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Our hosting package has been downgraded to save on unused resources. Hosting should cost $23 per month from now on, instead of $43 per month.

File: 1472531700447.png (104.69 KB, 461x461, YN_Mado_in_ubuu.png)


Originally suggested some time ago, the idea has finally come true and is official now.

Uboachan is currently and actively working on the translation of Manga, Doujinshi and other fanworks related to Yume Nikki. The group behind the translations is Patchy Illusion Team. For those who don't know, we were originally a group oriented to game making/help. The team was disbanded, however, and I decided to take the reins and use it for this project. The name may ring a bell in some users.

We decided to create an all-purpose thread where we will publish new releases, post announcements, answer questions from the users and take suggestions. If you have something to say, this is the right place.

That being said, here's our first announcement: We are currently in the need of more people. If you want to give a hand, please, make sure to check the about page in our site and see what would you like to apply for:


You may also post in the thread, or send me a mail (hover over my name in the post).

More hands working on this means faster and better translations. This is a work done by the users for the users. And, as much as we all would love to translate manga as fast as possible, it is a rather time-consuming process prone to error. We're all human and we need to use our time for other things, such as work and/or college, or other people pointing out what we did wrong.

Please, notice no prior experience in any of these fields is needed at all. I personally don't have any problems with teaching people how to use gimp and what's the difference between a good and bad translation. Ultimately, we're doing this for our own enjoyment out of our own free will, so don't feel discouraged to give it a try if you want to participate. We don't bite.
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Mangadex isn't bad

File: 1321651154432.png (6.56 KB, 300x300, 1213102223456.png)

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here we post "WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING" and then someone else posts "THIS IS WHY AND HOW TO FIX" yay

helping the YN/fangame community, ONE HELP THREAD AT A TIME.

Previously solved problems

add LC_ALL=ja_JP@utf8 before the line to execute wine on your terminal.

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Thanks, I'll just run the Windows version of Steam through Wine then.

File: 1526878850565.jpg (9.05 KB, 190x265, images (12).jpg)


Is Madotsuki a sociopath?
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Regardless of that, they are still considered human NPCs, aren't they?
Now that I think about it, you could also include the people from the mall area and those from the Sky Garden.


Those are too far removed from normal to count.


And Shitai isn't?


No, because he's covered in blood. He stands out enough to be considered an important human. Also he's got normal hair and clothes.


>Or maybe the humanoid npcs are hard to find because she doesn't have many close relationships with people? Maybe they're deformed because she's had bad experiences with people and or has anxiety?
It could be interpreted both ways, you know. I agree that Madotsuki shows signs of depressed person, but she could be a sociopath as well. Just a theory a game theory. And in your post you didn't said anything to prove that "sociopath" theory is wrong, you've just proved that "depression" theory is right. But that's Yume Nikki, and if one theory is right, that doesn't mean that the other is not.

I've forgot about them. Also I think they could've be the same person.
But despite of that:
Mafurako: can't really count as human NPC because she's invisible and can be seen as human NPC anly while using Cat effect
Kamakurako: I agree, she sleeps peacefully. There I can't say anything yet

You could also add faceless witches and fishing men from Docks to this list.
But the thing is they don't have a face. Without a face you can't count them as human NPC's. And that's only proves further my point because that means that Mado doesn't even bother to remember the faces of other human beings. Face — is the main thing that distinguishes one human from another and she doesn't bother to imagine even some kind of face on all NPC's.
Not to mention that NPC's from Mall distort when you interact with them.

File: 1528382175025.jpg (22.69 KB, 300x178, yntheme.JPG)


I made Yume Nikki theme for PSP so if you happen to be one of weirdos who are still using it in 2018 feel free to check it out.
(or) https://mega.nz/#!pPwGTZTC!C80RompMrCYBEWlbiX_ZTZWmzdZCFvVxPo9qOjb5JHk


Looks real neat, thanks man!


Man I wish i still had my PSP. Had tons of fun emulating games on it. What do you play on it?


custom themes are the best.


