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File: 1389797189733.jpg (30.16 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)


I think the Medamaude looks similar to a Hamsa. They're pretty known in middle east and prevent evil coming near to you and gives you good fortune. Since the effect teleports Madotsuki back to the nexus, the nexus is the border of Madotsukis safe room and to her dreams that she might consider as evil..


File: 1389801438093.png (147.53 KB, 399x841, medamaude_by_bou_wa-d5xh0m….png)

well that sounds 100% legit. Has this been mentioned before? 'cause it makes perfect sense.

Yume Nikki's got a lot of foreign symbolism…

File: 1387300542593.png (812.04 KB, 1014x704, asdasd.png)


Here's my theory.
Madotsuki wasn't really raped at all, she just had abusive parents. She didn't want to leave her room and refused to leave because she might run into her parents if she left her room. She was in fact sexually abused by a brother/uncle/father/friend some sort of male in her life in his room. (Masada's bed) and the ship crashing represents the rape somehow. The dude came inside her and got her pregnant but she got on abortion which was Mars-san.

Poniko was a friend she had before she started hiding in her room. Poniko had a boyfriend or a brother (or girlfriend for the LGBT people) whom would always pick on Mado (Which is Uboa) Madotsuki would constantly flicker the lights just to annoy him.


Um, in the first paragraph you say she wasn't raped, then you talk about the details of how she was raped. ?


the image is impressive, but the theory doesn't

File: 1345232980934.jpg (108.87 KB, 688x480, Tripping hard.jpg)


Alright I realize this is possibly maybe going to sound like its trololo, but I assure you, any trolling here is unintentional.

But what if; the meaning of Yume Nikki is very personal and very specific to the games creator? I.E. Something specific to the creator of the game which will never be known by an outside viewer because they lack the experiences and mental connections the creator of the game had?

Alternatively; what if the meaning is oneric and non-specific, thus, subjective to the viewpoint of the player, and changing from player to player? This would mean that all possible theories are possibly correct.

I like the game, but I strongly STRONGLY object to the games suicide ending which as far as I can tell is the only possible ending.
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yeah, i agree with you anyway. Meaningful reality and striving for a life, and to be loved.
i guess i just don't feel like "fixing" is even the right way of viewing things, but w/e


i hate my life and myself though, so maybe i'm not the right one to have this discussion with *shrug*


Any trolling of you (re: use of the term 'fixing', general outlook), is not intentional. I personally try to have a small amount of happiness each day and try to have a small amount of human contact each day. Its a goal that I have because frankly without those things my mind very quickly becomes a dark place I'd rather not visit. I wouldn't wish such a dreamscape on mado, or anyone else.

Meaningful reality, just to be clear here means - experiencing human contact at least once a day, being able to smile and laugh at least once a day, having at least one small accomplishment each day/night, and etc. And I tell you this; though we've never met, if my words help you even a little, I would consider it an accomplishment.

When a social group is considered 'weird' and 'other-ed' (in psych terms), the bonds between those within the group must be strong, because that group is often all the members of said group have.


File: 1381455650948.jpg (175.19 KB, 458x750, tumblr_mq6chnMyBv1rmllfio1….jpg)

I agree OP, while I like a lot of the theories I've always thought that Yume Nikki was more of a personal game with references that no one would understand specifically

I think this applies to fan games too, and why so many people enjoy making them. People are given an opportunity to put their experiences into a media… imo it's the same as doing art therapy, so even intentional or not, there are personal experiences embedded in the games

pic unrelated


OP, for me the idea that yume nikki is a subjective and non-specific experience is the only one that make sense.
Kikiyama obviously decided to explain as little as possible, so it makes no sense to believe there's a specific hidden meaning to be found.

File: 1384197645878.jpg (130.34 KB, 500x333, tori.jpg)


i think toriningens represent Madotsuki's insecurities; she may see herself as dumb (the crossed eyes), crazy(they are pink also how they chase her when she stabs them maybe metaphorical for how she cant escape her problems no matter how hard she tries to get rid of them), and ugly (bird features; possibly insecure about her nose or face or something).



It would make sense. Seeing as how when she stabs them, they only go crazy and become stronger and she might get a hopeless feeling that she can't escape.


File: 1385068398373.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.32 KB, 196x216, images (8).jpg)

This theory
Makes too much sense


Based on the "party" in the Wilderness, I think that the Toriningen represent her peers. Their bizarre appearance represents her inability to relate to them, her experience of disconnection, and possible associated feelings of hatred. Their aggressive tendencies represent her fear of being judged (the area with the guillotine seems to support this).

Whatever they may represent, it's interesting to note that 3 out of 4 of the worlds that contain a bed also have a Toriningen. This seems to suggest that, at least in part, whatever spurred her into isolation has to do with what the Toriningen represent.


I have also made a similar connection. I believe that Mado could also have a sort of social anxiety because she is unable to relate to them. So from this i draw that The lunatic Toriningen are the peers that try to interact with her. (possibly?)


I always just thought they were a representation of peers in school. They would invoke despair in her, and lash out any time she tried to fight back. They would also appear as caricatures in her dream; big noses symbolize how nosey they are, and the way they never seem to stop shows that Madotsuki feels as though the bullying will never end.

