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File: 1365479023059.jpg (124.97 KB, 1088x666, myst_island_spaceship_pian….jpg)


Not sure if it was posted yet or not, but I'm pretty sure the keyboard in the spaceship is a reference to the video game MYST. That's how you open one of the world portals, by playing the keyboard in the space ship. :P

File: 1339719786706.jpg (182.19 KB, 600x474, 1321742261678.jpg)


New Theory

What if Madotsuki died from hypothermia in the snow? That' swhy there's a Yukionna effect. (Basically a snow ghost.)
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I don't mind being corrected. It was just a random thought I had.


Didn't Madotsuki die from…

Well, you know, something other than that…?

If she died from hyperthermia, does that mean she's a ghost the whole time during the game? o.O


Oh shit I'm an idiot!


I think that Yuki-onna is covering her mouth because she's giggling because she finds Mado's attempt at rape amusing.


I'm sorry, why even bother making a shitty thread like this?

It's like me making an entire thread about, I don't know, "HAHA GUISE WHAT IF MADO GOT RUN OVER A BICYCLE AND THATS WHY THERES A BICYCLE EFFECT xD xDDD"

File: 1357362285331.jpg (16.55 KB, 323x450, man falling.JPG)


Just some detail about the whole trying to fly instead of fall thing

The witch event has been known to be many people's favorites for its calm and peaceful feeling, which contrasts from the game's qrotesque/ambient/horror theme. Since many people reacted positively toward the witch event, maybe Madotsuki was much happier during that time? And perhaps when she fell off she was trying to reenact it ??? especially since the witch effect is a little hard to reach since the escalators are often closed down.
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My interpretation of the the witch scene being calm and peaceful is that it represents Madotsuki's suicidal ideation. Or the idea that after she throws herself off the balcony she will be at peace and that is the only way she will be peaceful compared to the rest of her dreams, or life.


If you deactivate the Witch effect mid-flight, Madotsuki will plummet to the ground.
Then she'll wake up by falling out of bed.


File: 1363113428763.png (30.24 KB, 273x187, you dont say.png)

>>1425 Quite whole topic is about it.


You know, you never actually see a body. And then there's the Jellyfish.

It's left ambiguous really. People assume she killed herself because it seems like the likely outcome, but usually when you show weird shit after that, that's when you assume "it's a dream all along".

Not sure why that's never been a popular theory in these parts.



My interpretation is that when she hit the pavement she went back to the dream world. The Jellyfish was taking her back.

She's dead Jim.

File: 1362920538028.png (25.76 KB, 263x211, monoe.PNG)


Or maybe she doesn't know about Monoko's death and is playing hide'n'seek with Madotsuki.

Also white desert is Old black'n'white cartoons.


File: 1362933882609.jpg (8.56 KB, 251x201, images.jpg)

Shes smiling because she's a faggot


What if she's smiling because Mado was raped, and Monoe's a sadist, or a raptophile, or just really hates Madotsuki?


What if Monoe is smiling because she's a massive cunt



Smiling at one's death makes you a massive cunt faggot so you're all right.

Except you. You're wrong.



To be fair, smiling at one's rape also makes you a massive cunt faggot.

File: 1362334096759.jpg (84.28 KB, 800x630, Yume.Nikki.full.1402745.jpg)


I have one theory that I kinda shitted out one day. I think Mado might have been the survivor of some sort of apocalypse- explaining all the disturbing images in her dreams. Maybe it was caused by radioactivity, possibly due to all the imagery of oddly-shaped creatures, such as kyukyu-kun and uboa. Possibly the melting or changing forms of people that she saw below her apartment. Poniko might have been one of her friends affected by it, along with Monoko and Monoe. Masada might have been someone hiding in a shelter, or in a plane crash at the time- explaining the crash on mars.

The disturbing imagery caused in her dreams might have been from radium poisoning.

She was most likely hopeless, explaining why she might have jumped in the end.


well, i dont buy it but just reminded me this guy on nicovideo did. the description says something on the lines of… "everyone blames a bad mental health for her dreams and suicide, but what if she was normal and it was the world the deranged one so that all she saw was more or less real?" and goes on display some 100 drawn frames of what seems to be an alien invasion or something.


it asks to register with some email, but there's quite much YN content at that page, i recommend it.

File: 1361994807523.jpg (153.06 KB, 872x1200, 6549_1_XNKMW_Plastic_Girl_….jpg)


Let's discuss the similarities between Yume Nikki and Plastic Girl
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File: 1361999079032.jpg (68.96 KB, 899x647, 6549_1_XNKMW_Plastic_Girl_….jpg)


File: 1361999790914.jpg (92.28 KB, 899x647, 6549_1_XNKMW_Plastic_Girl_….jpg)


File: 1362004852094.jpg (94.83 KB, 899x647, 6549_1_XNKMW_Plastic_Girl_….jpg)


File: 1362007882513.jpeg (533.36 KB, 1024x768, sandman-preludesandnoctur….jpeg)

Reminds me of Dave McKean.


