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File: 1412879184285.png (277.35 KB, 998x2517, Weegee.png)


e-man and o-man are brothers and one of mados school friends or a nod to mario and luigi


I think you should go kill yourself.(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)

File: 1410978820645.jpg (413.03 KB, 600x600, Urotsuki.full.423452.jpg)


urotsuki is a sleepwalker, except instead of walking around, she draws on her computer while she's dreaming, which is why she wakes up and has new wallpapers




File: 1411340156109.jpg (72.13 KB, 653x513, RIP.jpg)

Urotsuki is dead.


what are you testing

did it work


I believe that urotsuki grew up in a very rural area with her mother and father. i base this from the area where you can see a child like urotsuki sitting by the the cherry blossom trees. i also believe the chainsaw effect to be reminiscent of her father as he would often use it where they lived. the wolf howling effect i believed reminds her of living out in that rural area and being afraid of the sound until her grandfather taught her to howl back and grew to love it. the npc is an oldish looking person. Her parents decided one day to move to the city so urotsuki could start school and give her a good life this is based on the school dreams she had.
her new life was very confusing and overwhelming, completely different from the life she once knew. she was ridiculed by many of her classmates for being "strange" due to the sheltered life she lived.
when they finally moved her mother found a job in a sweat shop sewing clothes together to close to no pay. urotsuki would often go into the store where they would sell the clothes her mother would make and try them on ,but because of how poor they were she couldn't take any of them with her.
eventually her mother couldn't bear the new life she had chosen and committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the building she worked in and urotsuki witnessed this moment. i base this off the woman standing over the edge of the roof staring at the ground in sewing world. can't really think of how her father committed suicide ,but i believe the gravestone to be the memory of their deaths. the gravestone doesn't really have an effect and shows how all it is, is just a memory that will never leave her.
after a while she got a job herself working in a factory , was able to afford a bike and apartment, and make friends.
eventually she got in with the wrong crowed and began to get involved with drugs. she began to feel like she belonged with her new friends. she became a very self destructive and reckless person because of the memories of her old life and new one were in constant conflict with each other. She couldn't take it any more and one time even tried to drink herself to death. after that she went on a trip. she eventually she arrived at the ocean and it was here that she received clarity on how to live her life in peace. ultimately she decided that she no longer wanted to be apart of this world and society, she thought of it to be to impure and evil, so she decided to live the rest of her days in Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1334830376467.png (32.17 KB, 155x249, FrankenFran_v1_097.png)

so his face is.. salt water?

and the vomitgiant place is hell?

now the theories on his face after being touched are even more confusing.

Poniko = Mother Earth,
Uboa = Father Thunder.


This could point to the Madotsuki is a God theory that I think I wrote somewhere on here, and while she was looking at the earth, she accidentally touched it and deformed it?


File: 1335192983400.png (569.49 KB, 600x604, 1906_3337_600.png)

Each reality is but the dream of another, and each sleeper a god unknowing.

>flavour text of venser's diffusion, a MtG card.

I kind of like the connection here.
You have 12 doors, 24 effects.

Do you know where i can find your theory? In the archives?




That's it, I'm out.
Too much Reddit and 9GAG.

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One girl gave birth at 5 and a half, and her son lived to be like 40. Extremely rare, but unfortunately not unheard of.


Maybe mado is like the chick from firefly (the prostitue, not the psychic autist or the mechanic or the other redhead whose name I can't remember) and she has a thing that kills people who rape her.

And maybe all the characters (possibly including the slime things that you get the hair effects from) raped mado and then they all died from her rape poison and now they're all dead, and now they're haunting her dreams as ghosts?


File: 1366961317349.png (326.61 KB, 614x351, kakie_vashi_dokazatelstva.png)




File: 1367784149199.jpg (15.92 KB, 250x179, 001.jpg)



File: 1368779264743.png (5 KB, 327x368, Waluigi.png)

what if madowasnerd and everyone bash her and she lock away because she nerd

and then she got raped by another nerd

pic 0.1% rlatded

File: 1402449890582.jpg (99.33 KB, 1022x516, capture2481.jpg)


But wat if mado was raper?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


what if mado is admin and just wants to cover up her past(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

File: 1362004681790.png (404.56 KB, 750x854, 19387229.png)


mado wasn't raped
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no I'm not

what would you accept as proof


I think you misspelled "was".


