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Happy Holidays!
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File: 1422117405670.png (207.42 KB, 500x471, 1332377028481.png)


There is too much images in YN that resemble art from the Paracas culture, a people who lived in the territory of modern day Peru up to 100 BC.
Somehow, the soul of a woman from the Paracas culture possessed the body of Mado before the game, her dreams are in fact the reflection of her inability to understand the world around her, for she lived in a stone age society and suddenly found herself in a high-tech industrial society.
Think, she does not speak because nobody understands her language and she does not understand Japanese, the people in her dreams look deformed because this is the way she sees Japanese people, they look too different from the people she originally grew up with, the most bizarre beings are the way she sees anime and movie characters, they look nothing like anything she's ever seen, so she believes they are evil spirits.
Mado was locked in her house because nobody understands her bizarre behavior and speech and why she has panic attacks when she see's around technological devices or when she watches movies or games.
Her parents took her to psychiatrists, but nobody understood her odd behavior that only gets worse over time, then she was locked in her room because she was embarrasing her family.
I know this is too random, but I think it' a little interesting and never suggested before. Deal with it.
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I thought it was pretty neat, never seen it in that perspective. Maybe her inner self is a 'window' to the cries of a nation, a culture, long ago. They achieved rebirth, but did not expect it to be like this. The spirit lives on. Until it hit the pavement.
The music in the spiked area in the forest world is pretty authentic to that too, shamanistic, reminiscent, and eternal.


I'm 99% sure I have read this before.


Kinda, I think. I've read a theory where Madotsuki was obsessed with Peruvian culture or something. Shit I don't know.


The reason Mado sees so many sexual imagery is because she is frustrated for not being able to get any because she is not an adult anymore. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?


Not quite the same as this, but I thought of something related…


During the early 20th century, Peru accepted large numbers of Japanese foreign workers, and today there is still a large Peruvian population of Japanese descent. In the 1980s, as Peru suffered from hyperinflation while the Japanese economy soared, many Japanese-Peruvians returned to Japan, often bringing with them non-Japanese members of family.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that I think of mixed Peruvian Amerindian and Japanese descent, which is reflected in the various Mesoamerican motifs combined with references to Japanese culture and folklore, such as the Tengu (Toriningen).

File: 1437667418927.jpg (72.78 KB, 640x480, Ponikoroom.jpg)


This might sound silly, but what if Madotsuki is afraid of Americans? And that fear is put in the form of Poniko..?

When you see Americans in anime and the like, they're pretty much always have white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes- exactly like Poniko. Kikiyama even went out of his way to give her open eyes, even when Monoe- who clearly has open eyes herself- has her eyes closed on her sprite.

Furthermore, you need to travel through the Pink Sea to find her, and what's overseas from Japan? America! Then you need to bet on the rare chance of finding Uboa when you turn the lights off, maybe representing how even though Americans are a rare sight in Japan, they're potentially dangerous..?

I don't know. Maybe it's a silly theory, but it made sense in my head! I wasn't able to find the right words.
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File: 1437681245808.png (19.09 KB, 294x467, oh god what have i done.png)


From where is that boy? Reverse search isn't helping.


>afraid of Americans
This board is complete shit tbh


It was better when there was actually something to discuss,


Boku no Hero Academia

File: 1431787125749.jpg (311.83 KB, 964x1000, de334edf72fc855160fb632de9….jpg)


This theory applies to the manga only, as it is it's own continuity and take on Yume Nikki. I've started to wonder if the manga Yume Nikki takes place in the Alien Nine universe. You can definitely tell that Hitoshi Tomizawa was inspired by his other works when adding his creative touches. Furthermore, it's been hinted in Alien Nine that it's really all just a weird experiment for children Madotsuki's age.
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Well, /t/ is a meta board now, so I guess it's fine


For something as large-scale as the manga, surely an exception can be made. I'm baffled by this belligerence.


File: 1439083059248.jpg (161.43 KB, 960x720, 1336994965416.jpg)

>I'm baffled by this belligerence.
You must be new, right?


Not really, but I haven't seen this level of autistic wrath in a while.


