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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.


This is a really lazily done theory, but what if Mado is just a very insecure, developing girl? The monster imagery in YN could be what she fears she will be looked at as.


Your image is so distracting and stupid that it makes me dislike you and not care about your theory

Also yeah, it's an easy thing to conclude that she's insecure in some way.



He's saying that she was afraid of puberty and growing up.

I ilke it.


fear of puberty can include fear of sex, which could override all the imagery that "madowasraped" theories rely on, like the FACE thing

File: 1373443531200.png (47.18 KB, 800x600, Manga picture.png)


do anyone know about Monoe? because all she do is disappearing when you interact with her :p


I theorized that Monoe was basically in line with the Toriningen as being a sort of a bully, but more passively in that she just ignores Mado instead of directly antagonizing her. Like she's the kind of girl in school who, if you try to talk to her, just smirks at you and giggles before walking away and trash talking you behind your back.

Monoe's a bitch.

File: 1364662787102.png (33.96 KB, 640x478, stairway to the sky.png)


This is rather long, but please bear with me and tell me what you think! This was kind of hard to put into words.

First there are the purple pylons. And there is something amazing about them. Pylons are used to mark something “large” approaching, such as an entrance or a large, grand monument. YN’s purple pylons are deserted — there’s no one around them, yet they stand very tall, and to me this means two things: 1) something lovely is ahead, something very grand and tall 2) They have not fallen into disrepair despite standing alone so long: they are meant only for Madotsuki; no monsters, NPCs, or unwelcome guests. No need for panic. It seems that they are saying “Relief is ahead.”

Then there is the stairway itself. I can’t really say anything about it that hasn’t already been said. It’s long, tall, and even with the bicycle effect equipped, it takes forever to get up there. The sky is an acidic green descending into blue, marking a significant change in altitude. The desert is below, the desert containing the toriningen and pirori people, and you are getting farther and faaaaaarther away - no troubles ahead - it is a welcoming stairway into the sky.
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File: 1364662901586.png (27.3 KB, 640x478, the view.png)

Yet if she chooses to come back outside to the Sky Garden, she will go see the view. Dark green forest with city lights, life in the distance. And the people that watch, the NPCs, are the same people that she’s lumped together for all of this time as all being the same, all being cruel and mindless and dumb. But they stand there for hours, and admire the view. They do just as her, and they chose, just as her, to see the beauty that exists, and with this, Madotsuki realizes that she is not alone.


This is probably my all-time favorite part of the game asides from the Docks, Masada's ship and Number World.


Just wanted to say I loved this theory. Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places, but I don't really see much theorized about the Sky Garden or the lilies really. So this was definitely a nice treat (especially since it's one of my favorite places in the game).

Since you mentioned a contrast between them, do you have any ideas about the docks? I'm kind of curious what you have to say.


File: 1371252931868.gif (25.61 KB, 464x337, 256075_screenshot.gif)


Hi. I'm very glad you liked it.

The Docks are probably one of my favorite places, maybe the 2nd favorite after Sky Garden.

I don't think I have anything too unique to say about it, except that the Docks aren't as abysmal as everyone would call them.

To quote Philip Joseph Holdsworth, the feeling of being "blurred with tears and suffering beyond hope" would leave one in a somewhat comfortable state. Devoid of hope, we have no expectations or passions, and sometimes people feel comfortable within their own depression.

I can relate, perhaps so can many others. Depression has caused me in the past to stay within my room and go about my mundane activities, and it was very comfortable for me. Very hopeless but very comfortable. And when I slept, I was in a dark, lonely place.

The Docks are very beautiful, I think. The lanterns and fishermen are a calming site, and the atmosphere and music is not unnerving (like in Number World.)

To make it short, The Docks, to me, capture Madotsuki's feelings of resignation, and the acceptance that her resignation can be comfortable. This of course leaves her in a hopeless, solutionless place.



I know this is a subjective opinion about that area in the game so I'm not trying to invalidate your thoughts, but to me it looks like the top of a building with a bunch of kids standing ready to jump off and kill themselves. The giant stairway makes it seem like it's supposed to be the top of a tall building too.

