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Despite Nexon North America being the shittiest gaming host to ever walk the face of the earth, Mabinogi's probably one of the best games I've ever played.

Thoughts? Comments? Serves and IGNs?


Quite a few of us in the IRC channel used to play, and some of the older members still play Mabi.

I downloaded it again recently but I've yet to play again. My giant is probably huge as fuck now.


I used to play MabiEU a few years back, before a lot of shit happened in my life (long, sad stories ftw).
I think I reached somewhere around total level 700, as by some point there was hardly anything to do and I got really bored with the game.
It was really fun while it lasted though.
I was Neku on Morrighan btw


I tried it when it was like first first first released but none of my friends wanted to try it so I got bored and quit. If ububu wants to play tho I'd play w/ u guys.


There's a lot of awesome new stuff now, Mabinogi also now has probably the most vast character customization I've ever seen, Ya'll should join the Alexina server :D


I used to be an avid mabinogi player. Unfortunately the game really is pay 2 enjoy. Not to mention the fact that Nexon fucks up everything it touches, causing a hyper-inflated economy, constant, crippling, lag and glitches, and literally the worlds worst customer support. (which you will need due to the glitches and lag causing you to lose your inventory and pets that you paid money for)
It used to be an incredible MMO though, so mourn for its greatness, lost.
Also, even though I don't play anymore, I'm still a member of this fansite which is probably one of the best communities ever, check it out, we can always use the traffic.


File: 1331536615471.jpg (3.86 KB, 184x184, ಠ_ಠ.jpg)

Are you kidding me? Mabination is fucking shit, the mods are kiss-asses who play favorites and if you try to tell the admins, which they clearly state that if you feel rules are being broken or mods are being unfair to tell them so, they'll completely ignore you. Sorry to have a random outburst like this, but I had the worst fucking experience ever on that damn site and all I was trying to do was enjoy myself and follow the damn rules ಠ_ಠ

Honestly the mabinogi community as a whole is going downhill.


>Mabinogi as a good mmo

Hahaha, no. It's animu WoW with a poorly balanced player-economy.


>Animu WoW
>Free to play
>Poor player economy even thought its because of the host being shit, which I clearly stated "Other than the host being shit"
>Your comments sound like those of a butthurt noob who didn't get everything they wanted on day one of playing.

oh anon, you card.



You could say I'm not the MMO type, but I personally think that Mabinogi—and many MMOs made before a certain period of time—are fucking boring. Quests tend to be tedious as shit (grind enemies for 20 macguffins and bring 'em back, fetch this, do that, etc.) without any compelling reason for a player to do them. Hence, WoW-like.

If you want to play an actually fucking decent MMO, Dragon Nest has the crappy quests still but it's a lot less grindy and the combat system is actually more to do with combat and less likely to make you fall asleep in the middle of a quest.



Now its my turn to say it.
>Dragons quest is a decent MMO
Hahahahaha no. Dragons nest is a game for PVPwhores.

>Fetch quests in every MMO including Mabi
those quests are near nonexistant in Mabinogi. You want an MMO with a fuckton of grinding and fetch quests? Try maplestory.

You obviously tried mabi during the time where there wasn't much content.


Whoopsie, accedentally put Dragons QUEST, my bad. Dragons NEST is a Shit MMO either way.

Also commenting I love how you try to pull the "blah blah blah fetch quests" card, which makes me think you didn't even really play Mabinogi.


>Dragon Nest is for PVPWhores
So is Vindictus, and that is actually a fun game as well. Both of these games are much better-designed than Mabinogi in almost every way, and are actually engaging until they hit the "grindy point" (the point in an mmo when a game gets too grindy).

>Tried it when there wasn't much content
I tried it in like 2010. After a lifetime of not playing MMOs, I was thoroughly unimpressed. Click the enemy to trade blows, god what a bore. No depth of any kind, it's like turn-based RPGs in real-time (like WoW, EverCrap, and some other games).

My thing is that if a game can't hook me in the first couple of hours of play, it's not worth playing. I shouldn't have to pay a price in wasted time just to have fun, even in an MMO.

I can see the appeal in these kinds of games to some people, but they aren't that fun for me. It feels like work. Don't try to insult me just because I don't share your taste in such games.


I'm not insulting you because of your taste in MMOs, I'm insulting you because you can't make a valid argument.


Another thing about Mabinogi is that the fans are absolutely rabid. Even the ones that have "quit" (after having spent hundreds of dollars on extra content and insane amounts of gold just to play the damn game) come back to it later and talk about how "fun" it was.


Not to mention you stuck your neck out in a thread about it, its fair game. Not to mention you're anonymous, so why do you give a shit?


No, you're insulting me because I didn't like a game because the first quests it threw at me were so boring I quit.

Seriously, how is that not a valid argument? You're so full of shit.


Why so mad? Not my fault you didn't bother considering that the game might get better later. If I'm full of shit, you're so full of shit that its beginning to seep out of your ears and eye sockets, especially since you're getting so defensive about a post on the god damn internet that isn't even going to last because the wildcard theme changes every weak :V


*Week, bluh, where's the post editor when you need it? I'm going to bed and not bothering wasting any more time on some retard who thinks every MMO is the same.

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