yume-nikki-027-1.jpg)

The stairway to heaven.

You're leaving the desert, there's oppressive music playing, the sky is a pretty but kinda toxic green hue and it goes on forever. Perfect.


File: 1486179926926-0.jpg (8.78 KB, 250x188, Ghostworld.jpg)

File: 1486179926926-1.png (48.38 KB, 400x400, Ghost_World.png)

Mine would be the Ghost World. I love the clever way of finding it, like you are crossing to the 'other side.' I find the empty atmosphere and sounds to be calming too.


File: 1486194430787-0.gif (36.25 KB, 500x500, yume nikki sky garden.gif)

File: 1486194430787-1.gif (271.5 KB, 461x346, yume nikki madotsuki80.gif)

sky garden



I like how all three of these places are pretty much next to each other in the game.


File: 1489234631042-0.png (30.83 KB, 2079x2080, Block_World.png)

File: 1489234631042-1.jpg (149.74 KB, 850x647, __madotsuki_and_mafurako_y….jpg)

Block World.
I think I spent around two hours wandering around the Block World on my first playthrough, it's somewhat charming and enigmatic.
I have always been a big fan of cubes and other parallelepipedons, for some reason, they always managed to calm me down.
The color palette they used here is really relaxing.
The music gives off a "stuck on an intricated puzzle" feeling;
at first, it made me anxious, but I learned to appreciate it after some time.


File: 1489359723812.png (16.64 KB, 789x600, 789px-Parallelepiped.svg[1….png)

i like how you describe them as parallelopiedons, maybe they are angled 45 degrees and that explains the weird angle of them


As mentioned before sky garden and staircase. Not mentioned is flower cave, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. And did the screenshot guy kill the dudes standing there?


File: 1509044448119.png (10.06 KB, 500x650, 91653123.png)

For me, it's the flute player. After going through the strange mall corridor where everybody looks humanoid but isn't able to communicate with you this guy made me feel kinda bonded. Bonded to him and the atmosphere of the game, by this extremely hope-giving tune he's playing for me. When I saw him at my very first time in the game I had the urge to hug him and join him with the flute he gave me. It translates my feelings into notes.


File: 1509337993075.gif (50.74 KB, 225x300, Mars-san.gif)

It's really hard to say… I think for me it might be Mars-san's room. It just seems so far away and isolated, and Mars-san seems insignificant and forgotten in the midst of it all.

These three areas also resonate a lot with me. I feel like thematically, they fit right together. The last effect I needed to complete the game was in the Ghost world, and I had never been to these areas before then, so they all carry a sort of endgame feel for me.


Oh, one of my last areas was everything around the Wilderness, too. Good times, eh?


File: 1516920678823.png (17.17 KB, 640x480, 01.png)

Puddle world, maybe because it was the earliest area I remember visiting for the first time. Even on my replay though, something about it feels so captivating.


My first world was the Neon World. The game felt so tense at first, since I had no idea what would happen. In a game that I knew was going to be strange, I didn't know what I was going to run into if I went into areas at random. It could've been anything behind one of those doors, but my eyes were drawn to the Neon World's door. It was the only animated door there and the flashing lights just looked so appealing, and I put a lot of thought into which one would be my first since I wanted to savor the experience; so it was that one. The Neon World's soft, warm music and friendly, party-like atmosphere eased me right into the game and made me feel at home. I instantly realized that Yume Nikki had a lot of comfort to it as well; it wasn't all just eerie and tense. I spent a good 15 minutes just roaming around and enjoying my time there, interacting with the various characters and eventually finding the Neon effect. The Neon World and Neon effect are still really special to me to this day because of that.

Despite this, the Neon World isn't my favorite. I think my favorite might be the White Desert just because of how iconic it is to me and because of how many unique characters it has. I still remember getting there for the first time and thinking of it as a weird handdrawn pen and pencil desert.


File: 1516932539222.jpg (33.88 KB, 564x599, b5e64854e2c98092a05b8505c3….jpg)

The train. You're going somewhere.

Madotsuki's room and balcony. Because when you come out of all that and back into the reality it's like it's own kind of special. Is it good? Maybe not, who knows, but it's surreal to me.


The wilderness, especially the looping map. I can't really describe how it feels like well – there's just something really special to me about wandering around in a big, empty, and endless wasteland like that. The music's not quite calm or soothing, but really enhances the feelings I get from the wilderness area. It's a very lonely area, but there's something just reassuring about it all the same. And the towel effect is just plain cute.


File: 1516957077237.png (26.99 KB, 637x479, forest.png)

The marsh where you get Witch has always entranced me with its overall atmosphere - especially the music, along with how hidden away the whole area is.

Special mention also goes to the Numbers world, which for some reason filled me with such an indescribable feeling of dread the first time I went there - and that was BEFORE I even knew about FACE!


Anyone has a link to that page where a looped Aztec Rave Monkey plays at fullscreen?


