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File: 1426715670360.jpg (942.53 KB, 1378x1001, 1317015274357.jpg)


So I haven't really rummaged through /flow/ much at all,so I'm not sure if anyone's proposed this before.

At some point or another I was reading something that brought up "flow."
Flow is where you focus so completely on one thing, nothing else registers on your radar. It's also called being in the "zone," and the concept isn't really a new one; it's existed in various religions and stuff, bla bla bla now I'm just writing an essay on this. Go look it up on wikipedia if you really need to.

You can probably see where I am going with this, now. Sabitsuki is so grossly enveloped by her activities on that computer, nothing else matters. She doesn't even see the outside world while she's on the computer. There is nothing beyond what is on the screen.
She gets so wrapped up in the world she's found or created on the computer she doesn't even realise how dark it's gotten, how much it's hurting her. At this point, it's more like hyperfocus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperfocus) in that she's not overjoyed or cheerful about it anymore; she's not happy, but she can't leave it be.

It's not anything groundbreaking or anything, but that's my theory.


Already proposed.
I can't recall exactly what the theory was, but more or less it explained that Sabitsuki is indeed in some kind of deep-trance state (probably produced by the computer), in which she immerses herself inside her own world. It also mentioned that the game is basically navigating around the memories/thoughts of Sabi, and that this mix is what produced such a distorted world. Nothing about hyperfocus though, but it's a valid point if you consider it.


File: 1426751607712.jpg (146.86 KB, 950x730, 1417240508573.jpg)

OP here.
As I said, I didn't rummage through /flow/'s posts much because i'd already read that /t/ was accepting fangame theories now.

This ended up more of a theory on why the game is called what it is, tbh. But regardless, I brought up hyperfocus because flow is specifically associated with a sense of joy, or pleasure in the task at hand. She has some pretty disturbing stuff floating around in her little computer life, yet initially doesn't seem to upset. When Rust happens though, it changes things quite a bit. Which leads me to assume things are less pleasurable for her, but she can't just walk away without being forcefully "ejected."
Thus hyperfocus.

Image relatively unrelated.


Double post, sorry. What I meant is more like, there's nothing else to do (well, almost nothing else) and that's why she can't walk away.
Or something closer to "can't walk away for extended periods of time" because thats all the game is.

File: 1426370582144.jpg (124.06 KB, 468x467, Nin.jpg)


Cryptology connection - Ningen are humanoid giant ice creatures supposedly spotted by Japanese fishing ships in the antarctic. My theory is that Takofuusen could possibly represent one of these types of creatures. A desert could be seen to the human mind as the polar (hence the white color) opposite of the icy wastelands of the cold antarctic. Thereby confirming the theory that the dream world is related to the waking world on more than we might expect. it's all interconnected. And that smug look on the creatures face…did kikiyama know something?


also the cactai look like coral…just sayin'.

File: 1418794588085.png (663.31 KB, 700x980, e280278c7f50aecb3f2a83b6ea….png)


what if mado couldn't leave her room because she was under house arrest


File: 1418817577889.gif (255.26 KB, 500x236, madotsukilaughing.gif)


I actually saw a Yume 2kki theory like this once, saying Urotsuki was under house arrest for getting into too many bar fights.


how many bar fights is too many


File: 1422983175182.png (85.48 KB, 500x353, tumblr_nac7tbvt4F1ten7j7o1….png)


Okay, now I know that this can be a very touchy subject on here, but I have to know…. Why does everyone get so angry about whether or not Mado-chan was raped? I understand debating on beliefs but the sheer rage in some of these comments is intense. Now, I'm asking politely. So please…hear me out. Could some of you more civilized people tell me your thoughts as to what happened (rape/notraped) and your supporting reason(s) why? Please.

Please don’t kill me.
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File: 1423012929139.jpg (468.75 KB, 784x1349, newfags.jpg)

>what is a meme


welcome to our community, Emily.


