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File: 1329167193329.png (508.05 KB, 750x1425, yume_nikki___madotsuki_by_….png)


One of the characters, likely Poniko, had a dream where she met a girl with brown hair and long braids. That girl was named Madotsuki. Madotsuki gained a soul during that dream, but, no physical body, and so is forced to live in Poniko's imagination. Poniko kept a dream diary, and, that is the only proof that Madotsuki actually exists somehow, and, it's also why she can't go outside. She can't leave Poniko's imagination, and so, continues to wander around Poniko's imagination. The ending is her getting bored, and breaking her existence/consciousness.
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While I was writing my theory, I had so much trouble not thinking of inception.


File: 1334830695204.png (254.51 KB, 712x553, FrankenFran_v1_017.png)

So Poniko got bored of her escapism,
resulting in the ending as we know it,

also implemented herself in a remote place that is not needed to finish the game..

i like the theory, but i think poniko is madotsuki's imagination, not the other way around.

>at least people still try to come up with original stuff. thank you for the read.


I think it makes more sense if the wandering scarf and hat girl is the dream of the sleeping igloo girl. She's astral projecting her hat for some reason.


Wait no this sounds better.

She's freezing to death in the snow, so she's dreaming of wearing a hat and a scarf.

File: 1334831417721.png (112.52 KB, 284x824, 1328_47d4.png)


A rather short theory on Poniko,

she has epilepsy,

fooling with the lightswitch causes her to have an epileptic seizure.
Madotsuki does not know what to do and is scared (door is locked, uboa). She tries to help her but she ends up vomiting (groping giant).


I'm sorry for this but
>madotsuki vomiting


I've seen this somewhere before, but I like it.


I like this theory, but it seems irrelevant when you put it a long with the rest of Yume Nikki, unless maybe everything else represents disorders and health issues?

File: 1332925528740.png (269.05 KB, 683x578, _madotsuki__by_sungodokami….png)


Mado was forced to kill.
She was either one of those kids who is made into a private army, or maybe she is a hit man who tried to quit but couldn't, or maybe someone is black mailing her.


I forgot to mention, but my reason is because you have the choice to kill. Nothing actually forces you to, meaning she could let herself stop killing but face the consequences if she wanted to.


Madotsuki is a survivor of a Battle Royale tournament.


>forced to kill
>kids who is made into a private army
>KONY 2012



File: 1329324116032.png (18.22 KB, 640x480, Ghost.png)


Has anybody thought about the story of the Nopperabou ghost?

For me, it seems like it meant to represent the ghost of somebody who used to work in that place that looks like a sewage treatment plant. This person had a social stigma because of the extremely dirty and humiliating job it used to do, that's why the ghost is faceless, and that's why he decided to remain permanently in this underground plant, isolating himself from the rest of the world.

Also, the "art gallery" is located in this "factory" as well, which could mean that this person's only joy was painting (also, the sewers can be only accessed from the Mural World), and the distrubing pictures are meant to represent what he felt/how did he view the outside world.
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Can we please stop? This thread has been derailed. Fighting just makes you look retarded… Please stop.


File: 1333069712911.png (144.25 KB, 300x200, face65.png)

What the balls happened here?


Anon was obviously new and was kind of confused, so MsWoot100 started yelling and bitching at him, and that's really all I could get from this nonsense bullshit going on.


Hey, can you people pull yourselves together and get back on topic?

Personally, I think the ghost was exiled from the others for being different. Not sure if this would have something to do with Madotsuki, but oh well. Dreams can be like that sometimes.


you will not recover from this

File: 1318003283853.gif (278.79 KB, 117x152, Madotsuki_MUGEN.gif)


Is it weird that I think she's wearing either red socks or slippers instead of shoes? Because I know that it's a custom to take your shoes off indoors and I see white shoes outside in front of the balcony.
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…I guess the "Tapping her heels" could be interpreted oddly.


Hot damn, I'm gonna need BOTH hands for this one!




When you think about it they're both just ways of returning to reality/waking up. Wizard of Oz was just a dream in the books. (Although I may be remembering wrongly.)


File: 1326911177576.png (146.4 KB, 417x425, 2kikikiki.png)


This was just something i was thinking about a while ago, but does anyone else thing the items in the nexus of yume 2kki could represent a different part of her school life?

