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Mafurako theory thread.
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Madotsuki's friend. She met her in the winter. She was a shy, tiny little thing and you could only really identify her in a crowd by her hat and scarf.
They went on long walks to absolutely anywhere during the time she was there. They'd also play hide and seek, and if they couldn't find eachother Mafurako would just run up to the snowman she made and wait for Madotsuki. However, after a bit Madotsuki had started with her hikikomori tendencies and stopped going outside. Mafurako would just sit and wait for hours at the snowman waiting for her, and she never came.
One day, during the ending of winter, Mafurako had to move away. She didn't tell Madotsuki anything about it, but left her hat and scarf on the ground. Madotsuki looked from her balcony and saw Mafurako entering her parent's car, and shouted for her to stop. Mafurako paused, looked up at her for, took off her hat and scarf and folded them on the ground, then continued into the car without a word. It was the first time Madotsuki had seen her without either item, and she seemed like a completely different person, someone she hardly even knew, without them.


Maybe Kamakurako represents what Mafurako looks like without her hat and scarf, and that the part of Madotsuki's life with Mafurako was over, or put to sleep.



Nice post. Seems you've got a bit of a knack for storytelling.


She's a gangsta that only the 1337357 players in the Nikkiverse know the gender of. You can't even fucking touch this bitch. If you try to stab her, she'll throw an invisible orphan child in front of the knife and turn invisible. If you try and talk to her, she'll drug your ass, rape you, and dump you off somewhere. One time she stripped her clothes off, snuck up on Madotsuki, tore Mado's clothes off and raped her because she was bored.


File: 1328339364561.png (1.18 MB, 1024x918, 9bf9dae5c5f41b33f7480a7384….png)


You see the truth is Mado didn't kill herself because of some past trauma.
She never had her eyes open and those stairs came out of freaking nowhere, she never had a chance…
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File: 1329637310255.jpg (8.25 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

No you fool, she jumped. She lifted her arms and jumped up with the force of jumping you little shriveled chicken piss of a fan I hate you and you have rewind my evening.


K, you must be new here.
Can't tell if joking of can't take a joke.


I'm almost certain it's a joke :D
Mostly by the hilarious reaction, not to mention picture of butthurt.

But I guess the only way I can fix this is if I fast forward your evening.


Yup. She was probably going outside to get some fresh air. NOPE. Goddamn Stairs came outta nowhere and MURDERED THE SHIT OUTTA HER.


Can I just love you forever now for that post

File: 1329624328679.jpg (103.4 KB, 640x480, 1318890446341.jpg)


It looks like a sideways Takofuusen to me

What if the panorama is a picture of Madotsuki's uterus


It's pretty abstract, but there are a lot of freudian symbols in this game.

File: 1318141846553.jpg (39.09 KB, 480x640, 1317001877905.jpg)


Madotsuki is the Maid-O-Bot, coming to assert her place as the great shut-in of all time, and proving that not even Sabitsuki can take her place!
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Or just a younger person


Or maybe Sister is the Gas Mask Maid. *LOLWUT*



I love you because you posted Ataru. But I think the poster in question has long since left uboachan


File: 1329345305241.png (376.84 KB, 1919x453, .flow true ending.png)

Made into one picture.
Did my best with it.



File: 1324125434251.png (74 KB, 1178x859, retromadotsuki.png)


I have a theory about the Famicon world AND the weird stuff we see.
Well, the main theme for the world is named MOTHER World, right?
Well, MOTHER's villain, Gigyas resembles a fetus.
So that may be why Mado-chan has loads of critters that look like reproductive organs in her dreams.
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Didn't Moga post something here once?



As far as I know, he/she left the board permanently, and asked for his/her post to be deleted.


I'm pretty sure he deleted his game thread and nothing more. Whichever prick deleted Snow's posts must have got his too.


Snow deleted all of his posts up until his confession post, if that's what you're talking about. Other than that I don't know


Famikom, Famicon, Famikong.

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