File: 1439256932537.jpg (73.92 KB, 500x322, gqG1YND.jpg)

lol where did you even see wrath is that post?
I could understand if there was a lot of swearing and caps, but how does that post even qualify as autistic wrath?
Calm down, Lenin, you're seeing ghosts everywhere.

File: 1345227206512.jpg (487.2 KB, 600x603, Tori.jpg)


Okay, sorry if it doesn't make sense, I'm uncomfortable with English but I want to share my own theory. It may have a lot of flaws but this is the one I believe the most.

For me, Madotsuki is a really young girl, not a teenager. There's a lot of chilidish imagery in her dreams and the character looks young in general.
Though there's also a strong, violent and sexual adult imagery in some locations: I think that Madotsuki's dream world is melting with the world of another girl who's older than her, and I think that girl is Poniko, because she looks more mature than Madostuki. So this cruel dream world confuses Madotsuki and leaded her to commit suicide.


I have a similar theory. Madotsuki is trapped in a Dream Nexus that melts with imagery of the subconciousness of the other girls.
In the snow world, the girl sleeping must be one of these dreamers, like Poniko and the other girls

File: 1432743800256.gif (238.82 KB, 500x291, tumblr_lv6sc6eUah1qbf1hao1….gif)


So, before you enter the ghost world, there is this room you enter filled with alot of white flowers (I assume those are tulips), and white tulips are associated with the feeling of being sorry. Do you guys think Madotsuki had struggles at first before she did kill herself, because she would actually leave people behind on earth that she actually loved?


File: 1432745503560.jpg (158.43 KB, 600x480, 9472747_m.jpg)

Those flowers remind me more of the death and a cemetery, so I associated them with the afterworld.

About regrets, sure, it seems so. Just exploring her dreams you can see a lot of stuff that somehow reflects Madotsuki's life, and the sole idea that she's seeing these things in her dreams is for me proof enough that she still can't let them go.


what if mado just really liked flowers



thats like saying
what if mado just really likes big looping worlds that make no sense

File: 1361504359315.jpg (64.45 KB, 427x320, 9ebR1.jpg)


I haven't really seen anyone doing so in the recent times, so I thought I'd share some ideas from my experience playing it. It's been a while since I've played YN at this stage, so my memory may be fuzzy, but I did a little research earlier today.

I don't think there's any one thing going on in YN I think in general it explores feelings of alienation and that possible transgender themes are a classic way of doing that. I think the game does have meaning, as shown in the other thread and Holo's knowledge on the Peruvian themes was really interesting. I might touch on other theories I have and how they relate to this.

I think I'll start off by dealing with my theory of what Number World represents.

I believe Numbers World is meant to be a hospital. The beds, the cold, clinical atmosphere, the scary looking cabinets, etc. I think numbers are a good way of expressing a kind of arbitrary, cold distance and I think people who are afraid of hospitals often associate them with such things; or of hospitals and asylums of old which were truly terrifying places. I'm reminded a bit of the Throbbing Gristle track "Hamburger Lady" based off a rather disturbing piece of mail art. Numbers World is one of the scariest areas, because hospitals can be scary.

But hospitals can also be a nice experience in some ways when you're young - the doctors are friendly to you, they have children's play areas and jelly & ice cream. I think this is where the apparent juxtaposition comes from here, and the design of Numbers World reminds me a bit of some children's wards I've seen. There's something friendly despite the frightening nature of a hospital, but there's something abstract and disturbing about that in of itself.

Going back to the Numbers themselves; I think their presence plays up the "mad science" element that may figure into some people's fear of hospitals - but there are so many numbers associated with hospitals, in dosages, bed numbers, codes, costs/bills etc. not to mention counting down the days until you're released; there's a prison like feel to Numbers World as well, with the "clang" background music.

Now, I want to address how Numbers World relates to the transgender theory, starting with this picture of the "stabbing room".
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I'd rather bump and continue this thread than post a new one because it has so many good leads in it. In the past, video games were somewhat considered a boy's activity, especially around the NES/Famicom era, though girls did play them. Furthermore, I've taken a notice to how bland Madotsuki's room is. There's no sign of femininity anywhere in it. It might be possible that the realization of her gender identity was recent and that she may be in denial of what compels her to put her hair into twin braids and wear skirts, though she's more unhappy without it, obviously.


