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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1343254797442.jpg (35.19 KB, 572x596, 393760_322655307746164_100….jpg)



Best theory ever.

Aliens everywhere.

Seriously, that vid is badass and also full of alien mado

picture obviously not related, except that if you have a theory about madotsuki being actually a afroamerican boy wearing a riding coat.


'Sbeen posted. Also
>best theory ever
More like
>best execution of a theory ever


the alien theory itself is pretty dumb, indeed.

Cause the whole "MONOKO HAS FIVE ARMS BECAUSE IT HAPPENED IRL AND UBOA IS PONIKO BECAUSE SHE MUTATED" is completly ridiculous and is a very poor understanding of the game, i guess the guy who made this vid just wanted to make something cool with mado's fucked up imagery.

Stupid, but yeah, it's well done.

File: 1340876416840.png (10.01 KB, 629x474, eyes.png)


hi, /t/!! i have many theories here for you today, i hope you find them satisfactory.

i think madotsuki has paranoid personality disorder. i have the disorder myself and i always have this feeling people are watching me, which triggered dreams where there are nothing but eyeballs staring at me the entire time.

her not wanting to leave her house could also be proof, as she might be paranoid that someone might want to kill her. (knife effect, toriningen, ect.)

another theory i have is that poniko was a burn victim. her house burned down at night while she was asleep, and the flames were so hot that her face deformed, and dingratiated when the firemen uncovered her body. that is where uboa comes from. madotsuki blamed herself for everything, which is why poniko ignores her. it all happened on a snowy day, which is why her house is in the snow world.

my final theory is about monoko and monoe. they were twins who blacked themselves out from the world, making their own and letting nobody else in. however, madotsuki was determined to be in their world too. monoe was quite sadistic and found it funny when someone lost a limb or was killed. monoko.. she was such a fragile girl. she was too shy to make any friends. on their birthday madotsuki decided to pay them a visit to show them they weren't alone in the world, however she saw monoe exit their apartment with monoko and decided to investigate. monoe led monoko to the rooftop for a "special git" it sounded like. however, her gift was her demise. monoe pushed monoko off the building, and because it was so high, blood and bones were visibly out of her body when she crashed, killing her instantly, leaving a smirk on monoe's face.

what do you think, /t/?


Wow! These are really great!
I have signs of paranoia and I get nasty panic attacks when I go outside (I also have some form of personality disorder that I really don't understand).

The idea that Momoe killed Monoko is really creepy and kinda sick, but then again, it's better than yet another rape theory.

File: 1337637858399.jpg (61.45 KB, 423x600, tumblr_lw4fu122nL1r0mvmko1….jpg)


Madotsuki's Dreams are her warped representation of School

Think of it this way. Madotsuki is a misbehaving child who steals things from other students, thus the effects. The Toriningen are teachers. Some teachers know that Madotsuki is a thief, and they try and stop her, these teachers are the lunatic Toriningen. When they catch Madotsuki, they send her to an inescapable place, detention. Other teachers don't know about Madotsuki being bad, but they can be made be realize this if they see her do something bad. These teachers are the nice Toriningen who will become hostile when stabbed. Poniko is the assistant principal or the office assistant. She doesn't bother Madotsuki because she doesn't have any say in it, or she doesn't belive that Madotsuki is really bad, or she simply doesn't care. Uboa is the prinicipal, and the trap is his office. Seccom Masada-sensei is, as mentioned before, is her music teacher. He doesn't know about Madotsuki's violent behavior, which is why he runs when she pulls out the knife. The many characters might be her representation of students or other teachers. It doesn't make much sense, but just think on it, it kind of makes sense.


This is an interesting theory and I wouldn't be surprised if some things or at least her emotional issues were based on school, but I don't think it should be EVERYTHING. o.O

Maybe some of her stuff has to do with summer vacation or a scary movie she watched.

For some reason I got the strangest feeling instead of being related to a real person in her life, Shitai-san is like Jason Voorhees. o.O

LOL. I know, retarded idea. XD

I just had to say it though. :p


Madotsuki tried to touch her principal in his love spots, and he called her parents. The had a conference and lecture, Madotsuki thinks it is an endless loop.

File: 1340425498677.jpg (336.1 KB, 1280x800, two sabitsukis.jpg)


I think it's interesting that Sabi can "dream" without actually sleeping. I think maybe she's an online friend of Madotsuki. Madotsuki doesn't have a computer, but maybe she used to, and Sabi has embarked on a quest to find her the only way she knows how, by hacking into the WIRED.