File: 1423018066420.png (564.99 KB, 818x762, Fraudmobile.png)

Shet I'd ask why can't I discuss the fact that there is no evidence about Kikiyama approving Project Yume Nikki but mod chan would b& me for the same reason.

The reason is, there is no reason, community is just like this.


File: 1423069530929.jpg (87.75 KB, 887x747, 9490b9d8327c50b3295b3a1d58….jpg)

Thank you, Anon number one. That actually does shed some light on things! :)
And Anon #3, who are you talking to?


Either lurk more, or stop shitposting.

File: 1416787732275.png (2.89 KB, 256x232, zelda4.png)


completely random theory incoming
pic unrelated

the effects symbolize madotsuki's life, and in order, too!

one day, madotsuki was outside, playing with a frog. it started raining, so she got inside to get an umbrella. then it started snowing, so she believed it to be the yuki-onna, and got a hat and scarf. she knew the yuki-onna was evil, so she took a knife to try and cut the yuki onna's hands off, then stab her eyes. she remembered how dangerous the yuki onna was, and maybe it could turn madotsuki fat, or into a midget. she tried using a flute, knowing she was terrible at it, so the yuki-onna could hear the horrible music and would be warded off. Yuki-onna was definitely not like a moth, and doesn't get attracted to light. madotsuki thought that yuki-onna didn't like light, so she brought out a neon sign. she remembered the yuki-onna was faceless, so she was scared, and wanted to kill herself by cutting her own head off. she was scared to do so, so she wrapped herself in a towel and played with a cat. she looked around her house, and all she saw was a lamp and her bike. she wanted to get help from her friends. maybe the long-haired one, monoe, the ugly-haired one, monoko, or the blonde-haired one, poniko. madotsuki had an idea as to how to kill herself. she wrapped a triangle-kerchief around her head, trying to summon a ghost, or a witch, maybe even a demon! it worked. her legs felt like jelly. she fell to the ground, and stopped like a stoplight would at red.
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Cringe harder :^)


File: 1421992764306.jpg (327.19 KB, 1008x827, So you're new....jpg)

Then you're new. At least learn how to lie if you're going to reply.


File: 1421993272974.jpg (102.7 KB, 680x771, trollpls.jpg)


Anyone else who further derails this thread with rape shitposting is getting banned.


Mado was graped.

File: 1420537151661.jpeg (720.43 KB, 1200x817, 5f7812792605c72bb77bf02ea….jpeg)


what if madotsuki suffered from narcolepsy
because any time she lies in bed she falls asleep instantly
and she never wanted to go outside because she might fall asleep somewhere and something bad would happen
maybe she didn't mean to jump off her balcony but she was just standing on some stairs to enjoy the view and accidentally fell asleep and fell off

File: 1331183923325.png (251.13 KB, 543x499, 0e36940928c19ee8477dfb9c89….png)


I have a theory, but it's a bit of a long shot.

What if Madotsuki was actually starting to go blind?

I mean, it isn't like she's 100% in the dark right now, seeing as she can play NASU fine, but maybe her vision is faltering, and she's really afraid of going completely blind. There is, after all, a lot of eye-related themes in the game.

Even with the characters. Most of their eyes are in some way or form not normal, ie googly eyes, funny colored eyes, one eye, closed eyes, etc. Even Monoe seems to be squinting. The only one who doesn't really seem to be funny-eyed is Poniko.

Poniko is the only human-like character in the game who both has their eyes open, and is in full color. Maybe Poniko is the Mado who can see. When Mado shuts off the lights, Poniko turns them on, so that she can see. But if Mado turns them off enough times, Poniko goes "blind" and turns into Uboa,the Mado who can't see.

Just a thought. I'm not 100% behind this yet.
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I'm being a huge fucking retard about this whole issue. I just couldn't admit I may have been wrong or other people have interpretations. I can't save myself at this point. We all enjoy yume nikki and pretty much all interpretations are interesting to read. That's all the game really is, interpretations. It's not up to me to decide what you see in a game. People see jesus in sandwiches so yeah.


Wow. I'm actually impressed. I'll agree with you here for once instead of rustling your jimmies. Neither of us are really right, after all, this is /t/. It's all interpretation.