I love Plastic Girl. I feel like the theme of "escape" and symbolism is something both YN and Plastic Girl share, though I think Plastic Girl is a lot more in your face than YN. It's quite basically a story about puberty and growing pains.
The protagonist of Plastic Girl feels bitter about and alienated by her parents, who she believes prefer her as a baby they can suppress and control (especially her mother, "Mommy spawned me so I would bear all her sins", "Mom gave me a name. Secretly, I give her one back" - harsh) so she acts out by "turning ugly" when not given attention and "forgetting" what it means to be human (emotional issues), "having a baby" she kills to avoid getting in trouble, drawing "angels" to her and then gutting them for fun (relationships), etc.
She feels completely detached from her much younger, more naive self and feels like a totally different person from the baby her parents loved so much. She wants to escape from those feelings, so she tries going "Well fuck you. I'm going to become an adult as soon as possible and you can't stop me". She bites into an unripe, "forbidden" fruit, but it only hurts her in the end.
I also think her alienation might get to the point where she feels like she hurts and discards other people (she kills the snake she was "playing with" and stones the girl who directed her to her home to death) and is actually sort of disgusted with her "friends" (like the one who was "making a human being").

File: 1356658591475.jpg (467.63 KB, 973x1430, 1354040208950.jpg)


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Kids have vivid imaginations, and can imagine some seriously scary shit.



Yeah, overall, they all know paraca's culture and symbolism and that's why they dream with it.<-Don't take this seriously

No, really, I don't think all that symbolism just appeared there because of nothing in first instance.
You're right with that that kinds can imagine things really fucked up and scary, but not with all the symbolism of diverse cultures about dreams and the way to solucionate internal problems through dreams.


File: 1358469365045.png (224.16 KB, 393x460, rose.png)

>The ability to have the same dream repeatedly with no change in information is nearly impossible and is far more likely to be an aspect of one over-arching, deep state of unconsciousness.

>Madotsuki can fall asleep in exactly three seconds in the real world, even after repeated terrifying nightmares. This is not a likely ability to have in reality.

>In the dream world, her only task is to seek and find 24 effects which are randomly scattered

>Using gameplay elements as an argument for a theory




I don't think the consistency of the dreams is a gameplay element so much as a design element. Granted it's hard to make things random in RPG Maker, but the way it's structured into the different worlds with consistent entrances is qutie strange.


Not at all. There are plenty of random elements in Yume Nikki. If you wanted to represent having different dreams, you could just roll the RNG when Mado goes to bed which places her in one of a range of disconnected dream worlds.

Although you could argue that the Nexus is essentially a representation of having different dreams each time, which merely removes the randomness and gives the player more control over what Mado dreams about.

File: 1361693487543.png (273.39 KB, 500x649, 1328089954176.png)


Masada is Mado's dad. She's in love with him because he has always been kind to her. When her mother gets pregnant with Monoe, Mado snaps and stabs her mother in the neck. Her father tries to drive her mother to the hospital, but he ends up in a car crash.


Monoe was to be Madotsuki's sister, but before she was born Mado screamed when she saw a dead green man by the side of the road, causing her mom to get into a car accident. This caused a miscarriage.

File: 1361509711013.jpg (354.83 KB, 964x945, article-0-13BC4045000005DC….jpg)


Didn't want to post this in the other thread; but who things that "Hell" is meant to represent some kind of neural pathway? It's red to represent the brain's bloods vessels and the circular blobs remind me of blood cells. In the zoomed out map, it looks like that, only squarer since it's SNES RPG style.

To me this makes sense since it sort of links a bunch of seemingly random places together - without a more "symbolic" transition Madotsuki delves deeper into her brain to make these connections.

I think the "crossroads" and the ghost could mean that death is actually a particularly deep-seated fear she has, or perhaps you're actually meeting her "id" or something like that.


Hell has that kind of feeling of being somehow "deeper" than all the other areas in YN, like it's some kind of underlying support structure. Kind of like when you escape out of the testing area in Portal. It has a certain consistency and repetitive nature to it that the other areas don't have.

I think Hell represents the lowest level, or a lower level of Madotsuki's subconscious, one close to a more direct neural rather than psychological level. Of course, a bunch of random stuff still pops up there, since because.

File: 1358731781315.png (2.47 MB, 1600x2200, __yume_nikki___by_katfura-….png)


I have an huge theory here everybody,my theory is Madotsuki is an dream infiltrator,think with me,at the beggining of the game,madotsuki sleeps (with no explaination) and wake up at her house,but ONLY when she passes trough the door,that she comes to the nexus,and the strange things starts to happen,my theory is simple,Madotsuki have an power,to infiltrate people dreams,and her apartment inside the dream,is the only part of her REAL dream,the nexus is like an central point,and the 12 doors are portals,to other people dreams,that explain why the dreams are so different from each others,and explain characters like Masada,Shitai or Poniko,they all are normal people,dreaming,that is the explaining for they never speak with madotsuki,only interacting with certain effects or even dont doing nothing,maybe the Toriningen are protectors from madotsuki Dream,and they-re trying to stop madotsuki from collect the 24 effects,because they know that when she do this,she will lose her consciousness and kill herself,and that explain the ending of the game too.


File: 1359654030596.jpg (497.93 KB, 1500x1149, 1306511238285.jpg)

Wow, good theory.




I think it actually makes sense that there's something more going on here than just her exploring her dreams. The way different dream "worlds" are so neatly sectioned off by the doors is quite odd and un-dream like.


I think it actually makes sense that there's something more going on here than just her exploring her dreams. The way different dream "worlds" are so neatly sectioned off by the doors is quite odd and un-dream like.

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