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Happy Holidays!
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File: 1317184046814.jpg (121.42 KB, 800x600, 1283654604962.jpg)


this…this is the best theory ever…

everyone else…just go home…Q__Q





>This is the best theory exposition ever regardless of how stupid the actual theory is



Then who was Masada?


i thought it was cool, a more unique take on the game


Implying not all theories are usually sad, random things in general.


It's like an epilogue to Saya no Uta


masada was at the very beginning, he was one of the first infected. i think… perhaps he knew madotsuki beforehand.

its a very sad ending, after reading the description i understand the video better.

first madotsuki was immune to the virus that had overtaken her planet entirely, and before she died she had lost everything there was, even her immunity. perhaps with this theory it was for the best.

i always thought the stairs thing was so cool, because madotsuki probably did just use boxes that she had lying around somewhere to make them. thats what gets me the most, i think.


Actually, from the looks of it, Masada was an alien that humans found and he, unintentionally, brought the infection to earth with him.


I never took it in as my end-all be-all theory, but it is a really beautifuly presented take on the game.


Man, so much effort must've been put into this. I've heard of some post apocalyptic theories for YN before but that's really great.

Dammit Masada


It's a really nice video, music and artwork. It takes everything WAY too literal and ruins the point of most things in the game.


>ruins the point of most things in the game

Such as…?


no, you see in one of the split screens of Masada and a boy, implying that he has caught the infection first.


I meant to type theme there. I enjoy the game better thinking they are all delusions, or dreams that stem from events in Madotsuki's mind. I prefer that interpretation over, 'they're just aliens. The NPC's you see in the game are what they literally look like.'


Oh god I watched this before… made me cry like a baby…


Ah, gotcha. I think the weird hallucinations(if I can call them that)/dreams/interpretations are just effects of that drug they gave her or something, not sure if it's literal.


>>27 Liked that alot. Very sad, and beautiful. I seem to remember "post apocalyptic world" being on of the theories. I like that one.

I believe one of the Yume Nikki OP videos used a song from that.


Except they're not aliens it's a spreading corruption.

So clearly it's phazon. Better call Samus.


Anyone know the name of the song??


File: 1319254790583.png (85.78 KB, 202x604, 1317359311963.png)

I remember watching this like a month ago. I cried so hard. But I don't understand the thing with the eyes and such.


>Eye on hands
One of the dream effects.

>Eyes on chest
ALIEN MUTATION. It was probably making its way toward the head, where a huge hand will appear with a giant eyeball in the palm.

Who knows how much Madotsuki would mutate, considering all her dream effects.


Space pox basically.


File: 1323894214109.jpg (24.33 KB, 343x268, fuuuuu.jpg)

>mfw video has been removed


>>363 wait, the video was removed
>removed due to claims from sony




Now that the video has been removed, I must scour the internet for the song. I WILL NOT REST!


File: 1324264284766.png (310.38 KB, 905x551, wtfmeiling.png)

hey guys
I got for you a vid-ee-ohh
now learn to use google all you kiddos



Could I get a translation of the text in the beginning?


The video is removed… ;A; Can anyone explain what the video was about? What the basic theory was?


thats odd its playing on my end..


everything is aliens and then mado was the aliens

that's essentially it


What if Madotsuki was the alien invading dream world and they were fighting back with the bird girls and uboa.



Has anyone been able to find the song name for this?
Off the nico link, the only information I've been able to find is "BGMはEPOさんの【死】という曲です" from a commenter, yet searching around that has yielded me nothing


File: 1334807834580.jpg (174.15 KB, 1065x800, YumeNikki Mad3.jpg)

Hiya guys,

I just noticed a couple days ago that someone re-uploaded that brilliant video, and while I was searching info about the song I had decided to pass here to open a thread about the theory, though I managed to find this one fearing doubles.

First of all, the author of the song is really EPO (aka Satou Eiko, a female japanese songwriter. http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPO)
The song itself is called Hana (flower), from the album Wica. You can listen to it here:

(Yes I discovered her moments ago while searching for it and after reading the whole thread)

I'm actually more interested in finding the author of the video. I don't remember clearly, but was he/she/it/asari mentioned somewhere in the original video or on NicoNico? Is he/she/it/asari/uboa on pixiv or somewhere?

I'll go sleep for a couple hours and then check the thread back when I wake up.
Thanks in advance for the info and have a cookie.


I'm back, though there aren't any new replies.
I'll try to search for the author again in the meanwhile


I'm pretty sure she's a hanar, not an asari.

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