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here we post "WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING" and then someone else posts "THIS IS WHY AND HOW TO FIX" yay

helping the YN/fangame community, ONE HELP THREAD AT A TIME.

Previously solved problems

add LC_ALL=ja_JP@utf8 before the line to execute wine on your terminal.

I downloaded an old version of YN that still has everything written in japanese, save the game text, and it's never given me any errors. If anyone wants me to post this on /media/ i can but, i trust saya-chan's repack more than this half-translated thing lol. especially since i played it on an XP.


File: 1321651296362.png (52.92 KB, 906x732, 1318775934705.png)

and here is the map for the rooms and where the effects are now no one has to ask again yay


shit mayn idk


I use fedora and wine works fine for me, im pretty sure that there's wine on ub.


there is.
(if that was an honest post try it out)


File: 1322612651414.bmp (525.5 KB, 424x423, aFFFFFF.bmp)

For some reason, the main character won't stop moving up and I can't control her. I followed all the instructions to download the game, but it's just not working. Solutions?


The locale thingy depends on the distro. Most Debian based distros have it as "ja_JP@utf8", but others have it with a dot instead of an @, or have "utf-8" instead of "utf8".



if ANYONE can figure this out it would be awesome, this happens to every yume nikki type game i play, and nobody seems to have an asnwer(althought i havent really ran into anyone with the same problem)


Same problem here


i have the same problem as well. i dotn remember if i fixed it or not and i have no idea how to solve it…


just caught this. thanks for the note, saya!


I usually fix that problem by opening the effects inventory, and pressing the arrow keys (including the one that is stuck) and the "other" arrow keys (numpad and I think the others were around the j) until the arrow works again, when I come back to the game it isn't stuck anymore


I have a question: Does anybody know a better way to get maps of areas besides taking over 9000 screencaps and sticking them together? I tried opening the .lmu files in RPGMaker but it did not like the filetype. Is there another way to access them? Thanks…


Why isn't there an actual fix for this?


When I play yume nikki my computer restarts, any solutions?


I can't exit the famicom with esc. (Force-Quitting the game = only way.)


>>699 Try holding ESC down for a couple of seconds.


Moved this from my thread which I deleted.
Basically, I updated my Video card, but then when I start playing YN and .flow, the screen would keep flickering. Any ideas on how I can fix it?


I just downloaded the game today.. And I've been getting this error.. "directdraw error (DDERR_USUPPORTED)"

Does anyone know how to fix this?


I just download the game today and I keep getting this error "directdraw error (DDERR_UNSUPPORTED)" Does anyone know how to fix this?


any one know how to make it window-screen without pressing F4? my F4 on my laptop opens my screen source options and minimizes the windows, so when i click yumenikki on the task bar it goes back to fullscreen




woah! thank you for the fast reply, that works perfectly! :DD


you're welcome


I also get the directdraw error (DDERR_UNSUPPORTED), halp!


My up arrow keys refuse to function
When I get to the game (by using down only to get through the menus, I cannot get off the chair. I tried reinstalling and rebooting to no avail


File: 1327056865937.png (11.8 KB, 461x137, HALP.png)

I'm using Windows Vista and got Yume Nikki to work with quickness and ease the first time, but after resetting my comp I am greeted with this..

I feel like I've seen the solution to this before but meh dunno




I fixed! God im silly. I forgot to install RTP hahahaa



im glad to see one person got a fix to their problem, i hope others do too


Come on gaiz, please help, the screens annoying me.


File: 1328033664354.jpg (59.17 KB, 555x427, applocale wat.jpg)

Applocale doesn't install. This is the error I get, and have been getting regardless of what I've tried. Wat do? I gave up trying to install it earlier last year because of this. If it matters I'm running windows 7.


File: 1328035222514.jpg (50.68 KB, 667x530, now what.jpg)

OP of >>801 here.
Said fuck applocale and installed RTP 2003. Tried to run, thought it worked, but now this.


congratulations, you need applocale


Please see >>801

Applocale does not install. Got an answer for that?


I see you're on windows 7.
Right click the installer file, on properties, under compatibility, select "previous version of windows"


Already tried, to no avail. Probably should have mentioned that.


it says the rpg maker 2003 runtime package is not installed, but i am an idiot and no matter how much i search google i cant seem to find a download. i also got a rpg maker vx rtp but that didnt do anything, help? (also i got the link from latest post in 'Yume Nikki + resources)



File: 1330600031356.jpg (11.76 KB, 200x210, 35.jpg)

How do I record Yume Nikki with FRAPS on fullscreen?

I am using AnotherFullScreenMode.exe by Saya.

It only seems to be able to record while in windowed mode.

>mfw I want to record a 240p in 720p



1.) Browse to C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
2.) Run as admin
3.) cd yourself to the folder where you've saved apploc.msi
4.) run that shit
5.) ????


File: 1330624833905.png (39.47 KB, 978x576, lcddem_error.png)

I'm trying to run LcdDem v0.025_eng but I'm still getting this message every time I try to run it. I have RPG Maker 2000 RTP, English and Japanese, tried AppLocale and changing language preferences but the only thing I got was having this message in Japanese characters instead of line of question marks.

I don't know Japanese and only thin I made out is that "ファイル" in the beginning means "file" (I can't copy/paste the text to a translator and finding characters not from Hiragana or Katakana and pasting them is too much for me).

So I guess there's something wrong with some file. Does anybody know what file can it be and how to fix this?


And I forgot to mention, It's Windows 7, not 98 or 2000, only with the classic look.


After running AppLocale on that stuff, you should use the shortcut in Start Menu>Microsoft AppLocale>RPG_RT

If that doesn't work, try running it as admin.


Folks with Arrow Key problems:
- Run game
- Disconnect all USB Devices (save mouse and keyboard)
- Reconnect each device one by one while the game is running to determine what is the cause of the problem.


- Disable Bluetooth or disconnect whatever device manages Bluetooth.

Had this problem on 2 Win 7 machines. Popping out my Bluetooth adapter solved it for my desktop and disabling Bluetooth for my netbook. Game works fine for both now. I've read some people need to disable their wifi devices if bluetooth is integrated.


Flicker is driving me nuts. Anyone found a real solution for it? Otherwise it kind of ruins it.


A solution for flickering was added on my release of the game.
You can find it on /media/

Info about the patch here:


File: 1333163837951.png (30.57 KB, 512x212, rtp 2000.png)

can someone help me find rtp 2000? all the links i find are dead



So I'm one of those unfortunate souls that's running on Windows Vista. The game I'm trying to run is .flow but let's pretend that reads "Yume Nikki english version doesn't exist yet"

The problem is that because I'm on this terribad system I can't install Applocale, is there a way around this other than the cmd thing, because that didn't work. Alternatively, is there a way to run it on Linux? I have Fedora on a flash drive.


Hey, anybody with the directional sticking problem should try this out.

I was doing everything to fix this, unplugging USBs and whatnot, stuff that I'd seen in the archive.

Well, this whole problem just fixed itself when I started messing with the numpad. Not only can you use the numpad to navigate, but it seems to fix up the sticking issue when you do. Keyboard navigation is working fine afterwards.