File: 1367066887561.png (101.21 KB, 244x207, ffrwfr.png)


My theory is happening in the past. Mado's dad died in car crash,and her mother went insane,so the social workers (toriningen) are in front of the door in Mado's room, that's why she doesn't want to go out. She dreams in hope she will find an escape in there.Mado was homeschooled, she wasn't allowed to leave her house at any time.
Poniko was Mado's vision of a friend, as she never had any.She was just a random person she saw outside, but her parents were ultra-proctective and told her how friends really are (uboa).
Seccom-Masada was her was her vision of a perfect man.Somebody who would do anything for her,be romantic and emotional.But her parents are there to ruin everything, telling her that she can only find a man like that in bed.
Monoe was Mado's memories when she was happy. Even when she was alone, she would find something to make her happy.
Kyuukyuu-kun and THE FACE, well, everybody will hear the story about the birds and the bees once in a while.
The Mall is her vision of school, as her parents told her so.
The Teleport maze always reminded me of a TV quiz,maybe her TV actually caught something?


Sounds like a well thought out theory…


Why a car crash?


Because stoplight effect and Shitai-san.

File: 1379915457475.jpg (35.67 KB, 240x320, 1337604442148.jpg)


Madotsuki is Girl A.

The Sasebo Slashing refers to the murder of a 12-year-old Japanese schoolgirl, Satomi Mitarai, by an 11-year-old female classmate, seen here.

The murder occurred on June 1, 2004, twety-three days before the release of Yume Nikki v0.00.
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I think you can tell this is a plausible theory because almost no one has commented on it.


Deleted messages that were going to derail a potentially interesting thread into garbage. If you have nothing valuable to say, please don't post.

The mod who did the 1 second ban with the cute message will be spoken to, as they catalyzed more dumb posts.


>shitposting not allowed in /t/
>what is the world coming to


"While news reports state that there were negative comments left on "Girl A"'s website by Mitarai (specifically that she was "heavy," i.e. overweight) which may have been the immediate motive for the murder, investigation has shed more light on the issue. A police psychologist stated that "Girl A" was not mentally ill, and already had a history of violent incidents, from punching and kicking other classmates, to an issue with a knife the month before the murder.

There is some public speculation that "Girl A" may be suffering from (and does fit some of the classic symptoms of) hikikomori syndrome, but as of the present, no medical examiners have declared such. "Girl A" was also showing signs of withdrawing from social life, including quitting clubs, although she continued to play physical sports, particularly basketball, until shortly before the incident.

It appears that "Girl A" was heavily influenced by some of the more visceral aspects of Internet culture. An analysis of the case states that she "was a girl fascinated with urban legend, internet subculture, even going as far as guro. From her site she had linked shock flash movies and bizarre ASCII movies that would unnerve even the most hardened internet warriors." Her website showcased her interests, which included fanfiction about her favourite film, Battle Royale, and strange "recipes" (with names like "Curse of the Purple Skull" and "Demonic Art"). A particularly strong influence was the "Red Room" horror flash video, around which she based the site's design."


Here's the whole thing actually…
Also, The murderer was probably named Natsumi Tsuji if anyone wants to do some digging….

File: 1337650564707.jpg (30.71 KB, 455x307, UBOA LSDD.jpg)


Madotsuki was secretly the dreamer behind LSD Dream Emulator.
Look, Uboa!♥
It's even got the eye-love in there. ♥


HA. That's funny. That they got the inspiration from just that little section. Haha


File: 1380891531938.jpg (1.06 MB, 3264x1836, DSC_0136.jpg)

Nice bear.


I like to think the dreamer in LSD is one of Madotsuki's parents.


Lol I never found that

File: 1384859270853.jpg (337.58 KB, 1024x972, Loli be operatin.jpg)


Mado didn't die on impact and is in coma, hence why jellyfishmen visited her blood splatter.
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Everybody likes new events.


I would say the real question is "What do the Jellyfish represent?"




This is true.

Btw, aren't battle-bunnies supposed to have starched ears? Is this because Reisen no longer serves in the army?


Before the topic on this theory continues any further, are we implying that Mado woke up when she hit the ground, or that she didn't wake up and is still in her comatose dream?

File: 1384226778074.png (151.83 KB, 705x699, Masada.png)


Two theories related to Masada.

1. Masada is a tribute to Savage Garden, specifically Darren Hayes and the self titled Savage Garden album where Darren looks like Masada and also has a couple space/futuristic themed/sounding songs.

2. More likely (and probably brought up before) Masada is a tribute to Michael Jackson and has nothing to do with any emotional trauma Mado suffered from. His full name has Michael in in (Sentimental Komuro Michael Sekemoto Dada-Sensei.) Also, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P4A1K4lXDo
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>Sentimental Komuro Michael Sekemoto Dada-Sensei

Do you know this is a fan-made name, right?



Well fuck me, I did not. Unless, you know, Kikiyama pretended to be a fan and leaked what she WANTED his name to be.




Do you know we don't know Kiki' sex, right?



Are you certain I don't know for sure? Are you certain I'm not Kikiyama herself? Are you certain of anything?



My brother had never heard of Yume Nikki, and I showed it to him, and he just assumed that Kikiyama was a fake name for a girl.

It's a pretty girly game, after all

File: 1384605227959.jpg (255.62 KB, 900x900, Kirby Reflection.jpg)


There was a fire in the next apartment, that's why she didn't want to leave her room but had to wait a few days before Fire Department comes and set ups a landing pad so she can evacuate the building


How slow burning was this fire

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