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File: 1334354449000.png (194.07 KB, 472x338, things that scared us as c….PNG)


with great nostalgia, comes great fear

things that scared us as children thread because it CAN be nostalgic

and not particularly SCARE us, pic related. this asshole… thing… still makes me uncomfortable but im not as creeped out by it anymore

spill it uboachan i know you were probably afraid of something ridiculous when you were just a wee tyke


Okay, here's a good one:
When I was a kid, for some reason I always thought that when you open the trunk of a car, there would be this…baby. And it just shouts "BABY!", and then jumps at your face! I don't even know if it's supposed to look scary in appearance, but it sure sounded scary.
I pretty much forgot about it, and it's not something I particularly worry about anymore. But then then there was that effing PlayStation 3 baby commercial! Well, it kind of reminded me of the baby in the trunk thing; but that PS3 commercial is a whole lot freakier to me as an adult than that other thing now.



the soap thing never weirded me out because I had to do the dishes all the time. my mom is ocd so the dishes were done at least twice a day

no instead I would stare down drain pipes, expecting something alive or hidden to be inside… especially after bathtime when I was little, I would squat in the tub and wait for something to come out of the drain. nothing ever did of course… I was such a strange child


I used to wrap myself up in a huge, bulky cover-and-pillow cocoon, because I figured it would help me stay hidden, or at least somewhat protect me from whatever awful shit was in the hallway or closet. Even if it was summer. At the most my face was the only part of me you could see, or just a small hole to breathe out of.

Oh, those years of long nights laying awake in a sweaty terror in my cover cocoon, expecting the worst to happen.
>it never did


File: 1334401487912.jpg (64 KB, 500x500, bunnies.jpg)

I used to have a hard time telling my dreams and reality apart. We had pretty thin walls and were living in a block of flats, and if someone was walking in the hallway, you could hear that.One time, I dreamt of a tall person with a wooden stump for a head. For some reason, I was completely sure that it was living inside my wall and it scared me. A lot.

Flickering/buzzing of old halogen lamps.

Being in a room with the door left wide open, especially if it's dark.

That glow the tv would display for a little while after turning it off.

Dark liquids.

I dunno I odd lol.


This, I did the same.

-Also the door left wide open thing, I still sleep with the door closed.

-The holes in swimming pools.

-The creepy random photos in the GameBoy Camera…WHY


File: 1334420016440.jpg (13.1 KB, 320x288, tumblr_m0mfa3l5XB1qa7ckn.jpg)

forgot pic


File: 1334439675109.jpg (17 KB, 300x300, tub-drain-grid-strainer-51….jpg)

This and Bubbles.
No fucking joke.
I have no idea why I one day started to hate bubbles so much, but when I was way young I fucking HATED bubbles.


File: 1334441319489.png (201.78 KB, 518x503, Capture.PNG)

This may be a little too specific too, but my granpa had this prayer room in his house, just a small room with wood paneling on the walls and yellow semishag carpet. it had a row of pillows for your knees while you knealed and prayed, and a wooden bar for you to rest your head and hands on. There were pictures of jesus, brown hair, heartbroken eyes, staring at the upper corner of everything. it scared me, there was such awful vibes in there, in that house in general. I really didn't like it
I found out more recently that my grandparents actually used to believe in praying rather than treating the sick, and one of their children died this way.
my dad told me a couple of stories about the church they went to and the sort of weird teachings now that im older, but i always felt so uncomfortable in their house and at the church my family went to(they have since moved to a new building though)
I even found part of the news paper article.


i dont know where that "too" came from, woops


I used to be scared of ceiling fans because they looked like faces staring at me.

I also used to be scared by the way balloons move around by themselves at night. I would lock them in my closet to make sure they didn't wander


I used to be scared of windows at night, because I believed something would stand at any uncovered and stare at me.



Jehovah's Witnesses were/are kind of the same way


ughhhhhhh same. in my old neighborhood it was a legitimate concern though, there were a lot of weird strung-out people in the area and sometimes they would hop the fence and walk right past my window. people tried to break into our house at least once each year

fuck that place anyway


I used to hide somewhere when I did something wrong in educational games, because usually you get scolded by some monster or an angry man.


i used to hold my breath whenever i put a shirt or sweater on because i thought breathing in the shirt air was bad for you

my fear of shirt air has been conquered, but i still hold my breath when i put tops on


One time I ate an entire package of bacon from the fridge (it was turkey bacon so it was pre-cooked and fine to eat without cooking) but my mom didn't want me just eating it out of the fridge. So she told me that eating raw bacon would give me worms and the only way to get rid of them was to eat raw potatoes.

I believed her of course because I didn't want worms in my belly.
I never ate raw bacon again but I love raw potatoes now

Also I was always afraid things under my bed would get me. So I always went to bed with my Guinevere and the Jewel Riders dolls and unicorns.


Hmm… I dunno, most things didn't scare me that badly as a kid.
Oh, except video rental stores.
Because the fuckers never thought that maybe it was a good idea to put all of the horror movies into a section where the covers wouldn't be scaring the shit out of little kids.
Once, I actually complained to a video rental worker, and she just said that they had to atleast put all the brand new horror movies out in the new rental section. It never really occurred to me why they couldn't just make a new horror movie section. Like, if that didn't come out right, they DID have a horror movie section, but they also put all of the new horror movies that had just been released outside of that section.

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