File: 1335349907064.png (53.4 KB, 654x515, broken nikki.png)

okay so i tried to download the japanese version because of reasons
i'm fairly sure i did it right, but apparently not, because whenever i try to open it even with japanese locale i get this error.
i downloaded two versions though, which are functionally the same i think, and i get this error on both of them. i have no clue what i did wrong. =w=


File: 1337615075545.png (92.04 KB, 662x524, oh my god.png)

ive never had a problem getting it to run in the past
i didnt touch it for several months
i wanted to play today just because
and then this
what did i do omfg


where the fu can I find a working yume nikki thingie. Nowhere on ubuu and the old ones on mediafire are gone. what do? :c
before I had the problem with the keys and mado was going up towards the corner. tried all posible solutions and nada. fingers around my dick



Me too, actually??


This is an issue thats been happening with all my RPG Maker games. The games work perfectly fine, but only the music and menu effects work? Like in-game sound effects seem to be missing, and it's kinda ruining my game play experience for me.


When I play, all selectable text is invisible. Like on the title screen, the 4 options are invisible except for the highlighter square.
I've done everything I should've done. This is the english version.


File: 1338264360210.png (11.9 KB, 642x481, what the hell.PNG)

Sorry I forgot to post a picture



You're playing the English translated version, right? If so, is your computer running under an English environment? The option to change your computer's language should be at Control Panel > Regional and Language Options. You want the option under Regional Options > Standards and formats, and Advanced > Language for non-unicode programs to be some sort of English option, such as "English (United States)".

I'm not positive this is the issue, but this would be my first guess, since I've seen the same thing when running Japanese games in an English setting.


Indeed I am using the English translation. Not the one from this site, I don't think. I asked around and someone said there was a download here, could someone link me to it?
I've been using Applocale set to Japanese with my computer is already set to English (United States).



Try running it without applocale then. Yume Nikki's English translation was tweaked to run under an English environment, so that's likely messing it up.


File: 1338267830541.png (12.09 KB, 639x480, 13332367287.PNG)

When I do that I get this error.



Hmm,I wonder if it might be a problem either with the version you download, the the download getting corrupted, then.

Try downloading this version, which I can confirm works fine in an English environment.



No more error, but still unable to see any text.


Ah nevermind. Thank you for your help.
I obviously had screwed over my language settings somehow and just needed a reboot.



Do you have the Japanese language pack installed on your computer? You can find it at the following link:


I'm not sure if it'd actually be required for the English translated version or not, but it's worth a try.

If that doesn't work, you could try installing the RPG maker 2003 RTP, which you can find here: http://2drpg.com/2003.php

I'm not sure that'd make a difference, since I think the version I linked has the required RTP files within the folder, but it's a requirement for a bunch of RPG maker games, so it might work.


Oh, guess Rebooting fixed it? Heh, guess it was pretty simple in the end! Anyway, glad you got it to work.


>Your request looks automated; post discarded

I get this every time I try to start a new thread, no matter what try to post. And only on this board.


not quite the place to post this but I'll forward it to seisatsu.


Elp, my installer keeps crashing at 20%.


I have a rather peculiar problem. The game runs fine and starts without problems, although I initially had to use the full screen fix to get it running. So, at first everything works normally, no issues with controls, graphics or sounds. However, after playing for a while, the picture will disappear. The game won't crash or anything, in fact, it will keep running like nothing had happened, made apparent my the sounds still continuing like normal. There's just no picture and I've found no way to restore it.

There seems to be no pattern in how this works. It doesn't occur upon certain events or after playing for a certain amount of time, it just randomly occurs. I'm kind of at a loss here, and really, with no error message or anything, I doubt there's a fix. I'll post it this anyway though, because I really want to play the game properly.

Other tips are also welcome. Like, is there some way of integrating some sort of "Save State" function to the game, giving me a save feature mid-dream as well. That way I could just restart and continue np. This doesn't really bother me apart from lost progress.


Same problem here. Running on windows 7.


When I try to save at the desk, the zoom is so slow it takes literally several minutes to permit me to move again. I didn't get very far in the game either, because quickly after I went to sleep, the screen kinda dissolved into "snow". I'm running the English version of YN with a Mac running Windows 7 using Boot Camp.



File: 1346069488830.jpg (105.99 KB, 765x720, 1327211833316.jpg)

Okay, I dropped all 24 effects in the Nexus but the magical fun stairs of fun won't appear.
What the hell?


Ok, if anyone can help me with this please do.
So I downloaded Yume Nikki from this link:http://www.mediafire.com/?8fmb1qhqq5l91n5
And attempted to install it but when I do I either get a pop up that says that the installation failed and I have to try again or nothing happens.
Do I need some sort of patch to finish the installation or do I need to extract the files (I have Winrar for that)


File: 1348895457332.png (5.64 KB, 320x240, yumenikki.png)

I have Japanese AppLocale auto-set, and I can play RPG Maker 2000 games in Japanese, but whenever I run this game the text all looks like this. Weird mixes of periods and katakana. What's going on?


File: 1350754467415.jpg (52.66 KB, 636x545, 1343362338125.jpg)

So anytime I try to play the game, some of the music causes the game to crash unless it's renamed to a different file type. While I normally wouldn't mind doing this, the issue is when the file's changed, it doesn't play at all. The music in particular is from the eyeball and candle worlds, plus a few others I that I forgot. Is there a way to do this so that the music plays and doesn't cause the game to crash?


I've downloaded and installed RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, rm2k and rm2k3 English RTP, applocale, and Context Menu on Windows 7.

When I try to install rm2k and rm2k3 without using applocale, it fails.

When I try to install rm2k and rm2k3 using applocale, I get this error:

"AppLocale was unable to launch the specified application. Please make sure the application specified is valid."




>Fixed post, left out some words

I've downloaded and installed RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, rm2k and rm2k3 English RTP, applocale, and Context Menu on Windows 7.

When I try to install rm2k and rm2k3 Japanese RTP without using applocale, it fails.

When I try to install rm2k and rm2k3 Japanese RTP using applocale, I get this error:

"AppLocale was unable to launch the specified application. Please make sure the application specified is valid."



Hey guys!
I'm kinda new here but I'm having a major issue with running YN.
Basically whenever I run it, the entire screen goes black. While my the laptop responds to hotkeys that increase and decrease brightness, it won't respond to trying to alt f4 or attempts to run task manager. It just stays black. Because of that I have to turn my computer off in order to get the black screen to stop.When I first ran the program I got it to work, but not it doesn't at all. Maybe it's the incompatibility with windows 7? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated ;n;



Lol you woke her up right?


File: 1358650469874.png (15.52 KB, 1354x606, screen.png)

When try to play Yume Nikki on my Tv the screen become tiny, anyone know how to change it? pic related



open the window full screen on your computer and change your tv to 4:3 aspect ratio


Hey, my friend just downloaded, and the game works, but music and sound aren't? Help, anyone?

She has an Asus with Windows 7.


I think there's a F button that does something like that. F4 or F5, I can't remember.


How do I alter the controls?

These are what I want the controls to be:

Shift=Pinch Cheek
A=Use Effect Ability
S=Cancel Effect Ability
CTRL=Drop Effect

I don't like having to go up to 1, 3, 5, and 9 to do anything that isn't basic movement, opening the menu, and selection.


Is the version linked in the sidebar the one with the title bar translated?


