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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1360433967589.png (19.75 KB, 557x401, adodie.png)


So, if you do the spaceship event, and make Mado sit while it is crashing, You will be stuck. You cannot open the menu, can't wake up, and can't move or anything (Masada still turns about though.) And Madotsuki's head lowers, as though she is sleeping or crying on her arms.

So what do you think, is this just a glitch? Or is it meant to happen?

Is Mado crying because fo the crash? or did she die?


Well, no matter where Mado is, sitting down for a while always results in her lowering her head. So I think it's just a glitch.

File: 1360224692642.png (37.23 KB, 320x240, 1348370962801.png)


Have you ever noticed that Mado's balcony kinda looks like a face, and the door kinda looks like a mouth? What if the balcony itself represents freedom, the room represents some sort of feeling of bondage or captivity, and re-entering the house from the balcony represents Mado symbolically being eaten — whether by her past, her condition, or just her inability to truly leave her home and join the outside world.


The fact that Jack Nicolson is on a sticky and this thread reminded me of that guy who pointed out that the elevator in The Shining looks like a face and mouth. But at least in the Shining there was some pretense because of the comments about the little boy living in Danny's mouth, but I think in this case it may be a stretch.

However, in both cases I can't tell if it's a case of giving the author or director too much credit. I think if the door was under the air exchangers it'd make more sense.

File: 1348370962801.png (25.84 KB, 320x240, it_was_in_our_faces_all_th….png)


After going to one of those bathrooms, and realizing there are no bathrooms when you're awake, I started thinking..

Also, what's with that oversized broom in the balcony?
And the void looking scenery around…

Given those strange details about the "real world" I think both real and dream worlds, are in fact dream worlds.

(I'm aware this has been discussed for ages, just pointing out the thing about the oversized broom, I'm likely to be just reading too much in it but who knows…)
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Ehh these obervations are way too objective to really comment on. Sprites just dont have a lot of detail and doesn't mean anything.

Also I always thought that Madotsuki's eyes were not closed, she's just asian and has squinty eyes. Monoe has the same overworld eyes and when you zoom in on her face she has cartoony squinty asian eyes. I dont know how to make this not sound a bit racist though, lol.


I think that hte reason the broom is there is to envoke the feelings of the Witch event on top of the mall. Mado uses the witch broom to fly around after she jumps off of the building. The broom being on the balcony envoke sthe same imagery but instead of jumping off and not dying she kind of died.


I always thought about the other climatizers up and down her apartment


>oversized broom in the balcony

Maybe Madotuski is just younger or shorter than you think she should be?

Provided the broom size isn't some sort of hiccup it could be used as a possible scale of sorts… No possible way to know if it's intentional or not though.


It's spooky how ceelvr some ppl are. Thanks!

File: 1348162476063.png (688.86 KB, 1064x701, 1318048307185.png)


Coloboma is a congenital disease. It's a hole in the eye's structure that occurs when the eye stops growing.
This just made me think of Monoko. Specifically, her right eye. Any opinions? Do you think this is what was meant with the "melty eye"?
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Actually, it's her left eye.



At first I thought it was supposed to be a stream of tears. Then one day when re-visiting the event, it hit me that it could very well be the optic nerve hanging out of her eye socket

That's what I believe it is meant to be, currently





Huh, oh boy you might be onto something.


Her mouth is doing the same thing. I'm guessing it's eye-drool.

File: 1334348108410.png (4.25 KB, 500x308, 1333107163147.png)


Does anyone have any theories about Uboa's face after he goes all…. fucked up? After you transport yourself to the other world or whatever.
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The addition of nose holes makes me think he's looking away from Madotsuki out of disapproval. Guessing that Poniko got involved with something that Mado didn't agree with and got rejected because of it.

mfw theory generating reminds me of inkblot tests and other psych stuff


Maybe he's upset that she doesn't put up a fight?


Uboa is actually a hymen, it breaks when Mado 'enters' it. Then the monster of the background is something like an abstract daddy as drawn by an abstract daddy from SH2


then mado is a dick?



What, you didn't notice? I mean, she only stabbed, like, two hundred npcs for pretty much no reason.

Mado is a total dick.

File: 1353586475739.jpg (93.92 KB, 484x479, zikzac484.jpg)


Oh. I have a theory (…serious?)
I do think she didn't kill herself.
The dream was everything around her, even when she was dreaming.
There must be something that worried her so much that made her have those strange dreams.
When she accept a fact or changed it, she killed herself in her dreams.
It's like she changed, she isn't the same person.


this is a pretty good theory actually! i like the idea of her suicide actually being symbolism for her killing her old-self.


File: 1353892727043.png (27.64 KB, 500x325, tumblr_m0y0n6axDT1qhmhvxo1….png)

I'm still thinking about this theory. Even when she's trying to wake up, for me it seems that she wants to face real word and still can't.


>she wants to face the world but cant

>her face landed on pavement

I was a bit hopeful with OPs theory but then I read that and connected the above in my head and now I'm sad again.

File: 1353345658677.png (46.31 KB, 617x474, theory.png)


I guess i am not the only one who noticed it.
but those snake-like plants…
If you compare them with the eyes in the middle with the other looking likes around them (and those that look like being two of them actually)

I noticed that the pose look like two snakes tries to mate.

File: 1345274348032.png (33.15 KB, 497x479, These shoes....png)


This is my first post on here so don't hate me. ;n;

Anyway, I know, I know, this is really stupid and stuff but, has anyone ever wondered about the shoes on her balcony. o3o
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It's a general rule of thumb, don't post your email on image boards/the internet. I personally don't use my email so i'm doing it anyway


My friend put that on there as a prank why do you THINK the question was so dumb. Is there anyway to get that off?


I have a theory her slippers are transformers robots in disguise that explains how the stairs appear out of nowhere


File: 1353035481493.jpg (43.53 KB, 400x534, 1348700800147.jpg)

The slippers raped her.


Removed OP's email.

File: 1348322923199.png (146.05 KB, 396x396, ushiromiya_battler.png)


There are no culprits on the deaths of the Ushiromiya Family!

The whole island exploded due to the faulty underground submarine base.



cause of mado's death

- beatrice


File: 1351836071082.png (Spoiler Image, 91.89 KB, 343x440, ber_akuwaraia3[1].png)

That's cute.

File: 1345274506634.jpg (717.64 KB, 1000x900, df2f65c7967b84d3b6025437e0….jpg)


So, I wasn't the only one getting the feeling that the Demon Boy was in love with Mado?

he raped her
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what if him and mado were dating for a little while but then he raped her and that's how she came to see him as a demon


Where's the evidence? It just sounds like fanfiction.


Doesn't he do some shit where he makes a heart or something?
Or was that something I found on deviantArt
Either way, this is actually worth discussing, I mean, if he really is atleast supposed to represent someone who is in love with her, it probably wouldn't be just "He loves Mado, but enough about that, he's just there, loving her, no importance".
Theory: He dated Mado, and eventually became a monster(Metaphorically) who tried to change her.(Which is why she becomes a demon as well with that effect)


No, this isn't some stupid fanfiction crap, I really didn't mean much by making this thread, although, when I met the demon, I remember he had a sense of peacefulness around him, almost like Masada. Then I thought, for some reason, he must like her, but I didn't know why.


I Think that the demon boy actually means that Mado played Ouija board with some friends in a basement, making her losing her mind slowly.. it lacks a lot of evidence but the idea flashes on my mind…

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