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File: 1324153355975.jpg (122.82 KB, 400x300, YumeNikki2.jpg)


I was originally going to make this into a fanfiction, but nope.

Before Madotsuki started having all the dreams,
Madotsuki had a little sister who always grabbed everything [Monoko] and an older sister who was gentle and quiet[Momone].
Mado went to school with Poniko, who always ignored her when she was angry at her. Poniko always loved drawing monsters, and deformed things [uboa]. Even though Poniko was pretty, Mado and she were the outcasts of the school for being weird. Mado liked folklore, a lot.
Mado had a piano recital in 12 days [the 12 doors/worlds], and her teacher was Masada.
Mado had a crush on a boy named Shitai, who like Momone.
Mado asked Shitai to come to her piano recital, who accepted because she told him he could sit with Momone.

After 12 days, Mado's family is traveling to her recital in the snow.
While coming around the corner, the car the family is in swerves and hits Shitai and his little sister [Mufurako], and hits a tree, killing everyone inside.
After hearing about this, Mado stays with Masada because she has no relatives. Masada rapes Mado repeatedly, getting her pregnant. Mado steals his money and runs away, getting an apartment. She never leaves, because she can no longer pay the rent and will be evicted.

I dunno, ignore me. I just wanted to see what you guys would think.
This is my first post on here. \( ^ ^|||)
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File: 1324905102221.png (207.41 KB, 1496x992, 1296359642280.png)

Good theory *hats off


i find it kind of funny that everyone complains about rape theories, or even derail threads that were never about rape theories into jokes about how all theories are about rape but this theory is welcomed with open arms inspite of mentioning rape. I'm actually glad people are over that annoying and cliche run of jokes. I feel like a lot of good theories ended up getting laughed at and ignored because of whiners.
this is an excellent theory, rape or no rape.


File: 1331490789142.jpg (46.02 KB, 478x237, medium_BALLER_CO_LOGO.jpg)


it's really just piecing everything together but it's a pretty smooth way of doing so. good going.


Madotsuki is actually Homura Akemi in one of the timelines which got waaaaaaaaay out of hand.

File: 1331449072712.jpg (84.04 KB, 1076x876, 1331301988124.jpg)


What's everyone's personal interpretation of what happened in the game?

I'm really tired so here's what I think very simply. Madotsuki became pregnant with Masada. She was involved in a car accident that cost a young girl her life, and caused her to have a miscarriage. She became a social recluse.

I guess most of it is obvious, but the area you find uboa in has party balloons, a pink theme that would fit well with a girl's birthday party, and those cones look like those party things. Poniko does't exist, she's what Madotsuki imagines her child to be like if she didn't have a miscarriage.

File: 1330830373768.jpg (17.76 KB, 370x462, EyeofRahaha.jpg)


The story is all around us. In every song, movie and book, all along.

Now you have found the bus, there is no fuss. Squeeze that puss, learn not to crush and be like us.


Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/encountering-angels-in-human-form-an-experience?commentId=2859786%3AComment%3A1439609&xg_source=msg_com_forum#ixzz1o6y361bV

Must have been out of his mind. Must have been…
He's coming, she's coming, it's coming, you're coming…..


I'm not clicking on those videos until someone conforms their not screamers. Until that happens I'm saying this whole thread is about a guy who want's to make crappy Creepy-pastas.


Judging by comments and general video nature, it should be fine.


They don't seem to be.


You know that when you think something is a screamer, you can just mute your computer and check the comments first, right? I've accidentally watched screamers and been fucking terrified of them, but even I can do that.

File: 1327621057178.jpg (347.79 KB, 1000x700, 263296.jpg)


New theory on Mado's damage!: Madotsuki is upset because she has terrible hair
1. So many hair themed effects
2. Uboa is symbolic of when she sleeps too long or too much, her hair gets all crazy and gross, and poniko is symbolic of how she can't get close to having such nice hair, how close she is to having nice hair, but yet so far
3. She feels ostracism about her hair from other people, especially the toriningen, showing that even ugly people with nice hair can shun you
4. Monoe represents how she feels people with nice hair sneer at her. Monoe's hair is nice and straight and frames her face well
5. Monoko represents how Mado thinks she looks, though she looks fine, once she stops and looks at herself, she feels she looks disgusting and mangled and has terrible hair.
6. The jinglebell jellyfish are the physical manifestation of her hair woes. They are kinda slimy and look like hair [spoiler] and when she dies, her hair is still terrible and the demons still stick around [/spoiler]
7. Kyuu Kyuu Kun represents that she lost her hairdryer and she misses stroking it, FACE is just what the part of the hairdryer that blows air out looks like when it's blowing air

pic related, her hair is totally weird in this pic.




The only thing I can't explain is hair themed objects but I don't think this is right


Even if her hair is bad, do you think she would atually kill herself over something like that? If it was really that horrible, she could shave it off and wear a wig or something.


Sorry, I forgot to spoiler.