Nasu doesn't close. I held ESC for 10 minutes. I had to use the task manager to get the game to close.


Me too, it didn't used to do this. Shin soku Neko does this too. On two different computers.


File: 1364851474960.png (333.27 KB, 900x447, nasu_by_enginveit-d5n0wq1.png)

I can legit never close those little games, I always just save before I play them and reset when I'm done. No saving scores for me…


Played Nasu once, couldn't get out. So basically I just ignore it.


Happened to me before. To exit you have to hold escape, not press it.


I remember now! Oh holy cow I feel dumb.


File: 1370092912418.png (17.51 KB, 252x222, thg.png)

I downloaded .flow and 2kki but everytime I open them the same error message appears. Solution? I'm using Windows 7 btw.



install gentoo


File: 1375003340715.jpg (33.62 KB, 440x375, anger regret.JPG)

First time poster, go easy on me here.
I recently re-downloaded YN after having uninstalled it after it suddenly stopped opening. Re-installing it works fine to a point, but then I get the message in the image and I have no idea what it means. I want to say it has something to do with my computer being in Japanese locale but trying to install the original game just gives me the same message, but with a different BGM file. I've also tried re-adding wavs in the music files, but still nothing. Does anyone know what the problem is?


Maybe try redownloading the installer? Looks to me like you got an incomplete or corrupted download. I could also upload my YN folder so you could just copy over any missing files


I downloaded the installer off of here though, so I'm not sure if it would be corrupted? I'm downloading it again to be safe but I would really appreciate the files, I have no idea what else to do.


Sometimes files can get messed up during the transfer, even if you get em from a good source.


Here's my copy if you end up needing it. Translated 0.10 and stuff



Please tell me this is happening to someone else, like I've had the game for almost 2 years now and nothing ever has been messed up or wrong, but recently when I play the game, everything i fine until I get to the nexus and I try to open one of the doors, it doesnt crash, but it opens very slowly, like it lags and it takes about 30 seconds to a minute just to get into a door. I re-dowloaded it like 5 times, and it still does it. It also does the same thing when trying to save. Like I said I can still play it, I just have to wait awhile to go through the doors, which is kind of annoying. If anyone has any idea what to do, or its happening to anyone else, please let me know.


What is your OS? What version of RPGmaker did you download? What are your system specs?


Oh herp here's one you can actually download

My old laptop seemed to suddenly start getting major slowdown when I opened a Nexus door or sat at the desk too and I swear it didn't happen before. Wish I could help you but I never did figure it out



Happens to me since I download the game 2 years ago two. I don't how to fix that thing, I just get used to it.
If it worked fine to you before, I guess your windows needs a re-installation.


File: 1376497489027.png (24.24 KB, 351x296, smth.png)

I'm playing the English translation downloaded from Uboachan, and I've been trying to get to the White Desert through the FC World. I went all the way from the Teleport Maze to the box in The Wilderness, but right after I climbed in the tiny stairway I was greeted with this.
_( :3 JL )_ When I check the folder the file is there, not sure what went wrong. My OS is Win 7 64bit and my system locale is already in Japanese btw.


Maybe just a one-time thing? I don't really know sorry


i'm on windows 7 and i noticed for some strange reason that if i set my system local to japanese, yume nikki would cease to function.


Is there any way to play YN and fangames at a higher resolution? They're too small in windowed mode and look all smushed in fullscreen



I'm pretty sure the only type of Upscaling RPG Maker supports is the windowed>fullscreen toggle, but you can always lower your computer's resolution then play it in windowed mode, since that should make it appear a bit bigger without stretching it to fit your monitor.



I'm glad I have a 1024x768 monitor that fits Yume Nikki's resolution perfectly


hey guys, I'm having this problem where if I leave me computer alone Avast will say that system32 is trying to open my Yume Nikki game, so it'll try opening it in the sandbox.
What do I do?
Please and thank you


File: 1379846755741.png (13.48 KB, 640x480, what do yn.png)

no matter how many time I flick the lights on and off I don't get the uboa, I've been doing it for the past 2 hours and I got nothing, I've done it slowly, quickly everything.

It's been very irritating and I just want to experience it once, any help would be appreciated.



There's nothing that helps it.
It's just a random event.
You'll just have to soldier pn.



did you tried to go out of the house, back in and THEN switch the light switch? because thats how you can trigger the event


Thank You very much, that was it; and because I was expecting nothing to happen I almost fell out of my chair.

Once again many thanks, I can go to bed finally.


Hi, I'm trying to play Yume Nikki 0.10eng using WINE on Linux Mint 14. However when I enter the Eyeball world, the music goes CRAZY distorted and loud.

Any advice?


could you record this? I can not help you, but can you record this and upload on vocaroo or something?


Is there a version of English Yume Nikki 1.0 that can be downloaded, that's not part of an installer?



No. The newest version is 0.10.
Also, why don't you want the installer version? It's exactly the same as downloading a .rar and decompressing it.


Oops, I meant 0.10.

And I don't want to mess around with the installer. Plus, the installer has all the extra RTP files in it. I don't want that: just a downloadable copy of the game like all the other FGs that can be downloaded off here.


I tried that, and it didn't work


After weeks of working with no problems, my game doesn't boot up at all.
It just loads a bit, then minimizes and doesn't let me maximize it. I don't know what to do!


Redownload and move your saves. Or start it all again; it's fun.


got exactly the same while trying to get to fc world any way that is possible
using english translation, reinstalled a few times. i think that my save may be corrupted


I'll repost my question, since I got no concrete reply last time.

Is there a version of English Yume Nikki 0.10 that can be downloaded, that's not part of an installer?

This is mostly because I don't want to fiddle around with an installer: also, the installer contains files from the RTP, which I don't want - just the game, nothing more. I think there was someone on this site who did a pack of such a version of Yume Nikki, but I can't find any working links.


I took down everything I had on MF, sorry. Here's a MEGA link in the meantime.
I think it will just work if you drop it anywhere. Not sure if there's everything in it.

I lost most of my shit so even the nifty manual install instructions I had are gone.


File: 1398612589750.png (12.58 KB, 665x531, yumenikkitrouble.png)

I've been getting this error whenever I try to go up the ladder in the invisible maze world. Got a similar error when one of the creatures in the barracks world teleported me. I'm on windows8.1, locale set to jap and jap language pack is installed. Any ideas?
I also can't play the game console in her room when she's awake, gives me a similar error



Is that the japanese version? I suggest re-downloading it.
The error says a file is missing; to be more precise, the file 「FCMカーソル」 (FCM Cursor). Probably a sound effect, although I'm not sure.
The other errors say the same file is missing, or other they are others? If there are more, again, I suggest to re-download the whole game. If it keeps happening, either download the english version or get a mirror for the jap one.


Okay thanks. It's the english version.
Another question then, if I want to transfer my save between games, I only need to move that one .lsd file right?


Yes. Since it's the same game and there weren't changes nothing (in theory) should go wrong.


Cheers. Just finished the game now, ran perfectly


That file is in my repack, as expected.


File: 1400371137741.png (9.94 KB, 1024x600, Снимок экрана - 16.05.2014….png)

Sup guys. Running YN 0.10 with Wine 1.6.1 (Linux Mint 16) and having hardly readable fonts. Picture related. What's wrong?


