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File: 1328699938593.jpg (21.08 KB, 500x348, mochi-japanese-traditional….jpg)


So, yeah, name some of the worst foods you have tried ever. One of the worst deserts I've ever tried was daifuku/mochi. It was this disgusting, slimy, squishy ball full of red bean paste.


A supposedly high quality brand (and actually expensive) canned german herring fillets in some kind of paprika sauce. It tasted like neither herring or paprika, and despite being sold as fillets, they were full of bones, which was utterly disgusting…


Some organic premade orange chicken dinner. It was meant to be crispy when cooked in a pan, which I did. It was like eating wet bread with a slice of chicken lunch meat in it and the sauce was bitter, like they pureed orange peels and dumped salt and garlic in it
some one may say "what do you expect from a frozen dish" but honestly I've had plenty of frozen dinners that were excellent, especially the kind that come in a bag and you just dump it in the skillet nd cook it, those are great.


Hmm, for grossest meal, I'd probably say some some general tsos from some chinese place my family tried once. The texture was fine enough, but it tasted like it was cooked in rancid oil, so after a couple of us tried a bite, we decided to call them up and ask for a refund. The restaraunt got all offended, saying that they've never gotten a complaint before, though they still gave us a refund, at least.

If I was gonna list a food that I hate even when prepared well though, that'd be mayonnaise. I can only stand it when its heavily masked by other ingredients, as it is in certain sauces.


Also, I love daifuku/mochi. Ended up first trying it when I bought it at a nearby oriental market, then loved it so much that I went back and got about 10 more. after the third of fourth trip of that, I started getting a bit sick of it, but I still like some every now and then.


Ever heard of Smart Option? It's a private brand that is put out by Food Lion and Bottom Dollar.

Suffice to say, their chicken nuggets and orange soda seem to have the same shitty flavour. Possibly because every single smart option product is only made from cardboard and food coloring.


There was this fried chicken that had black pepper on it (it was frozen food by the way). I took one bite, and it was like I was choking on it; and I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic to black pepper or anything (although I don't like black pepper very much).
I never ate it again.
Besides that, it didn't really taste that good, though not exactly bad either.


I can remember I bought a slice of pizza from this one place, and the texture was literally like rubber.



Horrifying. And I'm far from a picky eater.


This one cafeteria pizza tasted like the plastic it was wrapped in.


File: 1328906014082.jpg (265.52 KB, 730x547, Rice-Crackers-with-Seaweed….jpg)

I actually found mochi to be pretty delicious rice crackers on the other hand……

I really can't even begin to explain how nasty shit they were when I had them. I was at that stage of anime fan where everything Japanese was awesome. Everyone got like a big bag of these things and when I got home I ate a couple. Eugh. Then I threw the bag away


Uggh, I agree, those crackers taste horrible.


I'm not sure if this counts, but fucking Anthonys pizza. It's horrible.


File: 1328942524711.png (330.58 KB, 387x580, EUGH.png)

This…this cheap can of Bird's Nest drink. It cost less than a dollar, and, tragically, I found out why. I managed to erase the exact taste from my memory, but it had an awful chemical taste, and there were some small, round, hard and prickly things floating in the drink.

There was a period of time in which my mom cooked miso soup for us at least 2-3 times per week, and she always added too much paste. I could bear with drinking overly-strong miso soup, but then she started cooking in frozen scallops. I found it unpleasant. One night, though, we ran out of green onions to add to the soup, so she improvised with chives…it turned out to be a thick, green and salty goop. Nobody wanted to eat it.


A disappointing food was karaage. Honestly, I thought it was going to be super good, but it was really plain. Maybe the people who made it were bad at making it, but still.


Agreed, mochi is disgusting.


Finally, someone who agress :"D



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