I appreciate your posts. I love hearing how people articulate things on an artistic subjective level. I am sort of too blunt to do it myself and I don't see people write enough about Yume Nikki like this. I wish more people interpreted it like a dream rather than make theories or whatever.


I suffer from insomnia and enjoy late late night walks by myself to calm my nerves and get me sleepy. The apartment walls/sewer area and the docks are really pleasant. They remind me of wandering around outside while the rest of the world sleeps.

I always thought the field of lilies was like Hades of Greek myth. Filled with drowsy flowers, lulling one into uncaring and eternal wandering. It's more like the Christian vision of purgatory than Hell.

File: 1367321499963.png (2.64 KB, 320x241, WarehouseRoof.png)


Urotsuki was probably/is a murderer who is trying to escape her past and/or the police.

-Aoshiru, someone who was badly injured by Urotsuki and put in a special room so Urotsuki couldn't find him, this failed and he was killed.

-Falling figures in the Urban Street area and Stretch effect, Urotsuki pushing people off a building, since the Stretch Effect's action is crying she might have regretted pushing one of them off.

-The Baddies Bar, Urotsuki went in disguise to assassinate a certain person but failed and was put into prison for a period of time, she might have managed to escape.

-The ending when she leaves her room and is seen on her bike driving past certain NPC's might mean she manages to put almost everything behind her and is going to start a new life.


It would explain why she murders a little boy in cold blood.

File: 1367911471111.jpg (184.38 KB, 900x957, tentacles_alert_by_waterfa….jpg)


Mado (まど), meaning window, both looks and sounds very similar to madou/madō (まどう), meaning magic or sorcery; generally of the dark variety.

The Japanese like puns, right? So what if her name is a pun? What if Madotsuki is a sorceress, most likely of the dark variety? And what if her "dreams" are voyages to other realms, most likely the land of the dead, or perhaps the Elemental Plane of Shadows?


File: 1367950342834.jpg (105.23 KB, 982x980, frodo01.jpg)

So this is my hand… wow.

File: 1324923522495.png (13.63 KB, 639x479, yumenikki.png)


Hi everybody, I'm new here and this is my first post.
Okay so I think Mado is a writer. She sleeps all the time to find inspiration, and when she wakes up she simply writes what she saw in her dreams on the dream diary.
She don't want to go out because she is afraid of the outside world… I guess it can happens sometimes to writers (like in the book/movie Nim's Island xD)…
Maybe she writes horror or psychedelic (?) novels… At least, she kills herself because she had saw all her imagination can show to her, she can't have any inspiration so she can't write anymore…
Here what I think. I know it sucks but I wan't you to give me your opinion anyway. \o/
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Why the fuck does everyone writes that everyone says:
">haha I'm new here

Weren't you guys ever new here?

Also, i don't think theory nice. Have you ever heard of writer who [spoiler]kills himself[/spoiler] due to lack of inspiraion?


>implying you've made theories that people support

Get out of here, Your Face.


Uhh… to clear things up, is only the OP trolling or are the comments supposed to troll the OP or are these whole threads only a big jest? Since nothing here seem serious.


OP doesn't seem very serious, so the thread won't be very serious.
If you don't like this place what are you doing here?


Guys calm down, look at your hands and calm down…

File: 1366772835677.jpg (1.08 MB, 1369x993, Yume_Nikki_-_Characters_3.jpg)


I was thinking other day,why Mado is trying to explore her dreams?Why she wants that 24 effects so much?Than,i watch an movie with Leonardo di Caprio,where he makes the same with other people dreams,so,i created this theory.
Madotsuki is an girl,who have the power to travel trough other people dreams,but how?Well,drugs,maybe she have some pills who make her do this,that would explain how she sleeps so fast (3 seconds) even if this doesn't count.

Some characters like Poniko,Masada or Mafurako,are just normal real world people,who are dreaming,sleeping,thats why they never actually speaks with Mado,because for them,nothing of that is real

The ONLY place who is actually from Mado dreams,is her dream version appartment,when she goes trought the door,she leaves his "mind",the drugs makes her go to the nexus,some type of "Central Station" where people dreams connect themselfs,thats why the doors,and why the worlds are so different from each other.

but WAIT…and Monoko and Monoe?