That's not a linux specific issue. It's an age old bug in RM.

Install this, it should fix it but I'm not sure about it being on linux http://crankeye.com/downloads/rm2k_fp.exe


That didn't help. Thanks for help anyway.


It started happening on here yet, unfortunately since I lost all of my instructions on how to fix this kind of shit, I don't know how to correct those fonts. I think it had something to do with wine not really supporting the bitmap fonts rpg maker provides.


File: 1400764784267.png (64.09 KB, 166x166, 1378399265275.png)

>yet, unfortunately
*but unfortunately
now that's a weird typo


File: 1404369521140.png (13.83 KB, 657x454, yume_nikki_startmenu.PNG)

I have this same problem, (though my skewed menu looks slightly different).

Trying to play Yume Nikki 0.10 in Japanese. Downloaded the game via http://www.vector.co.jp/soft/win95/game/se332192.html (linked from Yume Nikki's homepage) and obtained RTP 2003 from the link given in the .txt file.
I am running Windows XP Home (SP3) with system locale set to Japanese (no use of Applocale).

Can anyone shed any light on this?


I don't know if it's just me but RPGMaker games seem choppier on my recently bought laptop, running Windows 8.1 shit. I have good specs, is there any way to make the game run smoother?

I've never had any problems with RPGMaker before.



Yes, uninstall Windows 8 and get a real OS.



yeah fucking i have no experience with anything more advanced than installing OS with installation disc. Also the only thing I have is a 32-bit copy of XP and it won't accept installation on this laptop.


You know, you could always get a virtual box. Go google it now.



i know of virtual machines, i was trying to actually install a different OS because I didn't feel like dicking around with a VM


Are you seriously considering uninstalling a working, presently supported OS for a previous, unsupported OS? That's like buying a new car because the side mirrors don't bend. Just use a virtual machine.


File: 1410136800337.png (386.17 KB, 1440x900, G_INSTALL GENTOO.png)

How about installing gentoo?


If you want to enjoy the benefits of having an inferior OS, go ahead.


Gentoo is not an OS, faggot


File: 1410137135628.jpg (417.89 KB, 1000x902, rustle.jpg)

>inferior OS
Seems like somebody wasn't even able to burn the .iso.


Should I get banned again or I should change my attit… nice quads


File: 1413683176940.png (11.98 KB, 233x176, .flow.png)

When I try to run .flow, I get this message. I've tried Cherry AFM Game Starter to try to start it in windowed mode, but I get the message "Starting the game failed!"

Any ideas on what to do?



Try running the game with the 'Window' parameter, like so;

RPG_RT.exe "NormalPlay"
"ShowTitle" "Window"



or run in compatibility mode, windows xp service pack 3. worked for me.


My hard drive crashed, so I lost all my save progress. I wanted to show the game to a friend, but I don't want to have to get the effects again. Can I get someone's .loc file? Thanks in advance :).


File: 1416887568642.jpg (97.13 KB, 600x700, IMG_1371.JPG)

Have your friend play through the game themselves, it'll be much more rewarding to them I'm sure of it.


Alright, I'll do that. Thanks!


My character keeps going up, and i can't fix it. i've tried the soutions here, but they haven't beet working.


Try restarting your computer


Please provide more information and/or pics/videos.


I keep getting this error followed by a crash:
The file マイシステムa cannot be opened.


>the file "Main System" cannot be opened.

You're probably using the japanese version, I don't know why it crashes randomly on windows, even with applocale or if you've set your locale to japanese.
Except you're not using windows 7, in which case I don't know since you pretty much don't give any clue of anything aside leaving the error here.


Sorry for not giving you enough information. I'm using a translated version on Windows 7.


File: 1422858287087.jpg (17.39 KB, 564x317, luisito.jpg)

Well, I played the translated versions some years ago in my win partition and it worked, but I tried it again some months ago and I was having some "missing file" problems too, both with the translated and untranslated versions. I still couldn't figure out what was going on, but shit happened after I set my locale to japanese, though changing it back to english didn't fix anything so…
Either way, go to the system folder, there's a file with the name "ƒ}ƒCƒVƒXƒeƒ€a.xyz", rename it to "マイシステムa.xyz".


Thank you. I appreciate your help a lot. Changing the name… sorta worked. Now I'm getting a similar error asking for a different file. I'm looking through the .xyz files and they're all misnamed. I'm sure you don't want to go through them all one by one. Is there any way to get my computer to convert that gobbeldy-gook to real Japanese?


File: 1422925111919.jpg (193.53 KB, 873x393, dede00.jpg)

Yeah, if you don't want mojibake then download the original version, though I don't assure you it won't work since it didn't for me.
The japanese version is on victor:



>though I don't assure you it won't work since it didn't for me.
Though I don't assure it will work*
Sorry for the typo.

Also, I forgot to ask, were you using applocale or did you set your locale to japanese?
Because normally applocale works for rendering CJK characters in their native encoding, but sometimes (when filenames are in japanese) it also helps for parsing the names correctly. If you were playing the english version, you should try playing it without applocale (in case you were using it), but if not, then yeah, go with the japanese version.


I keep getting this message when I try to install RPG2000RTP.exe.What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


It would be great if you could include a picture of the error you're getting.


File: 1424956526475.png (29.36 KB, 1280x1024, Screenshot-2.png)

Oh my god Sorry

here it is


File: 1424970938896.png (32.16 KB, 466x560, 49_0.png)

How about using Applocale/setting your locale manually to japanese?

Seriously, I'm getting tired of writing the same shit over and over again.


Thank you kind sir.


Hey guys, I recently downloaded yume v010 and it's running fine but Comodo notifies me that rpg_rt.exe keeps trying to access system32, more specifically csrss.exe. It's blocking it but is that something I should be concerned about?


File: 1428475220909.png (2.14 KB, 640x480, pls send help.png)

If anyone could help; I'm trying to run Yume Nikki in fullscreen, and what I get is the picture smushed and flickering in the top-left corner of the screen (see image). Other RPG Maker games are doing the same thing. Windowed mode works fine. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I have a sinking feeling that it might be caused by a recent nVidia driver update or something because I've been playing RPG Maker games including YN on this computer for years and it's just started doing it, so it'd be good to know if anyone else with up-to-date nVidia cards is getting this.


time to install gentoo.

Yeah, probably your drivers.


File: 1428535757243.png (23.22 KB, 640x480, Untitled.png)

Thanks for the quick response Anon! After trying various driver versions, going back to November last year has made the problem vanish


File: 1430160182606.png (9.45 KB, 225x134, DDERR.png)

Does anyone know how to resolve this and where is the best place to download yuminikki in english?

thanks a lot


I forgot to say im using wine on linux


>download yume nikki in english
This site.


Tried running it in linux under wine with quite a few problems.

a) the fonts all fucked up for some reason. I would be able to bear it but sometimes it's too messy to figure out

b) I don't think there is any sound.

please help

running antergos and wine. latest versions of both


Did you read the thread or just skimmed over it to post?



did YOU read the thread?


even the very post you linked says
>unfortunately since I lost all of my instructions on how to fix this kind of shit, I don't know how to correct those fonts


File: 1431926272727.png (36.21 KB, 600x420, 1367548013639.png)

>did u read em??? I DID, NO SPOONFED BOOH BOOH
>what is google


Took my 2 goddamn minutes.


that does. not. work. dude. It also doesn't fix the fact that there's no audio neither.