Yeah but where does the rape fit in


how high were you when you posted this


Mado lived a very happy life in her apartment but accidentally walked off some stairs she found on her patio.

File: 1402065401344.png (326.52 KB, 3200x3360, FC_world_full.png)


First time poster.
I'm unfamiliar with this entire board, and I don't feel that /yn/ would be suited for this.
But did anyone notice that the entire map of FC World is kinda shaped like a bent fetus/newborn?

The 'skull' if bent back, neck exposed, body 'normalish' 'babyfat'-like.
The feet look a bit off, but it's also the only part of the map thats detailed specifically for playing though, so the creator might've had to design it slightly differently than the rest of the body, so it doesn't quite fit in.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could also say the baby is spitting/exhaling something, as seen from the dots of land seeming to 'lob' out from the mouth/noses direction.

With as much attention to detail as Kikiyama put into the game, I find it hard to believe he would just leave a huge landmass there unused.
So he might've left it there for someone to find. Though I'm not sure what to make of it, myself.

Just in case I actually need to post a theory; I don't believe in 'dreams inside of dreams' in reality, so I believe Mado simply uses beds to get around, not to necessarily go 'deeper'. That said, I believe she/he was sleeping from the beginning and 'reality' is never showed to us.
I also think Uboa is only there as a small fear of the dark. When dreaming, even if aware, you can still 'slightly' be frightened by something you used to be afraid of, yet mostly try to ignore it and stay with the current state of mind.
If you ever had a fear of the dark(Or still do), you know there is that inital fear whenever you flip off a lightswitch to a room with no other light. So for Mado, every time you flip the switch, it leaves her open to 'slipping up' with her 'control' and having something horrible happen to turn your dream into a nightmare.
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Hello, and welcome to the board. Now I'm seeing the newborn. Considering how Takofuusen has been compared to a TRAP fetus, this make sense.


I'm not a happy camper. I wrote up a large thing for you and the power went out for a second and wiped it.
Short version:
>Madotsuki's own fear of what happens while she's sleeping and …
Agreed. When asleep, if aware, you will have the worry of 'losing control', which can cause some 'really' weird effects if you 'slip'.
Also something happening in your dream to distress you can cause you to 'slip', such as being forced to recall something (A example would be KyuuKyuu, if you believe it distresses Mado somehow. Next unknown room you walk into is FACE). It's, with me at least, common that if you try to become 'aware' of anything 'new' while you're stressed about something, what's 'new' will usually have something else horrifying with it since you're still afraid. Even if you don't 'slip' when seeing what scares you in the first place.

>A question though, what evidence do you have that Mado was sleeping the whole time?

Well, the whole time is a theory I have temporarily accepted while I'm working on my own head-canon.
However, for the ending at least, the lack of a body and the Jellyfish are huge red flags for me.
So, at least for the ending, I actually believe that she was still asleep, or in some other altered state.
Another idea that I came up with this hour is the fact that perhaps in the beginning of the game, Vivid Dreaming could've been new to Mado somehow. As the game went on and she (usually) pinched herself alot, by the end, she was used to pinching, so it wouldn't truly wake her up. Then she dropped off the building to try and awaken again.
In which case, she might've not thought anything malicious about it.
Then again, if you awaken or shift to another place in a dream, normally you don't stay in the place you were before(As in, she, her body, left but the Jellyfish were still around). So maybe she was still there as the observer (Like one of those dreams where you're simply viewing from a external source somehow).
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Maybe you should write up your long replies in a word document, like I do :) Anyway.

I honestly think the endscreen was just a way of wrapping up the game, and I the lack of body and presence of two dreamlike creatures, to me, isn’t enough of a support for the theory. I’m not saying I’m dismissing the idea completely, but if it was a dream all along I would think there would be more evidence throughout the game, in the way that there’s a mountain of evidence pointing to the driving motives to Mado’s suicide. Really, the sudden staircase apparition is more of a red flag than anything else. In any case, since Mado does not ‘wake up’ after the drop like she does after deactivating the witch effect (see part 3 of what I wrote) tells me that she has died. I always saw the jellyfish things as a sort of taunting reminder that her dreams and waking life were what drove her to suicide. Maybe the jump itself was a dream, but I think the ultimate point is that Mado is about to suicide when she next wakes up.