How do I figure Sabi knows Madotsuki? Well, she shares lots of effects with Mado. You get the witch effect from a character resembling Witch!Madotsuki, and (I admit this is really reaching) her house vaguely vaguely VAGUeLY resembles Madotsuki's room… Almost as if Sabi pieced it together from descriptions, or blurry webcam photos taken within the room.

Sabi is a computer hacker, hackers often enjoy exploring abandoned buildings (don't ask me why but those two seem to go together) which is why there's all these rusty, run down areas.

>tl;dr: Sabi is an online friend of Madotsuki, Madotsuki has disappeared from the internet, and Sabi is trying to find her. Thoughts?

Kaibutsu are trolls, determined to lead her astray on the search for her dearest Madotsuki.
Maybe the red demons represent a truth she wishes to deny.


File: 1340617011302.png (82.58 KB, 236x236, Kaibuproblem1.png)

Go to an enclosed space, OP.



File: 1340483747904.jpg (114.55 KB, 600x450, Threads of Fate (Deviant A….jpg)


So who here's a dude and who here is a girl anyway? What about ages?

Sorry if that sounds personal, I'm just really curious. I don't want to feel like I'm the only 21 or so year old guy here…

Pic unrelated


Moved to >>>/ot/3571.

File: 1332739018488.jpg (4.33 KB, 248x256, Madotsuki_and_Monoe.jpg)


This is a thread specifically for Monoe theories.
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File: 1337694202230.png (41.77 KB, 193x241, tumblr_m0yti28fVq1rrk5n2o5….png)

I always thought the white desert was black and white because it's a faint memory. When she was younger, or just somewhere she had never been before, she had a strong experience that made her remember these two girls and their faces.

I've always assumed that Monoe is a bit of a princess (from her zoom in) and Monoko is her annoying little sister. Matsudoki was out in public and saw this flash of an incident and held on to it. If she killed her or just just hurt her in some way, who knows, but Matsudoki represents it in her dream as Monoko's disfigurement


File: 1337846544495.gif (1.57 MB, 330x186, 1330771977317.gif)



>At least it wasn't Nikki.


File: 1339336894875.png (4.39 KB, 302x330, Madotsudoku.png)



File: 1340219505050.png (11.55 KB, 315x345, mado.PNG)

File: 1335471486633.png (87.11 KB, 954x661, facademado.png)


This explains everything.
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This.. this changes everything..



i am so tired of melon jokes
he is probably offended by the word melons/Melon because the system is built to react to key words rather than whole sentences and melons is a slang term for BOOBS so the dum computer thinks youi are talking about his wifes boobs
fuckin christ


Wrong section and thread. Pro posting abilities.


how is this the wrong section and thread? its a thread related to facade
someone mentioned the stupid melons
someone even asked for explanation of the stupid melons
i have commented on the stupid melons
pro reading abilities


Trip obviously had a traumatic experience involving Melons. He was probably raped by a melon. And the Melon was his piano teacher. Who died because he was hit by a melon driving through a traffic light.

There ya go, two birds with one stone. Yume Nikki and Facade, all wrapped up. Cases fuckin' closed.

Now let's all go outside and enjoy the sun.

File: 1332132196071.jpg (127.84 KB, 540x721, peter_higgs_web.jpg)


I couldn't find any theories/explanations for the individual worlds as such. Numbers World is the oddest/creepiest one and it's the one that most seems to signify something instead of just being lolcrazy or like a real place.

What significance do the numbers have?
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I don't think it's the most scary. But it certainly is one of the most depressing and hopeless.
It gives a feeling of "Yep, life sucks, and nothing ever happens here"


I've always thought the Numbers world was a terrible orphanage.

My theory is this: Madotsuki was an orphan for some reason (If you believe she's a foreigner, you can use that here) and had to live in this run down orphanage. The caretakers there (Toriningen) were very cruel to the children and since they had to teach the children as well, they messed around with the children by making them do math, (Perhaps something like "add these large numbers, and if you get it wrong, we punish you"). Meanwhile, the beds there are the sleeping quarters, and the severed head area near the bed could represent Madotsuki being assaulted at that area in the night. I'm going with the Mado was raped theory here, but KyuKyu doesn't necessarily take her virginity.