This guy kind of covers everything talked about in this thread, with his own take on it.


What is this peruvian thing ongoing?


Well, it's one of the most prominent theories because trans females continue to find the bizarre phalluses and womb imagery to be a sign of dysphoria when they're made aware. When presented the interpretations, it all seems to click into place for them. It hasn't been brought up because the theory has been covered so extensively there's barely room for further discussion, but a growing percentage believes in it. The reasons for discarding it would normally be to support another theory or simply anti-trans prejudice at this point, unless you can go through and pick all the overwhelming evidence apart bit by bit.



File: 1325786365804.jpg (209.32 KB, 750x1000, 819500.jpg)


what if madotsuki is in truth a boy that loves crossdressing? :D
also, boys are most the time those ones who get raped, and maybe Mado thinked "she" gets pregrant and "she" got scared how it will be look like (those strange things in the footprint path and in the hell are headless women) and also maybe the "headless women" have also something to do where "she" lives?

oh well fail english fail
I hope u guys understand
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Madotsuki herself is a made up character.


Mado is young and it's her dream, so of course she doesn't care about the correct toilet to chose.

>boys are most the time those ones who get raped

Not in prison, not in war, so no. just no.


File: 1332100534939.jpg (81.08 KB, 790x514, 3451-killmenow.jpg)

Let this thread die already.


Discarded for me, as in a dream you can actually act "the other way" (be a transvestite, a serial killer, be murdered in ten thousand million ways, et cetera).
Your unconsciousness has no morals when you're dreaming, do you think that Gestalt theory is to be taken so seriously?


And I mean, yeah, the fact Madotsuki can actually go to the other gender's toilet.
This abides absolutely nothing for granted.

File: 1432225727508.jpg (114.65 KB, 1300x1043, vape.jpg)


mado was vaped


Moved to >>>/ot/12774.

File: 1419784810860.bmp (3.3 KB, 48x48, wtf.bmp)


I found out that if you view the side Madotsuki's sprite,you may understand if she's pregnant by her large belly.She is not the only one,but since most fangame protagonists are originated from her sprite,they are also all pregnant to me o.O
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that would explain where all the eggs came from


Hehe,I'm back!The reason why I"unintendedly"left is terrible so that can't tell you that.


There's less supporting evidence and it's mainly used to support the rape theory. It's more likely she had an abortion, but it's hard to assume she's currently pregnant. There's not enough fetal symbolism, but plenty of violence and horror symbolism involving wombs. You might also consider the transgender theory, which directly opposes this one, but not the rape theory. It uses some of the same evidence in another way.


You might like .flow, by the way. It's highly likely that Sabitsuki is pregnant or had an abortion. If you like pregnancy symbolism, .flow is a goldmine that is barely touched.


As for the sprite, she's a chibi with tapering clothes. You're overthinking that part.

File: 1357329399740.png (436.82 KB, 600x729, 1357247959431.png)


Sabitsuki was a radical environmentalist who used arson as a weapon. She was well-equipped for such an act (the gas mask) but somehow ended up getting hurt. She was clinically dead for a time, and suffered some kind of brain damage. She also probably suffers from a terminal illness (AIDS?), which is why she is willing to put herself in such danger to begin with.

Madotsuki is Asperger's and suffers from feelings of social isolation. There doesn't seem to be much more to it than that. I admit this is kind of a lazy theory.

Urotsuki is a totally normal girl who goes to an average high school and gets good grades. She is an artistic genius, and her dreams are full of the kind of whimsical things that are the subject of her paintings. However, they are also tinged with pain and fear because of the time she was [spoiler]sexually assaulted[/spoiler] near her home. Also bulemic.


File: 1422644098183.jpg (575.87 KB, 1000x750, 1393191825404.jpg)

I actually really like this. well, save for Mado-chan's, but really interesting theories


Actually really like these theories. I could see Mado-chan as having autism or aspergers, since her room environment is pretty tame, but her dreams are vivid.

Not sure how I feel about Sabitsuki's, but it's not bad to any extent. I guess I like it.

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