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Okay, now I know that this can be a very touchy subject on here, but I have to know…. Why does everyone get so angry about whether or not Mado-chan was raped? I understand debating on beliefs but the sheer rage in some of these comments is intense. Now, I'm asking politely. So please…hear me out. Could some of you more civilized people tell me your thoughts as to what happened (rape/notraped) and your supporting reason(s) why? Please.

Please don’t kill me.


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Oh, uau. One of this threads, eh. About your question, I’m neutral to all theories, but in regards to the theories centered around Madotsuki being raped, I have some doubts. And here, have four reasons why I discredit them.
1.The game is too vague to know anything for certain. Maybe some of the things in the game were made to represent rape but I don’t believe the whole game and all its elements were specifically done in all the ways they were, just to say “this girl here was raped”. If it was such, it would have looked more like the game “Lisa” then. Or even weirder.
2.I never understood why can’t the things in the game that people interpret as sexual just represent sex in general, and not rape specifically. What age do people give to Madotsuki? Around 9 to 17, no? It is extremely common and normal for people around those ages to have some kind of sexual urge (or fear) and to dream about it, even 9 years old that still don’t even understand sex. If she is a teen, then those feelings and dreams have a considerably bigger chance to dominate some of her thoughts, even if she was raped or not.
3.The constant use of rape as a backstory for female characters, especially for the female protagonists or the strongest female of a group, in varied media. Sometimes also because many people believe it is very deep and special to give that background to characters, that the only true cool characters are the ones that have violent events in their backstory. It’s like turning Madotsuki into a female version of Sasuke from Naruto. Such a cliché, I would prefer not.
4.The natural and eerie vagueness of dreams. Sometimes I have quite some strange dreams, including rape and other batshit, and I bet a lot of other people do to, and I was never raped. Even so, Yume nikki remembers me a lot about my own experiences in my dreams, and the weird things I found in them. Why can’t a game about dreams be just about dreams?
The only thing I believe is that Madotsuki was enclosed, by her will or not, and maybe due to a trauma or not, and had a bunch of dreams, of varied motifs. But it is interesting to see what other people come up. I just wish there were more theories that didn’t involve rape.
I’m really sorry for the long post. I hope it is easy to understand.


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>what is a meme


welcome to our community, Emily.


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Shet I'd ask why can't I discuss the fact that there is no evidence about Kikiyama approving Project Yume Nikki but mod chan would b& me for the same reason.

The reason is, there is no reason, community is just like this.


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Thank you, Anon number one. That actually does shed some light on things! :)
And Anon #3, who are you talking to?


Either lurk more, or stop shitposting.

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