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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1321472057351.jpg (31.16 KB, 500x400, il_570xN_123625990.jpg)


وأعتقد أن المريخ سان يمثل الحزن… : '-(


"mars-san is a representation of grief"?

That is what I understood from a translation.

I think he might be, too. The scene is very sombre.


i think so, too.


mars-san represents drank

File: 1394140834694.jpg (18.37 KB, 640x480, Wallthatleadstokyukyukyun.jpg)


madotsuki's mind is trying to protect her and that why some of the probabilities of getting certain events are so small. An event like the zipper or flying thingy.

File: 1329310301966.png (41.39 KB, 638x478, h3h63.png)


The face is often associated with KyuuKyuu-kun and used as evidence by some fans to support the theory that Madotsuki has some kind of trauma involving penises. The interpretation of FACE being a penis head further expresses this. This animation cannot be skipped and continues for approximately ten seconds before Madotsuki awakens abruptly.

What if Kikiyama was a rapist who couldn't deal with the damage he caused to his victim. He created this video-game of a little girl that has psychological problems and a fear of penises to the point of her suicide. But it also his suicide since after completing the game his took his own life.


Interesting theory… I hope it's not true! However, I think Kikiyama did actually contact people post-Yume Nikki. There was an email exchange explaining why he made Yume Nikki.

I have a feeling that he may actually be active on the Japanese internet - anyone know of any native speakers confirm this?

Oh hey, just thought of another theory and a positive way to read the ending - Yume Nikki actually takes place in a sort of purgatory. Madotsuki has already commited suicide by the time the game starts. She has to somehow resolve her trauma before she can pass on. When she gathers all the effects by exploring her twisted psyche and remains of her memories, the stairs appears giving her a way to move to the next life.

It also explains why she shakes her head and refuses when the player tries to get her to leave her room. It's as if she knows she has something she must do before she can leave.


My heart now aches for Kikiyama now…


one thing i wanna say is that FACE if you look at it side ways it totally looks like a vagina representing Madotsuki violated pride.
Also! I heard a really interesting inception theory that suggest yume nikki actually is in a dream already and her jump frees her. There is a lot of evidence if you think about. And it doesn't disprove the rape theory.


File: 1393208301998.jpg (87.99 KB, 807x700, 1384621952022.jpg)


I don't want to sound like a dick, but that was already discussed here countless times.

File: 1388532267688.jpg (413.18 KB, 869x1222, Uboa.jpg)


If uboa has a ponytail ,that minds uboa is female?
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Well, generally we assume monsters to be male, as well as genderless beings.
Hence why the twist where the monster is female is supreendent.


File: 1389643787003.jpg (488.54 KB, 1000x1000, 37738762.jpg)

Well, it's shitty. Especially since there's precedent here to assume Uboa is female. But eh, it doesn't matter.



>When it transforms from Poniko

I disagree, you don't know if it transforms from Poniko, or if Poniko is consumed by the monster when everything is dark.

I mean, for all we know, Uboa might've appeared when you turned the lights out, eliminating Poniko in the process, but not 'being born' from her. As a monster that appears in the night and eats someone.
It doesn't necessarily appear from Poniko.

Also >>1880


There is? I've been here for like five years and I've always been under the impression that Uboa was a genderless entity.


File: 1392295780925.jpg (8.22 KB, 225x225, images (14).jpg)

>Mfw seeing more guys with ponytails
>Mfw Uboa having a gender
>Mfw the manga going downhill after they introduced Massada
>Mfw Uboa was the best part of the mango but people constantly bash him

File: 1390653726298.jpg (167.76 KB, 1200x1600, 28069319.jpg)


(I think this post suits here more than /uboa/ so…)
I think that Poniko is able to colect effects just like Madotsuki does, and Uboa is one of her effects. It's like when Madotsuki turnst into Yuki-onna. What if the reason Poniko doesnt't leave her room is that she is trapped in Madotsuki's dream world? Then Madotsuki may be trapped in someone's dream world,too,and that's why she doesn't want to go out. Dreamception!


I like the idea of poniko also being a dreamer. I honestly think somebody should make a fangame where you play as poniko.



The ending is she gets turned into ubuu by Madotsuki?


File: 1392422652889.jpg (56.09 KB, 500x661, PkZyKiQFsvIbsWqEsJaaw4tRcz….jpg)

What if Poniko represents Madotsuki's unwillingness to go outside and explore? While Mado goes about many different dream worlds, almost naively, Poniko is so used to it that she sees no point and keeps to herself. She is, rather, the awake state of Mado, who refuses to even acknowledge there being someone else in the room. Unless that person is a cat… And there's also the whole Uboa thing going on with her putting an effort to show Mado "the real world" or give her an eye opener. The surrounding area is pink and lush, there's birthday balloons and an island of cake - then there's a giant multi-limbed monster vomiting blood or what have you.