Regarding the horrific transformation of the bedrooms when things go dark, I do agree with what you said about lack of control, but since much of the game is in the player’s control, I also think the bedrooms transforming has more to do with the fear of normal people or places being revealed as scary or nightmarish under the surface. Tying this in with the running motif of being trapped in small spaces by things like the Toriningen or Uboa, I think it has more to do with the cycle of abuse that Mado relives in her dreams (the endless areas that loop back on each other and a lot of the mazes tie into this). She lives with the fear of people around her revealing themselves as scary or bad. Also, this may be an interpretational stretch, but if you know anything about lucid dreaming practices, keeping a dream diary is crucial to learning how to control and navigate your own dreams, which may be why Mado keeps one (again, it may just be a coincidence taken from the game mechanic, but I don’t know).


>First paragraph
I can see the Jellyfish only being there to me a symbol for the player. Though, I would imagine the creator would've put something more 'available' and known for that job. Regarldess, the missing body still drives me up the wall a bit.
A sudden idea; Perhaps her mind started meshing both reality and her dreams together. Akin to sleep walking, but not. It would explain where the stairs randomly came from.
However, that idea is also out of place. If that was happening, I'd think it would happen abit more slowly (As in, slowly doing it every time you wake up).
I do fully agree that she was ultimately going to kill herself, regardless. So in the end, no matter what state she was in, the ending would've been roughly the same.
I feel the lack of a body and the NPC choice still feel like they have some unseen meaning behind them.

>Second paragraph

I do think that she was abused and it shows though her dreams. So I agree.
I also think that any event that changes from good to bad, or any 'sudden' event (FACE) is caused by a mixture of some kind of fear, or trauma, mixed with a 'slip' I keep yabbering on about. To me it seems obvious that she's trying to hide something from herself, she just tends to slip up now and then.
A fear of the 'darker' side of the world could very well work as a fear. Children as young as (I assume) she is, usually don't have that fear as they haven't experienced the world and people enough yet. So it could also tie in to some abuse as well, like you said.
As for the Lucid Dreaming, I'm aware of it. I personally remember 'alot' of my dreams, sometimes I will gain a moment or two of 'awareness', but I don't actively try to control them. I'm aware that keeping a Dream Diary is 'extremely' helpful in learning how to Lucid Dream, yourself.
Yet, I'm on the fence on rather or not Madotsuki actually controls her own dreams or not. I'm wondering if you, as the driving force, control her. I mean like…Perhaps she can retain her memories (Like I can), but she herself can't control the dreams, shes simply a observer and you're the person moving her around.
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File: 1402090937049.png (1.53 KB, 960x960, Monoe's_Tunnel.png)

Well, until we find any connection in the game to communicate that the suicide is a deceptive surface narrative, I don’t think it makes sense to linger on it. As it is now, I think the stairs may have been an arbitrary game mechanic to prevent the player from suiciding at the start of the game by accident. At the end the stairs appear to draw the gamer’s attention so that they can successfully finish the game and end the cycle that Mado is trapped in. There is probably some meaning to the endscreen, you’re right. The best thing to do would be to compare the context in which you find those jellyfish things in the game to the end.

Ohh, that’s what you meant by slip? I wasn’t sure what you meant. In that case I agree with you. I wrote a bit about it in my earlier posts, especially about Uboa. Also, Monoe’s scene is a really good support for the ‘evil duality’ theme. Monoe is Mado’s double, considering she only shows up after you murder a seemingly unrelated character and she disappears after you come face-to-face with her (as you would a reflection). And of course the two characters look very similar. Since the game is so full of cycle motifs, and the fact that the scene takes place around a looping patch, I saw this as a suggestion that Mado may fear that she might join the cycle of abuse herself, becoming an aggressor (consider that Monoe is only seen in the ‘dark’ reflection of the area (the tunnel) that she comes across her reflection. The tunnel and the landscape is doubled in this scene again. Not to mention the square building in the sky garden whose surroundings change when you activate the white flowers, though the building remains the same. It also ties in to what I was saying about Uboa before. So yeah, I agree with you on the ‘slip’ thing, in so many words!