File: 1517528046978.png (87.51 KB, 800x277, ynwoodsB.png)

The Road section of Dense Woods B. There are some heavily-wooded areas around where I live, so I have memories going back to my childhood of riding in cars along dark forest roads in the rain. (Fortunately I have yet to encounter a corpse…) The BGM in that area is very soothing.


File: 1517841915831-0.jpg (175.75 KB, 643x482, Mundopastel1.jpg)

File: 1517841915831-1.jpg (67.32 KB, 554x382, 19551800_yume-nikki-is-now….jpg)

Aside from the obvious mention of Uboa, the Pink Sea itself left the largest impression on me. I enjoyed the ominous atmosphere combined with rather harmless characteristics such as balloons scattered in certain places and the overall pink colour. Reminds me of childhood, a time of innocence. I'm probably digging in too deep but honestly I adore this area. It's very appealing. Sort of resembles Sootopolis City from R/S/E. For some reason I also love the noise produced when Madotsuki is traveling through the sea. Makes me guess that the water might be stumpy. BGM is soothing.


I got very unlucky and had to flip the light switch over 70 times, at which point I thought, "I'll try it 5 more times and if it doesn't happen I'll just watch it on youtube to see what happens". Then it happened on the fith time and I was completely shocked, but it was really cool.


ahhhhhh yessss the dense woods areas (especially the roads) and the music all gave me such a strong feeling of like… comfy paranoia? exploring a claustrophobic forest with absolutely nobody around you except for a vague but concrete indication that you're being watched and a very tragic dead body. so beautifully somber !

I also like the sky garden after the wilderness stairs, one of the only places in the whole game that felt peaceful and like you could relax. comfy cozy ass place


The low quality JPEGs of Sky Garden were definetely my favourite thing.


File: 1520006867680.jpg (125.9 KB, 1429x1417, witchaffect.jpg)

the witch flight.


Graffiti World terrified me when I first walked in there. The parallax in the background was too much. I just froze.
…After that I realized the tiles made cute noises so I spent three hours playing there like everyone else on their very first playthrough.

Then my first time actually nope'ing out of a dream was it the sewers. The drawings. The music. I couldn't go on so I just slammed 9, saved and closed the game. Holy shit.


File: 1522198812972.jpg (38.59 KB, 578x434, Mallroof.jpg)

For me it's the mall rooftop. I love the atmosphere and the music.


The only thing that disturbed me more than the number world was the sewers. The sewer demon, the invisible fish, the music, the giant red face. Then it takes you to the windmill world.


Definitely the docks. The music paired with the beautiful aesthetic makes it so fuckin awesome. I also like the MOTHER esque world and the neon world. it's a nice change of atmosphere from the usually gloomy tone of the rest of the game.


The docks and the village but on the opposite spectrum of emotions. One was pure peace and the other was pure emptiness much like the hole the residence have for faces. I'm the kind of edgelord who gets comfort from it so maybe saying they give off opposite emotions is wrong more like opposite delivery would be better.


Mars-san was the only thing in the game, that made me cry. You literally go through fire and space, crash on an alien wasteland unable to ever return and then you still have to magically transform yourself to fit the tiny entrance of this shelter. After all these obstacles, reassuring you to be the first visitor in a long long time, whet you find is a lonely abandoned creature overflowing with emotions expressed through the beautiful bgm and vocals.


The way Mars has an odd, photorealistic background always striked me. It's very awe inducing, even today.


Agree. It makes you feel safe and peaceful after walking through oppressive locations.


File: 1562471812230-0.png (56.4 KB, 640x480, 2466893-yume_town.png)

File: 1562471812230-1.jpg (40.52 KB, 640x480, 650700_screenshots_2018122….jpg)

ghost town and docks. feel very lonely, like even more so than the rest of the game and just drip with atmosphere


There are some areas, ghost town and docks included, that don't feel terrifying but calming and genuine. I find the flute room and the mall roof relaxing as well.




File: 1567823979280.jpg (17.58 KB, 500x324, 99225ac650e0933f90f870c2d7….jpg)

This section of the Sky Garden made me feel so many things the firts time: entering, touching the last flower and leaving… each thing I did had its own magic. I don't think Ghost Town is "magical" so I don't add it.


sky garden, pink sea and docks


For me, the flute is my favourite effect. Not only was it the first thing I picked up during my mostly blind first run but it was a way of disarming the more negative moments.

Like many other Anons, the walk up to the sky garden was what really amped me up. I even dropped the bike just to enjoy a slower climb. Aside from that the pre-crash space ship event had a comfortable vibe to it. I really enjoyed fiddling with the key board and again playing the flute during certain intervals of the backing track.

I'm installing Yume 2ikki now like to enjoy next weekend but I don't think it will compare.


Visiting what seems to be your younger self sleeping peacefully in the igloo. That was the first other human I had run into on my first playthrough and it really touched me.

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