That's probably been discussed to death already, but given the extra angle that she dreams and explores the worlds herself, that's a different context where she is almost like the natural result of Mado becoming reclusive even in her dreams. Maybe given something like Poniko's room being an original test level or whatever, the whole game's a dream she had about someone who could leave her room, and eventually find her? But she was worried she would learn the deep dark secrets (Uboa) so she hid herself within the dream world?

Poniko explored the worlds, but was lonely with nobody, so she imagined a friend, but didn't know how to have friends after being alone for so long, so she locked herself away, and now when the friend comes she is afraid to scare her or make her go away because of everything built up inside that may come out any given time the lights go off. Of course it could also work the other way around, Mado wanting a friend - but even that person didn't like her. I'd like to believe Poniko's just a person like Madotsuki. Maybe the same kind of plague in some theories is causing people to share dreams? Instead of figments of imagination, everyone's caught up in the same universe. Even the less important characters could represent deteriorated versions of eachother. What if Poniko is just Mado, but from a different angle so that Mado sees herself the way the world views her? She may have changed her appearance to separate herself, or she could have split personalities, which the blonde and long hair could attribute to as well. Maybe I'm just really overthinking everything but I think Poniko's character deserves to be fleshed out more.

File: 1385071463939.png (10.86 KB, 275x220, Crossover_Garden.png)


I have a theory on the Sky Garden/Ghost World. The Sky Garden could be what Madotsuki knew the world to be before she locked herself away, and the Ghost World could be how she imagines the world probably is like now. She probably imagine that the world is dull and has died.

It can be shown by the fact that they are both reach able from the same doorway, with the small interior being Mado's room.


I died in my dreams once, and my dream world turned all blue and desolate like in Ghost World. That was well before I played Yume Nikki.

I know it's stupid to assume everyone experiences a similar thing, but I think Mado just imagines herself to be dead after interacting with the white flowers. It makes sense to me that she associates the flowers with death, as white is the color of death in East Asian countries.

But nice work pointing out that the entrance to the white flower field has the same shape from the outside.

I think she simply tries to imagine what the world looks like to a dead person.


File: 1385139067629.png (29.87 KB, 400x550, 1293863.png)

The Ghost World is what I imagine the afterlife is to Mado. You get the Hankerchief effect there, after all. There's also the fact that, to my and perhaps others, this effect is the last one due to how 'hard' it is to find.

And then in order to reach the sky garden, you have to climb up some rather long steps. Stairway to Heaven?


In my opinion, the sky garden represents heavan to madotsuki, how she wishes what it would be like for her after her death. However, when she thinks about it more seriously she begins to feel like her death will be a desolute end evem from her worldy troubles, like she can never escape them.

Especially since you have to go through the desert to get there which houses the toriningen party, the barracks, and other depressing places of the like, then you ascend a large flight of stairs to get there. It is also possible to see someone falling as you ascend, perhaps alluding to the idea that someone wanta to escape the Sky Garden.


Maybe the Ghost world could be showing Madotsuki's anxiety and fear? Seeing as how the fleeing ghost is found here.

File: 1392163384011.jpg (2.33 MB, 2152x5000, url.jpg)


File: 1388152946696.jpg (25.64 KB, 300x240, ghost.jpg)


What if we are mistakenly confusing "end" with "goal"? And the cause with consequence.
Although the goal in the game is to collect all the effects, it doesn't say that Madotsuki has to die. By collecting all 24 effects, she (we) has the option to jump or not. She doesn't have to. She (we) has the option of not jumping and going back to dreaming (or to play NASU).
The ending doesn't mean everything happened to make her suicide. It simply shows the obvious consequence of jumping from a building. And, there, we must not confuse cause with consequence:
She doesn't die because the game ends. The game ends because she dies. While she lives, the game goes on. We are not forced to make her jump. We have the choice. And we have consequences to deal with.

It may sound sad and pessimistic to realize we can not "fix" her problems in order to allow her to leave the room and live a "normal" life. It makes us think that she'd rather die than leaving her room.
Maybe some people think this is a miserable life. But we enjoyed the time we spent with Madotsuki, even without leaving her room, and we feel sad with the idea of her death. Maybe we should get rid of our obsession on "fixing" things, and feel glad that Madotsuki can keep living in her closed room and her dreams (and NASU).