About the lucid dreaming, maybe this connects to Mado being able to change herself as she collects effects, thus learning that she is dreaming? I dunno. Also, if you’re really serious about making a cohesive interpretation of the game, have you read holo’s earlier posts on this forum? They talk about the strange South American figures and what they mean in ancient Paracas culture. Considering some of the places they appear in the game, like the scene just before FACE, I think they’ll help you understand the game’s meanings. I've been doing a lot of reading on the culture recently and it makes a lot of sense to me, since it's often related to dreaming or hallucinating.

File: 1330550988721.png (142.21 KB, 305x319, bitchez.png)


A lot of theories here have been repeated or re-made into new theories connected to old theories, and things like that. So… this thread is basically for people with completely new theories, not connected to any old theories.
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Then don't call people stupid.
Are you trolling me bro?
Stop trolling me bro.


Wait, what? You were serious?
Wait, what.





This board. Ahahaha.


File: 1401998675826.png (37.47 KB, 244x336, zonetan.png)

thats pretty much the base for the majority of theories on yume nikki
see >>1049

File: 1336648294166.gif (386.07 KB, 373x373, tumblr_lzwcb6uvbm1r5jslho1….gif)


What if the game is just
Weird for the sake of weird?
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Hmm I happen to agree with you, and I think we are saying a lot of the same things, just in different ways. I think my understanding of the game comes down to literally the same thing as what you said, and that it is a personal meaning, the "point" of the game coming not from the symbolism I pointed out, but the human implications they convey and make me feel, call me a twat all you want (which idfk why you did anyway) but a "simple epiphany" is a valuable thing


File: 1367975495448.jpg (29.98 KB, 375x300, irony.jpg)

>a post that's purportedly about how the deepest of the deep can be explained with the simplest of the simple is a long, poetic rant that essentially amounts to nothing of relevance


holo, thanks for the book recommendations! I'm a biochem/ecology guy but I love reading about the myths and beliefs, psychology etc. of indigenous cultures of the Americas. Good YN theories too!


File: 1392163206670.jpg (244.55 KB, 786x800, 101824.jpg)



File: 1400631331560.png (25.4 KB, 320x240, Mado_Balcony_Nite.png)


Part three.
Another big foreshadow of the suicide is the flying part of the game, in which the player is able to fly off a rooftop on a broom. Once flying, the player is again trapped until the player chooses to disengage the witch effect and fall from the broom. If this is done, Madotsuki is woken up. Since there are only two places in the entire game where Mado is woken up by something that happens in the dream, I believe that these are extremely significant. Since we know from the end of the game that falling from great heights kills Madotsuki, we can assume that she is symbolically ‘killed’ in the dream and therefore wakes up, relating to the ending. In the witch scene specifically, the event that happens in the dream is totally “self-inflicted”, another indicator of suicide. The creator of Yume Nikki wants the players to know that the flying scene is incredibly significant. To draw a lot of attention to it, there is a broom on Madotsuki’s balcony, one of the last things to see in the game before the suicide. To drive this point even deeper, there are also a pair of slippers on the balcony as well, relating to the tradition in Japan to take off shoes before suicide. The music is quite uplifting in the flying scene. The skies are bright. You don’t randomly encounter really creepy imagery—it’s one of the few genuinely peaceful moment of the game, in which the player is flying farther and farther away from the troubles and horrors of the game. Since it’s obvious from the apartment room that Mado jumps off in the dream and the broom on her balcony that this scene is closely tied to her waking world, the suicide can be read as a sad sort of hopeful. Madotsuki didn’t care where her suicide took her as long as it was away from everything she knew previously. It was the only way out after exploring her dreams in search of something more and coming up empty.

Obviously even this lengthy piece of writing doesn’t answer everything about Yume Nikki. The most obvious unanswered question is, why was Madotsuki unable to leave her room in the first place? Is this her own choice or is she actually trapped in her bedroom physically? How much of the game’s imagery and scenery was meant to be ambiguous and open-ended and how much of it was carefully thought-out? I’d be happy to talk more about this to anyone interested. I can be slow to respond, though.


Okay, I guess I’m done.


what if mado just needed to get downstairs in a hurry but the elevator was broken



I hadn't even made the connection between the broom scene and the ending, but it makes a lot of sense now that I think of it. I like these.


Thanks a lot! I'm glad I could help you notice those details :) Feel free to contribute, I'm curious to people's own interpretations of the game!

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