Well,thats an good one,maybe Monoe is the "dreamer" and Monoko is just fruit of her dreams,maybe Monoko was Monoe little sister,who died in a car accident or something,because of the crash,her bones fell out of her body,the scene maked Monoe guilt herself for the little sister dead,i have some facts who apoint this:

-She lives in a Black and White world,somethimes,black and white would represent past events,or something ideal.

-The only other color after black and white in Monochrome world,is red,who might represent blood,or something who needs the people attention

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File: 1366773320123.png (24.89 KB, 105x100, 1366436961336.png)

Is it me, or somebody already posted this before?


File: 1366838827280.jpg (30.48 KB, 350x563, Kim-jong-un-respect.jpg)

Well,actualy that was me <(^^')
i just updated my theory because when i created it,my knowledge about yume nikki wasn't all that

File: 1361327575880.jpg (1.01 MB, 1275x1448, 459d15680f49f90ef488a0da2f….jpg)


Ok wait guys I just hatched an idea about .flow
Sabitsuki is a krokodil user. Krokodil is, essentially, the heroin version of what crack is to cocaine. You make it at home in about 30 minutes with over the counter ingredients, but because of the ingredients you use it causes a slew of ungainly side effects. This would explain the mysterious flesh eating "disease" she has - krokodil is mostly known for its horrific flesh eating abilities, ranging from losing fingertips to having your entire bone exposed with mucus-y flesh hanging off of it. Which could also explain the Tumbling Doll effect, the Machine effect, the Viscera effect, and the general rotting atmosphere of the game. Not to mention the ending with the chainsaw maid - that could possibly be Sabitsuki attacking a paramedic in a drug induced frenzy and having to be a quadruple amputee because of the damage??
Not only that, but she appears to live in a dumpy apartment in the middle of a dreary, cold place. Russia, the place where krokodil is easiest to manufacture and most prevelant, is pretty damn cold and dreary. And as I said before, krokodil is a pretty cheap ass drug, so we can assume the reason she's not using actual heroin is because she can't afford it.

This is a pretty discombobulated theory and doesn't explain a lot of her dreams, sorry, but I was really excited about it.

For more info on krokodil, check it out here: http://io9.com/5859291/krokodil-russias-designer-drug-that-will-eat-your-flesh
(WARNING! The link contains photos that are not for the faint of heart.)


Ew, I like this theory…

Perhaps the bad dreams are mementos when she was under the effects of the drug? Maybe she know other people who used this drug and that's why you see gang tattoos 'n shit


It makes sense, yeah.


I really like this theory, it seems a lot more interesting and plausible to me than the usual theories about rape/abuse or "magically unexplainable diseases" that I see a lot.

File: 1365923093687.png (99.01 KB, 600x450, AKAU.png)


>Jellyfish around mado death
Mado still dreaming

Alt. Mado landed on someone elses balcony and they fell to their doom
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File: 1366090446889.png (258.11 KB, 704x400, vlcsnap-123458.png)

Just asking, why so much shitpost? Why make threads with such vagues ideas? Why just don't post here >>612 ?

This is like the 3rd thread I see that is not worth enough like to make a new one and that could be posted over there.


Notice how all these threads were made by Your Face.

He needs to go. Now.


The only theories i made are 1475 and 1500. That's not even a quarter of /t/.


I forgot to put that in the post before:

Dude, would anyone tell himself that his theory is overused. I haven't even played Yume 2kki. Who is that guy on picture?



File: 1362585773613.jpg (229.03 KB, 1800x3500, Monoko.full.905310.jpg)


I have a theory that Monoko was is a ghost that was killed in a car crash. And she gets scared every time she see the red light because it reminds her of how she died.


Oh and Monoko thread.
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File: 1363964808969.jpg (76.94 KB, 511x420, 1363616406115.jpg)

I like the idea… Intriguing…


That gives some reason for the characters to be monochrome too huh


Mado would've had to have at least seen someone or known someone that was or resembled Monoko. Because it is a fact that everybody you see in your dreams is somebody you've seen in real life.


Not actually everyone, but the people in your dreams are made up of little bits and bobs of people you know


Or don't know.

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