Still no fix?
What the hell?


What I found:
"This is a common problem in RPG Maker games, from 2000 to VX. The reason as to why this happens is still a mystery, but you could try one or all of the following:

Try using the arrow keys on the numpad. These can usually regain control of the character.
Reboot your computer.
Turn your computer off for some minutes. Let it cool down, take a breath.
Stay away from RPG Maker games for a while, even after rebooting.
Reinstall RPG Maker (if you're using it).
Reinstall the RPG Maker RTP of the game you're trying to play.
Try run the game with your computer in save mode (click run, write administrative tool, click on system configuration, boot, boot options, save boot, and click on active directory repair, reboot your computer). If the problem continue, try to disconnect your computer to internet or try with boot minimal option. Nota: to restore your computer to normal boot, repeat the steps and unmark safe boot.
Unplug peripherals such as webcams and joysticks.
Again, if those don't work, running to the hills sound like a good idea."


File: 1435693621005.png (185.15 KB, 539x540, Higurashi_rika0--.png)

>The reason as to why this happens is still a mystery
Surely this must be ancient, right?
This problem fixes itself after changing from fullscreen to windowed or viceversa.
It happens when you use "enter" instead of "Z".

>still a mystery

Seriously wtf.
>reboot your computer
why, jesus christ.
>Reinstall RPGMK
how does this even…
>Try run the game with your computer in save mode


File: 1435694465441.jpg (143.63 KB, 771x900, 1430372005932.jpg)

Sorry for trying to help, i suppose.


File: 1435695491921.png (191.56 KB, 539x540, Higurashi_rika0.png)

I've guessed that since it was inside quote marks you didn't write the stupid helping guide, which should be okay. Why are you feeling touched?


File: 1436090231110.png (62.07 KB, 667x528, yn.png)

hey guys. running windows 7. changed system locale to japanese to get .flow up and running. yume nikki was working fine before a locale change. applocale won't install on my computer. ideas?


Oh yeah, for some reason YN won't work when your locale has been changed to japanese because a serie of filenames is somehow missing.
It seems to happen to the japanese version, AND if you downloaded the english version and you executed the installer with english locale, then you attempt to use it with the japanese locale.
If you aren't planning on changing your system locale back to english, I suggest deleting that copy (except the save files), download the english version again and install it in japanese.
That worked for me.

I currently don't know what happens with the japanese version. It is really illogical that you can't play it with your system set to japanese.


It's probably because there is a different run time package for the english than the japanese.


That could be, though I'm not so sure. Mostly, the missing files where "system files", and I don't think kiki was using any default, but it's a possibility.
I had guessed that the problem was the mojibake filenames and japanese filenames, but this one seems to be the case here.
I should try downloading the JRTP and seeing if it works with the vector mirror.


File: 1440594046785.jpg (368.15 KB, 840x700, 1392139854482.jpg)

I originally made a patch to fix that but it no longer works, and I don't even know why. The text is forced to render in bold for whatever reason.

At this point, there is only hope in waiting for easyrpg to stop being a glitchy pile of crap. That or my Uboa Engine project that hasn't gotten anywhere in the past three years and probably still won't, ever, because I'm a lazy unmotivated piece of shit.


I have the same problem whenever I alt+tab out and then go back in it starts flickering fot a while



I suffered from the same mojibake characters bug/thing in the japanese version of Yume Nikki.

What I did in order to solve it was to replace the RPG_RT.exe file into the game's folder with another RPG_RT.exe file from a RPG Maker 2000 game (in japanese, it may be from a yume nikki fan game); after that, install the RPG Maker 2000 RTP (the japanese one) and you're good to go.

I'm not sure why, but it seems that some people have problems with the RPG Maker 2003 RPG_RT.exe showing mojibake and others don't, maybe is because of OS, I'm not sure.

(I deleted my almost identical previous comment because sadly this site shows your email if you provide one D:, I don't want spam from bots :/)



The counter on the menu shows the number of effects collected + 1 (the instructions) so it should say 25 and not 24 when you collect all the effects.

I was dissapointed when dropped the "24 effects" (I had dropped 23 instead) because of this, it may be your case.


File: 1441897649652.png (715.27 KB, 1280x720, I wish there was something….png)

I’ve digged into the link posted in the thread below about easyRPG working through HTML5, and I’ve found that easyrpg may be easier to use than original RPG_RT binary.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find neither easyrpg itself, not liblcf required to build it in gentoo, so I thought maybe if there are users of Arch or other people in which distro those packages are present, you could try and run Yume Nikki with easyrpg, it should see the fonts installed from the runtime (also which runtime does YN-0.10 from the frame to the left require? 2000 or 2003?)

How to for those who’s interested here: https://easy-rpg.org/wiki/user

If this would really work I may consider to spend some time on gentoo forums to make somebody help me with making ebuilds for those packages.



Suffering gentoo user, thank you for posting about the EasyRPG project, it looks interesting; and you were right, it may be used to play the game too!

- Download the EasyRPG from https://easy-rpg.org/editor-downloads.html/ (I downloaded the EasyRPG Editor-Qt continuous builds, Windows 32 bit).

- Unzip it and execute EasyRPG-Editor.exe.

- Create a new project in some folder, go to that folder and find the Player.exe file, copy and paste it in the Yume Nikki's folder with the RPG_RT.exe.

- Execute the Player.exe and you're done!

It's great! But I assume you still need the 2003 japanese RTP thought.

Suffering gentoo user, when trying to run the japanese game found in vector (redirected from kikiyamaHP, known to be Kikiyama's website), a pop up that tells something about 2003 RTP appears, I assume that version is the one the game requires (the japanese version, when installing the english one the pop up still appears).

Some notes:

- You may also get the Player.exe file from the EasyRPG's templates folder without creating a new project.

- I couldn't find/generate a Player.exe with the EasyRPG Editor-GTK continuous builds (use the Qt one).

- You can skip the process of telling where your RTP is when EasyRPG ask you.

- EasyRPG may crash after generating a new project, but the Player.exe will still appear in the folder.



Maybe to make a build for linux to play the japanese Yume Nikki may be somewhat an overkill, you may get the Player.exe file from the EasyRPG's templates folder without creating a new project or running it (in the EasyRPG Editor-Qt continuous builds, windows version).

The Player.exe may run using wine, although I'm not sure.


File: 1442024043627.png (636.54 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Tsukimonoga….png)

To use the windows player in wine is a good idea, except it doesn’t work there – ‘Audio target “alsa” not available’. Yes, ALSA is not available. I even checked winecfg test sound in case something has broken since I run YN last time, but it worked. I also thought about the web player, but there’s a shitton of js that I don’t want to see, touch or do anything with.



I'm terribly sorry, the solutions that I provided indeed seemed to have solved the mojibake. I was so excited about it when I saw it in the main menu, that I didn't tried to actually play the game.

When changing the RPG_RT.exe to the 2000 version one, I was unable to move when the game started.

While using the EasyRPG's Player.exe I was able to play normally (without mojibake)until I tried to sleep, then the game froze.

I have read in the EasyRPG forum about people being able to play it with the EasyRPG Player (with some minor issues). Maybe I messed up in some way.