The caretakers, being the assholes that they are, took it from her, perhaps out of sadism or jealousy. Back in the olden days of English, a maidenhead was a euphemism for virginity. If Japanese is at all like that (And it's always a possibility that Kikiyama isn't Japanese in the first place), then Mado's servered head could be seen as literally a maiden's head. The guillotine obviously is the symbolic taking of the virginity, and the toriningen around the area are the most likely culprits.

Now, the lamppost area nearby could be the surrounding area near the orphanage, which was mostly desolate, and the stream area could be just that. The "A" could be a type of closet or punishment, and the A's are obviously Madotsuki screaming from the punishment.

The area with all of the eye creatures and the strange blue nose thing sticking out in the ground is something I'll need to think about some more. The ways to get into the room could be via Cat effect or knife effect. I think those are the only two ways. My gut wants me to say this also involves something sexual too, but I don't really feel confident (Well at least confident enough given nearly everything in this game is crapshoot) enough to assert that.

The Madotsuki's ghost happens in a closet, in a strange part of the hell maze that is cut off from the rest of the maze. My theory here isn't that the hell maze actually exists (I believe it's purely a dream world area for Mado to travel around a bit easier? Or at least something that connects the worlds together), but that this place is dark area of Mado's mind, perhaps symbolizing some version of herself that feels trapped in the world around her? This might fit well with thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I like that. I haven't really paid much mind into numbers world.

Also the silly faces on the walls could be interpreted as hallways filled with other people, who might look silly and pointless to Madotsuki.

Also the fact the faces are the walls could mean she was constantly trying to navigate through a massive crowd.

Sorry for my english.


madotsuki got lost while trying to give meaning to the numbers


Thanks for posting this.

Do you think Uboa could be related to the guilliotines? He's a disembodied head. Also those dick monsters are beheaded. Inever connected them all together until now…sorry this isn't related to much in this thread.

File: 1335677480555.jpg (115.96 KB, 620x450, Konachan.com_-_83698_anima….jpg)


Where are Madotsuki's parents? What happened to them? Did she kill them? Are they in the other room that Madotsuki refuses to enter? Does she stay away from them because they're abusive?

Theories please.


i think that they might have come into her room and been interactive with her for a while after she started dreaming, but eventually she was too unresponsive and they gave up trying to communicate.
either that or she's an orphan and lives alone =w=


File: 1337316828827.jpg (132.71 KB, 523x294, 1331183503246.jpg)

I think she's the parent.


File: 1337543835133.png (380.24 KB, 648x1231, madotsuki kawaii.png)

i dont think shes an orphan or anything. as far as i know in japan parents tend to leave their children alone and the relationship isnt very close, often because they're working abroad or what not. Since im guessing that mado lives in japan, and since kikiyama (im pretty sure, but still can be argued) lives in japan, hes probably more likely to add a plot (if there is any) that connects better with the culture that hes familiar with rather than ours. just my two cents(◡‿◡✿)

File: 1317184046814.jpg (121.42 KB, 800x600, 1283654604962.jpg)


this…this is the best theory ever…

everyone else…just go home…Q__Q
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Has anyone been able to find the song name for this?
Off the nico link, the only information I've been able to find is "BGMはEPOさんの【死】という曲です" from a commenter, yet searching around that has yielded me nothing


File: 1334807834580.jpg (174.15 KB, 1065x800, YumeNikki Mad3.jpg)

Hiya guys,

I just noticed a couple days ago that someone re-uploaded that brilliant video, and while I was searching info about the song I had decided to pass here to open a thread about the theory, though I managed to find this one fearing doubles.

First of all, the author of the song is really EPO (aka Satou Eiko, a female japanese songwriter. http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPO)
The song itself is called Hana (flower), from the album Wica. You can listen to it here:

(Yes I discovered her moments ago while searching for it and after reading the whole thread)

I'm actually more interested in finding the author of the video. I don't remember clearly, but was he/she/it/asari mentioned somewhere in the original video or on NicoNico? Is he/she/it/asari/uboa on pixiv or somewhere?

I'll go sleep for a couple hours and then check the thread back when I wake up.
Thanks in advance for the info and have a cookie.


I'm back, though there aren't any new replies.
I'll try to search for the author again in the meanwhile


I'm pretty sure she's a hanar, not an asari.

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