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Mado can't see because she can't open her eyes.
She walked off the balcony by accident.


File: 1402455655706.gif (2.83 MB, 444x250, 1386227315345.gif)

I posted this in a thread on /mado/, but it's still a good theory.

It's what i want to believe.


I would think that since the player is the one who controls Mado, the player makes the decision to jump. Also, that videogame of hers would be really hard to play if she was blind.


Poniko glued Mado's eyes shut and pushed her off


but who was uboa


File: 1407091173384.png (24.63 KB, 114x106, tumblr_mdk5xv79MH1qh3b7ao1….png)

M-Mado-chan… waa..

What if shes actually possessed by the player and everything done in-game is against her will? we're all monsters nooooo

(This is probably very silly but it just popped into my mind when reading the thread)


File: 1407093531937.png (17.66 KB, 100x100, tumblr_mkgaq9lPcL1qh3b7ao1….png)


O-OH sorry for the double post but this just came into mind as well… What if its not that she cant open her eyes, shes just ashamed of the color?

Maybe Monoe bullied her about them (her squinting eyes) and Monoko defended her but stopped once she got beat up (her disfiguration with the stoplight effect)

Maybe Masuda was someone (teacher or not, sensei is just a fan name after all…) who defended her as well and ignored the bullying (his calm spaceship where the two are alone) but it really does hurt him deep down, even if he doesnt want to admit it (the way he backs up when you pull out the knife)

His eyes going in different directions could symbolize how he was made an outcast and bullied alongside Mado and her own red eyes (I say red because of the eyeball world, red eyes torn from their sockets are everywhere)

The way Mado falls asleep in his spaceship could symbolize how she was finally becoming comfortable and close with him, and the way it crashes when she falls asleep all the way could mean the bullying became too much just when they really started to get closer. His panicked bloops, the fast beeping of the ship and the way he frantically looks around could be symbolization of a mental breakdown. When the ship crashes, his slower bloops could symbolize how upset he was in the aftermath and how Mado realized he was seriously hurt by all the bullying. The way they landed on mars could mean how he was mentally suffocating by all this

Perhaps he began to ignore Mado afterwards (the way you can only access mars san when youre small) and the stairs down to mars san could symbolize Masudas mental decline

The way the crying mars sans eyes change color when you stab him could symbolize how Masuda stopped being her friend after the breakdown. The way the stab wounds linger could mean the mental wounds on Masuda could not be reversed and Mado-chan feels guilty



everyone who plays gets trapped inside the game gets trapped inside mado and the only way out is to kill mado and the player's eyes are closed and don't realize it because they're inside mado and after mado dies all they remember is playing a normal game


File: 1407189236596.jpg (31.14 KB, 651x390, cyberpunk music.jpg)

she could have jumped over her balcony fence anyway if her goal was to end it all


maybe she has a habit of jumping over fences because she can't find the gate because she can't see so she jumped over her balcony railing thinking it was a fence


I like this, though I would argue the mars landing means the mado seems lost after the whole ordeal. I'd also add that the spaceships appearing when mado plays with the cat effect coukd symbolize how she always feels like people are watching her. Or possibly that she feels the need to be someone else in order to gain positive attention (the cat being something stereotypically cute she uses in hopes people will start to like her).

Then, I'd say the changing eyes of mars-san has more to do with her own innermost beliefs (she must crawl in a hole and descend stairs to reach him, i.e. her subconscious) and how everyones attacks make her wish they would change.


when mado jumped over the balcony she jumped too high and landed on mars


what if mars-san was an old friend of hers and he went to mars and she tried to jump to mars to see him again but she didn't jump high enough and fell and died instead


Ah…I heard of this theory on Yume Nikki retrospective video.at the final one.


Man my head iches

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