Like the geometry world=math class, garden world=garden, library=library, theatre world=drama class, heart wold=nurse's office(maybe)

i also think that Urotsuki was involved with drugs because of peer pressure, which is why marijuana is a recurring theme. Marijuana goddess world could be like, her smoking afterschool?

onyx tile world+red streetlight world=the walk home from school. These areas are dangerous so it might be showing how uro lived in a bad neighborhood.
Dream apartments=her house
toy world=nursery/daycare/her little sibling's bedroom? (idk)

i cant figure out graveyard or forest world though.

mrh this is just me rambling on.


I'll ramble with you. Everything is beyond pure speculation.

Maybe someone she loved died, and she coped by smoking weed.

Forest = a park, or a place where she used to walk

Mushroom world = she used to pick shrooms

Marijuana Godddess world = after the death in her family she became spiritual


I thought there was already a theory thread in the Yume 2kki board?


What if Urotsuki is stuck in her room because she was grounded for smoking pot?

File: 1327707335429.jpg (109.66 KB, 700x800, Madotsuki.jpg)


The truth.

Madotsuki is a fucking stoner, and she's having a bad acid trip.


Acid can help you be introverted, and explore your mind. (Can't think of a better way to put that.) Madotsuki does the same. A lot of people do without acid.


Maybe Madotsuki wasn't sleeping, she was just lying on her bed, hallucinating. "HUHUHUHU, PRETTY COLORRRRZ".


More like, in her bed on LSD/psychedelics reliving traumatic events in her life in a very surreal form leading to her eventual suicide. Bad trips are awful… It's a very introspective drug.

File: 1326960186693.jpg (21.92 KB, 280x382, lion.jpg)


So, post your crack theories here.
Pic unrelated.
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File: 1328533278044.jpg (89.71 KB, 999x1500, ole.JPG)

Here is one of her paintings btw


What? No really, what?


And Uboa represents that one time when she was going to some guy with a ponytails pink girly house because she was a hooker and she accidentally cut his face.


Masada was on crack. Monochrome world is cocaine.

File: 1330803834182.png (9.87 KB, 429x410, wat.png)


What if KIKIYAMA gave up on the game?


What if he looked around the fandom, the crazy, sick-minded, mind-in-the-gutter fandom…and said to him self, "Fuck it. I don't even have the power to create canon anymore. If I say anything, it will be drowned it fluffy cuteness, pron, or some sick combination of the two.", and left it at that?

But so many of us love his game (Sometimes for the wrong reasons), and he didn't want to hurt our feelings/some other excuse.

Just sayin'. I have a feeling the pic was his reaction.
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File: 1330960388421.jpeg (454.26 KB, 960x1281, 5081_3d3e_960.jpeg)

So you guys are affirmative of his sex (or gender), but kikiyama doesn't give any clues about yume nikki itself?

maybe kikiyama doesn't want to ruin the whole theory board with a single sentence.


Actually, we aren't. He said his name was "Kiki Yamato" in an e-mail once, if that means anything. Everyone just assumes he's male for some reason.



That name is obviously fake.

But for some reason, I always considered him male as well.


File: 1331074935084.gif (56.04 KB, 650x107, You just started some SICK….gif)

I'm assuming we refer to Kikiyama as male because if not this entire thread would divulge into us arguing with "evidence" as to why Kikiyama is [gender].


Whenever Gender is unknown I refer to person as male. I always thought it was weird why ships and cars were female though, especially considering how people use them to compensate for a small penis.

Uhhh yeah.

I just hope whatever/whoever Kikiyama is he is contributing to something somehow…The game caught on way too much for a good reason so I hope he hasn't disappeared forever. Even if we'll neve rknow about it.

File: 1325474075939.png (59.52 KB, 902x323, books.PNG)


Re-uploading to leave this open to discussion again
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Perhaps she read about the Aztecs in history books.

Although, she does seem to have an Aztec motif area rug. That had to come from somewhere, right? Maybe she got it while she was traveling.


Filled with holes man


File: 1326085060857.jpg (408.75 KB, 680x680, 6-Madotsuki.jpg)


Maybe someone she knew gave it to her. She had to know what ppl look like. Plus we don't know if/when she was outside.




I don't really like this theory, because I like the idea that things are based on Madotsuki's waking life or memories instead. I like how it's asking us to question tiny details like the bookcase that many people overlook.

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