But isn't it just like saying:
I don't have to progress in any other game, I have the choice to sty in the starting area.

File: 1329769728089.png (65.34 KB, 740x740, 740px-Dark_World[1].png)


When in the Dark world, have you guys ever noticed that the floor patterns are symmetrical, and resemble Rorschach Ink Blot tests?
Maybe Madotsuki saw a psychologist to resolve a case that dealt with rape. Since the knife is found in this world, it may be her only "weapon" in trying to solve this psychological mess.

It would also explain why KyuuKyuu-Kun rubs faster when you stab him. If she was hostile towards the aggressor, then, in turn, would be more violent. However, when the Cat effect is used, he rubs slower. The cat is representative of the Maneki Neko, which is for luck. When she would indulge her aggressor, she would "luck out" and he'd be more gentle.

Just a thought.

Pic related. It's a map of dark world. Now go look up Rorschach ink blots and tell me what you think. ^^


I think its a possible theory. (Good job realizing a connection with the shapes)



>Dat necrobump…

In any case, I remember somebody found out that the cat effect DOES NOT make Kyukyu-kun rub the pipe slower, which is one of the flaws in this theory besides rape…

Anyway, I actually see more paracas' imagery instead of Rorschach's, but that's subjetive.

File: 1388171465201.png (444.42 KB, 600x570, a4247a745cea524fac272c195b….png)


I know this theory is probably nothing new, but I didn't find a similar one in the catalog, so my apologies if I made a mistake with this post.

Anyway, here goes my theory (that probably needs some tweaking).
Mado wasn't raped. She was bullied.
- Most of the effects can relate to this in some way, like the poop hair or the frog effect being things they called her.. or the witch effect representing how she wished she could use magic or fly away from everything.. or the hair changing effects showing her how she wishes she was prettier.
- All the sexual imagery might represent her bullies scaring her with threads of rape (pretty fresh addition to my theory, mainly thanks to the Mahou Shoujo Site manga)
- The Toriningen represent her bullies. Stabbing them is the way Mado tries to fight them back, but it does nothing but make them angrier and aggressive.
- I have a couple of theories for Poniko.
– 1st one is that she is "The Queen Bee", but that kind of drops off from the theory, since stabbing her does not do the same as it does to Toriningen.
– 2nd one is that maybe she is just a really popular girl at school, that actually hides a "dark secret", but then it doesn't really relate to Madotsuki.
– 3rd theory is my favourite and makes the most sense to me - Poniko was Madotsuki's best friend, but when Mado became the bullies' target, she did nothing to help her, hence why Mado sees her as a monster (Uboa).
- Monoko and Monoe are previous bully victims. They're black and white, since they're something "from the past" so to say.

that's pretty much all I have for now, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


File: 1388192843010.jpg (453.63 KB, 1366x1024, Mahou_Shoujo_Madoka_Magica….jpg)

>All the sexual imagery might represent her bullies scaring her with threads of rape (pretty fresh addition to my theory, mainly thanks to the Mahou Shoujo Site manga)

What the fuck? They raped Mado(ka) too?

As for your theory, it's valid and makes sense, yet it does not explain all those things we see in her dreams. What about the sky garden? The white desert? Those ghosts? etc.
I also think there are some other things that are loose. I mean, it's ok if Poniko was her friend, and let's say she turns her back on Madotsuki when she started to be the bullies' target, then why when Mado touches Uboa she is sent to an inescapable area, with Aukumu/that red monster and the b/w lake (which some people believe that is made of semen)? It does not seem like some metaphor of treachery or something.

That is what I feel it's kinda 'off'.


File: 1388226385277.png (170.33 KB, 613x539, tumblr_mvkkx69KRr1s0i1l0o1….png)

With the frog effect I always thought it was just her favorite animal. Same with cats too. They also tie together nicely with the Witch Effect.

In general I agree with your theories that the game seem to imply more that Mado was bullied heavily rather than raped, and the Toriningen in my view appear to be twisted forms of the Flying Men from the MOTHER games, which Yume Nikki has heavily reference already.


If Monoe and Monoko were previous bullying victims, Monoko looks like she was bulimic, which would make sense if she was constantly bullied like Mado. Obviously with this, the drooping of her mouth and eyes would be tears and vomit. In my mind, her five arms represent the control she's trying to have over her life (eating disorders are based mainly on control). I wouldn't have any explanation for her stomach, except maybe the hole representing emptiness in her stomach after purging?

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