File: 1318377887390.jpg (63.61 KB, 425x600, gonna cry man.jpg)


Guys Whats your theorie on… well the characters other then Madotsuki. Like Poniko and Monoe and Monoko and such. What do you think there back story is with her?
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File: 1329465268565.jpeg (8.4 KB, 200x200, 351208.jpeg)

The only theory I have (which is really more of a headcanon mind you) is that Shitai-san is Madotsuki's older brother or just her sibling in gerneral and they were both involved in some sort of car accident except he obviously didn't make it. Like maybe she just wandered into the road and didn't pay attention to the walk signal so he pushes her out of the way I don't know but I did find it a little disturbing that he wiggles with the cat effect.


I see Masada and Mars-san as siblings, I don't know why. I just can't really see them being a couple, but I see them being close. Even though Mars-san appears to be much bigger, I imagine her as a little sister.


Wait, I'm really confused, you mean Monoko, not Monoe, right? Or is this a new theory that's worth investigating? I guess it's probably a typo, but, just incase.


Maybe Madotsuki is actually Cinderella. The Toriningen are the Stepsisters and Stepmother(Who are complete bitches, which is why they have a party without her), Mars-san is a glass slipper, Masada is the Prince, Poniko/Uboa is the fairy godmother(Why? Because they are both so magicalz), and everyone else is those little mice people.


Whatever happened to Madotsuki happened in fall and winter, which is why you get a rain and snow effect.

Whatever happened in the car crash involved a bike somehow. Modoko was on a bike or Madotsuki.

I'll write more tomorrow…

File: 1317836185125.gif (15.28 KB, 44x62, Jellyfish.gif)


The "jellyfish" look like doctors covered in blood looking down hopelessly ("I'm sorry, we did all we could") to me.
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They look more like monks to me


When Mado jumps, it shows that in the outside world an alien infestation was going on, basically the reason why she didn't want to go out.
The dream imagery is based on what she saw from her balcony.
That, or she is still dreaming.


Honestly, I still see this more.


Maybe they were wind chimes or something. Although, most people consider them jellyfish or octopus.


They look lke a nose and a small hitler or charlie chaplin mustache. the "feet" are teeth.

File: 1330485915713.jpg (46.56 KB, 280x438, yumenikki4.jpg)


Rather than two unrelated people, the same people, or anything like that, I feel like Uboa and Poniko are siblings. Thoughts?

File: 1327608454780.png (191.39 KB, 700x600, 24611783.png)


Characters' age speculation thread. How old is Madotsuki? What about the other protagonists?
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In the world of RPG Maker, people also frequently have random encounters with monsters and fight them for experience points.

RPG Maker 2k3's stock sprites have everything chibified, but that doesn't mean that you can't use non-chibified characters in RPG Maker's engine, Masada and the mall people are prime examples of that, compare their body shapes to Madotsuki's body shape and it's quite clear that she's meant to be young.



And then, take a look at how low detailed are the mall people and Masada.

I still don't think Mado is a child. I agree that she's young, but definately not a child.


What exactly is your definition of a child? Because, I define it as 19 and younger, but, other people might think of it as 12 and younger, or 10 and younger.



For me, it's 10 and younger.


Ohhh, okay. Well, I feel like Madotsuki is probably somewhere between 12 and 14, so, she'd be a child in my opinion.

File: 1318127364575.png (25.92 KB, 905x363, 1317252642452.png)


Here's a tiny bit of speculation.

I think the FACE event, and the bleeding milkshake guy near the flute effect, represent Madotsuki's experiences with psychiatrists. I think the blood milkshake guy represents her 'spilling of guts.' The rest of the building is the offices or waiting rooms.

Her psychiatrists may have been extremely Freudian. She may have 'spilled her guts' about all these weird penis shaped dreams, which the psychiatrists interpreted as penis and rape related issues. Also FACE represents some trauma, but also a Rorschach test she was given while being evaluated or tested. If you read about Rorshach tests, there's a lot of interpretations that make everything sexual in those.
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File: 1318140099495.gif (469.16 KB, 250x141, tumblr_lsrsoogPw71qir4s6.gif)

Milkshake guy!


File: 1318198143632.jpg (50.21 KB, 500x500, 1256421348593.jpg)


Delicious tokuto-coffee!


I was reading about Rorshache tests, and they can be interpreted many different ways by different psychiatrists. Also, apparently seeing some sexual things is supposed to be normal.


Iced Tokuto-kun blood coffee. DELICIOUS.

File: 1322413110154.jpg (13.96 KB, 300x200, 61a46ee956482a607559621423….jpg)


Nasu looks a lot like the Toriningen. Madotsuki probably played Nasu a hell of a lot, because it's her only NES game and it's always ready to be started. Playing that awful game so much must've had a pretty negative influence on her affect. The toriningen are the lingering effect of Nasu on her mind.
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>He is called Nasu either way so what is your point?

Following this logic, the protagonist of Yume Nikki is supposed to be called Yume Nikki?

>Try renaming him […]

Wow, so you even know its gender?


holy shit… h4x


>he didn't get it
He/She was named Nasu long ago, you're a bit late in renaming it.


NASU is a repetetive, dull game.
Toriningen send you to dull, repetetive places.

If you get it.


Maybe she just really liked eggplants.

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