>She doesn't speak Japanese. It's not even officially confirmed that she's saying "dame, muri" at the door. It's just random sound.
I'd respond to this, but it's not even officially confirmed that >>746 is saying anything. It's just random letters.


Wow, you just had to get the last word in didn't you? I was actually surprised to see two anons just call a truce for once and you had to go and ruin it.


File: 1419786902196.png (15 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I think Madotsuki is a LUCID dreamer and/or has a disorder that enables her to see even if she closes her eyes or blind.

File: 1416260734379.jpg (7.58 KB, 200x200, you know.jpg)


Alright I've been thinking. To put it briefly Uboa is fear of rejection and when Mado is rejected she is trapped with her dirty thoughts of Poniko (gropey land) who is Mado's love interest. Monoe and Monoke couldve been previous love interests who acted in different ways, Monoke being disgusted and acting horribly thus being seen as a monster and Monoe could've been accepting of Mado but didn't return her love.

Mado also dreams/remembers being in a closet, this could be a metaphor for wishing she hadn't come out of the closet.

The fact Uboa only appears when the lights are off in Ponikos bedroom supports the whole rejection thing. This was my first theory after playing the game, what do you think?


It's pretty ok but what about the stoplight and knife effects used to get to monoe and hange monoko's form.


But still though (except for the stoplight I just was half thinking but still you do kill a guy to reach monoe does that resemble obsession or something)


Well excuuuuuuse me for not liking the edgy theories.


I'm not saying I hate the theory in fat I actually think it's a good theory I was just wondering something but aside from that:



File: 1366863401190.png (9.34 KB, 176x174, Mado's_Room.png)


So we all know that Madotsuki doesn't leave her room in (what some assume as) the real world, yet she does so in her dreamworld. Why is this? While people have their own theories (hikikomori, wall of bricks, etc.), I have found a possible alternate explanation.

If you look at her door, you'll notice that the hinges are in Madotsuki's room. How is this important? In her realm of dreams, she opens the door away from the room, which, unless there's some odd science going on, or if it's a swing door (which I highly doubt would be in an apartment room), would be impossible in reality.

So why doesn't Madotsuki leave her room in the real world (assuming it is reality)? It's simple. She is stupid and tried many times to open the door, except in the wrong way, and finally gave up on ever leaving her room.

What are your thoughts, dreamers?
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File: 1415921279069.gif (144.79 KB, 336x328, muri.gif)

What if she's so used to opening doors with her mind in the dream world, she forgot how to turn a doorknob with her hand?


Sounds dumb as shit.


File: 1415985782169.png (44.53 KB, 231x277, Touhou_Suika_drunk.png)

>troll theory thread
>sounds dumb as shit


File: 1416125484606.jpg (23.46 KB, 640x480, doors.jpg)

what if mado had a traumatic experience with her door once and now the doors haunt her dreams


File: 1416330588188.jpg (283.75 KB, 1280x1024, The_Doors.jpg)

What if the Doors killed mado

File: 1402454213257.png (790 B, 96x96, Madotsuki[1].png)


Mado can't see because she can't open her eyes.
She walked off the balcony by accident.
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I like this, though I would argue the mars landing means the mado seems lost after the whole ordeal. I'd also add that the spaceships appearing when mado plays with the cat effect coukd symbolize how she always feels like people are watching her. Or possibly that she feels the need to be someone else in order to gain positive attention (the cat being something stereotypically cute she uses in hopes people will start to like her).

Then, I'd say the changing eyes of mars-san has more to do with her own innermost beliefs (she must crawl in a hole and descend stairs to reach him, i.e. her subconscious) and how everyones attacks make her wish they would change.


when mado jumped over the balcony she jumped too high and landed on mars


what if mars-san was an old friend of hers and he went to mars and she tried to jump to mars to see him again but she didn't jump high enough and fell and died instead


Ah…I heard of this theory on Yume Nikki retrospective video.at the final one.


Man my head iches

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