I might have to buy one again.


Nice, thank you very much. I was looking for a new theme and this is awesome.

File: 1492684248355.jpg (112.3 KB, 800x600, 1491418265254.jpg)


Ever smoked weed while playing yume nikki?
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Kiki could have also envisioned the dream worlds simply by introspecting and creative uptime. With enough inspiration and a savvy mind that fears not the random and occult, you can think up visuals like the ones in YN.


>somebody does something remotely creative
>"lmao dis guy on drugs look at all the drugs this guy is on"
I thought you guys were better than this.


this board sucks


I did one shrooms once. It wasn't all that cool but when I got to the white desert the ripping sound felt like it was ripping straight though my body.


Don't associate Kikiyama with your problems and substance abuse issues. Everyone in this thread is a fucking loser.

File: 1535737305602.jpg (8.92 KB, 249x249, monoe.jpg)


Steelpipe (of spanish forums fame) just found Yume Nikki v0.04.
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File: 1536148124304.png (37.8 KB, 994x141, fraud.png)

PERiod guy got frauded


How much money did they spend on this? And someone PLEASE tell me what exactly makes them believe this is legit, don't tell me it's metadata or I'll make memes about it.


>It's rather fishy that "suddenly" it just appears and it's legit.
well they had it for over 5 months and they didn't reveal it because of an arg they were doing I think


File: 1536333996405.png (159.26 KB, 640x480, hrtbutbuiwejn.png)

>Withholding a piece of history for a spooky juego de forum with three players
Couldn't they come up with a lie that didn't make them look like even bigger assholes than they are?


File: 1536529414065.gif (373.41 KB, 220x220, here we go again.gif)

There's been rumors of an early version in a magazine for ages, but everyone who's claimed to have a copy has never come forward with any proof. Ergo, still a skeptic here.

File: 1535242239979.gif (2.9 MB, 270x340, d135fd2484e6b129147d5d32e3….gif)


Someone made a browser version of the game, I don't think anyone has posted about it yet. So if you're a fan wo can't download the game you can go here http://yumenikki-game.tkool.andapp.jp/


i think it's a port the rpgmaker devs made to advertise the new engine


Oh neat, I didn't know that

File: 1535313094952.jpg (126.94 KB, 640x466, tumblr_pdgpmfPBYz1vch9kbo1….jpg)


What is this?


Ghost or spirit light. Will o the wisp. You could have just used google.

File: 1534654594503.jpg (50.39 KB, 651x470, ahnot.jpg)


Hi first time posting here!.
Im a bit desperate to find an MP4 or any format the original "Ah not tan neet tan centemeter" (https://web.archive.org/web/20160216214226/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0fPhZkUZbE) Cant find the way to download it, it means a lot to me since it was the thing that introduced me to YN.

File: 1530042482650.jpg (37.7 KB, 620x413, 2769043i.jpg)


It's June 26. Happy 14th birthday, Madotsuki!
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File: 1531138016285-0.jpg (1.09 MB, 1200x1154, __kasei_san_kyukkyu_kun_ma….jpg)

File: 1531138016285-1.jpg (492.61 KB, 768x950, __kasei_san_kyukkyu_kun_ma….jpg)

File: 1531138016285-2.jpg (96.94 KB, 637x477, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)

File: 1531138016285-3.png (466.23 KB, 800x650, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….png)

Happy late birthday, Madotsuki.


File: 1531245660612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 377.25 KB, 827x1169, mado_lewd.jpg)

Mado is legal in my country now. Yay!


File: 1531248164725.png (90.65 KB, 192x548, Chris_hansen_transparent.png)

Why don't you take a seat over there?



File: 1531812372305-0.jpg (146.65 KB, 768x1024, 33418512_p0.jpg)

File: 1531812372305-1.jpg (297.85 KB, 717x717, 1476746202301.jpg)

File: 1531812372305-2.png (551.29 KB, 640x480, 15335754_p0.png)

i wish this board was more active but im sure im making a monkey's paw wish with that

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