If I find a good solution, I'll probably come back to post about it.



There are ready to download EasyRPG Players, to different platforms (OSX, Linux, Win, ¡even Android!, and more) here: https://easy-rpg.org/player-downloads.html

If you read my previous post you may note that I had problems running YN with EasyRPG. But I didn't have tried/looked how to solve it too much.

And there are posts in EasyRPG Forums of people that seem to run YN in android, or other platforms with minor issues.

It may be worth checking out, I think I'll try to experiment with that player and I'll probably post back if something went good. :D


File: 1443291793366.jpg (34.43 KB, 350x350, 1407800071277.jpg)

Hey guys, I downloaded the Fullscreen Flicker fix for Yume Nikki posted earlier in this thread, but whenever I use it the entire screen will just go straight black after a while, with me unable to input or do anything else. For the original flickering I could just disable fullscreen but with this I can't do anything beyond close the game. Its really frustrating, and although it seems like its worked previously, it doesn't seem to work for me. Anyone have an suggestions?


File: 1444234812623.jpg (11.77 KB, 277x319, 125270531396777.jpg)

Don’t use it.


trying to run 0.10eng in wine, but I keep getting
dunno what's up


My character can't move at all. If it helps, I use windows 10 and have a microsoft wedge keyboard. Is my keyboard too new and the game is shitting itself?


Most likely not the right place to ask this but is it possible to fuck up your progress in yume nikki by killing someone that you weren't supposed to with the knife (like someone that would've given you an effect etc)?


No, everything except effects resets to default every time you wake up


Uninstall and download the version from theneitherworld, that's what I did.


I've installed 0.10 english version and now I'm very confused about one small detail.
Having played Yume Nikki some 2-3 years ago, I distinctly remember that Madotsuki will say her "dame muri" if she tries to open the door in her room while awake. But now, some generic SFX is played instead.
Am I remembering wrong or was it changed in some latter version?


Nah, the "Dame"/"Furi" sound effect definitely still happens. Try downloading the game again from somewhere else.


Downloaded the game from kikiyama's site and it's just the same.
By playing around with the game's sound files I found out that 足音_013.WAV (slowed down x2) is played whenever Mado tries to open the door.
So either this change has been made in some later game version, or my memory is playing tricks on me and she never said anything in the first place…


The muri sound wasn't from 2kki?


Wait, the damu/muri thing wasn't from when you couldn't use an effect or do a certain action while wearing an effect (like pitch yourself as the snowman)?


The font is so bold and hard to read. Is there a way to fix this? Running the game in Wine by the way.


I cannot find a way to fix that anymore. it's better to just use EasyRPG now, though there's no pitch shifting support yet.


File: 1455444731244.jpg (33.29 KB, 640x480, YumeNikki.jpg)


I am getting problems with text being displayed all wrong in-game. I'm using the Japanese version and running it under Japanese locale (changing the system locale itself, not with Applocale) on Windows 7. The game starts up fine and seems to even run okay, but all the text looks the way it does in the picture, rendering the game essentially unplayable.

I can't seem to find any similar problem reports on google and have no idea how to fix this.



File: 1457493142190.jpg (93.11 KB, 584x749, 1447540571922.jpg)

I’ll drop the link here, because I’m tired to look up for that thread every time.



I was just going to ask if anyone had figured out the text problem for RPG maker games in WINE. Easyrpg-player fixes the fonts for me, but so much stuff is broken. I couldn't even see the ending for YN using it, as well as other games like OFF missing lots of animations and other stuff.

I'm wondering if it'd be worth it to put XP in a VM or something, but the thought makes me unhappy.


File: 1458455290393.png (14.18 KB, 642x514, 2016-03-19 23_05_29-_yn_ -….png)


I solved this mojibake shit, at least for yume nikki. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.

No, it doesn't involve third-party programs or 2000rtp. I don't think 2000rtp games require this bullshit process, because I got yume 2kki working before, didn't actually play it though. Still, I've seen pictures of fucked up yume 2kki, so this fix might still apply.

Don't use the link from Madotsuki's Closet, shit is missing RPG_RT.exe for some goddamn reason.

Okay, so starting from the beginning.
Preliminary: set your system locale to Japanese. I also installed the Japanese language pack, I don't think you need to though. You can do it anyways.

1. Get applocale. The right hand context menu version won't work sometimes because you can't run it in administrator (at least for me), but it's convenient when it does.
2. Run every fucking thing through app locale. Extracting shit (USE 7-ZIP), running 2003rtp, installing 2003rtp…everything should show up with no garbled filenames in your Windows explorer. If it doesn't open for some reason, go to the applocale.exe (should be in windows/apppatch) and right click -> run administrator, then try to run the application through applocale.
3. If you're able to get to the point where you can open the game using applocale (if ゲームスタート.exe doesn't work, use RPG_RT.exe in the ゆめにっき folder), this is where your despair begins. (pretty much everybody can get to this point just using online resources).
4. DON'T WORRY. Go to Control Panel>Region and Language>Formats and change your Format to "Japanese (Japan)".
5. Open the game. It should work.

The amount of people/weebs actually trying to play the game in Japanese is probably really small. But this fucking works. At least for now.

Image attached proves.



see above.


Credit goes to this page for the fix.


I've been actually planning to replay YN again recently in japanese, but the mojibake bullshit was really disheartening, so this is actually pretty nice. Thanks anon.

Although if I found a way to run it without problems in Arch, that'd be much better too, but things sometimes just don't work.


File: 1462111586112.png (219.33 KB, 1858x1537, 夢日記.png)

Everytime I try to enter either the candle or eyeball world the following happens (see pic).
I know the best idea is probably to reinstall, but this hasn't actually ever happened before and I'd prefer not to lost all my save data.

Please, feel free to call me a retard if necessary.


hey i don't actually have any useful advice but that shit is hilarious


love you ✿


Awww, that's so sweet!! :D I love you too.


File: 1462124773475.jpg (572.79 KB, 835x1189, I'm fucking off.jpg)

>going to the help thread to give advice
>see gross exchange of fluids


That's my bad, sorry man. For real though I'm still hoping somebody can help me.


>That's my bad
>my bad

Wow, Anonymous, we are so done.


File: 1462125320060.png (1.3 MB, 850x850, YN98.png)

>I'd prefer not to lost all my save data.
Make a back up of the .lsd files. Then reinstall the game.


Thanks so much guy! This works, anybody with a similar issue (though probably unlikely) follow this guy's advice. I owe you one. ✿
(Congrats on quads, by the way. Don't know if saying that makes me a faggot or not though so).

I still love you Anon


File: 1462132937272.jpg (12.22 KB, 320x635, .jpg)

Did you try setting it to wumbo?


I have a similar problem, for the Pink Sea as well. The message says, "Not implemented", popping up in a solitaire fashion, then "RPG_RT.exe has stopped working".

I changed the following in Windows 10:

Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language > Add a Language (Japanese) > Download Language Pack
I thought I did this before but when I went back to check it, it prompted me to do it again. So I guess I did it through Control Panel later. It originally corrected some English fonts in-game and just added the language without installing the full Language Pack.

Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region >Change date, time, or number formats > Administrative > Change system locale… to Japanese
This changed the Japanese file/folder/app names to be correct.

Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region >Add a Language > Japanese > Installed Japanese Language Pack
This had no effect.

Installed 2003RTP
This had no effect.

In between tries I did the following:
-Reinstalled Yume Nikki (The last time with all changes made nuking the folder beforehand)

I actually noticed some of the sound files weren't being copied over after making all these changes so I decided to pull the files over from OS X and disable the Japanese localization. Still no luck.

Incidentally, wine runs this game pretty well.


Figured it out.

If you replace all the MP3 files in that folder with these:
It magically works! Basically I generated them with the following command with ffmpeg on OS X:

for i in $(ls | grep mp3); do ffmpeg -i $i -acodec pcm_s16le $(echo $i | sed 's/mp3/wav/'); done

Also, I'd like to add that I'm using Windows 10 N, not Windows 10, so I don't have WMP installed. I don't know if that *matters*, but it might install mp3 codecs I was thinking.

If you are on Windows 10 N, I recommend doing that and this:
Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language > Add a Language (Japanese) > Download Language Pack

I would also love to know if Windows 10 has the same problem, given that it has some extra stuff thrown in.




How do I access the game files? Downloading the game and trying to look into the folder like for 2kki only gives me the "generic" rpg maker files. I need it for wikia purposes.


They're literally in the folders, each neatly named after what they have inside. Music has music, pictures has pictures, chipset has chipsets…


Cheerio I would say if I did not try that as well in the beginning. If I access the folder, there are only the generic rpg maker files to be found. Maybe I need to seach out an older version.
I do know what you mean though, it works that way just fine with 2kki.


Maybe someone can patch up a download with the folder that includes the right files. Would be helpful.


File: 1468432054710.png (42.48 KB, 397x421, fucking seriously.png)



same problem here. will reply if i find a fix or manage fix it on my own


Oh, I remember having this problem. Do you have any messaging programs (steam does it for me) that would cause popups/flashing toolbar icons? Or something on your desktop that's constantly updating like Rainmeter? Those cause some RPGmaker games to flicker like that. Alternatively, playing in windowed mode didn't seem to have that issue.


Does anyone know a way to play Wolf RPG and/or RPG Maker games on OSX? Wine is a bit finicky.


This is a particularly stupid question, but I can't leave the desk once I'm sitting at it. ESC does nothing. Does it change anything that I'm using a French AZERTY keyboard?


I can't remember which one was it, but push and keep ESC/x pressed until you leave the desk.


might i ask how one opens an xyz file?


File: 1486478755594.png (23.88 KB, 434x420, 0cos.png)


time to find a legal download of rpgm2k3



Anybody know where I can get a clean download for applocale? The official microsoft link has been dead for a gorillion years now and I'm not sure if I should trust the top few links I get on google.


If you're using Win 7 or later just use locale emulator. http://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/

For older systems… not sure. Microsoft's completely dropped support of AppLocale. There were alternatives posted on Hongfire but I'm not sure what's still alive. Maybe someone else can chime in.



Thank you anon, this worked.


When I try to go through doors on the bottom half of the room, the game crashes. I'm playing it on wine in Ubuntu.


File: 1496563026378.png (23.29 KB, 750x655, missing_toiletinwonderland.png)

im triying to play toilet in wonderland and appears that i need some files, but i got installed the RTP, this is normal? someone have these files because when i was searching if these file were really missing, i found that they are actually missing on my RTP 2000, something similar is happening with LCDem ( im using easyrpg-player )


File: 1496588788413.jpg (100.08 KB, 788x528, 1470194323581.jpg)

It's wine being retarded, not much you can do unless you play on a VM or install windows.

I will reply to your problem, however notice this isn't the right board for it, TiW does have a thread in >>>/og/3222

You have to install the japanese RTP, not just any RTP. Check file.



oh shit, i posted here because it says "general" help but well, dont worry
and yes i have that RTP already installed but is still happening


It means "general YN/FG help thread", there's one in /og/ for general games too. It's the same though since they're made in the same shitty engine.

Have you tried pasting the files installed by the RTP into the game folders? Maybe it can find them wherever the installer is putting them but if you throw them in their respective folders in the game directory it should work.


File: 1496622502680.png (15.47 KB, 654x477, RTP200failwine.png)


im triying to totally install it again but it shows this error, doesnt matter if i open with the

LC_ALL=ja_JP@utf8 or LANG=ja_JP.utf8 line argument, it keeps happening


Check if you have japanese fonts installed in your wine directory, and if my memory doesn't fail you should also check how you set up the locale with wine in your distro too; LC_ALL=ja_JP@utf8 is for ubuntu, or at least I remember running something different in arch.


>Check if you have japanese fonts installed in your wine directory

yes i have them installed but, its the same, it keeps happening

and im on arch at the moment, i even checked the wiki, the command is "working" but for some reason it doesnt on RTP2000 installer


I'm pretty sure it was something like LC_ALL=ja_JP.utf-8 or LC_ALL=ja_JP.utf8; you have to use the code from when you generated the locale.
Either way, the problem is that it's extracting everything with mojibake instead of japanese, and that's why it can't find the files.



LC_ALL=ja_JP.utf8 worked perfectly, thank you,fucking finally, i feel dumb now but happy too


File: 1499259181382.jpg (38.63 KB, 374x374, D8CRtMS.jpg)


If it is really what it means it is, then it's this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRC_bot

Anyway, here's the original download, if you don't want to download that one:
And and a patch to fix v0.10's bugs http://www3.nns.ne.jp/pri/tk-mto/yumesyuusei.lzh


Probably a false positive, since only two antiviruses no one's ever heard of detected it.


When I attempt to play the Japanese Yume Nikki, I can't select anything. Both spacebar and Z do nothing, so I can't even start the game. The arrow keys work though.


Have you tried the return key?


I've been playing Yume Nikki for a while, gathered a bunch of effects, explored quite a bit. Today, i ran the game again, and found out the Load option didn't work. But in the game folder, i can still see my Save01.lsd file. It's just that the game doesn't.. see it? I tried copying it and replacing it with itself, and replacing the RPG_RT.exe file with a clean one, but it's still gone from the game screen. Does anyone know how to fix this?
My save file is 107KB, so that means it isn't empty, right?


File: 1504598748440.png (31.08 KB, 601x291, ynss.png)

A correction and adittion to my previous post:
My original save file is 30KB, and not 107KB as stated previously. I mistook it for the Uninstall.exe file.
Save04.lsd is an empty save i made just after starting a new game, to prove that my save is more advanced in the game, and therefore not empty.
Save04.lsd is visible in the game, but my original Save01.lsd is still not.


Try opening both files with a hex editor and see if their headers/general information are the same.


File: 1504632320750.png (19.42 KB, 1173x641, s1s2ss.png)

I just used the notepad, but it was enough to let me see that my old save was just full of empty lines.
I guess i'll have to replay it, thank you for the help though!


I downloaded Broken Bottles but 7zip won't extract the RPG_RT.exe. I tried copying the .exe aand placeing it in the Broken Bottles folder, but I always get a message that I don't have permission or something. Why and how can I fix that?


Erase that directory and extract again. If that doesn't work, extract the exe first to a different directory and then everything else into the same directory.


Thanks, your second solution worked


File: 1506753973264.png (4.68 KB, 280x160, ErrorScreen2.PNG)

Trying to play Sick Mind, but I got this error message… and I already tried replacing the executable with ones from a bunch of other fangames, but it didn't do shit…


>and I already tried replacing the executable with ones from a bunch of other fangames, but it didn't do shit…
Well, of course it didn't; it is only asking you to put the vehicle file in the charset directory.


Win10, just can't fucking start older RPGmaker shit at all. Already have locale emulator, already tried downloading jap runtime package, it gets stuck at a certain % and closes, already downloaded the other rtp that's supposed to help with that issue, and it did nothing. And I'm an absolutely fucking moronic brainlet retard so VMs are hard.


hi !! i had a problem with the current english version font of yume nikki and found this rly helpful site / thread that explained a nice fix (at least for me, i didn't have the font "ms-mincho" installed and that was basically it !! i run windows 10) i hope this works for u all



You have to run the RTP installation in the Locale Emulator, have you done that?



Is there a way to play in fullscreen on a higher resolution monitor without the blurry upscaling?
I'm using Wine.


The steam version fixes that issue, sadly it's only for windows


Thanks, I'll just run the Windows version of Steam through Wine then.


Is there still no fix for the bolded fonts on Linux?


File: 1543124302866.png (12.95 KB, 666x281, yume.png)

After spending some time trying to make this work, I was able to get normal text with the following setup:

>Wine 3.16

>ipamona (installed via 'winetricks ipamona')
>fakejapanese_ipamona (installed via 'winetricks fakejapanese_ipamona')

If you happen to use Lutris, I created a new YAML build file that automates the above process. It's currently pending review, but it can be found here in the meanwhile:

You should be able to install it via the following command:

>curl -o yume-nikki.yaml https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/raw/53d00daa && lutris -i yume-nikki.yaml

Hope that helps!


When trying to install the RPG2k RTP, I get the following error:

RPGツクール2000 ランタイムパッケージ
Setup failed to run installation:

One or more arguments are not correct.

I have tried installing this using Japanese locale (which I downloaded and extracted the setup files in) and my home locale, but neither works, and the error message is extremely vague. Help?


Game launches, but immediately crashes because of this error:
"ファイル マイシステムa は開けません"
I'm running the Japanese game through WINE. I've installed the Japanese 2003 RTP, and used this program called "convmv" to change all of the filenames from shift_jis to UTF8 to eliminate mojibake. I'm scared that this might've broken it, since the game can probably only deal with SJIS paths, but I'm still posting about it here in the hopes that it's not the case (changing my operating system's character encoding scheme would be pretty inconvenient, after all). The reason is, even when I go through the files, I can't find any called "マイシステムa.xyz". There's "system/マツプベテムa.xyz", but as you should be able to judge, it's totally different. Is there something more to this, or am I just going to have to put up with the mojibake? Are there any weird hacks I can do on the executable file to deal with utf-8 filenames, if that's the case?

If you have an actual graphics driver and not something Intel put out, xrandr should have an option to set the "Scaling" property to "center", I think. This probably should apply to games run through WINE.
There's also settings to scale by regular sizes and stuff I think, but personally I don't like to have my images upscaled at all. Alternatively, you could get a CRT monitor and not worry about blurring.


I figured it out. mvconv was simply fucking up really badly for some reason. イ becomes ツ, and シ becomes プ and ス becomes ベ, and probably some other ones. My entire install directory is like this. How the fuck does this happen?
Thanks to >>4642 for helping me figure out what was going on.


>>8656 I was using a very outdated version. That'll teach me to ever trust a slackbuild ever again.


This also explains was the executable was titled "ヒームベタート.exe". What the fuck is a Heembetart?


Currently playing through the steam version of Yume Nikki and made it onto the ship and tried to get the crash cutscene happen. Only to find the lights would not dim and no matter how long I waited in the bed (Someone recommended I wait a few seconds in the bed) got in and out of the bed still nothing. Tried leaving the room and coming back. Still nothing. Anyone have any ideas on whats wrong? I remember not having this problem with the non-steam version.


File: 1562798957371.png (15.36 KB, 816x480, blurrypixelswithgarbledtex….png)

Damn, they still haven't fixed the steam version? It's been a known bug for a long while…

I'm currently looking for a way to play the .10 japanese version with the fullscreen and (2x resolution) WITHOUT getting every pixel in the game looking blurry (wich the steam version at least has that going for it) but after setting pretty much everything in my win7 to japanese so it would run the game (language, region, system locale), the in-game menus have garbled text (interestingly enough, it doesn't look blurry in the screenshot, when it does in my 1360x768 screen)

(I've also been looking for a .10 english version without the blurry screen, but I've only found the steam version - wich has these annoying bugs - or a few others wich won't allow me to exit the NASU game with the Esc key)


Just use easyrpg


Not sure if this is the right thread to ask about this because it's not technically a problem I'm having but I'll ask anyway since it's been bugging me for a while. On my first play session the toriningens wouldn't teleport me away. I actually just thought they were friendly. I started in the forest world and went to face carpet plaza, and that toriningen would just walk up to me and follow me but not teleport me. The same thing happened with toriningens in hell if I remember correctly. Like I said at the time I just thought they were friendly, and was very surprised to find out they're supposed to teleport you away.
So my question is just if this is a known glitch, some intended mechanic I don't understand or an unknown glitch that I found


Must be a glitch brought about by runtime updates. Try an older version of RPGmaker if you can.
There ARE friendly torniningen that will just roam around, but any with crazy eyes should always send you to purgatory


Well it's something I've never been able to replicate. It's only happened the first time I ever played Yume Nikki. I was just wondering if anyone knew more about it. I kind of wish they were just friendly though, I had a lot of fun exploring from forest world to hell to wilderness to barracks settlement to FC world to Shield-Folk world and all the way back to nexus on my first play session. It absolutely blew my mind how many areas I got to explore only to loop all the way back to where I started. It would have sucked if my progress there was blocked by the toriningens and I had to go get the traffic light or whatever first.




File: 1602651861476.png (294.95 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_2020-10-13_20-0….png)

Im trying to get an english version of Yume Nikki running through wine, i got the download from the Yume Niki fan wiki. Wine will crash immediately upon loading the game. Changing my locale doesnt work. No difference whether or not wine is 32 or 64 bit.


There’s https://easyrpg.org/player/downloads/
The executable requires the latest version of libc which I think shouldn’t be an issue on manjaro.

Another thing, I’ve not tried yn under wine in this distro before but I reckon the command can be simplified to
> WINEARCH=<win32/64> WINEPREFIX=<path> wine <path to .exe>


I know the steam version translates things unnecessarily but I was comparing folders and the 2007 Classic v0.10 is different to the portable version which I first thought was just the extracted game from the exe. I also noticed that some animations are quicker in one or the other. Which is recommended?


File: 1641036028674.jpg (11.19 KB, 320x240, start.jpg)

how come the font looks so ugly on mine


Try downloading and activating both the english and japanese rtp, and make sure you run the game in japanese locale. you can run the game in japanese locale by using something like locale emulator or changing your system to japanese locale. Here is where you can download the japanese locale. https://tkool.jp/products/rtp.html


File: 1703233740214.jpg (88.53 KB, 1080x608, ashpedo.jpg)

You want to fix a problem fix it yourself

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